Nawalny (or Navalny), Alexei Anatolievich Ongoing Study

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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In recent years, an unfolding horror story has captured the public’s attention as politically-driven, personal attacks against Russian dissident Alexei Nawalny unrelentingly continue. Nawalny is currently in a Russian prison under extremely difficult circumstances, and there appears to be no end in sight. When I realized the Rodden database had an A-rated chart for the dissident, I decided to research astrologically to find what I could to help understand the circumstances. There are multiple events, escalating in severity, illustrating a developing as well as a deteriorating process. At stake are not only this man’s life but also (currently) the political and criminal punishment of citizen supporters of his view and his protest.

Astrodatabase Wiki info was dated 2014, so I used the 2021 Wiki page for more detailed and updated info. Biographical material is directly quoted, paraphrased or developed from this 2021Wikipedia material. Especially note the 413 quoted sources at bottom of Wiki article for backup or sourcing.

Birth Data:

Born June 4, 1976, 1:30 PM; zone MSK h3E is standard time, IO used UZ2 (both Ascendants 28:18 Vir);

Butyn, Russian Federation (location not listed in IO, used Astrodatabase) 55N36, 38E57.

Mother’s memory (August 3, 2013 interview): went to hospital 7 AM, gave birth half past 1 PM.

This natal chart relies on Mother’s memory, so at this chart point should be treated as speculative. Looking for tight, hard aspects because of the major and multiple trauma-drama of Nawalny’s life and experience. Positive natal, progressed or transiting aspects could contribute to the fact that the man has remained alive. Separating aspects refer to the past-to-present time frame, causative. Applying aspects refer to the present-to-future time frame, to be experienced.

  • Four angles tight mutable square; Ascendant 28:18 Virgo and Midheaven 27:39 Gemini, ruled by Mercury 25:10 Taurus.
  • Mercury conjunct malefic Fixed Star Caput Algol 25:57. Key
  • Mercury and Venus 10:10 Gemini in Mutual Reception; this MR is Final Dispositor of all other positions. Explanation given below. Key
  • Sun 13:55 Gemini conjunct Venus opposing Neptune 12:34R Sagittarius, Moon 00:05 Virgo very wide but applying to this opposition creating an impending T-square by the following day. I will stretch the applying Moon but will not stretch the separating Moon.
  • The Moon 00:05 Virgo out of sign but 5˚separating from earlier square to chart ruler Mercury.
  • Jupiter 16:28 Taurus conjunct South Node 12:05R, opposed Scorpio North Node, all T-squared by Mars 10:46 Leo. Jupiter and South Node are in 8th (death, catastrophe or destiny house) and Mars is ruler of that 8th destiny house. Jupiter does rule the other two natal angles: IC and Descendant.
  • Saturn 29:55 Cancer at change of sign is out of sign but closely square Uranus 3:36R Scorpio.
  • Pluto 8:59R Libra is rising in the 1st house. Its closest hard aspect would be the out of sign Midheaven about 11˚ applying. Note: Angles are intensely personal and do move much faster than any planet including the Moon.

Key: chart ruler Mercury conjunct Algol and in Mutual Reception to Venus in Gemini.

My first observation was that chart ruler Mercury was at 25 Taurus: Caput Algol, the most malefic fixed star in the catalog. Originally read as “death by decapitation”, the modern interpretation is “losing one’s head”.  More on Algol in a moment.

Nawalny’s Ascendant and Midheaven are both ruled by Mercury. I then wondered what was his chart’s Final Dispositor, and got a surprise when every position led back to the natal Mercury/Venus mutual reception. Mercury serves as both chart ruler and co-dispositor. For those who may not be familiar with Mutual Receptions and Final Dispositors, here is a brief explanation. Remember there can be several dispositor options when charting. Use the ten bodies, Ascendant and Midheaven only.

Dispositor rule:    The planet(s) ruling the sign a planet occupies disposits that occupying planet. This can be clean with only a single layer or it can have multiple layers.

  • As a single dispositor, follow the rulerships backwards until a single planet in its own sign ends the search; that is the dispositor of that specific pattern.
  • Not all charts have single dispositors. Occasionally there will be groupings leading back to more than one dispositor.
  • Another dispositor possibility is Mutual Reception. A planet in a sign is ruled by a planet that occupies the sign ruled by that first planet. What? Please see the following example of Mutual Reception using this research subject.

Using Nawalny’s chart as an example: as mentioned his Mercury is in Taurus, ruled by Venus, which happens to be in Gemini ruled by Mercury. Mercury and Venus are in Mutual Reception (MR) since each is in the sign ruled by the other (Mercury disposits Venus and Venus disposits Mercury). Each dispositor can be read in both signs plus any aspects can also be shared.

Anything else possible? Let us follow Nawalny’s planets.

  • Midheaven and Sun in Gemini, ruled by Mercury in Taurus disposited by Venus in Gemini: MR.
  • Ascendant and Moon in Virgo, ruled by Mercury in Taurus MR Venus in Gemini.
  • Mars in Leo, ruled by Sun, disposited by Mercury in Taurus MR Venus.
  • Jupiter in Taurus, disposited by Venus MR Mercury.
  • Saturn in Cancer, ruled by Moon, disposited by Mercury MR Venus.
  • Uranus in Scorpio, ruled by Mars, ruled by Sun, disposited by Mercury MR Venus.
  • Scorpio also has a Pluto co-rulership, Pluto in Libra disposited by Venus MR Mercury.
  • Neptune in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter in Taurus, disposited by Venus MR Mercury.
  • North Node is in Scorpio disposited by MR as given for co-rulers Mars and Pluto.

ALL the positions are governed (disposited) by the Mercury/Venus MR. And… Mercury is conjunct Caput Algol. This is key to the severity of his experience. Arrests, convictions, multiple poisonings, commandeering of an air flight, and more; too many events for one report, but we can set the stage.

Why am I fixated on Caput Algol? Because it is considered to be the most malefic (read: difficult, nasty) fixed star and it governs Nawalny’s chart by virtue of its conjunction with Mercury. Ancient Arabian astrologers who did much of their work for the ruling class recognized the stars in the heavens had influence here on Earth through their connections to the natal chart. If you look up at the sky, there are billions of points of light. Through observation and record keeping over millennia, astrological influence was determined and metaphors developed. Aspect orbs are tight. There are too many fixed stars to report on them all, so I have isolated myself to two small groupings: royals and malefics. 

  • The four royal stars seem to me to influence when leadership roles or a “destiny” pattern is developing, quite possible with Nawalny’s experience and chart. The royal stars are the “Persian Watchers of the Four Directions [solstices and equinoxes]” dated from about 3000 B.C.
  • Malefic fixed stars seem to exacerbate or illustrate difficulty in the chart or the life experience of the chart owner.
  • Using Nawalny’s 1976 year of birth for positions, the four royal stars are Antares 9:30 Sagittarius, Regulus 29:29 Leo, Aldebaran 9:26 Gemini and Fomalhaut 3:25 Pisces.
  • There are five strongly malefic fixed stars, one of which is also a royal star: Caput Algol 25:57 Taurus, Alcyone 29:42 Taurus, Aldebaran (also royal) 9:26 Gemini, Betelguesse or Betelgueze (yes, the movie bad guy Beetlejuice) 28:23 Gemini, and Vindemiatrix 9:32 Libra.
  • In addition to Fixed Stars, the position of 19 Scorpio is considered to be a malefic degree – “the accursed degree of the accursed sign”. I will watch that degree as well. Tighter is better for orbs.

General reading notes for the eight chosen fixed star and single malefic degree positions (see source notes at end of section).

Robson general fixed star information quoted or paraphrased; far more material in the aspect readings. Note that Pluto had not been discovered when this book was written (1923). Rigor’s book is more modern. I am awaiting the publication of Munkasey’s fixed star book.

Alcyone    Nature of Mars and the Moon; causes love, eminence, blindness from fevers, small pox and accidents to the face. More information is available from the star cluster Pleiades, of which Alcyone is the main star.

Aldebaran     Nature of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter combined; gives honor, intelligence, eloquence, steadfastness, integrity, popularity, courage, ferocity, tendency to sedition, responsible position, public honors, gain of power and wealth through others. Benefits seldom prove lasting, danger of violence and sickness.

Antares    Nature of Mars and Jupiter; a decidedly martial and malefic nature, causes malevolence, destructiveness, liberality, broad mindedness, evil presages and danger of fatality and makes its natives rash, ravenous, headstrong and destructive to themselves by their own obstinacy.

Betelgeusse or Betelgeuze     Nature of Mars and Mercury; mostly positive info until aspects, then: culminating: great military fortune, command, invention, later: acute diseases, fevers, honor, and preferment ending in final ruin. 

Caput Algol    Nature of Saturn and Jupiter; causing misfortune, violence, decapitation, hanging, electrocution and mob violence, and gives a dogged and violent nature that causes death to the native or others. It is considered the most evil star in the heavens.

Fomalhaut     Nature of Venus and Mercury (remember Nawalny’s Mutual Reception/chart ruler); nature is very fortunate and powerful and yet causes malevolence of sublime scope and character, and change from a material to a spiritual form of expression, can contribute to immortal fame.

Regulus    Nature of Mars and Jupiter; gives violence, destructiveness, military honor of short duration, with ultimate failure, imprisonment, violent death, success, high and lofty ideals and strength of spirit, and makes its natives magnanimous, grandly liberal, generous, ambitious, fond of power, desirous of command, high-spirited and independent.

Serpentis     Not listed as a fixed star in either Robson or Rigor. It is a Scorpio degree (19˚) ancient astrologers saw as totally malefic calling it the “accursed degree of the accursed sign”.  No good can come from that degree. ??? That’s tough when it is the degree of my natal North Node and the degree of one of my son’s Ascendant. I first encountered this in Ivy Goldstein Jacobson’s excellent teaching books. Awaiting the publishing of Astrologer Michael Munkasey’s many years of fixed star research!

Vindemiatrix     Nature of Saturn and Mercury; gives falsity, disgrace, stealing, wanton folly and often causes its natives to become widows; much more negativity listed in specific position aspects. Known as the Star of Widowhood. Nawalny’s Pluto (discovered 1930) is conjunct (not included in Robson 1923 notes).

Nawalny Reading     In this initial basic research, I am limiting myself to the basic thirteen points: Midheaven, Ascendant, ten bodies and North Node. I am using tight orbs and hard aspects only, noting separating and applying aspects. Of thirteen natal possibilities, Nawalny has seven malefic fixed star connections. Over half his positions! That is amazing!

  • Nawalny’s chart ruler Mercury is conjunct Algol.
  • Midheaven conjunct Betelguesse.
  • Ascendant square Betelguesse.
  • Moon out of sign conjunction to Regulus.
  • Venus conjunct Aldebaran and opposed Antares.
  • Pluto conjunct Vindemiatrix.

Nawalny is connected to both royals and malefics. Fame can also be manifested as notoriety. Not only is his natal chart strongly influenced by fixed stars, but his progressions and diurnals (personal transits) are also strongly influenced, and illustrated as each event.

Early bio notes:

  • Nawalny graduated from the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia in 1998 with a law degree.
  • Nawalny then studied securities and exchanges at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.
  • Nawalny received a scholarship to the Yale World Fellows program at Yale University in 2010.

Political stance:

  • Anti-corruption Russian activist.
  • LiveJournal blog used to organize large-scale demonstrations.
  • Writer, journalist for ForbesRussia.
  • Russian Opposition Coordination Council member
  • and informal leader (unregistered) of People’s Alliance.
  • Official registered candidate supported by RPR-Parnas party for Mayor of Moscow September 8, 2013.
  • Leader of Russia of the Future party and founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK).
  • 6 million YouTube subscribers and 2 million+ Twitter followers.
  • March, 2017 released documentary “He is Not Dimon to You” accusing Dmitry Medvedev, then prime minister and former president of Russia, of corruption, and leading to mass protests across country.

