US Presidential Diurnal Inauguration Patterns

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Part I, 2017 – 2021

Introductory Notes:

  • All inaugural diurnals prior to and including 1933 were based on March 4 swearing in (every fourth year), resulting in a Midheaven of around 4 Aquarius and an Ascendant of around 25 Scorpio for all inaugurals.  July 4, March 4, and November 4 (approximately) offered a Grand Trine by dates (explanation follows).
  • In 1933, Congress changed the inauguration date to January 20. All Declaration of Independence (DI)inaugural diurnals after 1933 give 24-25 Sagittarius Midheaven, 19-21 Pisces Ascendant. Jupiter / Neptune are co-rulers of every Ascendant (key). Jupiter is also ruler of every Midheaven.
  • Virgo Rising natal chart used as base: US Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776, 9:36 AM LMT, Philadelphia, PA (rectified). Reading hard activating aspects (action-oriented) only, tight orbs.
  • Watch DI natal placements for this report: 11:46 Virgo DI (natal Ascendant) square natal Midheaven 8:52 conjunct Uranus 8:54 in 10th Gemini. DI is a declaration of independence from the crown, also known as revolution.
  • 21:09 Gemini (DI natal Mars in 10th) square 22:24 Virgo (DI natal Neptune in 1st) – Mars square Neptune is our nation’s political circus.
  • DI Mercury 24:20 Rx Cancer opposed Pluto 27:34 Rx Capricorn – Mercury opposed Pluto is power and control through communication, repeatedly (both Rx).

First, what is a diurnal chart? Why use diurnals instead of the usual transits? The diurnal (diurnal = day) provides a personal transit chart for any individual or event natal, for any date chosen. Diurnals also provide the daily, automatically changing, personal Ascendant and Midheaven and house wheel for the transits to the base chart. Diurnals are based on unchanged natal birth time, time standard, longitude and latitude for each individual date examined. Diurnals are not generic (applicable to anyone). The angles are applicable only to a specific natal, making it specifically personal.

Diurnal Ascendants and Midheavens are key. In any 365 ¼-day year, all 360 degrees of the zodiac will appear on the Ascendant and Midheaven of any diurnal chart in question. Important: Use of the diurnal wheel repeats yearly. For example: the date of the current U.S. presidential inauguration, a 4-year term, is on January 20th. The diurnal Midheaven and Ascendant for that specific individual or event will be usually within a degree every year on that date. Why any discrepancy in motion/position?

  • The degree wheel is 360˚ while Earth’s orbit is 365¼ days per year.
  • We adjust for this with an extra day at the end of every 4th February to collect the leftover ¼ days throughout these specific four years.
  • The diurnal average motion equals approximately 1˚ of Midheaven advancement per day throughout the year.
  • The Midheaven is determined from time of birth and time standard at the individual longitude of birth and again moves at the steady pace about 1˚ per day.
  • The Ascendant, however, is dependent upon latitude of birth at that selected MC. The Midheaven-controlled Ascendant fluctuates from ¾˚ to nearly 2˚ daily at some latitudes, depending on signs of slow-moving or fast-moving ascension. So the Ascendant is more variable than the Midheaven. Visual: if you have an astrological Table of Houses to study, start with any Midheaven and follow it down the column underneath one degree of latitude at a time to watch the changing Ascendant and accompanying intermediate house cusp layout. (Note: this will also illustrate how interceptions form.)
  • Each 365¼ days bounces us back close to the positions of the year(s) prior, repeating throughout the life of that individual or event for that single day in the life of the natal.
  • The angles and intermediate house cusps move forward together daily based on the daily changing Midheaven, about one degree per day, slightly more or less for the Ascendant at the latitude of birth.
  • The planets used for each diurnal are the basic transits for the day, but fine-tuned to the natal time base. Accuracy counts, especially for the fast-moving daily Moon!

More information on the construction and use of Diurnals can be found in my Diurnal workbook already written and which will be released shortly.

Continuing my four-year example…

With a single date being chosen as the legal beginning of a four-year presidential term, those angles and house layouts will closely repeat each year of that four-year term. Only the transiting planets will be constantly changing within each chart.

  • Our first inauguration example is January 20, 2017 (actual, becomes primary) and will condition and generally repeat those angles and chart layouts every January 20th throughout the life. Our particular examples are January 20,2018, 2019, and 2020 (as follow-ups and secondary), all under the influence of the 2017 initiating chart.
  • A new four-year cycle for a new presidential series began 2021 and will condition and repeat the angles and layouts on January 20, for 2022, 2023 and 2024.
  • A new four-year presidential cycle will begin January 20, 2025 governing the next 4-year term.
  • All these charts have very close Midheavens (1˚) with Ascendants that bounce within a degree or two from year to year.

According to the Constitution of the U.S., which took effect on March 4, 1789, the date for presidential inauguration was set for the March 4th after each election (which occurs the first week of November every fourth year). That choice of dates:

  • March 4th (Constitutional government),
  • July 4th (Declaration of Independence)
  • and approximately Nov 4th (election day first Tuesday after the first Monday in November by law)

formed an astrological Grand Trine on which the USA was to conduct the business of state through the presidency.

