Impeachment Study

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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Part I – US Constitution Article

Several people have approached me regarding whether or not the current U.S. President Donald J. Trump will be impeached. Notice that I did not say “IF”, for that is a question for constitutional law experts to answer. I have hesitated to respond because what we thought to be an unassailable, accurate birth chart has been recently thrown into question. It is difficult to form an opinion, astrological or otherwise, when you are unsure of basic data, hence my hesitation. Also… what exactly does impeachment look like for a country? Yes, we can look at the personal chart (if trustworthy) to determine what the possibility is for an individual. It can be an answer, but an answer for an individual ia not an answer for the country at large. Much of my previous research has been on our country, so I naturally honed in on that aspect. As always, I needed a solid base first. Impeachment and its possibilities could not be studied until I had established a firm beginning point called a natal chart. Where to begin?

Pursuant to my previous intensive research and published material for my book Presidents of Hope and Change in 2009, I began with the chart for the Declaration of Independence: July 4, 1777, 9:36 AM LMT, Philadelphia, PA. With that as a base, I would ordinarily set secondary progressions and diurnals to that natal base in order to determine events that would impact the country rather than any individual. For this study, in addition to the earlier research, I chose events surrounding the enactment of the Constitution as another potential base. Both charts work for our country.

Battles subsequent to the Declaration of Independence led to victory for the Colonies and the attempted formation of a new government based on the original Articles of Confederation. This proved difficult for the Founding and Framing Fathers with lots of conflicts and holes for the constitutional fabric of a new government. There were thirteen* original Colonies… all were independent bodies with individual rules represented by men who were largely in charge of those autonomous bodies and their rules. As history indicates, the delegates did not agree on much of anything. I am amazed they accomplished what they did under the circumstances. Even then, there were issues that could not be resolved at that time and were left to future generations to master. They did the best they could. Think of what that might have been like 240+ years ago and admire what they were able to accomplish.

My personal take is that those negotiations must have been like herding cats! Those feuding colonial delegates managed to agree among themselves enough to establish a set of principles for the new government and constructed our U.S. Constitution to establish a working and consistent system. At that time, there were no personal individual rights; they came later in the form of the Bill of Rights. The Constitution was not rewritten to accommodate them. Those original ten Rights and all subsequent rights were amended to the existing document. Astrologically, that could mean all our personal rights are actually activations to a natal.

The delegates were still operating under the Articles of Confederation that had limited value to the establishment of the new order. Time was of the essence. There were several important dates I encountered. I was astounded at the astrological connections between the charts. What started the whole process was the Declaration of Independence (DI), so that became my basis to examine what the DI generated. Rather than rely on the usual progressions and diurnals to that single chart, I also treated each event (ten) separately with their own charts: steps within a process.

Once the language was determined, the final draft was individually sent to each colony for ratification. The nation’s capital at that time was New York City, NY. Remember this was 1787 and transportation and communication were beyond difficult and took extraordinary amounts of time to accomplish. The primary events:

  • There were months of negotiation and assemblage. The wording that became the Constitution was determined by the Confederation Committee, which had convened in Philadelphia, PA. The final version of the Constitution was completed (a gestational act) September 17, 1787 and sent to the Confederation Congress in New York City (about 75 miles away) for approval. The Confederation Committee had finished their work and was disbanded. No other useful dates were found.
  • For our purposes, the ratification process began on September 17, 1787, and that chart does work well with the DI chart. The verbiage was sent to the thirteen original Colonies for ratification. Nine of the original thirteen colonies had to ratify the Constitution in order for it to be legally binding on all. Some Colonies responded quickly, but others had issues that had to be negotiated. It took time, especially with the limited communication, distances and transportation involved.
  • Ratification by the ninth Colony, New Hampshire, occurred June 21, 1788. The last four Colonies signed on later.
  • On September 13, 1788 that ratification opened the door for a date to be set for the transfer from the Articles of Confederation to the new U.S. Constitution.
  • The first election was held for the Senate, House of Representatives and President. This took place in all thirteen colonies from December 15, 1788 to January 10, 1789 (remember the transportation/communication circumstances) with no single date I trusted as “the” election (no reliable chart obtainable). Additional note: what became the “House” did the ongoing day-to-day governing and did not really have an official “start date” that I could locate.
  • Next came the first Electoral College vote for President on February 4, 1789 which was won by General George Washington. The runner up was John Adams. Since this was not a political party vote, the highest vote became President and the runner up became Vice President. An interesting side note was that President Washington did not know he was president for several weeks. When he received word in Virginia, he headed for New York City for the inauguration. According to one source, that trip by horse took seven days due to inclement weather and also many well-wishers along the way.
  • The effective date for the Constitutional government to begin was March 4, 1789, and there was supposed to be the full House, Senate and President in attendance. However, after a particularly arduous winter, travel was difficult and there was not a full quorum at that time. The delegates trickled in. The President (who had not yet learned he was President) was out of town. The delegates did what was possible, but that date was legally the beginning of our Constitutional government that had been previously set under the Articles of Confederation. The Articles then became historical and not governing. Noonmark seems to be the best choice.
  • On April 30, 1789, George Washington, who was already legally President, literally rode into town (New York City) on his horse, gave his Oath of Office at 1:48:30 PM LMT, and was ceremonially the first President of the U.S.
  • The Bill of Rights was voted upon and technically approved by Congress on September 25, 1789.
  • The first meeting of the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) occurred February 2, 1790.
  • The Colonial Constitution ratification (all thirteen original colonies signed) occurred May 29, 1790.
  • The Bill of Rights was ratified by each individual state (no longer colonies) and appended to the U.S Constitution on December 15, 1791.