Chronological notes  (excerpted from Wiki):

“In December 2011, after parliamentary elections and accusations of electoral fraud, approximately 6,000 people gathered in Moscow to protest the contested result, and an estimated 300 people were arrested, including Nawalny. [Nawalny was arrested on December 5]. After a period of uncertainty for his supporters, Nawalny appeared in court and was sentenced to the maximum 15 days “for defying a government official”. Alexei Venediktov, editor-in-chief of Echo of Moscow radio station, called the arrest “a political mistake: jailing Nawalny transforms him from an online leader into an offline one.” After his arrest, Nawalny’s blog became available in English. Note: Nawalny was kept in the same prison as several other activists, including Ilya Yashin and Sergei Udaltsov, the unofficial leader of the Vanguard of Red Youth, a radical Russian communist youth group. Udaltsov went on a hunger strike to protest against the conditions.”

Look at the angles of this diurnal arrest chart: December 5, 2011. Midheaven: 28:28 Sagittarius, Ascendant: 25:03 Pisces. The natal angles have been flipped top to bottom and left to right, and the degrees are quite close. Close (but not exact) could indicate the birth time needs to be slightly adjusted. Just remember if you tweak the natal, all subsequent diurnals will need to be tweaked as well since diurnals rely on that natal birth time. This man was incredibly active protest-wise leading up to his arrest and brief incarceration, so close aspects might be mapping that continual activity as well. So much activity as each aspect formed could represent multiple events.

  • Arrest Sun, Mercury, North Node 10:23R to 14:18 Sagittarius are hard, tight opposition to that natal Sun/Venus opposition to natal Neptune, and along with the South Node included are T-squared by arrest Mars 11:13 Virgo.
  • Arrest Neptune 28:19 Aquarius had been squaring natal chart ruler Mercury conjunct Algol (separating equates to causative to this event). Neptune was applying to quincunx of natal Saturn.
  • Arrest Saturn 26:09 Libra is applying square natal Saturn (unfolding results of arrest activity).
  • Arrest Moon 16:10 Aries was conjunct and last crossed over Uranus 00:39R Aries the day prior to the arrest (causative to event, Moon can equal citizenry). As the Moon advanced, it also had squared diurnal Venus 11:03 Capricorn (causative to arrest).
  • Arrest Ascendant 25:03 Pisces is applying to out of sign conjunction of Uranus in the 1st within 5 days after arrest (unfolding results from arrest).

Existing natal and event positive aspects may have protected him from greater harm. Nawalny received a maximum fifteen-day sentence and was released December 20, but remember the company Nawalny perhaps met or developed during his brief prison stay.

What about the fixed star connections to this arrest diurnal? There are seven, most within a tight orb.

  • Diurnal Midheaven opposed Betelgeusse.
  • Mercury conjunct Antares, opposed Aldebaran.
  • Venus past square Vindemiatrix.
  • Mars 2˚ square Antares and Aldebaran.
  • Neptune opposed Regulus.

Next major chronological bio reference for Nawalny is at Moscow rally, March 10, 2012. “Upon his release on December 20, 2011, Nawalny had called on Russians to unite against Vladimir Putin, who Nawalny said would try to claim victory in the upcoming presidential election, to be held on March 4, 2012. In a profile published the day after his release, BBC News described Nawalny as “arguably the only major opposition figure to emerge in Russia in the past five years”. His incarceration had gained prominence for him overall.

“After that release, Nawalny informed reporters that it would be senseless for him to run in the presidential elections because the Kremlin would not allow the elections to be fair. But he said that if free elections were held, he would “be ready” to run. On December 24, Nawalny helped lead a demonstration, estimated at 50,000 people, much larger than the previous post-election demonstration. Speaking to the crowd, he said, “I see enough people to take the Kremlin right now”.” To me, that was an inflammatory statement, hinting of insurrection. Perhaps he made himself a target at that time if he were not already on Putin’s radar.

“In March of 2012, after Putin was elected president, Nawalny helped lead an anti-Putin rally in Moscow’s Pushkinskaya Square, attended by between 14,000 and 20,000 people. After this rally, Nawalny was detained by authorities for several hours, then released.”

“Putin was inaugurated May 8, 2012. The next day Nawalny and Udaltsov (prison buddies) were arrested after an anti-Putin rally at Clean Ponds; each received a 15-day jail sentence. Amnesty International designated the two men prisoners of conscience. On June 11, Moscow prosecutors conducted a 12-hour search of Nawalny’s home, office, plus the apartment of one of his relatives. Soon afterwards, some of Nawalny’s personal emails were posted online by a pro-government blogger.” All of this information would stem from the results of the prior arrests as part of an ongoing process. It also helped set the stage for the emergence of the People’s Alliance protest group (causative).

Nawalny’s election campaign in 2013

“2012: a cumulative three embezzlement and fraud accusation against Nawalny by Russian federal authorities, all vigorously denied by Nawalny. July18, 2013 Nawalny was sentenced to 5 years in corrective labor colony (Gulag) for embezzlement.  The Russian Memorial Human Rights Center recognizes Nawalny as a political prisoner. Nawalny was released from prison a day after sentencing, awaiting results of appeal. Despite conviction ran for Mayor of Moscow September 8, 2013, came in 2nd with 27% of vote.”

More Wiki notes useful for understanding subsequent arrests and convictions:

On June 26, 2012, it was announced that Nawalny’s comrades would establish a new political party based on e-democracy. Nawalny declared he did not plan to participate in this project at that moment. On July 31, his comrades filed a document to register an organizing committee of a future party named “The People’s Alliance”. The party identified itself as centrist; one of the then-current leaders of the party, and Nawalny’s ally: Vladimir Ashurkov, explained this was intended to help the party get a large share of voters. Nawalny said the concept of political parties was “outdated”, and added his participation would make maintaining the party more difficult. However, he “blessed” the party and discussed its maintenance with its leaders. They, in turn, stated they wanted to eventually see Nawalny as a member of the party. On 15 December, Nawalny expressed his support of the party, saying, “The People’s Alliance is my party,” but again refused to join it, citing the criminal cases against him.” My personal view is that he realized he was a target and wanted to protect the emerging group from political retaliation.

“On April 10, 2013, the party filed documents for the official registration of the party. On April 30, the registration of the party was suspended. On July 5, the party was declined registration; according to Izvestia, not all founders of the party were present during the congress, even though the papers contained their signatures. Nawalny reacted to that with a tweet saying, “[…] A salvo of all guns”. ??? Following the mayoral election, on September 15, Nawalny declared he would join [the party] and, possibly head the party. On November 17 Nawalny was elected as the leader of the party.”

“On January 8, 2014, Nawalny’s party filed documents for registration for the second time. On January 20, registration of the party was suspended; according to Russian laws, no two parties can share a name. On February 8, Nawalny’s party changed its name to “Progress Party”. On February 25, the party was registered, and at this point, had six months to register regional branches in at least half of the federal subjects of Russia. On September 26, the party declared it had registered 43 regional branches. An unnamed source of Izvestia in the ministry said registrations completed after the six-month term would not be taken into consideration, adding, “Yes, trials are taking place in some regions […] they cannot register new branches in other regions during the trials, because the main term is over.” Nawalny’s blog countered, “Our answer is simple. A six-month term for registration has been legally prolonged as interim prosecution of appeals of denials and registration suspensions”.”

“On February 1, 2015, the party held a convention, where Nawalny stated the party was preparing for the 2016 elections, declaring the party would maintain its activity across Russia, saying, “We are unabashed to work in remote lands where the opposition does not work. We can even [work] in Crimea”. The candidates the party would appoint were to be chosen via primary elections; however, he added, the party’s candidates may be removed from elections. On April 17, the party initiated a coalition of democratic parties. On April 28, the party was deprived of registration by the Ministry of Justice, which stated the party had not registered the required number of regional branches within six months after the official registration. Krainev claimed that the party could be eliminated only by the Supreme Court, and he added that not all trials of registration of regional branches were over, calling the verdict “illegal twice”. He added that the party would appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, and expressed confidence that the party would be restored and admitted to elections. The next day, the party officially challenged the verdict.”

Repeating for chart purposes: “2012 a cumulative three embezzlement and fraud accusation against Nawalny by Russian federal authorities, all vigorously denied by Nawalny. Jul 18, 2013 sentenced to 5 years in corrective labor colony (Gulag) for embezzlement.  The Russian Memorial Human Rights Center recognizes Nawalny as a political prisoner. Nawalny was released from prison the day after sentencing, awaiting results of appeal.” “Despite conviction Nawalny ran for Mayor of Moscow September 8, 2013, came in 2nd with 27% of vote.”

On July 18, 2013, Nawalny was convicted of the original three corruption charges and sentenced to five years in a Gulag for embezzlement. He was released the next day, awaiting appeal.

  • The diurnal Midheaven 8:26 Leo conjuncts natal Mars 10:46; 2.3˚, is the equivalent of 9-10 minutes of birth time earlier for the natal. Do not do anything about it yet, just make a mental note there is a discrepancy; or this may be part of another ongoing process. So many multiples. 
  • Diurnal Ascendant 27:10 Libra is 2.67˚ square natal Saturn, ongoing process.
  • Also, diurnal Sun 25:58 Cancer is 4˚ conjunct natal Saturn, ongoing process.
  • Note the Cancer stellium of Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Sun opposing diurnal Pluto 9:53R Capricorn and squaring natal Pluto 8:59R Libra. Watch retrogrades re: applying/separating.
  • Diurnal Saturn is 1+˚ separating from natal Uranus (a natal square), ongoing causative process.
  • Diurnal Moon 25:34 Scorpio is tightly opposed natal Mercury/Algol.
  • Diurnal Venus 25:05 Leo square natal Mercury/Algol conjunction, diurnal Moon square Venus.

Fixed star contacts for this diurnal chart of Nawalny’s first conviction (three connections).

  • Moon 25:34 Scorpio opposed Algol.
  • Venus 25:05 Leo square Algol.
  • Neptune 4:57R Pisces past conjunct Fomalhaut (prior process elements), but is retrograde and therefore applying.

Progressions for each event have been cast but not included in this part of the study. But it should be noted here that there are five progressed positions affecting additional selected fixed star connections to this event: Fomalhaut, Algol, Aldebaran, Antares, and Vindemiatrix. In a surplus of over-thinking and wondering if the radix arc evidenced new fixed star connections, I also constructed those, providing two more tight event RA connections: Antares and Adebaran. Between the diurnal, progressed and radix arc event positions, there are ten more connections for this single event, tight orbs.

Between 2012 and 2014, Nawalny blogged and his activism netted seven personal arrests involving one rally, three walkabout gatherings, two demonstrations, and one courthouse gathering.

On February 28, 2014 Nawalny was arrested for another embezzlement charge. “On December 30, 2014 Nawalny was convicted of that charge with another suspended sentence for embezzlement (seen as politically motivated to prevent him from running as a candidate). The European Court of Human Rights later ruled these cases violated his right to fair trial, but neither conviction was ever overturned.”

The 2014 conviction chart offers more of the same negative multiple activations and political conclusions.

  • Diurnal Ascendant 26:25 Taurus is 1˚ past conjunction to natal Mercury/Algol, unfolding, ongoing process.
  • A tight diurnal Mercury, Venus, Midheaven conjunction 21:10 – 24:46 Capricorn illustrates the importance of this day in court.
  • That conjunction is part of a Capricorn stellium that includes diurnal Sun 8:38 Capricorn square natal Pluto. Plus stellium diurnal Pluto squares the Uranus / SNode conjunction 12:36-15:31R Aries. As if that were not enough, all those Capricorn planets will oppose natal Saturn one after the other… an ongoing multiple process.
  • Diurnal Moon 29:45 Aries squares natal Saturn and out of sign quincunxes diurnal Saturn 00:42 Sagittarius which squares natal Moon 00:05 Virgo.
  • Diurnal Mars 19:50 Aquarius opposes 2˚ applying diurnal Jupiter 21:52R Leo, natal destiny house ruler and occupant, which were in natal square. Destiny appears to be unfolding.
  • Diurnal Capricorn placements square diurnal Aries (six planet positions plus nodal axis). This is a malefic period of time on multiple levels.