It helps to remember that the primitive transportation and communication available to those early Americans resulted in the elapsing of much time under arduous conditions to form each new government. As decades unfolded and transportation and communication issues became easier to manage, it was thought by Congress that less time was necessary for the formation of any new presidency. Therefore, the March 4th date was moved back legislatively (by Constitutional Amendment #20) to January 20th. Unfortunately, this action eradicated the astrologically beneficial grand trine by date, and therefore changed the nature of the presidency itself. That is why each new four-year presidential term now has around 27 Sagittarius on the diurnal Midheaven and around 20 Pisces on the diurnal Ascendant on January 20th of every year. (Note: Sagittarius is Jupiter-ruled and is considered a positive indicator.)

We will focus on what is currently being triggered by transits (diurnals) in the DI natal chart, adding other possibilities such as stelliums, chart patterns, clustering triggers, etc. My focus is on the slower moving, outer planets rather than faster-moving, inner planets that trigger the chart regularly every year. Exceptions would be stelliums or clustering of aspects that indicate stronger than usual impact of such faster-moving bodies.

Abbreviations used for aspecting: U.S. Declaration of Independence (DI),

Ascendant (Asc), Midheaven (MC), Diurnal = transits (diu), Inauguration (ing)

Because we are starting with sequential presidential inaugurations, I did not want to leave out any useful information from the prior election in which USA voters actually chose the 2017 President and which affected the inauguration and presidential term to come. Remember also that inaugural charts are about the office itself – not party, gender, color or religion of the person in office. The chart energy is about the occupant of the executive office and personal application of the duties of President of the USA, whoever that happens to be.

2016 election, November 8 (voters choosing the person who will occupy the presidential seat).   

Watch: DI natal Asc 11:46 Virgo, Diu natal MC / Uranus 8:52-54 Gemini, and DI natal Mercury 24:20 Rx Cancer opposition DI natal Pluto 27:34 Rx Capricorn.

  • Diu Neptune 9:17 Rx Pisces, (Neptune stationed direct November 20 at 9:14) again applying to conjunction DI natal Asc. Diu Neptune had just finished squaring the DI natal MC 8:52 and Uranus 8:54 Gemini.
  • Diu Saturn 15:12 Sagittarius had been square DI natal Asc for the two months leading up to the election. In the time leading up to the election, diu Saturn had also just finished squaring the DI natal MC and Uranus as listed above.
  • Diu NNode had been conjunct the DI natal Asc for the summer to fall lead up to the election, gradually tightening the orb and stationed at 10:14 Virgo on the election. Note: the Nodes travel generally (but not always) retrograde. As if that were not enough, the diu Node was headed towards the square of DI natal MC/Uranus as listed above.
  • Diu Uranus 21:34 Aries Rx, square DI natal Mercury 24:20 Rx Cancer opposition DI natal Pluto 27:34 Rx Capricorn(T-square). Can you say the words “upset election”?  Or “mixed messages”?

Do you remember the lead-up and aftermath of this election? This was the Clinton / Trump political circus election. Accusations of political wrong-doing versus accusations of criminal behavior. We should be governed by our brightest and best, so these accusations were definitely concerning. You would not know the truth if you fell over it! Does this sound like the DI natal political circus Mars square Neptune influencing both the face (natal first house, rising) of our country and presidential outcome (Midheaven) of the election itself? Eventually, I cast the DI natal diurnal for election day with 21:54 Sagittarius rising, T-squaring the DI Mars/Neptune circus with Venus close by.  When I tried to determine the outcome for the inauguration, I could see both candidates as winners, which made no sense to me at the time. The confusion was that one candidate was declared winner by popular vote (Constitution) and the other declared electoral vote winner by the Supreme Court. With behind-the-scenes manipulation by political partisans in high places of power, DI natal Mercury/Pluto was kicked into action by election diu Uranus, influencing the whole of the four-year presidential term earlier than anticipated. It was a shadow of what was to come!

2017 diu DI inauguration, January 20 (1st year and primary of 4-year term)

Watch: DI natal Neptune 22:24 Virgo square DI natal Mars 21:09 Gemini.

  • Diu Asc 20:03 Pisces opposed DI natal Neptune 22:24 Virgo.
    Note: Jupiter and Neptune will co-rule diu DI Asc for all January 20th inaugurations and ancillary charts applying specifically to this four-year term. Diurnal Jupiter also rules diurnal MC  every year on this date and applies specifically to this four-year term.
  • Diu Asc co-ruler Neptune 10:16 Pisces in diu 12th.
  • Diu Venus 17:38, diu Asc 20:03, diu Mars 24:17 Pisces stellium square diu MC 24:39 and diu Saturn 23:30 Sagittarius.
  • Note: diu Pisces stellium encompasses diu Asc. Stelliums add sign strength by sheer numbers.

Watch: DI natal Mercury 24:20 Rx Cancer opposition DI natal Pluto 27:34 Rx Capricorn.

  • Diu co-ruler Jupiter 22:42 Libra T-square diu Uranus 20:46 Aries and diu Pluto 17:37 Capricorn, triggering DI natal Mercury 24:20 Rx Cancer opposition DI natal Pluto 27:34 Rx Capricorn (T-square for very controversial period). Note: this co-ruling Jupiter is also intercepted (hampered).
  • Diu chart overall pattern is determined by this diu T-square.

Watch: diu Moon from 2017 onward (four years of presidency using official inauguration date as common point. Metaphor: “I have given you a year for a day.”

