Corporate Charting – Is a Personal Natal Wheel Valid After the Death of the Founder?

A Teaching Article ~ Part II

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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In Part I of “Corporate Charting – Is a Personal Natal Wheel Valid After the Death of the Founder?”, I taught the concept of combining the chart of the founder with the corporation chart and used the example of Walt Disney and his incredible conglomerate to illustrate the technique. The example clearly showed that the founder’s chart does live on long past the date of death and that ongoing corporate events can be clearly seen in the deceased founder’s chart. This technique stemmed from research I had done many years ago. For those astrologers interesting in corporate charting, this concept adds another technique to their toolbox. I encouraged my readers to try this method for themselves because it has broader application than corporate charting. Following is an example of this same technique involving the USA as a country, as well as suggestions for personal charts.

When I researched the USA charts and all 43 presidents for my book Presidents of Hope and Change, this old corporate research came to mind. I worked with the concept (with minor adjustments) for a country and presidency rather than founder and corporation. The premise stays true when using the chart of a country. However, the type of event and effect of and on an entity needed re-labeling. It worked amazingly well as I observed our evolving country. For this article I will rely on my presidential research.

The USA as a country requires a slightly different reading. A country is the child of a group of minds such our Founding Fathers. They as a collective attended multiple meetings over several years to formulate and to set into motion what we call our country. That could be similarly true of the formation of any other country. To repeat the concept, a group of people collectively formed a governing entity. The USA was born in a moment of time. That entity, the country, takes on its own identity, intent, potential and has ongoing experience and also has its own sky map.

In the USA we elect a leader (a president) to a four-year term. Occasionally circumstance and events shorten that term and an elevated, but not directly elected, president may be inaugurated. From what I described earlier as an individual founding a corporation, we must make simple adjustments. A group of individuals founded the country and the country became an entity. This non-human entity has needs and requirements and attracts to itself a leader to fulfill those needs. In this adaptation, a comparison must be made between the country and the presidents inaugurated as temporary leaders of the country (eight years is the USA current maximum). Also, a corporation or a country should have a much longer life than an individual. In this instance, the USA is 234 years old at this writing. Let us see how the USA natal map (Virgo rising) reflects its development through its progressions and the charts of its incoming presidents using the inauguration of our current president Barack Obama.

The USA is a collective entity born in a moment of time with all the facets of any ordinary chart. That moment in time, which was freeze-framed as a natal, is released to its natural rhythm. A series of progressing charts map its progress through experience. The core was established at the moment of birth, but the country has grown and developed and has developed changing needs. Those changing needs are reflected through the progressions. Election date is the voters’ response to those changing needs and the Electoral College elects a president who is then inaugurated at a later time.

On the attached spreadsheet, I have listed the positions for the USA Virgo rising natal chart, the USA progressed chart for January 20, 2009, Barack Obama’s natal chart and progressed chart for January 20, 2009, and the actual inauguration chart. If you would like a copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate please see the Snopes weblink at the bottom of the article. By the way, the disproven Kenyan birth certificate depicts a birth two years prior to Kenya becoming a country. Someone should have asked an astrologer, because birth charts are one of the mainstays in our toolbox.

My USA chart of choice is the Virgo rising chart due to my own rectification process. The inauguration chart is set for noon because that is when the Constitution says the power of the outgoing president ends and the power of the incoming president begins. Actual swearing in was about 6 ½ minutes later. This spreadsheet should prove to you that the (heavily debated) Void of Course Moon at inauguration was acceptable because it connected strongly to President Obama’s chart, and Vice President Joe Biden’s chart as well (not provided) Astrologically, there are no accidents. I have done the inauguration charts for all 43 men who ascended to the presidency and they all connect strongly to the USA natal and progressed chart. The progressing charts add new dimension to the natal just as the progressing human adds to his natal core.

The thirteen traditional points have been used: midheaven, ascendant, ten planets and North Node. The positions on the spreadsheet were color coded to illustrate the hard aspects between the charts because it is hard aspects that make things happen. I started with tight orbs, but the orb tends to elongate when there are several connections. It is easy visually to separate wide aspects if you choose. Out of 65 potential connections you will notice that there are also 65 actual connections. The aspects are referenced from the USA natal chart because that is the ongoing entity. We have had presidents in office from one month (Harrison) to the beginning of a fourth term (FDR, Roosevelt). Currently there are term limits; no USA president can serve over eight years in office.

Variation:   You could extend this concept to regular natal wheels and the relationship between parents and children as an example. Astrologically, a theory should hold up through various applications. Have you ever noticed that events in a spouse’s life can still show up in the other spouse’s wheel even when they are no longer together? You can have activations involving a mother figure even when the natural mother is no longer on this earth plane. Perhaps the activations reflect a foster or adopted mother, a grandmother, an older woman friend or one who has been cast as an affectionate mother figure.  How would you find this? Simply continue regular individual progressions past the portal we call death. Think about this: there is actual activity for a person past death such as funerals, estates matters, selling or other distribution of property, memorials. Look at what has happened since Michael Jackson’s death. His legacy lives on. The birth wheel of a deceased person is still a map that can illustrate that individual’s experience. Anyone interested in contributing to some research?

The universe is amazing! It provides us with maps of its patterns and continually changing energy and we have known how to read them for thousands of years. It takes a little training and skill to learn to construct and read those maps just as it takes training and skill for any other endeavor. To not use the maps the universe provided is silly, but humanity gets stuck in fear and superstition. We fear what we do not understand and we negate anyone else’s efforts relative to what we individually fear. And so, over the centuries, a few brave souls maintained the knowledge and educated succeeding generations. Still, all were subject to the fears and superstitions of those who did not possess the skill. Remember the old sayings about if we were meant to fly, we would have wings? It took much time and experiment, but this did happen. We fly. Flying is neither evil nor demonic – it is actually quite convenient. We are now working hard on flying even further into local space and beyond. The universe is a continually changing map and we are developing the skills to read those maps.

Barack Obama’s birth certificate and its validity:

Note: I personally had a copy of the Obama birth certificate prior to the November, 2008 election. It was available online. I could verify it because my oldest daughter had been born two years prior in the same hospital and the certificates were almost identical. The only difference was that my daughter was born while Hawaii was a territory and Obama was born when Hawaii was a state.

First published on the All Things Healing website August, 2010, republished with slight editing.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.