Event diurnal fixed star connections for this second conviction… WOW! (five connections):

  • Ascendant 26:24 Taurus conjunct Algol, separating, the stage was set earlier.
  • Sun 8:38 Capricorn square Vindemiatrix exact.
  • Mars 19:50 Aquarius square Serpentis. Mars is a natal destiny planet
  • Saturn 00:42 Sagittarius out of sign square to Regulus (which has moved to 00 Virgo between 1976 and current position). Although the motion is very slow, the fixed star positions also move over larger time periods; 1˚ every 72 years.
  • Neptune 05:21 Pisces (2˚ past but part of process that produced this event).

I also set the progressions for this event and the new positions show connections to Fomalhaut, Algol and Vindemiatrix. Note that progressed Pluto is a very slow-moving planet by progression and retains the natal aspect.

“In December, 2016 Nawalny launched a presidential campaign for the 2018 election but was barred by Russia’s Central Electoral Commission (CEC) because of his prior convictions. The Supreme Court of Russia rejected his appeal. In 2017 the CEC stated Nawalny was not eligible to run for president until after 2028.”

Past this juncture, the political attacks turned personal and became not only politically motivated and directed attacks, but also lethal, physical attacks.

Sources for this section:

The Power of Fixed Stars by Joseph E. Rigor (ephemeris)

The Fixed stars and Constellations in Astrology by Vivian E. Robson (1923)

Work in progress: Mike Munkasey’s Fixed Star compendium


I ended part one of this Nawalny study with “Past this juncture, the political attacks turned personal and became not only politically motivated and directed attacks, but also lethal, physical attacks”. On April 27, 2017 Nawalny was accosted outside his office and sprayed with a then-unknown substance. As a result, he lost 80% of the vision in his right eye. Authorities attributed it to an allergic reaction, but rhese findings were disputed by Nawalny’s own people. What does the astrology look like? I have added  some positions of the slower-moving progressions as they look like something is building. Watching.

NOTE: All Wiki references have been paraphrased or are direct.

“Nawalny was attacked by unknown assailants outside his office in the Anti-Corruption Foundation on April 27, 2017. They sprayed brilliant green dye, possibly mixed with other components, into his face in a Zelyonka attack that can damage eyes of the victim. He had been attacked before*, earlier in the spring. In this second attack, the green-colored disinfectant had evidently been mixed with a caustic chemical, resulting in a chemical burn to his right eye. He reportedly lost 80 percent of the sight in his right eye. Nawalny accused the Kremlin of orchestrating the attack. It is unknown at this writing if his eye injury and vision has improved, which is [apparently] possible”. (Note that one of the malefic fixed stars lists “blinding of an eye” as part of the definition. That is quite specific.)

“A Zelyonka attack is a form of protest, provocation or violent assault, defined as the act of throwing a solution of brilliant green zelyonka (Russian: зелёнка), a triarylmethane antiseptic dye, on the body (usually face) of a victim. While the dye causes no lasting harm, it is very hard to remove quickly; the complete natural removal may take up to a week. In the 2010s, Zelyonka attacks became widespread in Russia and Ukraine by pro-government activists against anti-government political and other personalities.”

“*In later research of this attack it was mentioned there was a previous but similar attack about 5 weeks earlier on March 20, 2017 in the Siberian city of Barnaul.” That attack was reported to be the green antiseptic only, no other chemicals, no threat to life implied. That event occurred as he accepted a handshake. Originally, I did not set this prior chart as I thought it was milder in effect, and that one spray event was enough to study. Out of curiosity as I was editing this section, I decided to set the diurnal. I did not set the progression, as it is only five weeks behind the progression I had already set and progressions do not move that fast. WOW, was I wrong. Spray #1 was definitely important and should not have been skipped. It is placed in event order chronologically on the spreadsheets.

Before I do diurnal to natal as is the pattern for reading so far, I want to point out the Aries stellium of Sun, Venus, Mercury, Midheaven, Uranus from 00:00 to 23:04 Aries, with opposed diurnal Jupiter 20:32R Libra. I have spent my research time on progressed and diurnal aspects to natal, but several charts are remarkable as stand-alone charts. This would be another whole area to research, but it’s not currently part of this study. Because this was an afterthought chart, I added the fixed star connections to the diurnal to natal aspects. More WOW!

  • The Sun is 00:00 Aries, the exact Equinox. The four cardinal points are considered important in midpoint analysis and can indicate world impact. Sun out of sign square Betelgeusse.
  • Note Venus at 8:01R Aries is 2ˆseparating (retrograde) from the opposition to natal and progressed Pluto, which is closely conjunct Vindemiatrix.
  • Moon / Saturn exact conjunction 27:30-34 Sagittarius, opposed natal Midheaven 27:39 Gemini exact which is 2˚ from Betelgeusse. This is not a minor event. I know nothing about chemistry, but could the two attacks be connected such as a double dose with the second spraying reinforcing or augmenting the first?
  • Ascendant 8 Leo square diurnal Mars 07:29 Taurus, applying square/conjunct natal Mars 10:46 Taurus, a physical, violent (double Mars) attack on the person (Ascendant). Natal Mars is an 8th house “destiny” or catastrophic planet.
  • Neptune 12:24 Pisces T-square natal Neptune 12:34R Sagittarius and Sun 13:55 Gemini, setting off the natal Sun / Venus opposition Neptune. The potential poisoning happened.
  • North Node 03:02R Virgo conjunct Moon, opposed Fomalhaut.

This is definitely not a minor or unimportant chart.

The following progressions are only five weeks later than Spray #1, with only the progressed Moon capable of moving 1˚ (backward as Spray #1 is prior to the Spray #2 progressed Moon). The other progressions are very close. Maintaining Spray #1 in mind, could this have been a two-part assassination attempt? Did the poisoning need two doses, spaced much as the recent Covid vaccine has required?

What does the April 27th chemical spray incident causing 80% damage to Nawalny’s eyesight indicate? Progressed to natal? (six connections)

  • Progressed Ascendant 25:06 Lib quincunx natal Mercury – quincunx is a health aspect, Mercury (chart ruler) to the physical body (Ascendant).
  • P Moon 9:11 Pisces square N Venus 1˚ applying (Venus / Mercury MR, Mercury ruler).
  • P Venus 00:26 Leo past conjunction N Saturn (might be prior spray #1).
  • P Jupiter 24:46 Taurus conjunct N Mercury/Algol, continuing malefic aspect.
  • Neptune 11:35R Sagittarius, continuing, (poisoning possible).
  • Pluto 9:07 Libra, continuing, (subterfuge, political bullying).

Again, because the outer planets move so slowly, the natal position aspects are listed as continuing, with attention drawn to them only if new placements activate or there is a change to the existing pattern.

In this grouping, Jupiter tightly conjunct the Mercury/Algol natal position continues the life-threatening life-long (natal) pattern as Jupiter is symbolic of the destiny and catastrophic, potential death natally. Any hard aspect involving the Venus/Mercury MR (with Mercury as chart ruler) with its conjunction to malefic Algol can be life threatening.

Spray #2 connections to fixed stars emphasize that Nawalny has a more than ordinary universal mission. Because his natal chart is so dire but seems to be pointed towards a universal mission, it was difficult to determine if his problems might be self-inflicted. I feel the royal stars would give a sense of mission and could drive the individual regardless of risk to self. Think… if your whole life pattern were governed by the royal stars and the energy they provided and demanded of you, what exactly could you do to stop that pattern from unfolding naturally, even if you knew you were endangering yourself. What would you do if this were your energy pattern describing your destiny.  This is the best example I have ever encountered as a way to examine such possibility.

What are Nawalny’s progressed spray #2 positions to the Fixed Stars? (seven connections)

  • Moon in Pisces tight square to Aldebaran and Antares.
  • Mars 5:04 Virgo opposed Fomalhaut, separating, process unfolding.
  • Jupiter conjunct Algol as noted above with Mercury, continuing.
  • Neptune 2˚ wide opposite Aldebaran but conjunct Antares, continuing.
  • Pluto 9:07 Libra conjunct Vindemiatrix, continuing.

Seven connections involving five of the eight chosen royal or malefic fixed stars looks solid to me.

What does this spray #2 incident show by diurnal to natal? (five connections)

  • Midheaven 22:28 Taurus 3˚ applying to conjunct Mercury/Algol, chart ruler, key, setting off a pattern that will perfect itself in three days (diurnal Midheaven moves 1˚ per day, critical impact).
  • Venus 29:32 Pisces past conjunct natal Descendant, part of ongoing process unfolding.
  • Saturn 27:26R Sagittarius conjunct natal IC, (4th cusp is end of life and grave, this was serious).
  • Neptune 13:36 Pisces square natal Sun, 1˚ past square Neptune, continuance of the natal potential of poisoning between past, present and future.
  • North Node 1:01R Virgo apply conjunct Moon, ongoing (destiny or karmic overtones with public).

What does this spray #2 incident show by diurnal to Fixed Stars? (six connections)

  • Ascendant 3:26 Virgo opposed Fomalhaut, extremely personal, physical (Ascendant).
  • Mars 4:08 Gemini square Fomalhaut, Mars initates or attacks.
  • Moon 20:26 Taurus separating opposed Serpentis, (exactly two hours earlier on the day’s clock), citizens not reliable associates?
  • Venus 29:32 Pisces square Betelgeusse, Venus/Mercury MR disposits natal chart,
  • Saturn 27:26R Sagittarius opposed Betelgeusse, (the poisoning was a judge and jury action, but not quite fatal/execution).
  • North Node 1:01R Virgo out of sign applying conjunction Regulus, (destiny approaching); remember current Regulus has progressed out of late Leo and into early Virgo, so this may be stronger than the wider, out of sign aspect suggests.

These are not natal progressing (continuing) aspects. Diurnal charts are of the moment, current as specific events. Seriously, these connections are influenced by three royal fixed stars of mission or malefic fixed stars that both provoke and test philosophically and physically, plus Serpentis.

2017 Side political notes, no charts:    “Nawalny was released from jail on July 27, 2017 after spending 25 days of imprisonment. Before that, he was arrested in Moscow for participating in protests and was sentenced to 30 days in jail for organizing illegal protests.”

See Nawalny 2017 spray.doc at the end of this study.

“2018 Nawalny initiated Smart voting, tactical voting strategy, to change course of elections.”

 “Allergic reaction” timeline:

  • July 27, 2019 (day prior to allergic reaction), Nawalny was again arrested and imprisoned.
  • Nawalny ill middle of ongoing night (July 28); had severe reaction to skin and eyes, was hospitalized; Russian authorities claimed contact dermatitis; Nawalny’s personal doctors objected, saw similarities to prior spray #2 poisoning.
  • July 29 discharged from hospital, back to prison to serve sentence. Nawalny’s physician also objected to removal from hospital.

Note: See Nawalny arrest 2019, allergic reaction? file for multiple news stories at the end of this section.

What is the astrology of this “allergy” event? Remember that progressed outer planets move so slowly that the natal aspect continues for years and even decades. These are not necessarily new aspects, they may be continuing aspects, including the fixed star connections. It is important to note stations and changed directions for progressed because they may change the nature of applying or separating and affect the timeline for when the aspect perfects itself, if ever. Remember also that “refranation” is possible.

(Refranation:  when two planets appear to be applying to a conjunction, but one of the planets turns retrograde first and the conjunction doesn’t occur.)

Progressed “allergy” planet positions to natal first, diurnal positions to natal next, and additional fixed star activations appended each section.

What does the “allergy” incident indicate, progressed to natal? (six connections)

  • P Ascendant 26:34 Libra widely applying 3˚ square N Saturn (3˚ equals about three years in progression).
  • P Sun 25:06 Cancer 4+˚widely applying conjunct Saturn (4+˚ equals about four+ years in progression).
  • P Mercury 27:24 Cancer 2˚ applying conjunct N Saturn, (progressed Mercury racing at 2+˚ per year, one year to conjunction of natal Saturn (about 2020, poisoning).
  • P Venus 3:12 Leo square N Uranus, slightly separating.
  • P Jupiter 25:09 Taurus conjunct N Mercury/Algol, continuing.
  • P Neptune 11:32R Sagittarius opposed N Venus, continuing.

