Navalny Study, Part IV

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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Russia released the sad news that Alexei Navalny had died in prison February 16, 2024. It had been some time since I had written about him, so I reviewed the earlier articles to continue this workup for his actual death. Looking to the royal Fixed Stars and malefics, this was a man from which the heavens demanded so much. I have never seen a chart with so much “destiny”, so cosmically influenced. In my mind, the man was a true hero. He loved his country and gave his all, including his freedom and his life. For this article, I am not going to recreate the setting or reintroduce you to all that earlier charting. The three-part article is on the website for you to read and study (probably starting at the beginning of the series is best). And then, you can append this new article to bring you up to date.

Once finally imprisoned, Navalny’s life was a nightmare, health-wise, politically and his confinement. But… the man was incarcerated. All his experience took place within such imprisonment. At one point, he had disappeared from public view and was found later to have been transferred to a Siberian prison where he eventually died. I have cast the usual, progressed and diurnal, for his death. The royal and malefic fixed stars are still alive and well in his ongoing life. I can’t imagine the life he lived, and I honor him through my exploratory efforts.

As a reminder before I get underway, I am including his natal chart and a little sidenote I created for myself to follow the malefic and royal fixed stars that stood out so strongly in his earlier charts. For major events in the life, my go-to method is a progressed chart and a diurnal chart to the date of event, each aspected to natal. I did explain this in the other articles, but briefly…

Progressions      The natal chart is a freeze frame of a particular moment in a moving sky. It is our beginning point, but it is not our only chart. You are not a newborn taking in their first breath forever. Every moment of your life, you are an experiencing, developing, changing being. If you want to examine any person’s developing life, you erect progressed charts. Progressively, each day’s travel of the angles and the bodies after birth represents one year of living in the progressing chart, starting with 0 (birth) to 1 year old, to 2 years old, etc. Each progressed chart can be read as a stand-alone chart for that period of time, and each chart can be aspected to the natal to show additional activations.

Diurnal      We all know what transits are and we use them regularly. They illustrate how and when our lives are activated through the celestial movements of the bodies. They affect all of us collectively, and also all of us individually in a general manner. It would be lovely if we could personalize those activations and their timing… and we can. Simply enter your birth data in your astrological program. Then change the date only to the event you are studying (in this instance Navalny’s date of death). You now have a personal transit chart with an accurate Midheaven and Ascendant. With important events (such as death), those angles are very involved. This is a map for one day in the life of the individual (in this instance, Navalny). As with the progressions, diurnals can be aspected to the natal chart for activations, and… it can also be aspected to the progressed chart. And… the diurnal is a stand-alone chart. As you will see, all three charting methods tell the sad story of the passing of this brave man.

Tri-charts      You can compare and read all three (natal, progressed and diurnal) together simply by placing printed copies side by side. Or, in your handy, dandy computer program you can layer them into a tri-wheel and see the whole picture all at once; plus you can do this three different ways. The base chart chosen sets the house cusps for all three charts in a tri-wheel. Each combination is productive. The angles of the other two charts are floated where they belong within that base house system. You end up with 3 sets of house cusps (layouts) with 3 identical sets of bodies and angles. Note that the angles are very important in these comparisons, regardless of which of the three chart positions are activated. Just to be thorough, I look at each tri-wheel individually. But, also look at all three tri-wheels to add to your information flow.  Collectively, you get a ton of information out of the comparisons.

In this instance, as we look at each moving position, we will be adding the royal and malefic fixed stars to the mix. We are looking at destiny at work. This is the first chart in 50+ years of research that I have been able to generously apply the fixed star principles. Lots of work but lots of information. Time to go to school!