Technical questions:   Time of day for most events was not accessible, with only two charts timed: the Declaration of Independence and Washington’s Oath of Office. Typical business charting is noonmark-based, as the middle point of the business day (8 AM to 4 PM). This minimizes but does not eliminate planetary motion error. Angles, intermediate house cusps and planetary placement in the houses, plus the degree of the Moon, can be somewhat questionable. The Moon travels approximately 1˚ every two hours on the day’s clock, so it can be plus or minus two degrees from 8 AM to 4 PM. All were local mean time. The Declaration of Independence (DI) chart is Philadelphia, PA; the verbiage for the Constitution was also based in Philadelphia. All others are the emerging nation’s capital at that time: New York City, NY.

Aspects and orbs:   There are eleven charts to compare. I chose one consistent tight orb for major aspects: 5˚; obviously tighter is better. Hard aspects, conjunctions, squares and oppositions, make things happen. Soft aspects, sextiles and trines, support and enhance. I was looking for action. Hard aspects are it! Since the DI chart is timed and is our base (earliest chart), noonmark events will be aspected to the timed DI. R = retrograde. Natural aspect groupings were used. How do the Constitutional events line up with the DI? What are the hard aspects between the thirteen main points in each chart? Let the fun begin!

  • DI Midheaven 8 Gemini 52 conjunct Uranus 8:54 square Ascendant 11 Virgo 46.
  • Begin ratification Ascendant 8 Sagittarius 42 conjunct Moon 5:11, square Mercury 11 Virgo 38 and (wide) Venus 16:36.
  • Ratification 9 colonies Saturn 10 Pisces 55R, (wide) square NNode 16 Sagittarius 56 (very wide to DI).
  • Constitution date set Ascendant 5 Sagittarius 40 (wide) conjunct NNode 11:34R square Saturn 6 Pisces 27R.
  • 1st Electoral College Ascendant 6 Gemini 54 conjunct SNode 4 Sag 55 (axis) square Saturn 10 Pisces 17.
  • Constitution begin MC 11 Pisces 25 conjunct Sun 14:36 and Saturn 13:39 square Moon 11 Gemini 28.
  • Washington oath (inauguration) MC 8 Gem 01 square Ascendant 11 Virgo 11.
  • Bill of Rights approved Ascendant 15 Sagittarius 10 (wide).
  • 1st Supreme Court Ascendant (wide) 4 Gemini 22.
  • 13 colonies ratified Midheaven 9 Gemini 06 conjunct Sun 8:23 square Ascendant 12 Virgo 05.
  • Bill of Rights ratified no hard aspect.
  • DI Neptune Mars 21 Gemini 10 square Neptune 22 Virgo 25.
  • Begin ratification Midheaven 26 Virgo 13 conjunct Sun 24:40 square Jupiter 25 Gemini 22.
  • Ratify 9 colonies (wide) NNode 16 Sagittarius 56R (wide).
  • Constitution date set Midheaven 22 Virgo 44 conjunct Sun 21:30 and Mercury 20:27.
  • 1st Electoral College no hard aspect.
  • US Constitution begin Mercury 22 Pisces 27R.
  • Washington oath Saturn 20 Pisces 04.
  • Bill of Rights approved Saturn 18 Pisces 49R, (very wide) square Moon 27 Sagittarius 45 (Note: DI Neptune/Mars midpoint).
  • 1st Supreme Court Moon 24 Virgo 06 square Saturn 21 Pisces 02 and (wide) Venus 27:34.
  • 13 colonies ratified Moon 26 Sagittarius 39 (wide).
  • Bill of Rights ratified Ascendant 20 Pisces 05 opposed Mars 22 Virgo 31 square Midheaven 24 Sagittarius 45 and Sun 23:46.
  • DI Sun 13 Cancer 01 square Saturn 14 Libra 48.
  • Begin ratification Neptune 17 Libra 48.
  • Ratify 9 colonies Neptune 18 Libra 22R (wide).
  • Constitution date set (wide) Neptune 19 Libra 47 (wider).
  • 1st Electoral College Venus 17 Capricorn 29.
  • US Constitution begin (wide) Jupiter 18 Cancer 57R.
  • Washington oath Moon 16 Cancer 45 square Mars 13 Aries 34.
  • Bill of Rights approved no hard aspect.
  • 1st Supreme Count no hard aspect.
  • 13 colonies ratified no hard aspect.
  • Bill of Rights ratified Saturn 12 Aries 03 opposed NNod 9 Libra 22R.
  • DI Mercury 24 Cancer 20R opposed Pluto 27 Capricorn 33R.
  • Begin ratification Uranus 29 Cancer 11.
  • Ratification 9 colonies Mercury 22 Cancer 28 (wide to) Uranus 28:39.
  • Constitution date set Mars 21 Libra 29 conjunct Neptune 19:47 square Jupiter 24 Cancer 04.
  • 1st Electoral College Jupiter 22 Cancer 6R square Neptune 23 Libra 16R.
  • US Constitution begin Jupiter 18 Cancer 57R square Neptune 22 Libra 53R, plus Uranus 1 Leo 15R (out of sign).
  • Washington oath Mercury 24 Aries 53 opposed Neptune 21 Libra 25R, square Jupiter 22 Cancer 56, plus Uranus 1 Leo 00 (out of sign).
  • Bill of Rights approved Mercury 22 Libra 39 conjunct Neptune 22:18 square Mars 25 Cancer 08.
  • 1st Supreme Court Neptune 25 Libra 28R.
  • 13 colonies ratified Venus 22 Aries 33 opposed Neptune 23 Libra 01R.
  • Bill of Rights ratified Jupiter 26 Libra 05 conjunct Neptune 29:15.
  • DI Venus 2 Cancer 43 conjunct Jupiter 5 Cancer 52.
  • Begin ratification Mars 3 Cancer 00 conjunct SNode 1:09R.
  • Ratification 9 colonies Midheaven 00 Cancer 30 conjunct Sun 00:50 and (wide) Jupiter 6:35 square Ascendant 00 Libra 26.
  • Constitution date set no hard aspect.
  • 1st Electoral College no hard aspect.
  • Constitution begin Ascendant 4 Cancer 20.
  • Washington oath no hard aspect.
  • Bill of Rights approved Midheaven 5 Libra 22 conjunct Sun 3:00.
  • 1st Supreme Court no hard aspects.
  • 13 colonies ratified Mercury 1 Cancer 45 square Saturn 3 Aries 59.
  • Bill of Rights ratified Mercury 5 Capricorn 56 wide square NNode 9 Libra 22R.
  • DI Moon 22 Aquarius 37
  • Begin ratification Saturn 23 Aquarius 23R.
  • Ratification 9 colonies (wide) Pluto 17 Aquarius 28R.
  • Constitutional date set no hard aspect.
  • 1st Electoral College Mercury 25 Aquarius 21, (in wide stellium with Pluto 17:14 and Sun 16:25.
  • Constitution begins Venus 22 Aquarius 08 conjunct Pluto 18 Aquarius 03 (in wide stellium with Mars 29 Aquarius 07).
  • Washington oath Pluto 19 Aquarius 07.
  • Bill of Rights approval Jupiter 22 Leo 12 square NNode 20 Scorpio 31.
  • 1st Supreme Court Mars 25 Leo 23R conjunct Jupiter 27:51R opposed Pluto 18 Aquarius 36.
  • 13 colonies ratify Jupiter 23 Leo 52 opposed Pluto 20 Aquarius 38R.
  • Bill of Rights ratified Moon 20 Leo 07 conjunct Uranus 18:47R opposed Pluto 20 Aquarius 11. 
  • DI NNode 6 Leo 35.
  • Begin ratification no hard aspects.
  • Ratify 9 colonies Moon 4 Aquarius 15.
  • Constitution date set Uranus 3 Leo 29 conjunct Venus 11:44 (wide).
  • 1st Electoral College Mars 7 Aquarius 06 opposed Uranus 2 Leo 16R.
  • Constitution begin (wide) Uranus 01 Leo 15R.
  • Washington oath Sun 10 Taurus 46 conjunct Venus 2:37, both wide.
  • Bill of Rights approval Venus 4 Scorpio 07 square Uranus 8 Leo 28.
  • 1st Supreme Court Midheaven 10 Aquarius 36 opposed Uranus 7 Leo 14R.
  • 13 colonies ratify Uranus 6 Leo 24 square NNode 9 Scorpio 53R.
  • Bill of Rights ratification Venus 7 Scorpio 46.