What are the progressed “allergy” positions to Fixed Stars? (five connections)

  • Moon 6:42 Aries 3˚ to opposition Vindemiatrix, (progressed Moon travel is about a degree a month, so 23 months to exact).
  • Jupiter 25:09 Taurus conjunct Algol/Mercury, continuing.
  • Neptune 11:32R Sagittarius 2˚ opposed Aldebaran, 2˚ conjunct Antares, continuing.
  • Pluto 9:09 Libra conjunct Vindemiatrix, continuing.

This section is implying upcoming activity by both progressed to natal and progressed with fixed stars, which has certainly been true through 2020 and 2021.

What does this “allergy” incident show by diurnal to natal? (five connections)

  • Ascendant 3:22 Scorpio conjunct Uranus.
  • Moon 15:35 Gemini 2˚ past conjunction Sun, (earlier that same day exact, so part of it).
  • Venus 00:26 Leo ½˚ past and out of sign conjunction Saturn.
  • Mars 16:48 Leo ½˚ past square Jupiter.
  • Jupiter 14:49R Sagittarius opposed Sun, applying, continuing aspect.

What does this “allergy” incident show by diurnal to Fixed Stars? (one connection)

  • Midheaven 17:49 Leo 2˚ square Serpentis (around 2˚ of Midheaven motion equals less than two days.

The three tight separating aspects make me wonder what happened slightly earlier than this diurnal. Perhaps there was another event of which we are not aware, about a day or two prior which may have contributed to this “allergy” event.

From these prior experiences and 2019 forward, Nawalny’s life seemed to come off the rails astrologically, so much so that I am uncertain if we will ever cover all the twists, turns and events of his life, which continue to this day. This is my attempt at a usable timeline of events using news sources, particularly Wiki with its amazing multiple source notes.

Wiki history of poisoning paraphrased or quoted, extensive footnotes:

“On August 20, 2020, Nawalny fell ill during a flight from Tomsk to Moscow and was hospitalized in the Emergency City Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Omsk, where the plane had made an emergency landing. The change in his condition on the plane was sudden and violent, and video footage showed crew members on the flight scurrying towards him as he screamed loudly. Later, he said that he was not screaming from pain, but from the knowledge that he was dying. Afterward, his spokeswoman, Kira Yarmysh, said that he was in a coma and on a ventilator in the Omsk hospital. She also said that since he arose that morning, Nawalny had consumed nothing but a cup of tea, acquired at the airport. It was initially suspected that something was mixed into his drink, and physicians stated that a “toxin mixed into a hot drink would be rapidly absorbed”. The hospital said that he was in a stable but serious condition. Although staff initially acknowledged that Nawalny had probably been poisoned, after numerous police personnel appeared outside Nawalny’s room, the medical staff was less forthcoming. The Omsk hospital’s deputy chief physician later told reporters that poisoning was “one scenario among many” being considered.”

**Aug 22, 2020  “A plane was sent from Germany to evacuate Nawalny from Russia for treatment at the Charité Hospital in Berlin. Even though the doctors treating him in Omsk initially declared he was too sick to be transported, they later released him. On August 24, the doctors in Germany made an announcement, confirming that Nawalny had been poisoned with a cholinesterase inhibitor. Ivan Zhdanov, chief of Nawalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation, said that Nawalny could have been poisoned because of one of the foundation’s investigations. On September 2, the German government announced that Nawalny was poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent, from the same family of nerve agents that was used to poison Sergei Skripal and his daughter [March 4, 2018]. International officials said that they had obtained “unequivocal proof” from toxicology tests, and have called on the Russian government for an explanation. On September 7, German doctors announced that Nawalny was out of the coma. On September 15, Nawalny’s spokeswoman said that Nawalny would return to Russia. On September 17, Nawalny’s team said that traces of the nerve agent used to poison Nawalny was detected on an empty water bottle from his hotel room in Tomsk, suggesting that he was possibly poisoned before leaving the hotel. On September 23, Nawalny was discharged from hospital after his condition had sufficiently improved. On October 6 OPCW confirmed presence of cholinesterase inhibitor from the Novichok group in Nawalny’s blood and urine samples.” Oct 13, 2020 report poisoned again while in Omsk; note only, no backup.

“On December 14, a joint investigation by The Insider and Bellingcat in co-operation with CNN and Der Spiegel was published, which implicated agents from Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) in Nawalny’s poisoning. The investigation detailed a special unit of the FSB, which specializes in chemical substances, and the investigators then tracked members of the unit, using telecom and travel data. According to the investigation, Nawalny was under surveillance by a group of operatives from the unit for three years and there may have been earlier attempts to poison Nawalny. In an interview with Spanish newspaper El País, Nawalny said that “It is difficult for me to understand exactly what is going on in [Putin’s] mind. … 20 years of power would spoil anyone and make them crazy. He thinks he can do whatever he wants.”

“On December 21, 2020 Nawalny released a video that shows him impersonating a Russian security official, in order to speak by phone, with a man who was identified by some investigative news media as a chemical weapons expert named Konstantin Kudryavtsev. The man said that the poison had been in Nawalny’s clothing, and especially concentrated in his underwear and that Nawalny would have died if not for the plane’s emergency landing and quick response from an ambulance crew on the runway.

In January 2021, Bellingcat, The Insider and Der Spiegel linked the unit that tracked Nawalny to the deaths of other activists including Timur Kuashev in [Aug 1] 2014 and Ruslan Magomedragimov in [late Mar] 2015 as well as the politician Nikita Isayev in [Nov 16] 2019. In February [?date], another joint investigation said that Vladimir Kara-Murza was followed by the same unit before his suspected poisonings.”

Okay… this next astrological section from the August 20, 2020 poisoning through the recovery period will be complicated. Politics continued throughout the medical emergency. It never stopped, and it is visible throughout. The poisoning sent Nawalny into a coma, which necessitated flying him from Russia to a Berlin Hospital for evaluation and treatment. His eventual emergence from the coma, removal from the ventilator, and then becoming ambulatory, is followed by eventual release from the hospital itself with a further period of recovery in Berlin, and followed by the flight from Berlin back to Russia. While it might be possible to get the flight times, I doubt if the flight charts and information would contribute much to our storyline, so I chose not to go that route.

Most important is the poisoning itself and the cliff-hanger while in coma, his in-hospital recovery and release, and culminating with the plane flight home… only to have the flight landing diverted, leading to his next and continuing incarceration. Know that during those five months, there are a ton of 12th house circumstances for this man. I am limiting this section to poisoning/coma, flight from Russia to Berlin, recovery from coma, hospital discharge, and flight from Berlin to Russia. This short period is fraught with life and death on so many levels.

Progressions over this five-month period won’t give us as much information as diurnals (transits) will. Progressed planets with the exception of the Moon only occasionally provide daily new or activating aspects. The speedy Moon travels only about a degree a month by progression. Therefore, I will delineate the poisoning progression to set this particular stage, but not the short-term other events through the Berlin to Russia flight, which both closes this medical chapter and opens a whole new avenue of experience to explore. We will look at poisoning progressed to natal, diurnal to natal, and append fixed star notes where applicable.

What does this poisoning event show progressed to natal? (six connections)

  • Progressed Midheaven 08:35 Leo, 2˚ to conjunct Mars (this event = 2020, plus 2˚11’ equals about two years).
  • Ascendant 27:16 Libra, 2˚ to square Saturn. (two years exact).
  • Sun 26:07 Cancer, 3˚ to conjunction Saturn. (Note: something Saturnian is building here.)
  • Mercury 29:39 Cancer conjunct (18’) Saturn, (current, communication inhibited or controlled; this is the natal chart ruler with its Algol conjunction and MR with Venus).
  • Jupiter 25:20 Taurus conjunct Mercury, continuing.
  • Neptune 11:31R Sagittarius to opposite Venus, continuing.

What are the poisoning progressed events to fixed stars? (four connections)

  • Jupiter 25:20 Taurus conjunct Algol/Mercury, continuing.
  • Neptune 11:31R Sagittarius 2˚ opposite Aldebaran and 2˚ conjunct Antares, continuing.
  • Pluto 9:10 Libra conjunct Vindemiatrix, separating and continuing.

All are continuing aspects from natal, more of the same, and not going away any time soon.

What does this poisoning event show diurnal to natal?  (four connections)

  • Midheaven 12:17 Virgo 1.5˚ to square of Sun.
  • Mercury 00:44 Virgo slightly past conjunct Moon 00:05.
  • Uranus 10:41R Taurus square Mars (this is key to this event – aggressive, abrupt).
  • North Node 27:14R Gemini slightly past (retrograde) conjunct Midheaven (leading up to event).

What are the diurnal positions to fixed stars? (five connections)

  • Ascendant 18:51 Scorpio tightly conjunct Serpentis (accurate birth time indicator).
  • Sun 27:52 Leo 2˚ to conjunct Regulus (this aspect has two more years to develop).
  • Mercury 00:44 Virgo out of sign separating conjunct Regulus (remember Regulus has moved into early Virgo, so this aspect may be more active than realized).
  • Mercury 3˚ opposite Fomalhaut (diurnal exact equals less than two days, flight?).
  • North Node 27:14R Gemini 1˚ separating, conjunct Betelgeusse (causative).

To save his life, Nawalny was flown from Russia to Berlin on August 22. Progressions barely moved in two days, so we look to the diurnal. Because the poison chart set this in motion two days earlier, those aspects still affect this date. What are this flight’s changed diurnal to natal aspects? (two connections)

  • Midheaven 14:25 Virgo past square Sun (exact was prior – the attack itself).
  • Uranus10:40R Taurus slightly past square Mars (exact was attack itself).

What are the Russia to Berlin diurnal flight fixed star aspects? (two connections)

  • Sun 29:47 Leo conjunct Regulus (very public rescue efforts).
  • Mercury 04:37 Virgo 1˚ past opposite Fomalhaut (exact was attack itself).

It was announced September 7 that Nawalny was out of coma, followed by off ventilator, and was then ambulatory. What are the out of coma diurnal to natal aspects? (seven connections, six past perfect, logical because the critical day was the poisoning itself, about two days prior)

  • Asc 00:49 Sagittarius past square Moon.
  • Sun 15:15 Virgo past square Sun.
  • Moon 12:42 Taurus past sq Mars and conjunct SNode.
  • Venus 01:14 Leo past conjunct Saturn.
  • Mars 28:06 Aries 2˚ square Saturn (exact within 2-3 days).
  • Uranus 10:29R Taurus past square Mars.

There is only one out of coma diurnal connection to fixed stars:

  • Ascendant 00:49 Sagittarius is past opposite Alcyone (one day earlier was turning point).

Note: Why am I including the hospital discharge as it would be thought to be non-life-threatening? Nawalny resumed political activism upon his hospital discharge prior to his flight from Berlin to Russia on Jan 17, 2021. As indicated, his plane was diverted to another airport for landing and Nawalny was again taken into custody. To me this is an appalling end to this just awful chapter of his life and the very rough beginning of the next chapter.

What are the hospital discharge diurnal to natal aspects? (three connections)

  • Ascendant 12:02 Sagittarius conjunct Neptune (escape from the confines of the hospital room should have felt good, but he was never out of danger).
  • Mercury 25:21 Libra quincunx natal Mercury (aside from health, quincunxes necessitate adaption or compromise to circumstance).
  • Uranus 10:06R Taurus separating square Mars (listed because, while wide and separating, this aspect is not finished until it completes the aspect direct).

What are the hospital discharge diurnal fixed star aspects? One connection only:

  • Venus 19:07 Leo square Serpentis, (on the money; I would be concerned with female energy).

While quite clearly this flight is the aftermath to the poisoning, coma and recovery charts, this event complicated what had been a successful conclusion to this particular chapter of Nawalny’s life. It unfortunately was not a successful conclusion in personal experience. He did arrive safely, but not where he intended. I doubt seriously if any place in Russia or the countries that Russia controls would have offered safe haven to Mr. Nawalny.

As mentioned earlier, the flight was diverted from the scheduled landing so Mr. Nawalny could be apprehended and removed from the flight for immediate incarceration for his prior convictions and legal proceedings. I choose to stay with his flight home as the conclusion to the poisoning episode.

What are Nawalny’s Berlin to Russia diurnal flight to natal aspects?

