Little Prince George of Cambridge and the Star of David

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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We have a new heir to the throne of the British Empire: Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, son of Prince William and his wife, Lady Kate Middleton. He is the great-grandson of the reigning Queen Elizabeth II and the grandson of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. Of course, there are a lot more relatives to list, but this article is about the new Prince-who-may-become-king. In 2011, “All Things Healing” published my article about the British Monarchy so it was interesting to me to see the new possibilities of who will next ascend to the throne.  I was also a huge fan of Princess Diana, so the birth of her grandson was awesome. Congratulations to the parents and extended family and to the citizens who celebrate this child.

Astrologically, there seems to be some controversy about various charts being published. For my part, I have used the Time Cycles IO program forever (it seems), with accurate results. Just to be certain, I went to the international time standard website and double-checked. The child was born at 4:24 PM BST (British Summer Time) on July 22,, 2013 at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. The chart this information produced shows 27 Scorpio 11 rising. I have seen a Sagittarius rising chart that would be produced if the Summer Time one-hour correction were not applied. I will not address the controversy; this article will focus on the Scorpio rising chart.

To me this is a chart that has a very strong destiny pattern throughout and I do not say this lightly. I do a great deal of intense research (yes, I’m a Scorpio) and several markers bring me to this conclusion. Why? People and events that have more than ordinary impact often have either a stellium or a clustering of planets in a compact group as evidenced in the prior research and article on the British Monarchy. Our little Prince has four planets in Cancer, a stellium, in the 8th house of destiny. A famous example of an 8th house cluster was U.S. President John F. Kennedy, who has impacted the U.S. and multiple generations.

In my experience, strong 8th house, Scorpio and the co-rulers Mars and Pluto point to potential destiny. It may be one or a combination. In this instance, the destiny factor is multiple in nature: our little Prince has not only Scorpio rising, but he has four Cancer planets in the 8th, plus the co-rulers Mars and Pluto in opposition with Mars in the 8th. That is all three destiny possibilities.

What else can we see? He is about as cuspal as can be. His Sun is 29 Cancer 58’43”, a scant one and a quarter minutes to Leo. Since there are no fences in space, the last degree of Cancer and the first degree of Leo will be blended and he can show both qualities. I do feel that since the Sun is still posited in Cancer, it will have a slightly stronger influence, but the blend is life-long. Cancer is very prominent in the royal family with his father Prince William’s New Moon birth in Cancer and with Prince George’s mother’s Moon also in Cancer. It is fun to look back through the baby’s heredity, with grandmother Princess Diana showing a Sun/Mercury conjunction in Cancer and grandfather, Prince Charles, Uranus in Cancer. Strong, strong family, clan energies.

This is a soon-to-be Full Moon child with about four hours from full illumination and power. There is that cuspal energy again. Born under the Cancer/Capricorn axis with the full power occurring in the Leo/Aquarius axis; both axes are operating, one visible, one waiting in the wings.

 The Capricorn Moon is not the easiest expression for this strongly Cancerian child. To be raised as a royal child has huge demands and his private emotions must not be worn publicly on his sleeve. But as long as affection is freely given to him and not strictly locked to his behavior, he will learn to balance the dichotomy,

As if that isn’t enough for a newborn to handle, the old chart ruler Mars is conjunct Jupiter in Cancer, which is a positive aspect, but both oppose the newer chart ruler Pluto in Capricorn; and the three of them square Uranus in Aries. I really do see this as Destiny’s Child. Much is always expected of an heir to the British throne. There is more…

The Star of David        I don’t know if you were paying attention in the last few days, but we just experienced a very rare Grand Sextile on Monday, July 29,2013. I came a little late to the party and didn’t get to do as much research as I would like, but for about twenty hours starting close to 8 AM EDT and completing itself around 2:00 AM July 30th, The Moon moved from planet to planet in this major pattern, triggering and retriggering all the points in the Grand Sextile. The Grand Sextile (and all its points) is the Star of David Hebrew symbol. According to one astrologer, the pattern was emblazoned on the battle shield King David. Supposedly he served warning to his attackers that he was under universal blessings. I don’t know if that is true but it sure makes for interesting reading.

Once I understood how the pattern and its activations worked, my healing group was able to take the information and run healings on our world and our country for each of the trigger moments and combination of energies. Why do I mention this here?

At the time of the Prince’s entrance into this physical life, that pattern was forming and was very close to fruition. Five of the six required bodies and positions were in place and the energy of the potential Grand Sextile was awaiting the arrival of the 6th body to inhabit the final position to complete the overall pattern. Look at the chart of our Prince. Look to Jupiter conjunct Mars, sextile Venus, which was sextile Saturn, which was sextile Pluto, which was sextile Neptune. That includes six bodies, but only five positions in the overall pattern. The Taurus position was vacant at the moment of his birth, but not for long. Only the Moon could move that swiftly and she did just that. She moved into Taurus on July 29th and the Grand Sextile was complete. As she moved from aspect to aspect, the pattern was alive with energy. Six sextiles, two grand trines, and three oppositions within those trines and sextiles. The last two positions that could be included in the Grand Sextile pattern were both lunar nodes, particularly the south node and the Healer: Chiron. And that’s the energy that we as healers work with. What does that have to do with our little Prince?

Prince George was born one week before the pattern completed itself. As described, five of the sextiles had already formed and were in place awaiting the arrival of the 6th body to complete the grand pattern. This baby (and actually all babies born everywhere in the world for that week) was born with an absolutely rare energy and opportunity. All those babies were all born with four/fifths (4/5ths)of that amazing pattern intact. Our baby Prince was born with the rare approaching Grand Sextile as part of his makeup. I have high hopes for this young man, once he has the opportunity to develop and demonstrate his potential. Remember, he is in a position to make a world impact… and he is not alone. He will have help. Perhaps this cluster of children can help our poor world because the adults have really been beating up on her for so many years.

There will be a plethora of articles on this child as astrologers and their readings are very individual. Hopefully this one was a little different. If you wish to see the prior ties to the royal family, see Revisiting History: British Monarchy.

First published in All Things Healing Jul 2012, republished with slight editing.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.