Navalny death

w=wide, os=out of sign

Prog to Prog DOD (all positions activated)

P MC squ P Nod/w separating

P Asc squ P Sun, qnx P Moo/os, cnj P Ura/w

P Leo Stell Sat/Mer/Ven (*MR natal Mer/Ven),

   sep squ P Ura/w, sep cnj P MC/w, squ Nod

P Sun squ P Ura/w/os

P Moo qnx P Ura/os

P Mer in Stellium squ P Nod, sep squ P Ura

P Ven in Stellium squ P Nod, sep squ P Ura

P Mar squ P Nep/w, Aldebaran/Antares

P Jup cnj P 8 cusp

P Sat in Stellium sep squ P Ura/w

P Ura sep squ P Stellium

P Nep qnx P S Nod

P Plu  qnx P S Nod

P N Nod squ P Stellium

Navalny death

w=wide, os=out of sign

Prog to Natal

P MC past cnj N Mars

P Asc squ N Sat

P Sun cnj N Sat

P Moon squ N Moon

P Mer past squ N Ura/w

P Ven cnj N Mar

P Mar squ N Nep/w, Aldebaran

P Jup  cnj N Mer/Algol

P Sat, stellium, past sq N Ura/w

P Ura close to N Ura

P Nep close to N Nep,

    opp N Sun and N Ven

P Plu close to N Plu,

P N Node squ N Mar

Reminder: the natal chart with fixed stars has been covered in the prior article so I will not repeat; please read that first to educate yourself on my use of them. Notice that I am using hard aspects only due to the nature of his life and his death. Remember when aspecting that tighter is better when determining the “when” of events. Also, separating aspects usually refer to the past, or what brought the native to this point in time. Applying aspects are still alive and pivotal (now to future). The aspect columns are individualized progressed-to-progressed and progressed-to-natal for clarity. The combined interpretation (narrative) illustrates how the activations determine the overall effect.

  • Navalny’s date of death progressions begins with the Ascendant (physical body) in 29 Libra conjunct Uranus (abrupt or unusual experience) in Scorpio (willful and psychological). The Ascendant is also tightly square natal Saturn intercepted in the natal 10th (status in the world). His status became “ceases to exist” abruptly or under unusual circumstance (Uranus). The progressed Ascendant is also square the progressed Sun. The Sun is who you are within yourself, what you came here to develop. The Ascendant is what others see as you, your face. Navalny was rebellious and vocal. Perhaps he did not do himself a favor!
  • Progressed (current) Midheaven (status) is tightly square the natal South Node in the natal 8th of destiny or death. I see the Nodes as karmic in nature. His progressed  Midheaven (status) is past the conjunction to natal Mars indicating an activation which preceded (separating) his death. This man was in ongoing hell for several years, in and out of prison (see details in prior article).
  • This stellium is dominant energy. Navalny’s progressed chart ruler is Venus in a tight progressed Leo stellium with Mercury and Saturn, and all are conjunct natal Mars in the natal 11th (ruler of the natal 8th house of death or destiny). The stellium is close but separating from the progressed Midheaven (current status). This is an important aspect because natally Venus and Mercury are in Mutual Reception and are the Final Dispositors of the natal chart. This natal pairing has heavy and impactive influence on all his charts. The progressed stellium, which acts as a wide conjunction collectively, also squares natal and progressed Uranus (abrupt, unexpected).
  • Progressed Sun is conjunct natal Saturn with already mentioned square progressed Ascendant. Progressed Sun is also widely and out of sign square natal and progressed Uranus (ongoing unusual conditions to his life). This aspect can play out after his death. (Yes, the energy of a life continues even after physical death. I have written on it previously, see*).
  • Progressed Moon is in the progressed 8th house (death/destiny) square natal Moon in the natal 11th, emotions run high fueled by both Moons. Progressed Moon is also quincunx progressed Uranus, widely. Prison conditions are not conducive to pleasant living conditions, home or family issues.
  • Progressed Venus is in the stellium activation already presented and is part of the Final Dispositor of the natal chart / final answer to a question). She is also square natal Mars making this pairing a challenge, problem, or obstacle (square).
  • Progressed Mars is square natal and progressed Neptune, which brings Fixed Star Aldebaran into the energy by square. Natal Neptune is in the natal communications house. Will we ever know the truth of this death and what lead to it?
  • Progressed Jupiter is conjunct the progressed 8th house (death / destiny) and they are conjunct Capul Algol, the malefic fixed star (losing one’s head).
  • Progressed Saturn is in the stellium activation already presented and past the square to natal Uranus, part of his prior activations.
  • The outer planets move very slowly and tend to stay within their natal territory. A double connection could be stronger than one, perhaps not adding anything new, but emphasizing or continuing what has been promised natally. (See previous article for that natal promise.)
  • Progressed Uranus is still close to its natal position and has been presented in the stellium notes.
  • Progressed Neptune quincunxes (adjust, adapt, compromise) the progressed S Node with karmic past life (S Node) overtones. Neptune also opposes the natal Sun and Venus, contributing a surreal effect and abundant confusion as to Navalny’s status at any time. Reminder: Venus is part of the natal Final Dispositor pairing. Neptune has not moved far from its birth position. Doubling effect?
  • Progressed Pluto, close to natal Pluto, also quincunxes the progressed S Node – and most importantly, it is tightly conjunct the fixed star Vindemiatrix, the star of widowhood. Navalny’s death widowed his wife, and she declared her intention to continue his fight for freedom and citizens’ rights. Stay tuned. This may be a dynamic duo for real! 
  • Progressed and natal N Node square natal Mars and the progressed Leo stellium.