  • The diu year Moon position re-triggers the DI natal Mercury/Pluto opposition in 2019 and again in 2021.

2018 diu DI common point date, January 20 (using day for a year analogy, second year of four-year term). Watch: DI natal Asc 11:46 Virgo, Uranus/MC 8:52-54 Gemini, Mars 21:09 Gemini, Neptune 22:24 Virgo.

  • Diu Asc 19:39 Pisces, chart co-ruler in 12th house at 12:25 conjunct Moon 9:16 Pisces (applying) opposite DI natal Asc 11:46 Virgo.
  • Asc co-ruler Jupiter 19:54 Scorpio (conjunct fixed star Serpentis) in eighth house trine common point Asc.
  • Diu Moon 9:16 Pisces had been square DI natal Uranus/MC about a half hour prior to this chart (separating).
  • Plus a not-quite Pisces stellium unless nearby Asc is included. (Stelliums are classically three planets in a sign, with angles or other points not usually included.) This is a possibility only.

Watch: Diu Ura 24:43 Aries square DI natal Mercury 24:20 Rx Cancer opposed DI natal Pluto 27:34Rx (T-square).

  • Note: diu Capricorn stellium strong (Saturn, Mercury, Pluto), with diu Mercury 13:13 Capricorn opposed DI natal Sun 13:01 Cancer, plus diu Saturn 3:38 Capricorn opposed DI natal Venus 2:43 / Jupiter 5:51 Cancer conjunction.

2019 diu DI common point date, January 20 (third year of four-year term). Watch: DI natal Asc 11:46 Virgo, MC/Uranus 8:52-54 Gemini, Mars 21:09 Gemini, Neptune 22:24 Virgo.

  • Diu Asc 19:14 Pisces, chart co-ruler Neptune 14:34 Pisces in diu twelfth square Venus 13:58 and diu co-ruler Jupiter 15:42 Sagittarius; all planet hard aspects (T-square) to DI natal Asc 11:46 Virgo.
  • Diu rising 19:14 Pisces opposition DI natal Neptune 22:24 Virgo.

Watch: diu Moon 21:37 Cancer opposed diu Pluto 21:15 and diu Mercury 24:03 Capricorn, T-squ diu

Uranus 28:41 Aries, all hard aspects to DI natal Mercury 24:20 Rx opposed Pluto 27:34 Rx Capricorn.

  • Capricorn stellium strong trigger to DI natal Mercury/Pluto opposition (communication, power and control), plus Saturn opposing DI natal Sun.
  • Additionally, diu Mars 13:11 Aries square diu Saturn 13:41 Capricorn both hard aspect DI natal Sun 13:01 Cancer.

2020 diu DI common point date, January 20 (fourth year of four-year term). Watch: DI natal Asc 11:46 Virgo, MC/Uranus 8:52-54 Gemini, Mars 21:09 Gemini, Neptune 22:24 Virgo.

  • Diu Moon 8:55 conjunct diu Mars 11:38 Sagittarius square diu Venus 8:16 Pisces, all T-square DI natal Asc.
  • Diu Moon/Mars conjunction square Venus, T-squares DI natal MC/Uranus 8:52-54 Gemini with the Moon partile (exact).
  • Diu Asc 18:50 Pisces, co-ruler in twelfth (2˚ conjunct diu Asc).
  • Co-ruler diu Neptune 16:44 Pisces in twelfth, conjunct diu Asc, widely opposed DI natal Neptune 22:24 Virgo.
  • Note: diu Neptune directly on opposition midpoint of DI natal Asc/Neptune.

Watch: Plu 23:02, Sat, 23:43, wide Sun 29:59 Capricorn (stellium strengthens) conjunct DI natal Pluto 27:34 Rx Capricorn opposed DI natal Mercury 24:20 Rx Cancer.

  • Diu Sun 29:59 Capricorn out of sign by one minute, applying square diu Uranus 2:41 Taurus.

Watch: Overall pattern in process of bundling. 

  • Diu Moon and Mars are tightening the chart bundle as it moves towards 2021 chart energy.
  • Look at the diurnal charts (2017, 18, 19, 20) sequentially and watch the development of severe bundling of energies which eventually led to the DC riot of January 6, 2021, two weeks prior to our common point date.

Watch Stellium: strong Capricorn (four planets) triggering DI natal Mercury/Pluto opposition (given) – communication, power and control – plus diu Jupiter opposing DI natal Sun 13:01 Cancer.

2020 November 3 election   

Again, I choose not to ignore planetary effects on actual election that lead to the 2021 inauguration.

Overview: Diu Neptune 18:21 Rx Pisces. Neptune had traveled to 20:58 before stationing retrograde, actually passing over the 2020 ing diu Asc. 20 Pisces, the degree common to our current era inauguration day ascending degrees, tight activations. As information unfolds about the time period between the election and both the counting of the electoral votes on January 6th and the new presidential inauguration on January 20th, Neptune in the hidden twelfth on the back side of the Ascendant clearly has been and is an actor in this developing story. The story and the participants enlarge daily. It is important that we are guided by truth in this very confusing era.