  • Midheaven 9:05 Aquarius opposed Mars, (since diurnals are based on the birth time and location of the natal event, we must watch close aspects. There is a take off and a landing at widely divergent locations that could affect this timing. The flight did not go as planned. There was a last-minute diversion to an unexpected location, followed by incarceration. That sounds logical.
  • Sun 27:32 Capricorn opposed Saturn, (who he was at this point and his actions were “judged” by Saturn and he was held responsible by authorities, regardless of right or wrong or personal opinion).
  • Mars 5:01 Taurus, Jupiter 6:36 Aquarius and Uranus 6:44 Taurus, plus close Saturn 3:33 Aquarius are in a very tight multiple square pattern with Saturn close, to the square to natal Uranus in Scorpio, a T-square.

What are the Berlin to Russia diurnal fixed star aspects? There are none and I did check it several times! Did the fixed stars abandon him?

See Nawalny 2019 allergy document following.

This is the conclusion to this section of my study, both an end to what was ongoing and a beginning of the next chapter of his life – filled with as much trauma-drama as was his prior experience.

**Alexei Nawalny: Putin critic arrives in Germany for medical … › news › world-europe-53871617


Nawalny Part 3 begins here starting with the “Berlin 2 Russia” flight diurnal and fixed star connections. It has been five months since the last progressed chart. I will now set it because it is the beginning of this section. I will not repeat the diurnal chart here as it is given at the end of part 2, but I may add on to the notes because of the diversion and detention. First the news reports for our timeline.

Wiki Nawalny Return and imprisonment paraphrased or directly quoted:

Map: Wikimedia | © OpenStreet. Approximate aircraft route of flight DP936 taken by Alexei Nawalny, on January 17, 2021, showing its deviation.

“On 17 January 2021, Nawalny returned to Russia by plane from Germany, arriving at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow after the flight was diverted from Vnukovo Airport. At passport control, he was detained. The Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) confirmed his detention and said that he would remain in custody until the court hearing. Prior to his return, the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) had said that Nawalny might face jail time upon his arrival in Moscow for violating the terms of his probation by leaving Russia, saying it would be “obliged” to detain him once he returned; in 2014, Nawalny received a suspended sentence in the Yves Rocher case, which he called politically motivated and in 2017, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Nawalny was unfairly convicted. Amnesty International declared Nawalny to be a prisoner of conscience and called on the Russian authorities to release him. The following day, a court decision ordered the detention of Nawalny until February 15 for violating his parole. A makeshift court was set up in the police station Nawalny was being held. Another hearing would later be held to determine whether his suspended sentence should be replaced with a jail term. Nawalny described the procedure as “ultimate lawlessness” and called on his supporters to take to the streets. Human Rights Centre Memorial recognized Nawalny as a political prisoner. The next day, while in jail, an investigation by Nawalny and the FBK was published accusing President Vladimir Putin of corruption. The investigation and his arrest led to mass protests across Russia beginning on January 23, 2021.”

“A Moscow court on February 2 replaced Nawalny’s three and a half year suspended sentence with a prison sentence, minus the amount of time he spent under house arrest, meaning he would spend over two and half years in a corrective labour colony. The verdict was condemned by the governments of the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and others as well as the EU. Immediately after the verdict was announced, protests in a number of Russian cities were held and met with a harsh police crackdown. Nawalny later returned to court for a trial on slander charges, where he was accused of defaming a World War II veteran who took part in a promotional video backing the constitutional amendments last year. The case was launched in June 2020 after Nawalny called those who took part in the video “corrupt lackeys” and “traitors”. Nawalny called the case politically motivated and accused authorities of using the case to smear his reputation. Although the charge is punishable by up to two years in prison if proven, his lawyer said that Nawalny cannot face a custodial sentence because the law was changed to make it a jailable offence after the alleged crime had taken place.”

“The European Court of Human Rights ruled on February 16 that the Russian government should release Nawalny immediately, with the court saying that the resolution was made in “regard to the nature and extent of risk to the applicant’s life”. Nawalny’s lawyers applied to the court for an “interim measure” for his release on January 20 after his detention. However Russian officials indicated that they would not comply with the decision. Justice Minister Konstantin Chuychenko called the measure a “flagrant intervention in the operation of a judicial system of a sovereign state” as well as “unreasonable and unlawful”, claiming that it did not “contain any reference to any fact or any norm of the law, which would have allowed the court to take this decision.” In December 2020, a series of laws were also passed and signed that gave the constitution precedence over rulings made by international bodies as well international treaties. A few days later, a Moscow court rejected Nawalny’s appeal and upheld his prison sentence, however it reduced his sentence by six weeks after deciding to count his time under house arrest as part of his time served. Another court convicted Nawalny on slander charges against the World War II veteran, fining him 850,000 rubles ($11,500).”

 “Nawalny was reported on February 28 to have recently arrived at the Pokrov correctional colony in Vladimir Oblast, a prison where Dmitry Demushkin and Konstantin Kotov were also jailed. In early March, the European Union and United States imposed sanctions on senior Russian officials in response to Nawalny’s poisoning and imprisonment.”

“In March, while in prison, Nawalny in a formal complaint accused authorities of torture by depriving him of sleep, where he is considered a flight risk by authorities. Nawalny told lawyers that he is woken up eight times a night by guards announcing to a camera that he is in his prison cell. A lawyer of Nawalny said that he is suffering from health problems, including a loss of sensation in his spine and legs, and that prison authorities denied Nawalny’s requests for a civilian physician, claiming his health was “satisfactory”. On March 31, Nawalny announced a hunger strike to demand proper medical treatment. On April 6, six doctors, including Nawalny’s personal physician, Anastasia Vasilyeva, and two CNN correspondents, were arrested outside the prison when they attempted to visit Nawalny whose health significantly deteriorated. On April 7, 2021, Nawalny’s attorneys claimed he had suffered two spinal disc herniations and had lost feeling in his hands, prompting criticism from the U.S. government. Agnès Callamard, Secretary General of Amnesty International accused Vladimir Putin of slowly killing Alexei Nawalny through torture and inhumane treatment in prison.”

“The Moscow prosecutor office requested the Moscow City Court on April 16 to designate organizations linked to Nawalny including the FBK and his headquarters as extremist organizations, claiming: “Under the disguise of liberal slogans, these organizations are engaged in creating conditions for the destabilization of the social and socio-political situation.” In response, Nawalny aide Leonid Volkov stated: “Putin has just announced full-scale mass political repression in Russia.”

“On April 17, it was reported that Nawalny was in immediate need of medical attention. Nawalny’s personal doctor Anastasia Vasilyeva and three other doctors, including cardiologist Yaroslav Ashikhmin, asked prison officials to grant them immediate access, stating on social media that “Our patient can die any minute”, due to an increased risk of a fatal cardiac arrest or kidney failure “at any moment”. Test results obtained by Nawalny’s lawyers showed hightened levels of potassium in the blood, which can bring on cardiac arrest, and sharply elevated creatinine levels, indicating impaired kidneys. Nawalny’s results showed blood potassium levels of 7.1 mmol; blood potassium levels higher than 6.0 mmol (millimoles) per liter usually require immediate treatment.”

Later that night, an open letter, addressed to Putin and open for Russian citizens to sign, was signed and published by 11 politicians representing several regional parliaments, demanding an independent doctor be allowed to visit Nawalny, and for a review and cancellation of all of his criminal cases. “We regard what is happening in relation to Nawalny as an attempt on the life of a politician, committed out of personal and political hatred,” says the letter, “You, the President of the Russian Federation, personally bear responsibility for the life of Alexey Nawalny on the territory of the Russian Federation, including in prison facilities – [you bear this responsibility] to Nawalny himself, to his relatives, and to the whole world.” Among the signatories are chairman of the Pskov regional branch of the Yabloko party, the deputy of the regional assembly Lev Schlosberg, the deputy from Karelia, the ex-chairman of Yabloko Emilia Slabunova, and the deputy of the Moscow City Duma Yevgeny Stupin.”

The following day, his daughter [Nawalny’s] called on Russian prison authorities to let her father be checked by doctors in a tweet written from Stanford University, where she is a student. Prominent celebrities such as J.K. Rowling and Jude Law also addressed a letter to Russian authorities asking to provide Nawalny with proper medical treatment. U.S. president Joe Biden called his treatment “totally unfair” and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said that the Kremlin had been warned “that there will be consequences if Mr. Nawalny dies.” The European Union’s head diplomat Josep Borrell stated that the organization held the Russian government accountable for Nawalny’s health conditions. The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, also expressed her concern for his health. However, Russian authorities rebuked such concerns by foreign countries. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that Russian prison officials are monitoring Navwalny’s health, not the president.”

“On April 19, Nawalny was moved from prison to a hospital for convicts, according to the Russian prison service, for “vitamin therapy”. On April 23, Nawalny announced that he was ending his hunger strike on advice of his doctors and as he felt his demands had been partially met. His newspapers are still being censored as articles are cut out before the newspaper is given to him. He is also not allowed to have a copy of the Quran.”

“On April 26, 2021, Moscow’s prosecutor office ordered Nawalny’s network of regional offices, including those of the FBK, to cease its activities, pending a court ruling on whether to designate them as extremist organizations. His ally Leonid Volkov explained that it will limit many of the group’s activities as prosecutors seek to label the Foundation as “extremists”. The move was condemned by Germany as well as Amnesty International, which, in a statement, said: “The objective is clear: to raze Alexei Nawalny’s movement to the ground while he languishes in prison.” On April 29, Nawalny’s team announced that the political network would be dissolved, in advance of a court ruling in May expected to designate it as extremist. According to Volkov, the headquarters would be transformed into independent political organizations “which will deal with investigations and elections, public campaigns and rallies”. On the same day, his allies said that a new criminal case had been opened against Nawalny, for allegedly setting up a non-profit organisation that infringed on the rights of citizens. The next day, the leader of Team 29, Ivan Pavlov, who also represents Nawalny’s team in the extremism case, was detained in Moscow. On April 30, 2021, the financial monitoring agency added Nawalny’s regional campaign offices to a list of “terrorists and extremists.” On May 20, 2021, the head of the Russian prison system and Nawalny’s ally Ivan Zhdanov reported that Nawalny had “more or less” recovered and that his health was generally satisfactory. On June 7, 2021, Nawalny was returned to prison after fully recovering from the effects of the hunger strike.”

Based on the Wiki and other news sources narrative, a potential Nawalny astrological timeline offers:

  • January 17, 2021 Nawalny flight from Berlin to intended Moscow airport deviated to another Moscow airport.
  • Nawalny removed from plane and taken into detention.
  • January 18, 2021 A court-ordered Nawalny detention continued until February 15 for violating parole.
  • January 19, 2021 While Nawalny was in jail, an investigation by him and the FBK was published accusing President Vladimir Putin of corruption.
  • January 23, 2021 The investigation and Nawalny’s arrest led to mass protests across Russia.
  • February 2, 2021 Moscow court reversed Nawalny’s suspended sentence with a full prison sentence.
  • February 28, 2021 Nawalny was reported to have recently arrived at the Pokrov correctional colony.
  • March 25, 2021 While in prison Nawalny accused authorities of torture by depriving him of sleep.*
  • March 31, 2021 Nawalny announced a hunger strike to demand proper medical treatment.
  • April 6, 2021 Six doctors, including Nawalny’s personal physician, and two CNN correspondents were arrested outside the prison when they attempted to visit Nawalny.
  • April 7, 2021 Nawalny’s attorneys claimed he had suffered two spinal disc herniations and had lost feeling in his hands.
  • April 16, 2021 Moscow prosecutors asked court to designate Nawalny organizations as extremist.
  • April 17, 2021 Nawalny in immediate need of medical attention, petitioned by his personal doctor and three other doctors, including a cardiologist.
  • April 18, 2021 Nawalny’s daughter and others called for proper medical treatment.
  • April 19, 2021 Nawalny was moved from prison to a hospital for convicts for “vitamin therapy.”
  • April 23, 2021 Nawalny announced ending of hunger strike on advice of his doctors.
  • April 26, 2021 Moscow’s prosecutor office ordered Nawalny’s network of regional offices to cease activities, pending a court ruling on whether to designate them as extremist organizations.
  • April 29, 2021 Nawalny’s team announced that the political network would be dissolved.
  • April 29, 2021 Nawalny’s allies said a new criminal case had been opened against Nawalny.
  • April 30, 2021 The leader of Team 29, Ivan Pavlov, who also represents Nawalny’s team in the extremism case, was detained in Moscow.
  • April 30, 2021 the financial monitoring agency added Nawalny’s regional campaign offices to a list of “terrorists and extremists.”
  • May 20, 2021 reported that Nawalny had “more or less” recovered, health generally satisfactory.
  • June 7, 2021 Nawalny returned to prison after recovering from the effects of his hunger strike.