 Navalny death

w=wide, os=out of sign

Diu to Natal DOD                                                      

D MC cnj D Sat, squ N Ven, Antares, Aldebaran, qnx N Plu                             

D Sun past sq N Mer,                                                

    opp Regulus, squ Algol, Alcyon w               

D Moon cnj N Mer/Algol                                          

D Mer past squ N Jup, squ Serpentis             

D Ven squ N Sat os                                                    

D Mars squ N Ura                                                       

D Jup cnj N S Nod w                                                  

D Sat squ N Ven w, squ Antares, Aldebaran              

D Ura  cnj N 9th cusp, opp Serpentis               

D Nep trigger N 4 angles, squ Betelgeuse   

D Plu qcx N Moo, opp Sat os               

  • So many hard activations, such a life of turmoil and dissention. The diurnal Midheaven is tightly conjunct diurnal Saturn, both square natal Venus (natal mutual reception final dispositor of natal) and fixed stars Antares and Aldebaran, and quincunx (adjust adapt, compromise) natal Pluto (repression and control) in the natal 3rd house of communication.
  • Diurnal Sun is past the square of natal Mercury (the other natal final dispositor) opposition and square three of the malefic or royal fixed stars: Regulus, Algol and Alcyon. This monster mashup is also squared by the diurnal Moon conjunct natal Mercury (natal Final Dispositor) and FS Algol (the most malefic of the fixed stars).
  • Diurnal Mercury is separating from the square of natal Jupiter (past) and square FS Serpentis, more communication dilemmas. Remember this man was in prison for much of the later part of his life, and each move seemed to take him deeper and deeper into isolation. His professional and family life was non-existent (see Mercury). Add to that diurnal Venus (natal final dispositor) is square N Saturn out of sign. Diurnal Saturn was square natal Venus widely, also FS Antares and Aldebaran.
  • Diurnal Mars is square natal Uranus. He had no control over the abrupt changes of status  and location. Benefic diurnal Jupiter was conjunct the natal S Node (karmic), no real help.
  • Diurnal Uranus is conjunct the natal 9th cusp, opposed FS Serpentis. There were international calls for his release and humane treatment that were never fulfilled.
  • To add to the confusion and my concern that we might never know what truly happened, Diurnal Neptune is triggering all four natal angles (all hard aspects) and is also square FS Betelgeuse. I just now Googled to see if a specific cause of death has been released. Blood clot is the Russian explanation, but no one seems to be buying it. Remember, the body was released to his Mother. I’m reasonably sure an autopsy was performed. Also remember that this is Russia. It could endanger anyone if they divulged a contrary explanation.
  • Diurnal Pluto is conjunct the diurnal 8th house of death / destiny, conjunct between diurnal Venus and Mars, and all square natal Uranus. The malefic planets and fixed stars were on overload in this chart. Every diurnal position to natal was activated except the diurnal Ascendant.