Each event is unique. Each chart is unique. Each individual event connects to the DI chart uniquely. Each chart can be read individually as an event. Each chart connects to each other chart, some more than others. That is as it should be, as this is a process and the elements of such a process should show some form of connection. Think of a cascading event… one thing leads to another… both resulting from what transpired prior and causative for what will follow. Example: an explosion. We tend to look at the explosion as an event, but something led up to that event (causative). The explosion itself (event) will now cause ongoing results. Events are an integral part of a process such as the founding and implementation of a nation.

Because I restricted myself to three hard aspects (dynamic), each aspect picture is obviously incomplete. However, myriad connections between the multiple charts are very visible. Some part of the ongoing process emphasized specific activities notably leaving out parts that were perhaps not relevant or dynamic (hard aspect) to the issues of that event (remember limited aspecting).

I would draw your attention to the two timed charts: the DI and the inauguration of George Washington. Look at the Midheavens in both: DI 8 Gemini 52/DI Uranus 8:54 and Oath 8:01. Then look to the ratification of the thirteen colonies: Midheaven 9 Gemini 06 and Sun 8:23. There is no similar aspect to the nine-colony ratification chart that cemented ratification for the Constitution. To me, that would signify that the thirteen-colony ratification was attuned to the original purpose of the DI chart. Interestingly, the beginning of the ratification process also shows a strong connection to the DI and inaugural charts with the Ascendant 8 Sag 42 and Moon 5:11. So the DI, the beginning of the ratification, the inauguration, and the thirteen-colony ratification are most strongly tied. There are aspects to other of the charts here and there, but this seems quite specific to the actual sequence of events (cascading effect).

Another important point… when drafted, the Constitution itself outlined the form of the establishment for the government. There were no individual rights in that document. Several delegates and colonies were concerned about individual rights and held out that those rights must immediately be addressed before they were willing to ratify. What pattern caught my eye? The initial congressional approval of the Bill of Rights gives Midheaven 5 Libra 22 and Sun 3:00. The full Bill of Rights ratification gives Mercury 5 Capricorn 56 and the NNode 9 Libra 22R. Look at the DI Venus 2 Cancer 43 and Jupiter 5:52 and the beginning of the Constitution itself Ascendant 4 Cancer 20.

Be aware that there were Freemasons amongst the Founding Fathers. I have seen a beautiful drawing (long before photos) of George Washington wearing his Freemason apron. Astrology was at least a part of their personal systems. I would remind current Astrologers that wise as the Founding Fathers might have been, they would have based their astrological work on the seven inner bodies only. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto had not been discovered as yet, so they would not have been incorporated into any charting of that time. Uranus had been seen but had not been recognized as a planet. Identification (discovery) was March 13, 1781, between the revolutionary wars in both America and France.  The three outer planets had been there the whole time, just not visible. These planets did not get “invented” they got “discovered”. That which was invisible was unconscious, becoming visible over time (conscious).  These three had tremendous and dramatic influence on our emerging country, but it was beneath the surface. Freemasons of that time could not have known the effect the outer planets would have on our fledgling country! I recently wrote an article for the AFA bulletin presenting the chart that would have been available at that period1. Having said that…

  • Uranus traveled from 29 Cancer 11 to 18 Leo 47R during this four-year constitutional process, particularly activating the DI NNode 6 Leo 35.
  • Neptune traveled from 17 Libra 48 to 29:15 particularly activating the DI Mercury/Pluto opposition.
  • Pluto traveled from 14 Aquarius 12R to 20 Aquarius 11, approaching the DI Moon at 22:37.

Some of the included Pluto positions lie just barely outside the 5ˆ orb selected. Remember this was a process that took time to develop, and I suggest those wide positions should be included for observation. To keep the work clean, I noted anything beyond exact 5˚.