That is 21 more diurnal possibilities. I am not going to do 21 more diurnals; I must pick and choose. I chose those that directly affected his health and/or freedom plus the mass Russian protest.  We already have the January 17 flight from Berlin to Moscow, diversion, detention, (need progression; all the rest diurnals only). Most will be brief sketches for each specific chart.

  • January 23 Russian mass protests.
  • February 2 suspended sentences replaced with actual prison sentences.
  • February 28 moved to new correctional facility.
  • March 25 formal complaint of sleep deprivation and torture*.
  • March 31 hunger strike.
  • April 7 attorneys report spinal herniation and loss of feeling in hands.
  • April 19 moved from prison to hospital.
  • April 23 cancelled (ended) hunger strike.
  • May 20 report stated recovered.
  • June 7 returned to prison.

Because of Nawalny’s confrontational political life, most of what I have been studying with the preceding material has been diurnals (transits) along with event progressions. Progressions are an important reading tool, but they really do not need to be cast as frequently as diurnals. Since progressed positions represent much longer time periods, they change far more slowly, and usually form and unform over a prolonged period. Progressions do culminate and can appear as events, but they represent more of the process of change rather than the moment of change itself. In order to show the difference in timing and effect, I need to get technical for a couple of paragraphs. Once I have done that I will return to the reading of more events.

For my example, I will use the tight five-month time frame between Nawalny’s poisoning and his flight from Berlin to Moscow after his recovery. Again, progressions move much slower than transits and reflect longer periods of time. To illustrate the much slower motion and activation of progressions. I will use three of the fastest progressing positions: Midheaven, Ascendant and Moon.

  • Progressed Midheaven poisoning 8:35 Leo; flight five months later 8:59; less than half a degree of progressed motion in five months.
  • Poisoning Ascendant 27:16 Libra moved to 27:32 for the flight, approximately 16’ in fiive months. (Note:The progressing Ascendant can move slower or faster than the Midheaven, which moves at a steady 1 degree per year).
  • Poisoning progressed Moon 19:33 Aries to flight progressed Moon 24:13, or 4˚40 minutes travel in five months  or approximately 1˚ per month +or – by progression. 
  • Because of the slower application of such motion, I do not see it necessary to casy a progression for every diurnal within a tight time frame. Progressing motion is easy to determine without the constant repetition of casting a new chart.; therefore one progression will do for our upcoming January to June broad period. Diurnals with their much faster motion will help you delineate day-to-day activities easier and faster.
  • Also, while I have the Berlin to Russia flight progressions up, note the progressed Leo stellium in the 9th house. The progressed Sun is posited in the same house vicinity as the natal Sun. Why? Natal birth time controls and repeats house position of both the natal and progressing Suns. This shows the focus of Nawalny’s natal and progressing sense of self-identity (Sun) remaining in the 9th house of legal, worldly reflection, philosophy, and expansion. This progressing Sun is approaching the square to natal Saturn in 3.5˚. At the travel rate of the progressing Sun at 1˚ per year, that square will become exact in 3.5 years. Applying aspects are about now to future. Note also that this progressing Sun is intercepted: delayed but not denied; his self-identity has some hurtles to overcome at that moment. 
  • Timing   Back to the progressed Leo stellium of Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Midheaven. Earliest degree Mercury is applying first to the square of natal Uranus in the natal first house and then by conjunction to the balance of the stellium: first Venus (this progressed chart ruler), then Saturn, then Midheaven). All applying so all present to future, a combination of both stress and potentially useful conjunctions, one right after the other, time frames totally dependent on Mercury’s speed to trigger by date. Remember, everything in the progressing chart is in motion. Each planet in the grouping’s annual motion must be individually calculated and applied to understand overall sequencing and timing. We are looking at progressing Mercury’s speed (2˚5’ per year in this instance) because it is the fastest moving body in this particular pattern, including the Midheaven. But each of the other bodies and points are also in motion, potentially capable of triggering each piece of the progressing pattern individually. This is how you get to the nitty-gritty of timing multiple aspects. This specific explanation was primarily about progressions to progressions.
  • What is not seen in these progressed to progressed aspects may be also illustrated by progressed to natal connections as we did in parts 1 and 2 of this study. Once the progressed Leo planets have been determined, we must also watch them first conjunct natal Mars (1˚), then square the natal S Node/ Jupiter conjunction before moving on to the eventual square of natal Mercury/Algol, which translates progressively to several years in the future. Progressed to progressed works and progressed to natal works, at times simultaneously, at times sequentially.
  • Fixed stars progressing action: Jupiter has now reached the conjunction to natal Algol and natal Mercury. Continuing natal aspects: Neptune continues its natal conjunction with Antares and oppositon to Aldebaran and Pluto is still conjunct Vindemaitrix. (These outer planets continuing their natal aspects is common and expected with progressions).

Want to make this specific reading more interesting?

  • Look at the Berlin to Russia flight diurnal at the end of part 2. Do you see diurnal Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in a stellium with Midheaven and Mercury? Three planets or more in a sign comprise a stellium; the Midheaven is a free-bee because it happens to be connected. They are thought to be a massive conjunction by many astrologers. Stelliums definitely offer an abundance of one sign. That stellium is in Aquarius, opposed by the also progressed Leo stellium. This Leo stellium also pairs Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus, same fixed degree area, in rough square. Reminder: diurnals move much faster than progressions. We have natal Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, progressed Leo square Scorpio, and diurnal Aquarius square Taurus, which looks suspiciously like a working Grand Fixed square between the birth of the man (lifelong framework), his grown-up self (progressions, always changing, processing), and the daily environment transits acting as the second hand on the clock. Also, have I mentioned that fixed signs seem to operate chronically? They might not be an in-your-face attack or execution squad (cardinal) but whatever the fixed sign triggers goes on and on and on… you get the picture, fixity.
  • We can look at the rest of the other events we have chosen to examine but right here we can see the mechanism at work already, we know this crux of hard aspects isn’t just going to go away quickly because we want it to!
  • Also, do you remember what was going on in January (2021) in our country as we waited for a legal presidential ballot count? An out of control protest/riot and the swearing in of a new president. How would you like to have it going on in your own personal chart natally, progressed and transiting? This chart shows you would that would look and feel like. Just how strong are you? Here’s your test.

Okay, we know what the progressions (Berlin to Russia flight moving towards his future) are indicating for Nawalny, so now we must work with his diurnals of following events to help pinpoint them in time. We will start with the Russian protest of January 23. Remember as we do this just what was happening in our country at that time three days after President Biden was inaugurated; it was political mayhem! In Russia as well! The USA tends to be more public in coverage, while Russia hides or downplays such political displays. Which do you prefer?

For the balance of the events I am now going to list aspects and not continually list degrees and minutes of placement in order to simplify so many listings. See charts and spreadsheet for details.

  • This Russian protest diurnal clusters all the planets within 133˚ (that looks like a sesqui-square to me / modified square connotation), a very concentrated bundle with the Moon just breaking loose from the overall bundle of planets itself. This powerful, focused bundle was actually more powerful in the building up period just prior to this chart (trine-shape), but needed the aggressive kick of the sesqui-square represented by the motion of the transiting Moon. In a political framework, the Moon represents the populace or the citizens (protestors).
  • Go back to the timeline.    January 19, 2021 While Nawalny was in jail, an investigation by him and the FBK was published accusing President Vladimir Putin of corruption. There it is! The event trigger. As the transiting Moon passed through Taurus, it triggered the Aquarius / Taurus planets one after another, building up and releasing through short-term but eventual political protest.
  • Specifically, diurnal Russian protest Ascendant is Nawalny’s natal Midheaven, 1˚ orb.
  • Diurnal Russian Protest Midheaven is square natal Jupiter 1.5˚ orb.
  • Diurnal Sun is exactly square natal Uranus, public upheaval..
  • The visible diurnal Aquarius /Taurus square is definitely alive and well with Sun, Saturn, Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius squaring Uranus exact / Mars in Taurus, again with the Moon having been included just two days prior.
  • This continuing but changing diurnal Aquarius stellium also includes the Midheaven and very fast moving Mercury.
  • The Aquarius / Taurus diurnal squares seem to have moved past Nawalny’s natal Uranus, which should help to calm things down for him personally after his very difficult 2020 experiences. He still has many difficult aspects. Oops, cancel the calming down part!
  • While we were not looking specifically at the days in between, that diurnal Aquarius / Taurus massive square welcomed reinforcement; Venus joined the Aquarius stellium of Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Midheaven and Mercury with the earlier degreed planets squaring a much slower but advancing Uranus and Mars. And… remember my note to watch carefully applying and separating of these aspects? Diurnal Mercury is now retrograde in a late degree, but is now again applying to those earlier degree squares. Mercury and this Midheaven are mutually applying to a conjunction with retrograde with Mercury going back over ground already covered, perhaps after changing its mind or perhaps reviewing Nawalny’s suspended sentence to be converted to physical prison.  Retrograde can mean repeat. Nawalny did not stop his political activity no matter what was happening in his physical circumstances.
  • Fixed stars?   Diurnal Ascendant 2˚ conjunct Betelgeusse. Diurnal Moon square Fomalhaut, Mercury 3˚ to square of Algol.

On February 2, 2021, the Russian judicial system official reinstated Nawalny’s prison sentence.

  • This time, we have a bundled chart with nine of the ten bodies within 108˚ with only the Moon ranging out as the handle to this now bucket chart. Note: I prefer the kitchen funnel metaphor because it is easier to recognize nine planets mingled on one side of the chart with the Moon on or near the opposition point as a dedicated outlet for the conglomeration of energies generated – similar to the kitchen funnel. All the energies and what they represent are combined to a single outlet, which in Nawalny’s case was the very biased Russian legal system. Regardless of what is tried, Putin wins!
  • Also, have you noticed how so many of these diurnal charts are heavy in the 9th house of legalities, apropos to this study? The diurnal bucket/funnel outlet is Moon in Libra (also chart ruler) in one of the two signs associated with the law (the other being Sagittarius), nicely represented by the strong 9th house Aquarian stellium (five planets and Midheaven), still in square to that now separating Mars/Uranus conjunction in Taurus. Don’t relax just yet. Transiting Mars only travels about half a degree a day, so Venus and the Sun can still trigger that not quite dead Mars/Uranus conjunction. It may still have teeth because it can still be activated.
  • Diurnal Mercury is directly conjunct the diurnal Midheaven, mutually applying, so the key to this day was communication on Nawalny’s vocation / avocation point (very specific) in Aquarius, the sign of the rebel, revolution and the future. The world was listening as six Aquarius positions screamed the headlines.
  • Diurnal Jupiter is opposition natal Mars, both are natal 8th house rulers.
  • Diurnal Venus is 2˚ from the square to natal Uranus and diurnal Mars is 3˚ from the conjunction of natal Jupiter. These are not today’s issues, but perhaps the following couple of days may contain experiences that we are not aware of because the energy is definitely there for more “stuff” to happen.
  • Fixed stars? Diurnal Mercury/Midheaven square Algol. Sounds like nasty decisions.

Next on our short list is February 28, 2021, with Nawalny being moved to a new prison. I believe this may be a report of movement and not necessarily the movement itself, so there may be a built-in fudge factor. The date chosen was the earliest report of such movement to be as accurate as possible.

