The Books. . .

As with the other material on this site, Marilyn is freely sharing these books which are the product of her many years of study and experience.  We would ask that you only download for your personal use and refer as many others to the site as you wish so they can do the same.

Similar to the shorter works, astrology is the main subject matter, but you’ll see that we’ll also feature other topics – please explore!

The Trilogy

These three books are for beginners or anyone who would like to strengthen their foundations in the subjects. As a bonus, a teaching guide is also included.

Tarot:  The Symbolic Language – to be published later

The Family – Viewed Astrologically – to be published later

  • A fresh look at how to locate the family in your chart using the Derivative House System, plus examination of pre-conditioning that may influence the success of your relationships
  • Level:  Intermediate
  • Pre-Requisite:  Astrology:  The Symbolic Language (above)

Astrological Choices – A Potpourri – to be published later

The Coma Book – to be published later

Diurnal Charting – to be published later

Karmic Astrology – Your Cosmic Apprentice Guide – to be published later

Presidents of Hope and Change

Based on ground-breaking research, this book describes the remarkable similarities of these four presidents in their Aquarian connections to the USA and their commonalities of character and motivation in a non-technical way. The book details the synchronization of important events that took place during the lifetimes of presidents Jefferson, Lincoln and Kennedy—all of whom held office at profound moments in our nation’s history. Together with Obama, they are the Presidents of Hope and Change.

Publication Date: July 8th, 2009.
ISBN: 978-0-9819870-0-2

This book will soon be available here.

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