A clarification about noonmark is in order. As I researched, I came across a section that mentioned trouble with congressional time of day when scheduling (remember their circumstances). The delegates were not sure to assume if each political day began at midnight or clock time (00:00 AM), or any other time. Apparently, this caused a great deal of confusion in scheduling. This was not resolved until after the Civil War. It was decided that since the Senate regularly met at noon, that would be the official time (00:00:00 PM). Fancy that… our noonmark selection was a good choice. Another brief mention was that the early Senate didn’t worry about time of day. If they were running late, the doorkeeper would simply go out and reset the clock, and restore it again later. I do not know how long they did that, but they were inventive little creatures, weren’t they? Complicates trustworthy timing. Noonmark is the best we can use unless a time is specifically stated from a valid record. Note: Remember that noonmark charts will always have the Sun close to the Midheaven. Do not read more into that than is warranted. On the other hand, the Ascendant is determined by location latitude for that midheaven with potential specific pairing like the Sun/Midheaven; each is unique.

I was looking for hopefully multiple connections between the DI chart and each other specific chart. It is usual to read each chart as a stand-alone. Remember the angles, intermediate house cusps and specific house occupations are not reliable without a trustworthy birth time. Also, in any 24 hours, the Moon moves between 12 and 15˚, or about 1˚ every two hours on the clock. Once such an event reading is done, it can then be compared to any of the other chart readings. This would be similar to a personal relationship reading with necessary verbiage changes for a business, government or political descriptive phrasing. This study is called a mundane chart reading with multiple applications. When reading, just remember the nature of the event; i.e., the Declaration of Independence was just that. The mother country (England) saw itself as the parent/owner of the colonies. To the colonists, that translated to “what is mine is mine and what is yours is mine as well” by the crown! As the colonies developed, they no longer saw life that way and declared their intent to be emancipated so they could set their own rules and govern themselves collectively, much as a child emancipates themself from their parents and family to enter into adulthood. The reading choice descriptions should match the intent of the event.

There are more events for the country, but these selected events had to do with the Constitutional and ratification process. Phase one of my study: Do the charts of the events illustrating the development of the Constitution and the governing body it represents work with the birth of the nation, the Declaration of Independence?  I cast eleven charts and used the usual thirteen main positions for each (11 x 13) = 143 positions. The work provided above has only seventeen positions not included in this very limited (three hard) aspecting study, a few of which were only slightly outside 5˚ orb, yet an integral part of a process. I believe our base is secure and we can move into the impeachment examples.

Another point: please remember I am not an Astronomer. As I was aspecting this collective, I found what appeared to be an anomaly in the motion of Uranus. I re-checked my work and it was accurate. I asked my astrological mentor and friend Michael Munkasey about my confusion and he verified I had the right data. Why the oddity is another question. If Uranus travels one sign in seven years and its whole zodiac orbit is about 84 years, how could it move from 6 Leo 24 for the thirteen-colony ratification on May 29, 1790 to the 18 Leo 47R position on Dec 15, 1791 ratification of the U.S. Bill of Rights? That is 12.5 degrees in a year and a half! But it did. I even calculated that 1.5-year period on a monthly basis. Uranus was really racing! I find it interesting that the revolutionary planet was so active for both the American Revolution and the French Revolution. 

  • U.S. Declaration of Independence: July 4, 1776.
  • Uranus discovered: March 13, 1781 (it had been sighted previously but not identified).
  • End of U.S. Revolution: September 3, 1783.
  • Start of French Revolution: May 5, 1789, two months after our U.S. constitutional government took effect.
  • Additional reading material indicated that other European countries were similarly activated during this time.

Here is a last point about the constitutional natal event charts. Very late/early degrees are cuspal in nature, out of sign, and easy to miss. Hopefully I caught all of them but attempted to stay within my 5 ˚ orb as indicated. While most of the positions for each chart dovetailed with the DI natal chart (126 connections out of 143 possibilities), there were a few positions (seventeen) that did not connect using our 5˚ hard aspect model. They fell within three specific ranges: very early mutable, mid-fixed, and late fixed, leading me to think there might be something missing from my model…  OR, perhaps later charts added something to the pattern, perhaps as emerging or additional energies. The seventeen unconnected positions are:

  • Begin ratification Pluto 14 Aquarius 12R.
  • Ratify 9 Colonies Venus 13 Leo 44, Mars 29 Leo 09.
  • Constitution date set Moon 00 Pisces 45, Pluto 15 Aquarius 47R.
  • 1st Electoral College MC 12:48, Sun 16:25, Pluto 17:14 (all Aquarius), Moon 2 Gemini 08.
  • Constitution begin Mars 29 Aquarius 07, N Node 1 Sagittarius 47.
  • Washington Oath NNode 28 Scorpio 34.
  • Bill of Rights approval Pluto 17 Aquarius 7R.
  • 1st Supreme Court Sun 14 Aquarius 08, NNode 14 Scorpio 37R, Mercury 2 Pisces 11.
  • 13 Colonies ratify Mars 1 Virgo 47.

As I progressed through the impeachment phases of this study, I attempted to monitor connections to those seventeen not included positions.

Declaration of Independence Progressions

Near the beginning of this article, I mentioned that there were several methods to compare charts of events in the process to the base DI chart. We have looked at one of those methods thus far, the events themselves. Two other techniques I mentioned were standard Secondary Progressions (Naibod) and the personal diurnals (transits) for the DI. Here is one example of both methods using what I think to be the key or pivotal date for the ongoing process, the implementation of the constitutional government of the U.S. Everything done from the DI forward was to produce the birth of our constitutional government. Would everything that ensued after that date still reflect the DI as the prime natal? Or would that moment when power passed from the Articles of Confederation to its successor, the U.S. Constitution, cause a change of the base chart?