  • First look at the diurnal Midheaven closely conjunct diurnal Neptune in Pisces but separating, a 2˚ difference which would equal two days prior, with Neptune ruling that Pisces stellium which includes Sun and Venus.
  • Jupiter does co-rule the diurnal Midheaven and is in the still existing Aquarius stellium with Saturn and Mercury. The Aquarian stellium, along with the 12th house ruler, is in the diurnal 8th of destiny or catastrophe.
  • Incarceration or hospitalization is a 12th house and/or Pisces issue, with Neptune and Jupiter as traditional co-rulers of the 12th and Pisces. I would also look at the natal 12th house and ruler, which in this case is Virgo ruled by Mercury (MR Venus and chart ruler). Mercury also rules this diurnal 12th house. Whether you are imprisoned physically (prison) or medically (hospital), you are still imprisoned!
  • The prison Moon is in practical Virgo on the diurnal 4th cusp (prison as home) tied by opposition to Neptune conjunct the diurnal Midheaven (confusing public demonstration). The Moon, which is the diurnal chart ruler, is slightly past the full power of its aspect to Neptune. It would have been a more powerful aspect while applying. Remember diurnal house positions are bound by the natal birth time. The diurnal Midheaven is slightly past that Neptune by 2˚. This Midheaven is separating from Neptune and the Moon is separating from Neptune. This accentuates the possibility this was announcement day and that Nawalny was moved somewhat earlier.
  • Before we decide a rectification attempt is warranted, look at new prison Pluto (possible as activator) on an angle, conjunct the diurnal Descendant applying. If we were to move the chart backward to any degree, to accommodate a correction as previously described, this Pluto aspect would be weaker. OR… there may be more to this than has been revealed. We don’t know all there is to know about these events, because such revelations are controlled by Russian political machinations.
  • Diurnal Ascendant is 4˚ from the conjunction to natal Saturn emphasizing the boxing in of the energies represented by prison, upcoming.
  • Diurnal Sun is 2˚ from the square of natal Neptune, identity dissolved behind bars.
  • Diurnal Mercury is 3˚ to the square of natal Jupiter, upcoming.
  • Diurnal Jupiter is square to its natal position, an 8th house energy.
  • Diurnal Saturn is opposed natal Mars, limitation of assertion or dynamic activity.
  • Fixed stars? Diurnal Venus conjunct Fomalhaut. Diurnal Mars 2˚ to square Regulus, upcoming. Diurnal Jupiter 2.5˚ to aspect Serpentis, upcoming. The few days following this announcement illustrate imprisoning, but may represent more than we will ever know.

Next is March 25, 2021 with Nawalny’s claim of sleep deprivation and torture. What rules sleep deprivation? Neptune? Saturn? What do you suppose rules torture? Pluto? Perhaps the chart will lead us through this intangibility by looking at the visible diurnal aspects and looking at the interaction between this diurnal and Nawalny’s natal.

  • Eight wake-up calls every night while sleeping is beyond excessive and definitely aggressive. An aggressive action might involve Mars. Diurnal Mars in Gemini conjuncts North Node’s (destiny or karmic implications) T-square, Mercury (communication). This diurnal pattern also triggers the natal Sun/Venus conjunction opposed Neptune.
  • Diurnal Moon is opposed Jupiter across the Leo/Aquarius axis, reflecting a humbling, dehumanizing moment emphasizing loss of personal freedom (not that it is anything new to Nawalny)!
  • Diurnal Saturn is square natal Uranus and both are T-square natal Mars, close aspects. Fixed signs indicate on-and-on-and-on continuity to experience.
  • Diurnal Ascendant is square natal Node, karmic and/or group associations.
  • Diurnal Mercury separating from square to natal Sun, earlier activation.
  • Diurnal Venus opposing natal Pluto, powerlessness in relating.
  • Diurnal Mars opposing natal Neptune, hard to control energy or outcome.
  • Diurnal Jupiter 3˚ square natal Mercury, upcoming, communication and decisions.
  • Diurnal Saturn opposing natal Mars, restriction of energy tired.
  • Diurnal Uranus square natal Mars, expect the unexpected, explosive.
  • Fixed stars? No diurnal chart aspects for this date, but there is an upcoming Moon opposite  Jupiter T-squaring Algol. Since the transiting Moon makes this aspect monthly, this energy is a regular part of Nawalny’s life. Must keep life interesting.

On March 31, 2021, Nawalny announced a hunger strike.  What rules a hunger strike? I will turn first to Saturn, which would block, create a barrier, deny or limit. Remember also the earlier arrest diurnal where he was housed with another dissident who did a hunger strike. What does this hunger strike chart reveal?

  • Diurnal Saturn is 4.5˚ separated from the diurnal Descendant (opposing Ascendant), with the possibility that the actual hunger strike itself occurred a few days prior to this announcement, or that this, perhaps, was the decision date for his hunger strike. Decision can be a different yet significant date, as well as direct experience. Often the mental decision precedes the physical application.
  • The diurnal Saturn/Uranus square sets off his natal Mars by opposition and square, ugly combination of malefic energy.
  • Diurnal North/South Nodes conjunct/opposite diurnal Mars (karmic or destiny implication) triggers natal Sun/Venus opposite Neptune.
  • Diurnal Ascendant (personal) is square natal Jupiter, in the 8th house of catastrophe and destiny.
  • Diurnal Jupiter is 2˚ to square of natal Mercury, upcoming decisions, communications.
  • Diurnal Uranus is conjunct/opposite natal Nodes, rebel, revolutionary, unexpected, karmic or destiny.
  • Fixed stars? Diurnal hunger strike Moon conjunct Serpentis; again, this aspect is a monthly diurnal repetition. Diurnal Sun/Venus oppose Vindemiatrix, continuing.

On Apr 7, 2021, Nawalny reported spinal herniation and loss of feeling in his hands. How do you determine herniation of spine? Traditional medical rulerships: Sun rules heart and spine, but Saturn rules the skeletal structure, which could include the structural spine. Loss of feeling in hands should be Mercury. What does the chart itself reveal?

  • Diurnal is now a Bowl pattern with all ten bodies contained in less than 150˚ (quincunx is a health issue). 180˚ is a typical bowl. I see a Bowl chart similar to a holding pattern awaiting a trigger to release the built-up potential.
  • Diurnal Midheaven is just past (2.5˚) square (about 2 ½ days) to natal Saturn, which rules the overall skeletal structure, formation.
  • Midheaven also 1˚ opposed natal Uranus, a natal first house planet which involves his physical body, unusual or unexpected public experience.
  • Diurnal Uranus in Taurus square diurnal Saturn in Aquarius, is a separating square but applying to square/opposition of natal Mars in Leo. Unexpected or unusual (Uranus), chronic (Taurus fixed sign), current skeletal structure (diurnal Saturn), triggering natal Mars (pain and discomfort) in Leo (spine).
  • Diurnal North/South Nodes triggering natal Sun/Venus conjunction opposing Neptune, recurring with health issues. Neptune can be difficult to diagnose, plus could contribute to loss of feeling or vague symptoms.
  • Diurnal Mars and Neptune in tight applying square intensifying vague discomfort, difficult to diagnose.
  • Diurnal Saturn (skeletal) square natal Nodes (karmic, destiny) and Jupiter (8th house issue, can be more serious than anticipated).
  • Diurnal Moon/Jupiter conjunction have no hard aspects in diurnal, but is square natal Mercury/ Algol. I would not usually look for trouble with a Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius (I own one of these natally), but… it is square the natal Mercury/Algol, which rules his overall life. Again, this can be more serious than anticipated.
  • Fixed stars? Diurnal Moon/Jupiter conjunction is square Algol/Mercury.

April 19, 2021   Transferred from prison to hospital due to hunger strike effects.

  • Diurnal Nodes still activating natal Sun/Venus conjunction opposed Neptune. The Nodes move very slowly, generally (not always) retrograde, so nodal aspects tend to unfold over a period of time especially when aspecting multiple bodies. For example, these current nodes are traveling in the vicinity of 11 or so mutable (Gemini) and will trigger any natal positions near those degrees of mutable – in this instance, the Sun/Venus conjunction opposition Neptune. Since the travel was generally retrograde, the earliest trigger body or point would be to the highest degree planet in the natal grouping working generally backwards degree by degree. At 11:30 mutable, the current contact is to natal Venus at 10:10. That is why the aspect seems to repeat throughout these various events being examined. Now you know why. It is an overall experience with moments of event – a process. The diurnal Sun is almost exact to the square of natal Saturn, so incarceration or limitation of experience would be a normal outcome. This could also be read that the current identity (Sun) has come face to face with prior (Saturn) actions taken and must be responsible (Saturn) for those actions, enforced (Saturn) by authority (Saturn).
  • There is a diurnal stellium of Mercury, Venus Uranus, Midheaven in early Taurus (with the diurnal Sun out of sign but close by), with Mercury and Venus opposed natal Uranus. And that cluster is again in the 9th house of legalities. Four of ten diurnal planets (Taurus) is a very big chunk of a life, especially when you tangle it up with hard aspects to Mars, Uranus and Saturn. One at a time…
  • Diurnal Uranus is square natal Mars, unusual or unexpected change.
  • Diurnal Midheaven is conjunct natal South Node and Jupiter, repeat action involving freedom.
  • Uranus in Taurus is square natal Mars (this keeps coming up).
  • Diurnal Mars is conjunct the natal Midheaven, actions bring prominence.
  • Diurnal Jupiter is 1 ¾˚ past conjunct the diurnal Descendant, others (Dec) can help (Jupiter), from prison to hospital possibly just prior to (perhaps earlier in the day). Mercy?
  • Fixed stars? Diurnal Mars conjunct Betelgeusse. Diurnal Jupiter separating square Algol.

April 23, 2021   Nawalny announced hunger strike of sixteen days was cancelled on the advice of his doctors.

  • Diurnal Taurus stellium of Sun/Mercury/Uranus/Venus//Midheaven square diurnal Saturn and square natal Mars. Six diurnal planets (60% of available) affecting his physical energy.
  • Diurnal Sun opposed natal Uranus, breakthrough moment.
  • Diurnal Ascendant moving past conjunction to natal Moon, personal and emotional.
  • Diurnal Moon square diurnal North/South Nodes and the natal Sun/Venus conjunction opposed Neptune. The diurnal Moon triggers the natal placements every month, repetitive.
  • Descendant crossed Jupiter a few days prior as illustrated in last example.
  • Nodes continuing slow natal triggering as explained previously.
  • Fixed stars? Diurnal Ascendant separating conjunct Regulus (unfolding), diurnal Moon has passed square to Aldebaran and Antares (unfolding), diurnal Midheaven opposite Serpentis (upcoming), diurnal Jupiter 2˚ from square to Alcoyne (upcoming).

May 20, 2021   Nawalny‘s attorney announced Nawalny was recovered from his hunger strike.

  • Diurnal Midheaven and Venus finished conjunction of natal Sun,
  • Diurnal Node, Venus, Midheaven (not quite stellium strength) again. The diurnal node has just about completed its passage which had been triggering that natal complex for some time Still active for when Nawalny returns to prison.
  • Diurnal Jupiter has just finished opposing the natal Moon. Can you see/feel this energy winding down?
  • Fixed stars? Diurnal North/South Nodes on Antares and Aldebaran, continuing. Diurnal Sun exactly conjunct Alcyone. Diurnal Jupiter 3˚ to conjunction Fomalhaut. Then fixed star energy diminishing.

June 7, 2021   Nawalny transferred from hospital back to prison.

  • Diurnal cardinal (00˚) on all four angles. Could this be an indicator of “starting from scratch” or back to the beginning?
  • Diurnal Moon conjunct Uranus square diurnal Saturn separating, finishing conjunction to natal South Node/Jupiter.
  • Diurnal Node/Sun conjunct natal Sun/Venus opposite Neptune. This continuing aspect will complete itself once the transiting Nodes reach 10:10 mutable on July 12, 2021.
  • Diurnal Mars just completed its opposition to diurnal Pluto, a power and control issue pretty much solved by full imprisonment. Mars is 2.5˚ to conjunction natal Saturn or at half a degree a day of travel, about five days after this imprisonment. Done and done.
  • Fixed stars? Diurnal Ascendant just past square to Betelgeusse, all four diurnal angles involved. Diurnal  Jupiter conjunct Fomalhaut for a few more days. Diurnal North Node still aspecting Aldebaran and Antares.