Interestingly enough, as the year progressed, Neptune moved from its diurnal twelfth house hidden position to its upcoming diurnal first house position. This happened after the election but before inauguration. To me, the metaphor is that which was hidden should be revealed – and more is being revealed almost daily. The behind-the-scenes plotting within the two-month period from around November 3rd to January 6th has surfaced and is continuing to bring that which was hidden (twelfth house energy) into today’s light (first house energy). Will we see enough to understand? Will we understand enough to act on what we learn? Will bringing it all from the shadows of the twelfth into the visibility of the first help us as we try to move forward in our Democratic Republic? Or will Neptune blind us to what we choose not to see, hear or understand? Our country’s future has always been, and will continue to be, up to the vote of its citizens. We citizens have the power… but only if we see it, know it, and act on it. We not only have the power, but we each have individual responsibility for such power and for our vote. Being a frustrated bystander will not help solve our nation’s problems!

What were the political signatures of this period of time? Look back at the DI natal Mars / Neptune square being approached by 2020 elec diu Neptune square DI diu election Ascendant. As this aspect tightened, it could only get worse in experience! How about widespread manipulation of “facts” to gaslight the electorate (fake news) into taking sides against one side or the other instead of identifying the wrong-doers by whatever name or affiliation, thus placing the blame where it belonged? Does that sound like nasty Mercury/Pluto problems, especially with 2020 elec diu Mercury turning that original problem into a T-square? Accusations of big money, hidden or “dark” donors “buying” the election – again back to nasty Mercury/Pluto! There were protests (free speech not free action is guaranteed by the Constitution) that turned violent with the probability of outside and opportunistic marauders causing much of the unrest. What about the polarizing of extreme and militant citizens’ groups? Sound like an enhanced (by Saturn) renegade Pluto as well?

It is important to remember that we were in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic which had not been handled wisely in the early stages (questionable beginning 2019, fully engulfed in 2020). It had been raging out of control worldwide. Medical authorities and governing bodies across the globe raced to understand, to institute precautions, to find a cure, to deal with the fatalities and the aftermath of such a worldwide infection (shades of Spanish Flu 1918-19, which was handled similarly and ineptly). Looking at the general energies that were in place at that time, it is easy to place the diu election 21 to 26 Capricorn Jupiter / Pluto / Saturn conjunction as the signature of the world-wide pandemic. What had started as a whisper, crescendoed into a shout once Jupiter joined the devastating Pluto / Saturn duo. At the end of 2021, we are still struggling under the impact of the trigger to this grouping. Until transiting Pluto gets off that inflaming Saturn / Pluto conjunction and formally ends that specific activation, this pandemic experience will continue throughout 2022. Just don’t forget that this grouping was not isolated to the pandemic, it is a signature for world-wide political activation which includes our country!

2021 diu DI ing January 20 (first year of new four-year term, old term no longer has power, which was terminated at noon).    WOW, look at those squares! This is our NOW!

Change of presidency from Trump to Biden. Note that the previous Pisces and Capricorn stelliums have given way to a major Aquarius stellium indicating a major shift of focus. Also, the Aquarius stellium resides mostly in the eleventh house (mundane dignity), moving the energy away from the twelfth house energy of the last four years. This is a major shift of energies by sign and by house.

Overview: First, look at the extremely tight planetary bundling of this chart; all planetary bodies are contained within the span of transiting Venus to Uranus. The motion is still tightening because faster-moving rim-planet Venus should be the determining factor and she is moving to tighten. However, the even faster-moving Moon is coming up to the other rim area swiftly and will move to open up that current bundling chart pattern quickly. How quickly?

We have completed the 2017-20 chart pattern that was increasingly tightening and were almost on the moment of breaking through to start an expansion phase. Going forward, we need to be watching to see if that more positive expansion stage continues or alters in any way. Again, flip through the charts from 2017 to and including 2021 to watch the contraction occur, plus know we are on the flip point with the 2021 diu inauguration chart. That Moon moves 1˚ every two hours on the day’s clock. It is at 28 and will break through the bundle in about nine degrees or eighteen hours on the day’s clock – on the day of the inauguration itself!

Note the multiple hard aspects between early Aquarius and early Taurus, with the Moon about to move into (2˚) the Taurus bundle. It then becomes a Taurus stellium that is squaring the powerful Aquarius stellium. This easily illustrates the presidency itself changing; all the budding squares had moved into position and friction abounded. In the period of build up to this inauguration, just two weeks prior to this chart was the interrupted electoral college vote and the disastrous DC Riot of January 6th! The sanctity and veracity of our electoral process was challenged. It was literally open warfare!

Watch: diu Asc 20:06 Pisces tightly conjunct diu Neptune 18:56 Pisces (chart ruler) still in the twelfth,both tightly opposed DI natal Neptune 22:24 Virgo, all square diu MC 24:40 Sagittarius (T-square). This bundled chart is the current culmination of the bundling of energy of the past four years. This also ends the existing four-year presidential cycle we have been studying, according to our Constitution and specifically Constitutional Amendment #20, which declares the power passes at noon!

Also, this is what Biden inherited to set the presidential stage for the next four years (current). That is not a political preference statement. It is a statement of what is readily visible in the charts. With Neptune still in the twelfth, so much is still hidden. But release and revelation is at hand in this first year of the new presidency as that Neptune readies itself to cross into the diu first house. The ongoing political circus earmarked by the DI natal Mars / Neptune square has been in full swing for the past four years, but change is imminent.