All charts in this study were fairly close in time (July 4, 1776 to December 15, 1791 = 15.5 years); but I did set progressions for each event individually. Ordinarily I tighten my orbs for progressions, but in an abundance of caution, I chose to remain consistent with the earlier work: the three hard aspects within five degrees. The DI progressions (Prg) for implementation of our government structure thirteen years after the DI itself are amazing to me… very specific! This next section covers DI Prg to DI natal and DI Prg to Prg for the birth chart for the U.S. constitutional government on March 4, 1789, noonmark, New York City, NY.

  • DI Prg Midheaven 20:29 conjunct DI natal Mars 21:10 Gemini.
  • DI Prg Ascendant 21:43 conjunct DI natal and Prg Neptune 22:25 and 22:40 Virgo. DI Prg Midheaven and Ascendant have preserved the natal square, resonance.
  • DI Prg Mercury 16:53R conjunct DI Prg Venus 18:16, and DI Prg Jupiter 8:42 Cancer (part of four-planet stellium), bracketing DI natal Sun 13:01 Cancer, square DI natal and Prg Saturn 14:48 and 15:18 Libra (slow mover); and let’s not leave out DI natal Jupiter 5:52 Cancer.
  • DI Prg Mercury and Pluto are still retrograde, resonance.
  • DI Prg Uranus 9 Gemini 31 (slow mover by progression) still aligned with DI natal Midheaven/Uranus conjunction, resonance.
  • Note: four-planet stellium and five-planet / 25˚ cluster.

This progression reveals the Declaration of Independence energy still active, creating a new beginning: the emergence of (giving birth to) our Constitutional government. Eleven of the thirteen positions match. Either chart will work moving forward.

Here are truncated but supporting earlier examples of the DI Prg activating the DI natal chart that preceded and led to the beginning of the constitutional government above. Again, three hard aspects, 5˚ orb for consistency (tighter is better). See spreadsheet for chronological order.

DI Prg to DI natal begin ratification of proposed Constitution.

  • Prg Midheaven 19:09 conjunct DI natal Mars 21:10 Gemini, plus
    Prg Ascendant 20:34 conjunct DI natal and Prg Neptune 22:25 and 22:38 Virgo.
  • Prg Sun 23:42 conjunct DI natal Mercury 24:20R Cancer opposed natal and Prg Pluto 27:33R and 27:18R Capricorn.
  • Prg Venus/Mercury 16:28 and 17:37R Cancer (applying) conjunct DI natal Sun 13:01 and square Saturn 14 Libra 48, separating.
  • Because it is only 11 years of progressions, the Nodes have moved only 7 minutes. Jupiter has moved 2.5˚, Saturn and Uranus ½ degree, Neptune and Pluto ¼ degree.
    All involved natal aspects remain in power.
  • The only position not listed is Mars 28 Gemini 45 moving to change signs to then conjunct DI natal Venus 2 Cancer 43 (within orb).  
  • That is almost every possible connection using only the three hard aspects!
  • Not listed as not hard aspects are two trines and five sextiles in this one progression!
  • Note five- planet Cancer stellium and a 27˚ 6-planet cluster.

DI Prg Constitution ratified by 9 states (required to become legal).

  • Prg Midheaven 19:51 conjunct DI natal Mars 21:10 Gemini and
    Prg Ascendant 21:10, conjunct DI natal and Prg Neptune 22:25 and 22:39 Virgo, continuing.
  • Prg Moon 5:5 conjunct DI natal NNode 6:35 Leo.
  • Prg Mercury17:14R conjunct Prg Venus 17:24 (now separating) and DI natal Sun 13:01 Cancer (Venus separating from Sun).
  • Prg Sun 24:26 conjunct DI natal Mercury 24:20R Cancer opposite DI natal and Prg Pluto 27:33R and 27:17R Capricorn, continuing.
  • Four-planet Cancer stellium, sixplanet 36˚ cluster continuing.

DI Prg set date to begin Constitution.

  • Prg Midheaven 20:03 conjunct DI natal Mars 21:10 Gemini, square Prg Ascendant 21:21 and DI natal and Prg Neptune 22:25 to 22:39 Virgo, continuing.
  • Prg Sun 24:39 conjunct DI natal Mercury 24:20R Cancer opposite DI natal and Prg Pluto 27:33R and 27:16R Capricorn, continuing.
  • Prg Moon 7:55 to DI natal NNode 6:35 Leo, continuing, separating.
  • Prg Mercury 17:07R / Venus 17:41 Cancer conjunction, continuing, separating.
  • Four- planet Cancer stellium, six-planet 38˚ cluster continuing (Moon leaving cluster).

DI Prg 1st Electoral College.

  • Prg Midheaven 20:25 conjunct DI natal Mars 21:10 Gemini, square Prg Ascendant 21:40 conjunct DI natal and Prg Neptune 22:25 and 22:40 Virgo, continuing.
  • Prg Sun 25:02 conjunct DI natal Mercury 24:20R Cancer opposite DI natal and Prg Pluto 27:33R and 27:16R Capricorn, continuing.
  • Prg Moon 12 Leo 44 no hard aspect.
  • Prg Mercury 16:56R /Venus 18:10 Cancer conjunction continuing, separating.
  • Four-planet Cancer stellium, five-planet 26˚ cluster continuing.

DI Prg beginning of Constitutional government (given previously, repeated for chronology).

  • Prg Midheaven 20:29 conjunct DI natal Mars 21:10 Gemini square Prg Ascendant 21:43 and DI natal and Prg Neptune 22:25 and 22:40 Virgo, continuing.
  • Prg Sun 25:06 conjunct DI natal Mercury 24:20R Cancer opposite DI natal and Prg Pluto 27:33R and 27:16R Capricorn, continuing.
  • Prg Moon 13 Leo 40 no hard aspect.
  • Prg Mercury 16:53R /Venus 18:16 Cancer conjunction continuing, separating.
  • Four-planet Cancer stellium, five-planet 26˚ cluster continuing.

DI Prg Washington Oath of Office.