This has been a heck of a journey for this study. While we have more accurate detail than usual, there is so much we do not know now or probably will never know due to Russian restrictions on the information. The sources I have been following have  not added more usable information past the prison doors closing on June 7th. Should more activations or events take place, we may have to revisit what I now consider a completed study.  What did I learn from all of this? I would not want to be Nawalny. I do believe he is sincere in his effort to bring freedom to his country. Will he succeed? Will Russians ever be a free people? The solar system continues to unfold the measurable energy. The map can be projected forward. The fixed stars have not gone anywhere – they are still available to our temporarily-on-hold trauma-drama. Of all the concepts put together for this study, I do know one thing for sure… The fixed stars demand a lot of a person. Not only do they make him prominent; but they make him vulnerable.

*Source for torture claim date:

Alexei Nawalny says he is being ′tortured′ in prison | News … › alexei-navalny-says-he-is-being-… Mar 25, 2021 — The jailed Kremlin critic has told lawyers he is in “great pain” and has trouble using one of his legs. Russian prison authorities have claimed …

Nawalny 2017 Spray Research Notes › news › world-europe-39735867

Apr 27, 2017 — Russia opposition leader Alexei Navalny attacked with “brilliant green” dye. Published: 27 April 2017. It is the second time Mr Navalny has had dye thrown on him this year. Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been taken to hospital after an antiseptic green dye was splashed on his face in Moscow. It is the second time he has been attacked with zelyonka (“brilliant green” in English) this year.

The dye is a common antiseptic in Russia and has been used in protests there and in Ukraine. “It looks funny but it hurts like hell,” Mr Navalny tweeted. It is not clear who carried out the attack, which happened near the offices of the Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK) that he founded. According to one report (in Russian) he was diagnosed with a chemical burn to the eye.

Navalny: Russia’s vociferous opposition leader

Mr Navalny is one of the foremost Russian critics of President Vladimir Putin and has announced his intention to run for president himself. But his intentions may be thwarted – he has been convicted of embezzlement, which would bar him from running for office, although he denies it. Open Russia was founded by former oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who lives in exile after spending 10 years in a Siberian prison on fraud charges, which he says were politically motivated.

A Putin Opponent Is Doused in Green. He Makes It Work … › World › Europe

Mar 20, 2017 — Alexei Navalny, a charismatic critic of Russian President Vladimir V. … A version of this article appears in print on March 21, 2017, Section A, … Alexei Navalny, a prominent Russian opposition leader, taking a selfie with supporters after an unknown assailant doused him with green liquid in Barnaul, Russia.Credit…

Alexei Navalny, via Associated Press By Dan Bilefsky March 20, 2017

During Russia’s surreptitious invasion of Crimea, much was made of the “little green men,” soldiers without insignia who turned out to be Russian regulars. On Monday there was a new green man — albeit one of a decidedly different political hue — the opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who was doused with a bright green liquid in the Siberian city of Barnaul by an unknown assailant who had pretended to shake his hand.

Mr. Navalny wrote on his Facebook page that he initially feared an acid attack after feeling a burning sensation. But relief appears to have given way to exaltation after he realized that the bright green liquid not only would not harm him, but even made him look like a superhero — in his eyes, anyway. He can be seen mugging for the camera in a selfie taken after the fact. Referring to masked heroes in Hollywood films in a post on Twitter, he wrote: “I will be opening a headquarters in Barnaul as if I am from the film The Mask! Cool. Even my teeth are green!”

Mr. Navalny, a charismatic critic of President Vladimir V. Putin, was a major driver of large street protests in 2011, 2012 and 2013, and has irked the Kremlin by shining a light on corruption. His bid to run for president of Russia was effectively derailed in February when a Russian court revived a four-year-old criminal conviction for defrauding a state company. But he has continued to campaign, with his supporters saying the charges against him are politically motivated.

It turns out that being attacked with green substances is something of an occupational hazard for outspoken opponents of Mr. Putin. Late last month, Mikhail M. Kasyanov, another Putin critic, was spattered with green paint at a march in memory of the politician Boris Nemtsov, who was shot and killed on a Moscow bridge two years ago.

After the Siberia incident, some Navalny supporters showed solidarity by painting their faces green and posting on Twitter (“Alexey, Kazan headquarters is with you! We support!”), and one prominent blogger was detained after being seen on Red Square with his face and hands painted green.

Green liquid attack does not deter Putin opponent Navalny …  › News › World Mar 20, 2017 — Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was sprayed with a green liquid by an unknown … Alexey Navalny (@navalny) March 20, 2017.

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Mar 20, 2017 — Alexei Navalny, the Russian opposition leader and Kremlin critic, was doused with green dye as he campaigned in Siberia on Monday.

Nawalny arrest 2019, allergic reaction?

Aleksei Navalny, Putin Foe, Is Hospitalized After ‘Allergic Reaction’ in Russian Jail

By Ivan Nechepurenko and Iliana Magra                   July 28, 2019 NY Times

MOSCOW — A day after an unauthorized election protest he planned drew mass arrests in Moscow, Aleksei A. Navalny, Russia’s most prominent opposition leader, was hospitalized with a “severe allergic reaction” in jail, his spokeswoman said on Sunday.

“Over his whole life, Aleksei has never experienced an allergic reaction,” the spokeswoman, Kira Yarmysh, wrote on Twitter. But she said that his face was severely swollen and he had red spots on his skin.

Mr. Navalny was arrested on Wednesday and sentenced to 30 days in jail for calling a rally on Saturday to protest a decision by the election authorities to bar several opposition candidates from running for Moscow’s City Council. The protest led to the arrests of more than 1,300 demonstrators. The rally was the latest in a series of street demonstrations staged as President Vladimir V. Putin’s approval ratings have dropped amid economic hardship.

Ms. Yarmysh wrote that employees at the special detention center in Russia where Mr. Navalny was being held had called an ambulance, and that he had been taken to a hospital where police officers were guarding his room.

Though the reason for his hospitalization was unclear, Mr. Navalny is no stranger to having his health imperiled because of his activism. He has been beaten by Russian law enforcement officers and arrested many times. In May 2017, an assailant threw a green chemical into his face, resulting in an 80 percent loss of his sight in one eye, he said. His vision may improve, but the outlook was unclear, Mr. Navalny wrote on his website that year, citing a doctor’s diagnosis.

On Sunday evening, Mr. Navalny’s regular physician, Anastasy Vasilyeva, visited him in the hospital with another doctor, Yaroslav Ashikhmin, and said she saw similarities to that [2017] incident. “As the doctor who treated Aleksei’s severe eye burn two years ago, I can say with confidence that both today and in 2017 what happened was a result of the damage inflicted by an undetermined chemical substance,” Ms. Vasilyeva wrote on Facebook. “Aleksei doesn’t have any allergy and has never had one. Moreover, he ate the same food with his cellmates and didn’t use any new perfumes or personal care products,” she said, adding that while in the hospital, Mr. Navalny can only eat the food that is allowed in prison.

Ms. Vasilyeva also wrote that her access to Mr. Navalny was limited. “Almost immediately we were told to leave,” she wrote. Following deliberations with the hospital’s head doctor, Ms. Vasilyeva said that she and Mr. Ashikhmin were able to examine Mr. Navalny “through a door.”

Mr. Navalny was also doused with a green liquid earlier in March 2017, but that attack had no known adverse health effects.

One of Mr. Navalny’s allies, Leonid Volkov, said on Twitter on Sunday that he had spent 28 days in the same cell in June and had a similar experience to the apparent allergic reaction.

Alexei Navalny: ‘I have never had an allergy’       BBC News      Published 29 July 2019

Alexei Navalny, Russia’s most prominent opposition figure, has questioned reports he suffered an acute allergic reaction after being taken ill in jail. “I have never had an allergy. Not to food or pollen or anything else,” he wrote in a blog post.

The 43-year-old was taken to hospital with a swollen face, eye problems and rashes on his body. He was in jail for calling for unauthorised protests. His doctor suggested he might have been exposed to “some toxic agent”. Mr Navalny has since been discharged from hospital and has returned to jail.

What did Alexei Navalny say? In a statement in Russian posted on his blog and written from his cell, Mr Navalny said he had never had an allergic reaction in his life. He added that his wife suffers from allergies, meaning he knows what they look like. “At night, I woke up with a hot and prickly face, ears and neck,” he wrote. “I felt like I’d had my face rubbed with glass wool.” “I had the thought, maybe I’ve been poisoned.” Mr Navalny was sent to the hospital in the morning, where the doctors diagnosed him with “contact dermatitis”.

“Immediately upon release, I got all swollen and covered with red spots,” Mr. Volkov wrote. “We thought this was an allergy.” “Looks like Aleksei has the same symptoms and this is some kind of a strange allergy,” he said.

Late Sunday night, the Moscow police arrested over a dozen people who came to stand in front of the hospital, according to OVD-Info, an independent monitor that tracks arrests around the city.

Mr Navalny wrote in his blog post that his lawyers and doctors were not given his diagnosis, and that a detailed report emerged about his diagnosis on Russian news agency Interfax that he himself had not been told. While he did not outright deny the possibility of an allergic reaction, Mr Navalny said police at his hospital room door were acting “like they had something to hide”. He said he was sure the local police did not poison him, as “they were shocked by the sight of me more than I was”. But he suggested the Russian authorities were “stupid” enough to do so.

Mr Navalny’s doctor Anastasia Vassilieva earlier told AFP news agency it was “absurd to call it an allergy”. He “needs to be under close medical supervision”, she said, and should be allowed to call his relatives. In a Facebook post, Ms Vassilieva had complained that she had been barred from visiting Mr Navalny. But based on what she saw of him through a door, she said he may have been injured by a “chemical substance from a third person”. Before Mr Navalny was released from hospital, his medical team said they were able to gain access to him and had arranged for samples of his hair and T-shirt to be tested independently.

Mr Navalny was jailed for 30 days last week after calling for unauthorised protests, which took place on Saturday. Nearly 1,400 people were detained during the demonstrations against the exclusion of opposition candidates from local elections.

Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Hospitalized With ‘Severe’ Allergic Reaction

July 28, 20191:40 PM ET       SHANNON VAN SANT

Four days after being arrested by Russian authorities, Alexei Navalny, a longtime critic of President Vladimir Putin, has been hospitalized with what his spokeswoman has described as an “allergic reaction.” Navalny, one of the most prominent leaders of Russia’s opposition movement, was arrested after calling for protests on Saturday against the exclusion of opposition candidates from city council elections in Moscow. He was sentenced to 30 days in prison. The demonstration drew thousands of supporters. Russian police detained more than 1,300 people according to the OVD-Info group, an independent monitor that tracks police departments in Russia.

On the day of his arrest, Navalny posted an Instagram video saying that police arrested him as he left his apartment to go for a jog and buy flowers for his wife’s birthday.

Kira Yarmysh, Navalny’s spokeswoman, wrote in a Twitter post that he had been hospitalized on Sunday morning with “severe swelling of the face and skin redness.” She said that the cause of Navalny’s allergic reaction was unknown and that “he had never suffered from such reactions in the past.” The Associated Press reported that according to Yarmysh, as of Sunday afternoon in Moscow, Navalny was in “satisfactory condition.”

Election authorities barred opposition candidates from the upcoming election for Moscow’s city council because they said the candidates didn’t have enough valid signatures on nominating petitions. Candidates are required to collect about 5,000 signatures to run for election. The opposition candidates say they’ve been kept from the ballot for political reasons. Early Saturday, Moscow police rounded up and detained several high-profile opposition politicians, including Ilya Yashin, Dmitry Gudkov and Ivan Zhdanov. The 45-seat Moscow City Duma is controlled by the pro-Kremlin United Russia party. Those seats have a five-year term, and the entire council is up for reelection on Sept. 8.

NPR’s Moscow correspondent, Lucian Kim, wrote in a tweet, “Reason for crackdown: Allowing even a few opposition politicians into Moscow city council would grant them legitimacy and exposure. And that could be a slippery slope to further erosion of Kremlin power.”

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