We looked at the tight 120˚ bundle pattern full of squares! If you have watched the illustrated charts tightening up the energy from 2017 forward, this is what that consolidation was leading to. While closely bundled, three planets are actually moving towards the beginning of loosening this existing pattern: Moon, Mars, and Uranus. Moon is traveling so fast it will break through by the end of this inaugural day. Uranus is much slower, but is in an emerging, enlarging chart trajectory. Mars moves forward about half a degree a day. The Sun, Saturn and Jupiter will move steadily through the signs and eventually move past Uranus, again showing the propensity for opening the existing tight energy. The outers will move slowly but steadily through the intervening signs. Watch for a hopefully continuing enlarging pattern for the charts, years 2, 3 and 4 of the Biden presidency. (Not!)

  • Diu Sun 00:46, Saturn 03:55, Jupiter 07:21, Mercury 18:45 Aquarius (stellium) – emphasis has now moved from the diu twelfth house of what is hidden to the more open and friendly diu eleventh house. This specific chart is the termination of the previous four-year presidency and sets the stage for the new four-year term. The next three charts are years 2, 3, 4 of this 2021 inauguration.


  • Diu Moon 27:52 Aries in separating (past, earlier, same day) square diu Pluto 24:50 Capricorn still in hard aspect to DI natal Mercury 24:20 Rx Cancer opposed DI natal Pluto 27:34 Rx Capricorn. Our country is approaching our DI Pluto Return. It certainly can’t come soon enough to please me! This transiting Moon position happens monthly just like clockwork, so why is it different this time? The Moon squared planetary return Pluto triggering the Mercury/Pluto natal opposition creating a T-square with the natal chart. The fast-moving diurnal Moon then quickly joined the Mars 6:37 / Uranus 6:44 tight conjunction in Taurus. At that point it was also square DI natal Nodes 6:35 Leo/Aquarius, with diu Saturn 3:55 and Jupiter 7:21 also conjunct the DI natal S Node 6:35 Aquarius. A whole new world of activity and focus was upon us, change!

Reminder: As given, the key Neptune degrees are 21:09 (DI natal Mars) and 22:24 (DI natal Neptune).                                             

  • Diu Neptune squared DI Mars on March 25, 2021, moved forward to June 25, stationed retrograde at 23:12, squared Mars at 21:20 on October 7, 2021 (still Rx), and turned direct at 20:24 Pisces on December 1, 2021 (the day I wrote this part). This is real-time astrological energy that we are living through.
  • Diu Neptune will last pass over 21:09 (DI natal Mars) on Jan 23, 2022, finalizing that single point Mars contact. Don’t get jubilant too quickly! The DI natal Mars / Neptune square will continue until diu Neptune finishes its final direct passage over DI natal Neptune 22:24 on March 1, 2022. Once a transit has completed its final passage, it is usually done with any new activations. Of course, it must complete what it started or set into motion, but will not usually stir up new trouble. Close aspects can rattle our cages, but should not truly individually connect after its final applying passage. This metaphor implies more threat than actuality Whew! Before you let your guard down… the exception might be if Neptune in this instance is part of a larger bundling of aspects that are still active, especially hard aspects or as part of a working stellium, which provides auxiliary opportunity and energy. What should be finished may still have available opportunity to start trouble!
  • Additionally, the 2021 inauguration diu N Node 19:04 is conjunct DI natal Mars 21:09 Gemini, both square DI natal Neptune 22:24 Virgo, but this aspect is separating, which should relegate it to the past, already known. With what is being revealed daily, the national nightmare continues.

As mentioned, the 2021 DI diu inaugural is the stage setter for the entire four-year Biden presidency. The following three charts for 2022, 2023, and 2024 are representations of the current status of that presidency on January 20 (common date) for each year. Repeating, each is a secondary chart to the primary inaugural chart, each influencing a single year in motion and duration, all under the auspices of the inaugural chart. Note that in the 2022 DI diu Neptune has already moved from the twelfth house side to the first house side of the Asc and will now remain there as the travel of the planet has moved beyond the static diu Asc degree. Part of that is the actual overall forward motion of transiting Neptune. Part of that forward move is due to the diu Asc actually jumping backward (explained earlier) through that fluctuating single degree it occupies in each four-year grouping, literally bouncing Neptune into the first house. Once there, Neptune will remain there as its forward motion carries it past the more static diurnal first house cusp for our chosen date. You can actually watch this by flipping through the 2022, 2023 and 2024 secondary diurnals, and watching the action go through its stages.

When Neptune frees us up in the beginning of 2022 as it moves off the DI natal Mars/Neptune square described above, it should not be able to initiate action to the Ascendant even though it remains a co-ruler. Its influence should remain, but from the past – unless involved in an active aspect or cluster grouping. I am wondering as the planet moves from the twelfth house closet into the first house of public viewing, IF previous presidential term secrets will be revealed, so that which has been hidden will be made open and public. I am definitely a true believer that “the truth shall set us free”!  I want to know the truth about what has happened in our country even if that truth makes me uncomfortable with my cherished beliefs. Truth matters! We need to be willing to see inside our DI natal Mars / Neptune square for a clearer view of our political circus.

Watch the DI natal Mercury 24:20 Rx Cancer opposition Pluto 27:34 Rx Capricorn.