Navalny death

w=wide, os=out of sign

Diu to Prog DOD

D MC/Sat opp P Mar

Diu Sun squ P Jup

D Moo cnj P Jup

D Ven opp  P Sun

D Mar squ P Ura

D Jup  cnj P S Nod

D Sat opp P Mar

D Plu past squ P Asc os, squ P Ura

Stelliums: P Leo, cluster w/Sun

D Tau stellium squ D cluster Ven/Plu/Mars/8 cusp by sign, squ P Leo stellium

  • Note that there do not seem to be fixed star activations in this specific comparison.  And remember that any aspects involving Mercury and Venus emphasize their natal relationship as mutually received (Final Dispositors).
  • The diurnal Midheaven and Saturn is opposed progressed Mars, which is also square progressed Neptune, turning it into a T-square. The angular placements make
  • the diurnal Sun square progressed Jupiter conjunct the progressed 8th death / destiny cusp. Jupiter was an active participant in the demise of this man. The diurnal Moon is also conjunct the Jupiter / 8th cusp pairing. Diurnal Venus is in out of sign conjunction to the diurnal 8th cusp and rules the progressed 8th cusp. Diurnal Venus is also opposition the progressed Sun and square the progressed Ascendant / Descendant. The Ascendant represents the sunrise of a life; therefore, the Descendant could represent the sunset of a life. Interesting, thought-provoking suggestion. Hmmm.
  • Diurnal Mars in diurnal 8th of death / destiny is square Progressed Uranus conjunct the os progressed Ascendant (physical body).
  • Diurnal Jupiter is exactly conjunct the progressed S Node (karmic) in that suggested sunset house. Those positions are exact, to the minute!
  • Diurnal Pluto is past the square to progressed Ascendant (out of sign) and is also square progressed Uranus. The unusual circumstance of imprisonment in Siberia sounds like this aspect and it is very personal with its position on the  progressed Ascendant.
  • Stelliums are very powerful, intensifying a sign quality by sheer numbers, regardless of orb. The diurnal has two stelliums, and the two are square by sign. Taurus: Jupiter / Uranus / Moon  and Aquarius Pluto / Mars / Mercury / Sun. That is seven of ten bodies collectively!

Diurnal to Diurnal aspects would be that day’s stand-alone transit chart in Navalny’s life. Note the death Diurnal is a tight 116˚bundle with two stelliums; a very focused chart. Diurnal Moon is Diurnal Ascendant ruler and the Ascendant is square Lunar Nodes, karmic implications. Diurnal Saturn is within ½ degree of exact of diurnal Midheaven. A half degree on the diurnal Midheaven could represent 2 minutes of correction to the given birthtime (earlier).

The diurnal descriptions have been given in diurnal to natal and to progressed, so I do not see the point in repeating! This article is already over the top with detail. But I do want to point out the fixed star hits in the diurnal. I have never seen charts with so many connections to the royal fixed stars and malefics. I feel Navalny had a destiny chart, well worth studying. Really specific are the natal and progressed Plutos conjunct Vindemiatrix, the star of widowhood, with Navalny’s wife, Yulia, vowing to continue his work after his death!

Diurnal to Diurnal

D MC cnj D Sat (tight), squ Antares, Aldebaran

D Asc squ D Nodes (tight)

D Sun squ D Moon w/sep

D Moon cnj Algol

D Mercury squ D Ura, squ Serpentis

D Ven cnj D 8th cusp (death) and D Plu/Mar

D Jup in D stellium intercepted

D Ura opp Serpentis

D Nep squ Betelgeuse

D Aquarius stellium widespread

Because I just don’t know when to stop when researching an event that is alive with possibilities, I constructed all three death charts (natal, progressed and diurnal) as tri-wheels. Each type of chart was used as the base chart (establishes the house layout) with the other two charts added as layers for understanding.

  • Tri natal as base: (27:39 Gem Midheaven), look at the 2nd / 7th / 8th planet clustering.
  • Tri progressed as base: (12 Leo Midheaven), conjunct natal Mars, and with Caput Algol on the 8th cusp along with Progressed Jupiter and diurnal Moon.
  • Tri diurnal as base (8:46 Pis Midheaven), with the diurnal cluster fully entrenched in the 7th, 8th, and 9th houses opposed the progressed cluster in the diurnal 2nd house. That clustering is humongous!

The tri-wheels are like having three sets of eyes with which to see deeper.


*See 2 articles: “Corporate Charting – Is a Personal Natal Wheel Valid After the Death of the Founder? – Part I” and “Corporate Charting – Is a Personal Natal Wheel Valid After the Death of the Founder – Part II”

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.