Corporate Charting – Is a Personal Natal Wheel Valid After the Death of the Founder?

A Teaching Article – Part I

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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During astrological research last year on the USA as a country and all of our presidents, a corporation charting method was adopted that had wider application than originally thought. It can be somewhat time consuming to do a thorough job using this method, but it is not difficult. The original application was for corporate charting work and could definitely turn out to be an advantage for anyone studying or doing corporate astrology. This technique stems from an old published article. However, I cannot locate the original to give the author deserved credit. My apologies. For this article, personal research for the corporate example given and references for adopting the technique with the presidential study will be given.

Using the research on the original article, it was studied carefully examining the points the author made to verify each activation. The original example was accurate, valid and worked as presented. With a good database of corporate information available, another well-known corporation and its founder were selected that had ample dated events and the original article was used as an instruction manual to apply the theory. It was amazing how well the technique worked on the corporation and founder separately chosen, just as the author said it would.

As with much of my research, once curiosity is satisfied and learning is gleaned from the study, the material was put away. During the presidential research, this old technique came to mind. It had to be re-worked with minor adaptations for a country and presidency rather than founder and corporation, mostly a re-labeling of the concepts. The technique worked amazingly well for our evolving country.

As astrologers, when we want to view development in individuals, we look at important events or milestones in the life of that individual. Dates such as marriage, divorce, accomplishment, accident, surgery, birth of children, or deaths of significant others in the life are examined. If we were doing such work for a non-human entity such as a corporation, the dates used would be those of opening of a business, public offerings, stock splits, expansions or contractions, partnership, takeovers, mergers, and various failures or successes. The same is true of the development or milestones in the life of a country. All that is required is the re-labeling mentioned previously. The wheel of a country is the map of a collective of humans operating as one body, a “humanity being” so to speak. That humanity being’s progressions can show the needs and conditions of that ongoing process, a timeline of sorts.

The original article example was that of a Japanese corporation and its founder. The verifying research (for the validity of the technique) was Walt Disney and his entertainment conglomerate. The presidential research example (see Part 2) was that of the USA Virgo Rising wheel and each of the 43 presidents who have held the office of president during our history (Grover Cleveland was president twice, but not consecutively).

Whatever or whoever is born in a moment of time is imprinted with the energies available at that moment in time and that is true of all beginnings. A map can be cast and read for the intent and the potential, and then progressing maps outline the unfolding experience. The two companies described were founded by individuals. They took on lives of their own, distinct from their founders, but were clearly connected to that founder as ongoing events could be simultaneously seen in both the company and the founder wheels.

A company founder will grow old and eventually die, but the corporation, as a child of the founder, lives on. It may experience new management or ownership, but will continue its own independent life cycle. It was amazing that ongoing corporate events could be seen clearly in the founder’s wheel continuing after the founder’s death. This required suspension of prior judgment that had been based on ignorance of possibility. It also raises an interesting question: how do you continue to map a person who has already passed on? The answer is that you do it the same way you mapped that person while alive, no change in technique whatsoever.

As mentioned, the example for the experiment was Walt Disney and his incredible entertainment conglomerate.  The conglomerate’s ongoing activity is clearly reflected in the progression of its founder while he was alive and continued past his death. Could it be done? Yes. Does it work? Yes. This comparison was one of the methods adopted for the much larger presidential research. This specific technique could not be simpler, simple progressions, but it does take time and effort to do research. It uses standard progressions. Using the Walt Disney research example…

  • Set Walt Disney’s personal wheel and the wheel for the beginning of his business.
  • Set every chart (natal) that substantially affects the company, such as the incorporation, IPO and re-incorporation, to name a few.
  • Progress Walt Disney’s wheel to each event date to see the connection between his personal energy and corporate events during his living years. Compare progressed to natal and progressed to progressed.
  • Progress the Disney business wheel to each important event. Compare progressed to natal and progressed to progressed on each important wheel for full understanding. All of these charts should be connected to each other through close activations.
  • Walt Disney did pass on, but his chart remained alive; his wheel continued to work even after his death. Progress his natal wheel as if he were still alive and compare it to the business wheel and the other important wheels for new events that substantially affect the company and its survival.
  • Cast new natal wheels as important corporate events make it feasible, and incorporate them into the progression procedure.
  • There should be connections between the natals, progressed to natals, and progressed to progressed for whatever date is applicable. You will find that it did not matter that Walt Disney was no longer on this Earth plane.

Example: I chose the reincorporation chart of July 28, 1995 as an example because it occurred after Mr. Disney’s death in 1966. Using Walt Disney’s natal chart and his personal progressions to that reincorporation as well as the re-incorporation chart itself (accurately timed) should provide you with a clear working example. Whenever I have a number of charts to compare, I will either make an overlay wheel which lays out all (up to five) the charts on one page. This is not that difficult to construct…a wheel within a wheel, within a wheel, OR I will create a spreadsheet that makes aspects easy to see between the charts. The spreadsheet format is provided for this article using color-coding to illustrate the aspects.

Once you have worked your way through this practice project, do the same procedure with other corporations and their founders in which you are interested and can access the birth information and activity dates. This technique was employed in my presidential research with the adaptations mentioned and this technique does work well. More about that in Part II.

For astrologers who want to check out this method, the basic Disney data used for that long ago research is provided below and a few charts have been provided with this article. There are many more Disney dates that can also be used. There may be newer or more valid information than what was originally gathered, but this is the data used for that research so many moons ago. Enjoy!


  • Birth of Walt Disney: Dec 5, 1901, 12:35 AM CST, Chicago, Illinois
  • Date of Death: Dec 15, 1966
  • Mickey Mouse: created in 1928 for a silent cartoon entitled “Plane Crazy” that never debuted
  • “Steam Boat Willie”, the first-ever sound cartoon premiered Colony Theatre, New York City, NY, Nov 18, 1928
  • “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” premiered Carthay Circle Theater, Los Angeles, CA, Dec 21, 1932
  • Walt Disney Company Dec 16, 1929. Hollywood, CA, noonmark
  • Walt Disney Company incorporation Sep 30, 1938, Sacramento, CA, noonmark
  • Opening of Magic Kingdom, Disneyland Jul 13, 1955, 1:35 PM PDT, Anaheim, CA
  • IPO Disney Nov 12, 1957, 10:00 am EST, New York, NY
  • Opening of Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, FL Oct 1, 1971
  • Ray Merriman DIS business chart Feb 19, 1987, Wilmington, DE
  • Opening of Epcot Center, Orlando, FL on Oct 1, 1982
  • Re-Incorporation Disney Jul 28, 1995, 3:45 PM EDT, Dover, DE

First published on All Things Healing website July, 2010, republished with slight editing.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.