Overview: The USA is experiencing a Pluto return. Unfortunately, transiting Pluto is still not finished with us. We are at an important (once every roughly 248 years) juncture in our country’s life lesson. I want to take a moment and point out the dates of nexus for the balance of diurnal Pluto in Capricorn’s activation of the DI natal Mercury / Pluto opposition (degrees 24:20 and 27:34), even though it may extend for a little bit longer due to clustering activations. When we time exact hits, know that any aspect is active from the first hit to the earliest possible position and continues to the final hit of the latest possible position. As soon as Pluto entered the early 20 degrees of Capricorn, activation to the existing DI natal Mercury / Pluto opposition turned on (the whole degree possibility) and has remained on ever since, getting stronger as the aspect perfects itself. It cannot end until the latest degree is transited for the final time. Remember the exception mentioned about it being part of a cluster of active aspects. Picking up motion and activation from my previous diu Pluto listings:

  • Diu Pluto directly and specifically activated 24:20 (DI Mercury degree) on January 5/6, 2021. Remember that date? The period  of the Pluto transit as it approached its first direct connection can be seen as a “leading up to” or “preparatory” stage, an aspect “ripening”.
  • Diu Pluto turned retrograde April 27, 2021 26:48 (Rx) Capricorn.
  • Diu Pluto turned direct October 6, 2021 at 24:19 station direct ($D) on the DI natal Mercury degree 24:20. Perfected! Now we move to the actual anticipated Pluto return. Remember that while it is past the opposition to natal Mercury, we cannot separate the original Mercury / Pluto opposition. Mercury is still affected; but the aspect power resides in the planet being activated: Pluto.
  • Diu Pluto exact DI natal Pluto conjunct (27:34), February 21, 2022.
  • Diu Pluto retro April 29, 2022 at 28:36.
  • Diu Pluto Rx exact conjunct (27:34) July 11, 2022.
  • Diu Pluto station direct October 8, 2022 at 26:07.
  • Diu Pluto exact at 27:34 on December 29, 2022, final passage, specific activation and Pluto return ended. This activation of the natal Mercury / Pluto opposition has finally completed itself. Again, do watch for clusters involving other diurnal planets that can “include” Pluto in their activation, even though it is considered to be “past” its active stage.
  • I might add here at this point that many astrologers watch for Eclipse triggers to such aspect endings. I read somewhere that “events are not over until the Eclipse says it is over”! Watch for this as a potential activator. Better to be safe than sorry before deciding that such a major pot-stirrer is truly completed.

I do not want you to get too comfortable with freeing us up from the activations to our country’s power and control (Pluto) communications (Mercury) opposition (troubles). While it is a good thing that Pluto moves off late Capricorn, it begins its transit over the December 21, 2020 Jupiter / Saturn conjunction at zero degrees Aquarius. Was that the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius? That is not just a lesson for the U.S. through our natal chart, but is a lesson for the world at large.

Part II, 2022 – 2025

I choose not to repeat the 2021 material already give in the first section. Just remember that the actual inauguration is the stage setter for the four years of any presidency and the other individual three-year charts are secondary.  They are process, but revealing. At this point, we acknowledge the stage that has already been set and will now examine how the inaugural chart process will unfold in years 2, 3, and 4. As I write this, it is early December of 2021 and this is what I think we are facing at this moment. It is pure speculation on my part. If you have not read part one of this article, I suggest you do so or part two might not make much sense to you.

2022 diu DI, January 20 (second year of four-year term)

Diu Asc 19:42 Pisces, with co-ruler Neptune 21:06 now on the first house side of the diu cusp. Neptune is on the exact square of DI natal Mars at 21:09 Gemini. This is the head of that particular pin. Yes, Neptune still has to pass over 22:24 to get clear of DI natal Neptune, but that will happen fairly quickly. The Mars / Neptune political circus we have been experiencing is still in effect, but is fast reaching both its critical points. I wish I could say the nonsense will be over at that time, but I do not see that as true. We have been through so much political nonsense so far, and all this is still alive and brewing its own “tempests in teapots” that will take time to work through and cure. Just remember that once an aspect has perfected itself, it must work its way through what it has already set in motion. But… it does start to lose its ability to “cause” fresh and new incidents from that aspect. Applying aspects are causative. Separating aspects tend to finish what has been started at some past point. IMHO culmination (event if any) usually (not 100%) occurs very close to applying perfect.

Diu co-ruler Jupiter has moved into Pisces and is now in the diu twelfth closet of secrets. Back to secrets. Jupiter takes one year per sign of travel, so we know it will rummage around in that twelfth house closet for at least part of the year, emerging towards the end of that year into the first house of more public display. I use Tropical Placidus cusps, so the size of the houses vary, which in turns varies the length of time any planet transits a house.

I am also concerned that diu Mars is conjunct the diu MC and both are separating from the square to diu Asc / Neptune. There has been so much bizarre violence this year in our country based on the activation of the DI natal Mars / Neptune square. The diurnal has been repeating the natal square energy, so resonance is possible. Think about tuning fork resonance: like tends to resonate with like. Neptune is completing its activation and along comes Mars in a similar transiting square aspect, setting off the original. The timing would be about three days prior to this chart for the diu MC square diu Neptune and about double that time for diu Mars. Why? The diu MC travels 1˚ per day. Mars travels about ½˚ per day. Additionally, the diu MC is going to pass over diu Mars with both separating from the square to diu Neptune. The Asc moves a variable speed depending on the sign and the latitude. Backing each of them up a few days can help time those activations, which I see to be about ten days in total (around January 20). I do not trust the potential of violence even a little bit after this last couple of years! I personally would prefer to prepare for the possibility rather than to go back to school to figure out why it wasn’t seen and prevented. Prevention is much better than cure! And in typical Mars / Neptune in stress aspect style, the violence will not make any sense and it may not be seen coming much as the last year! The political circus that is promised in our DI natal chart has been resonating with these emerging energies. We are approaching the timing for this aspect as I write / edit this section.