  • Prg Midheaven 20:37 conjunct DI natal Mars 21:10 Gemini, square Prg Ascendant 21:51, DI natal and Prg Neptune 22:25 and 22:40 Virgo, continuing.
  • Prg Sun 25:15 conjunct DI natal Mercury 24:20R Cancer (separating) opposite DI natal and Prg Pluto 27:33R and 27:15R Capricorn, continuing.
  • Prg Moon 15 Leo 34 no hard aspect.
  • Prg Mercury 16:49R /Venus 18:27 Cancer conjunction continuing, separating.
  • Four-planet Cancer stellium, five-planet 25˚ cluster continuing.

DI Prg Bill of Rights Congressional vote.

  • Prg Midheaven 20:59 conjunct DI natal Mars 21:10 Gemini, square Prg Ascendant 22:10 to DI natal and Prg Neptune 22:25 and 22:41 Virgo, continuing.
  • Prg Sun 25:38 (widely) conjunct Prg Venus 18:57 and DI natal Mercury 24:20R Cancer opposite DI natal and Prg Pluto 27:33R and 27:15R Capricorn, continuing.
  • Prg Moon 20 Leo 28 opposed DI natal Moon 22 Aquarius 37.
  • Prg Mercury 16:39R / Venus 18:57 Cancer conjunction continuing.
  • Prg Mars 00 Cancer 07 just changed signs, applying conjunct DI natal Venus 2:43.
  • Five-planet Cancer stellium in 26˚ cluster continuing, separating.

DI Prg 1st SCOTUS Supreme Court of the U.S.

  • Prg Midheaven 21:19 conjunct DI natal Mars 21:10 Gemini square Prg Ascendant 22:27, DI natal and Prg Nep 22:25 and 22:41 Virgo, continuing.
  • Prg Sun 25:59 conjunct DI natal Mercury 24:20R Cancer opposite DI natal and Prg Pluto 27:23R and 27:14R Capricorn, continuing, add wide Prg Venus 19:23 Cancer.
  • Prg Mercury 16:30R / Venus 19:23 Cancer conjunction continuing, separating.
  • Prg Moon 24 Leo 46 opposed DI natal Moon 22 Aquarius 37.
  • Prg Mars 00:21 conjunct DI natal Venus 2:43 Cancer, continuing.
  • Five-planet Cancer stellium as 26˚ cluster continuing.

DI Prg 13 colonies ratified Constitution.

  • Prg Midheaven 21:36 conjunct DI natal Mars 21:10 Gemini, square Prg Ascendant 22:42 and DI natal and Prg Neptune 22:25 and 22:42 Virgo *exact.
  • Prg Sun 26:17 widely conjunct Prg Venus 19:47 and DI natal Mercury 24:20R Cancer,
    opposite DI natal and Prg Pluto 27:33R and 27:14R Capricorn, continuing.
    Note Prg Asc and Prg Neptune are exactly conjunct.
  • Prg Moon 28 Leo 34 no hard aspects.
  • Prg Mercury 16:23 R /Venus 19:47 conjunction Cancer, continuing, separating.
  • Prg Mars 00:34 Cancer, conjunct DI natal Venus 2:43 Cancer, continuing.
  • Five-planet Cancer stellium in 26˚ cluster continuing.

DI Prg Bill of Rights ratified.

  • Prg Midheaven 23:00 conjunct (separating) DI natal Mars 21:10 Gemini, square Prg Ascendant 23:55 and DI natal and Prg Neptune 22:25 and 22:44 Virgo, separating.
  • Prg Sun 27:46 separating from conjunction of DI natal Mercury 24:20R Cancer, tightly opposed DI natal and Prg Pluto 27:33R and 27:12R Capricorn, continuing.
  • Prg Moon 16:59 (very wide) conjunct DI natal Asc 11:46 Virgo, wide square natal Mars 21:10 Gemini, to conjunct natal Neptune as given above.
    Note: Prg Moon moves about one degree per month, activating as it travels towards conjunction natal and Prg Neptune and Prg Ascendant, all within seven months.
    (Another unknown national event to search for, possibly maritime because of Neptune. There were still significant international maritime issues at this time.)
  • Prg Mercury/Venus conjunction separating and ending.
  • Prg Mars 01:36, conjunct DI natal Venus 2:43 Cancer, continuing.
  • Five-planet Cancer stellium in 26˚ cluster continuing.

Look at spreadsheet of the Constitution events for the DI progressions in line format. It is easy to see the overall process at work in the progressions. Only the Moon changed signs on a regular basis in the four years and three months of this study (Sep 1787 to Dec 1791). Plus Mars shifted from Gemini to Cancer around the time the first Constitutional Legislature approved the Bill of Rights, which then had to be ratified by the new state governments of the original thirteen colonies (nine ratifications had been required to pass).

Diurnals (personal transit)

I prefer using the diurnal (Diu) charts rather than simple transits because using the base Declaration of Independence (DI) chart time and location allows diurnals to be mathematically accurate for any event, plus it provides a personal Midheaven and Ascendant for each transit chart. Simply enter the natal date, time and place and then replace date only with the activity date. In this instance remove July 4, 1776 and replace it with March 4, 1789, the date the Constitution took effect and ended the Articles of Confederation. Make no other changes. The diurnal chart (Diu) gives the transiting energy pattern for any date chosen that specifically applies to that natal. With the exception of this personal Midheaven, Ascendant and Moon, the other planetary positions will be close or identical to each event chart, in this instance the noonmark event chart for this date as already read. Example:

Beginning of constitutional government using the DI diurnal chart for March 4, 1789 (using diurnal chart (Diu), minor deviation from actual event chart already given).

  • DI Diu fourth cusp 4:26 conjunct Diu Uranus 1:15R, and DI natal NNode 6:35 all Leo.
  • DI Diu Venus 22:01 conjunct Diu Pluto 18:02 (separating) and DI natal Moon 22:37 Aquarius (applying).
  • DI Diu Mercury 22:31R Pisces opposite DI natal Neptune 22 Virgo 25, exact that day.
  • DI Diu Moon 10:11 conjunct DI natal Midheaven 8:52 and Uranus 8:54 Gemini,
    all square DI natal Ascendant 11 Virgo 46.
  • DI Diu Jupiter 19:57R (wide and separating) conjunct DI natal Mercury 24:20R Cancer.
  • Eleven of thirteen Diu connections to DI natal.
  • Not in hard aspect: seven trines in this diurnal.
  • Note two stelliums: Aquarius and Pisces. Note 34-degree 6-planet cluster.

