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You will find my material pertaining to current trending topics here. Please note most of these topics need at least an intermediate technical understanding of astrology. This is my life’s work that I am willing to share with you so it won’t be lost. Please use and further this knowledge. Share with the universe.

This is currently a work in progress page and I shall add the research material as time permits. All research articles (unless specifically noted) are protected intellectual property and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

2021 U.S. Inauguration (a 2-Part study)

….the contenders have been eliminated and there are only two people who are going to be sworn in to the two highest political positions in our country and what has heretofore also been the highest position in the world along with their potential successor….

….many connections are hard aspects, not because they cause problems, but because hard aspects (conjunctions, squares, oppositions) make things happen. Soft aspects (sextiles, trines) tend to “grease the wheels.” The same would be true of…..

March 9, 2021

With all the commotion on the news about a potential attack on the Capitol on March 4, 2021 I decided to set the diurnal for the U.S. Declaration of Independence natal…. [read the research]

Washington, DC Riot of January 6, 2021

Currently there are five planets within 18 degrees of space: Sun, Pluto, and Mercury in Capricorn (a stellium), with Saturn and Jupiter in early Aquarius. [read the research]


The Next Four Years

A discussion of the 2009, 2013 and 2017 US Presidential terms with some predictions for the 2021 term. [read now]

2021 USA Inauguration Astorological Conundrum

January 21, 2021: What happened yesterday? After all the violent problems in the last two weeks, accompanied by extremist threats of more to come, and with astrological patterns that showed the continuation of such problems up to… [read now]