Pattern: That tightly bundled DI diu ing chart of 2021 has given way to a bucket chart with the Moon as the singleton, or outlet point for the bundled energies on the opposite side of the chart. Politically, the Moon represents the populous as the outlet for the collection of energies in the eastern half of the diu ing chart. Citizens may take to the streets to address what they see as wrong, regardless of side. Despite the chaos of the 2017-21 presidential cycle, which was inherited by the 2021-25 presidential cycle, whomever sits in that seat at the moment of crisis is held responsible for wins or losses. Public opinion is biased, often not fully comprehending, and even brutal at times.

In case you were wondering, there is a stressful Mercury conjunct Saturn square Uranus visible in this 2022 diu chart with Mercury retrograde. The planets have engaged prior to January 20th and are on a still-in-aspect-but-separating phase, with Saturn that moves slowly and far past the square to Uranus. To me, this aspect is more of a past, yet incomplete, pattern… and… does not trigger a natal DI planet. It does connect to the DI natal SNode at 6:35 Aquarius. The Nodes seem to affect groups of people, such as nations, political parties, protest groups, grass roots, or congregated and agitated citizens. With Saturn and Uranus in square, the past is arguing with the future. Or, politically, the conservatives (Saturn) are arguing with the liberals (Uranus – future). There is so much unrest festering in our nation, this sounds like a good description of the status quo.

2023 diu DI January 20 (third year of four-year term)

I had hoped that the tight bundle in the 2021 DI diu ing chart would continue to loosen up. Look at the bundling of planets happening again, this time all bodies within 150˚, just not looking as strong or as violent as the 2021 ing diu. When determining how the bundle chart pattern will progress, we look to the rim planets on either side. In this instance rim planet Mars in Gemini is moving to loosen the bundle, but rim planets Mercury and Moon in Capricorn are moving faster to tighten it. The initial progress of this chart will be a tightening of the bundle itself. The Moon moves fastest and will take close to two weeks to catch up to transiting Mars which will switch the tighter bundling energies off and start opening up that pattern to the 2022 Bucket pattern, with the Moon again being the outlet. The citizens can provide the outlet!

Both Ascendant co-rulers are in the first, but Jupiter is intercepted in Aries, not as free to act. Diu Asc 19:18 is conjunct diu Neptune 23:17 Pisces. Neptune solidly in the first continues; no more backing up into the twelfth. But look at its square to diu MC 24:14 Sagittarius. This is a separating diurnal aspect, but by only 1˚ on the MC, making it exact the day prior. Mercury has been square Jupiter indicating communication problems just prior to this diurnal (three – four days). Mercury is part-to-whole thinking and Jupiter is whole-to-part thinking – that can be difficult to navigate economically, especially in communication. The Moon blew through this aspect the day prior, adding its emotional flavoring to the mix.

I don’t like the economic indicators for this chart. Jupiter in the first should be beneficial, but intercepted in Aries needs extra time to act (at cross purposes with the forge-ahead sign of Aries). It does not deny, but delays Jupiter’s action. Jupiter is co-ruler of the chart along with the ever-present Neptune in the first house. What else looks financial? Uranus is in the second house of material values and money in our collective pockets. Venus (money) is conjunct Saturn in the twelfth house closet. This could indicate either behind the scenes activity relative to financial matters or strong conservative (Saturn) attitudes or influences on Venus. Aquarius can contribute forward thinking or futuristic concepts. Makes me think of Bit-coin or Crypto-currencies types of thinking.

2024 DI diu, January 20 (fourth year of four-year term)

Reminder: The 2024 chart is the current and final leg of the process of the 2021 ing chart. Of all the charts I have examined, this one seems to have more possibilities for a positive political period of time.

2024 diu Asc18:53 is widely conjunct Neptune 25:28 Pisces, chart co-ruler in the first, with a continuing widening gap. Co-ruler Jupiter has moved into the second and is no longer intercepted. That should help the economic status previously described. Tempering that statement is Uranus of uncertainty or fluctuations also in the second. Venus is conjunct the Midheaven. Since Venus moves a little faster than the MC, this is a separating aspect. The positive quality has already been experienced. These are the chart hard aspects.