Because the event chart and the diurnal chart will display nearly identical planet positions, I choose one to read thoroughly and the other to use only the differing Midheaven, Ascendant and Moon. While a timed chart is better than noonmark, in this instance the time difference between the two charts is 9:36 AM and noon, so not much will change positionally and both charts could work.

  • If I were to read the transits in their role as a new entity, I would use the event chart.
  • If I were reading transits as current activations to a natal, I would lean more towards the diurnal… apples to apples reasoning.

Resonance:   While I have all these charts laid out on my desk, there is something else I would point out. It is my experience (48 years as an Astrologer) that when dates are significant (person or event), stelliums and/or clusters in the chart are common. Lay out these four charts (DI natal, progressed and diurnal and event chart of Constitutional government) side by side and you will see that all four charts have stelliums and clusters which are quite powerful.

  • Stelliums are three or more planets in one sign; angles may participate.
  • Clusters may bridge adjacent signs but the planets will be tightly grouped by degree span.

Planets only…

  • US DI natal Cancer stellium plus out of sign but close Mars in Gemini, a 33˚ cluster.
  • US DI Prg also has a Cancer stellium, with Mars again close by in Gemini, a 25˚ cluster.
  • US DI diu and event have two stelliums, Aquarius and Pisces, all within a 34˚ cluster.
    This is the chart signature from the beginning of the U.S. Constitutional government.

Stelliums and clusters are familiar energy patterns to these charts and will resonate one to another when activated, similar to a room full of isolated and varied musical tuning forks. If you were to strike a “C” note, all the C tuning forks in the room will vibrate, not by touch but by resonance. I have seen resonance cause activations in charts that were otherwise not visible. Best earlier chart example: natal Saturn/Uranus square activated much sooner than expected by degree when the new transiting Saturn/Uranus square aspect formed. Note the resonance factor in our earlier comparative aspects. I think it is amazing that the four-planet Cancer stellium in the DI natal chart held up through all the intervening fifteen years from the DI all the way through the ratification of the Bill of Rights… and beyond. To me, more proof that the Founding and Framing Fathers as Freemasons had knowledge of Astrology.

Again, all DI diurnals were charted for all the events we are studying, but are not listed here because of the duplication of event positions. Use the event positions but see the spreadsheet for the changed Moon, Midheaven, and Ascendant.

See Constitutional spreadsheets for events, progressions and diurnals, plus Formation to Ratification and individual charts for each entry.

*Some sources list twelve original colonies because two colonies were originally joined and later separated. It depends on which source, but thirteen is traditional. Sacred number mythology: astrologically, the twelve original colonies would represent the Zodiac itself and thirteen is the number of sacrifice.

1Revisiting History: USA Virgo rising seven planets: AFA vol 80#2

All of my older USA history articles are individually posted on website:

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When Was the Declaration of Independence Really Signed?

Controversial U.S. Natal Chart, The


Original charts and sourcing for many events: Astrologer Michael Munkasey and other astrologers such as Sibley and Ray Merriman. Data and research help from Astrologer Jackie Chakhtoura.

My original Declaration of Independence research and conclusions given in my 2009 book: Presidents of Hope and Change.

Phase Two: US impeachment history, Three incidents: Presidents Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and William Clinton

President Andrew Johnson

The short version… remember I am not an attorney nor an historian…

Leading up to our Civil War (1861-65), the U.S. was a civil and legislative battleground between ideologies – particularly, but not only, those pertaining to slavery. As emerging states joined our country, slaveholder and slave-free stands were bitterly battled. The sitting U.S. President James Buchanan did little to nothing to help or hinder, allowing emotions and positions to run off the scale for a prolonged period of time, escalating with no resistance or control. Many state proponents of slavery threatened to secede from the Union if Abraham Lincoln were elected President. He was (1860) and they did (1860-1). From the election on November 6, 1860 to the inauguration March 4, 1861 (4 months), President-elect Lincoln had no power to act as he had not yet been installed as President. During that time, seven states left or “seceded” from the Union. This long period was referred to as the “Secession Winter”.

Within five months, the seven states of South Carolina (December 20, 1860), Mississippi (January 9, 1861), Florida (January 10, 1861), Alabama (January 11, 1861), Georgia (January 19, 1861), Louisiana (January 26, 1861), and Texas (February 1, 1861) seceded from the Union. After President Lincoln’s inauguration March 4, 1861, the six additional states of Virginia (April 17, 1861), Arkansas (May 6, 1861), North Carolina (May 20, 1861), Tennessee (June 8, 1861), Missouri (October 31, 1861), and Kentucky (November 20 1861) joined the Confederacy.

Be aware that, unlike the present’s political party system, President Lincoln and his Vice President Andrew Johnson were from opposite parties. The elections up to that time awarded the Presidency to the top vote count and the Vice Presidecyt to the runner up, regardless of party. You can imagine how well that worked! Of necessity, that was changed after the debacle that was the “war between the states” and its aftermath.  After the Civil War (1861-1865), the member states in our country were in absolute chaos. The winners (north) against the losers (south), retribution, resentment and revenge were the battle cries and that included the halls of Congress. Reconciliation might have been a stated intent, but it was anything but that… contentious and not conciliatory!

President Lincoln and Vice President Johnson were re-elected November, 1864 and sworn in March 4, 1865. Scant weeks later on the evening of April 14th, President Lincoln was assassinated in Washington, DC, and died at 7:22 AM LMT, April 15th.  Apparently, VP Johnson had a rough night, had passed out, and was forcibly awakened in order to take the presidential oath of office scheduled for 10:00 AM (best info for time). The two presidents were opposite in political posture and leadership, adding to the confusion of the reconciliation effort. The new president was continually at war with Congress and also apparently had a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease, fanning the flames of resentment.  In 1868, President Johnson used his role as president to fire Edwin McMasters Stanton, Secretary of War, against the wishes of Congress. Stanton then retaliated by filing Articles of Impeachment against Johnson.