  • Diu Sun 0:01 Aquarius conjunct diu Pluto 29:59 Capricorn, separating by two minutes (48 minutes on the day’s clock). This is not the last passage of Pluto in Capricorn, but it has almost completed its journey in that sign. Pluto had already completed its activation of the DI natal Mercury / Pluto opposition, so that energy becomes part of our past. We are all hoping our nation’s Pluto return is not a death knell for our nation!
  • There are two more conjunctions: Venus / MC and Mercury / Mars.
  • Diu Mer 7:46 conjunct Mars 11:59 Capricorn oppose DI natal Jupiter 5:51 and DI natal Sun 13:01 Cancer.
  • There are four squares showing, two of which are separating (activity in the past):
    • diu Jupiter 6:18 Taurus out of sign and separating square diu Pluto 29:59 Capricorn (*)
    • diu Venus 26:36 Sagittarius square Neptune 25:28 Pisces complete previous day.
    • diu Sun 00:01 Aquarius square diu Jupiter 6:18 Taurus has about a week to complete itself (*) and may carry with it the residual but tight conjunction to diu Pluto 29:59 Capricorn. It is difficult to discount possible impact in any clustered aspect.
    • Moon 00:21 Gemini squares Saturn 5:10 Pisces later that same day.
  • Diu Uranus 19:06 Rx Taurus square DI natal Nodes 6:35 Leo/Aquarius

The bundle in the chart has been in effect for a couple of weeks (Moon transiting through bundled energies) and is now on the point of loosening that bundle as the Moon moves forward in the wheel, leading eventually to another bucket pattern with the Moon as the outlet. Interesting pattern exchange going on: bundle to bucket, to bundle, and back again. Bundling is contractive. Bucket contains and combines, then outlets through a singleton. Sounds like a boom/bust general economy type of picture. 

The 2025 DI diurnal is the inauguration for the 2024 election and thereby ends the existing 2021 presidential term. Our Constitution sets noon for the transfer point between successive four-year terms and sets the stage for the next four-year presidency beginning January 20, 2025. A little hint here – you can set diurnals for the Declaration of Independence natal (this article’s examples)  and diurnals for the President’s and the Vice President’s personal natal charts to see the impact on the individuals involved… plus you can also set the actual birth chart for that individual inauguration for noon January 20th, 2025 at Washington, D.C. where the inauguration takes place. And… astrologically there is always more you can do!

2025 DI diu ing, January 20 (first year of four-year term)

Whoops! What just happened here? The Aquarius stellium just changed back to the Pisces stellium, straddling the 20:09 Pisces Asc. Hmmm. Considering what political life was like 2016-7 thru 2020, I’m not sure I like the possibilities of what I am seeing. Is this a return to the energy of that period with the same set of characters? OR will 2025 offer a new cast of characters living out that familiar Piscean stellium and energy? Also, I cannot discount the tight and powerful Sun / Pluto conjunction in Aquarius, but that aspect does have its problems. What are the important elements to this chart? How does it fit into the DI natal positions we have been following?

  • Diu co-ruler Neptune 27:40 Pisces in the first is again square diu MC 24:42 Sagittarius with the faster-moving MC applying (now to future). Notice the run we have had with Neptune squaring the MCs in all the more recent charts studied. The person occupying the Oval Office of the presidency has been in question in every chart including this one. Lots of variations on a theme, but still present.
  • Diu co-ruler Jupiter 11:39 Gemini Rx in the third house square Venus 17:33 and Saturn 16:15 Pisces near the diu Asc, More behind-the-scenes nonsense is possible (also known as national self-undoing)! That is both chart rulers and the strong stellium cluster on the Asc. How could we read Jupiter / Gemini / third square Saturn / Venus / twelfth under the Neptune / Pisces influence? I’m going with communication. Old saying: If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit! Remember the DI natal Mars 21:09 Gemini square DI natal Neptune 22:24 Virgo? Remember the DI natal Asc 11:46 Virgo (see ing diu Jupiter as listed)? Remember the DI natal MC / Uranus conjunction 8:52-54 Gemini? These are up close and personal!
  • Aquarius influence: The Sun 00:41 is applying to conjunction with Pluto 1:41 Aquarius, which is a very strong position in the eleventh house of groups and associations (think: government). However, it does have problems. Start with the opposition of Mars 24:26 Rx Cancer. The Sun is separating from the Mars opposition (past). Mars Rx is separating at that time to the Pluto opposition. But planets in motion in real time will change how that aspect operates. Mars will turn direct to complete the opposition. How do you separate the two very different aspects when you are dealing with the cluster? Mars is not as dominant at the moment because it is retrograde. However…
  • This is a bucket chart again, all the planets in half the chart with the Moon 17:21 Libra as the outlet point, evidencing a T-square with Mercury and Mars with Moon (fastest moving) applying to both positions. Next fastest Mercury 18:06 Capricorn is opposed Mars, applying. Mars is retrograde and is applying to the T-square with both Moon and Mercury.
  • As if this were not enough for this aspect cluster, diu Mars is conjunct DI natal Mercury 24:20 Cancer Rx within six minutes of arc… WOW! This conglomeration is powerful but does it overpower the Pisces / Neptune conglomeration given above? These are two strong aspect clusters not speaking each other’s language. Sound familiar?
  • I don’t like the Sun / Pluto conjunction opposite Mars. In a political chart, the Sun can rule the head of state. This aspect could suggest possible violence against the head of state, whomever that happens to be in 2025. Political violence? Or physical? Mars is separating at that moment from the Sun / Pluto opposition, but within a few weeks of January 20th, Mars will turn direct and apply to that opposition in real time and turn on the energy and eventual outcome of that opposition (separative). Please remember that we do not even know whom the candidates are at this time, and that this exercise is speculation only.

This is only the first-year chart for a four-year presidential term, but it is a primary (stage-setting) chart.

You can make a case for the Piscean or the Aquarian presidential term.

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