To understand the overall situation, our Constitutional government has impeachment as the only remedy (besides the 25th Amendment) to remove a sitting president. The House determines wrong-doing, drafts Articles of Impeachment, votes them into charges (impeaches), presents that to the Senate who then convenes as a court jury and tries the sitting president. If the Senate (similar to a jury) agrees with the House, such president would be, by force-of-law, removed from office. If the Senate does not agree and fails to convict, the Senate / court is adjourned with no removal of the president. Impeachment occurs in the House. Trial and conviction (or lack of conviction) occurs in the Senate. To date as I originally wrote this (Fall 2018), there have been two impeachments plus one that ended in resignation before impeachment. Presidents Andrew Johnson and William Clinton were impeached by the House, but not removed by the Senate. President Richard Nixon chose resignation prior to impending impeachment proceedings.

In the Johnson instance, the House Committee decided on the Articles of Impeachment on February 24, 1868. One week later, the full House adopted those Articles of Impeachment, approving them March 2nd and 3rd, and then sending them to the Senate March 4th. The Senate then re-convened on March 5th as a court of impeachment. Trial began three days later. On May 16th the Senate failed to convict on one article and a ten-day rest (delay) was called. On May 26th the Senate failed to convict on two separate articles and the trial was adjourned. President Johnson was not removed from office. Impeached? Yes. Removed? No.

From the history I read on this episode, February 24th, March 4th, and May 26th seem to be key to this impeachment. Those are the dates used in this research. Following the pattern initiated in phase 1 of this study, I used the Declaration of Independence (DI) Virgo rising chart, progressions and diurnals for those charts, plus stand-alone noonmark event charts because clock time was not available. That means the angles, house cusps, house occupation and Moons (of the event charts only) may be questionable. I would remind you that according to the history I mentioned, the Senate apparently was in the habit of choosing noon to open each session. Because the interval between beginning and ending is less than three months, the outer planets will have moved minimally, forcing us to rely on the motion of the inner planets.

During the interim between the DI and this event, only Uranus had become visible and astrologers were still developing their understanding of it. Neptune was discovered September 23, 1846, in the period leading up to the Civil War, while President Buchanan twiddled his thumbs and did nothing to stop the insanity that was building. Now-visible (conscious) Neptune would be a good descriptor of the churning pre-Civil War period. Astrologers of that time would have known little to nothing about Neptune in charts. And of course Pluto had not yet been discovered. But as you can see in these charts, it was definitely at work, underground and unconscious, but formidable!

The validity and continuing influence of the U.S. Declaration of Independence Virgo rising natal chart will be used as our base: progressions, diurnals and events as activations; tight orb, three hard aspects.

House initiates Impeachment proceedings: February 24, 1868: DI Prg

  • DI Prg Midheaven 5:40 wide conjunct DI natal Ascendant 11:46 Virgo,
    even closer square DI natal Midheaven/Uranus 8:52-54 and Prg Uranus 10:50R Gemini.
  • DI Prg Ascendant 23 Scorpio 27 square Prg Mars 20 Leo 08 T-square DI natal Moon 22 Aquarius 37; include Prg Descendant (Taurus) and the T-square becomes a grand fixed cross.
  • DI Prg Sun 11 Libra 33 square Prg Moon 9 Cancer 03 (Prg New Moon, Moon faster, applying),
    Sun conjunct DI natal Saturn 14 Lib 48 and square natal Sun 13 Cancer 01.
  • DI Prg Jupiter 22 Cancer 59 opposite Prg Pluto 25 Capricorn 59R,
    activating DI natal Mercury 24 Cancer 20R and natal Pluto 27 Capricorn 33R (resonance).
  • DI Prg cardinal T-square: Jupiter (given) opposed Pluto square Saturn 22:38 and Venus 26:05 Libra, all triggering the natal Mercury/Pluto opposition.
  • Overall: Prg Libra stellium, three sextiles and three trines.

US Virgo Rising chart diurnal for February 24, 1868:

  • DI Diu Midheaven 25:47 conjunct DI natal Pluto 27: 33R Capricorn opposed natal Mercury 24 Cancer 20R.
  • DI Diu Ascendant 14:14 conjunct Diu Pluto 14:16 Taurus, *2 minutes of orb,
    power play emerges, deep- seated resentments and agitations.
  • DI Diu Moon 16:35 conjunct Diu Jup 16:46 and (wide) US natal Descendant 11:46, all Pisces.
  • DI Diu Mars 22:47 conjunct DI natal Moon 22:37 Aquarius: citizenry did not want impeachment.
  • DI Diu Venus 11:00 conjunct Diu Neptune 13:20 Aries opposed DI natal Saturn 14 Libra 48.
  • DI Diu Sun 5:19 and SNode 4:59R Pisces within 20’ of arc, (wide) opposite DI natal Ascendant 11 Virgo 46, with much closer square DI Midheaven/Uranus 8:52-54 Gemini (T-square).
  • Overall: three sextiles, five trines.
  • Pisces stellium: Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury; Moon/Jupiter conjunct 11’ of orb, wide to DI natal Descendant, Mercury 22 Pisces 43 opposed DI natal Neptune 22 Virgo 25.
  • Cluster: seven planets within 51 degrees: Mars to Mercury 30 degrees, or Sun to Neptune 38 degrees.

Noonmark Event:

  • Planet aspects given in above diurnal reading.
  • Noonmark Midheaven 1:52 widely conjunct SNode 4:59R and Sun 5:25 Pisces.
  • Noonmark Ascendant 24 Gemini 43 square event Mercury 22 Pisces 46 opposed DI natal Neptune (above).
  • Noonmark Moon 17 Pisces 52 traveling one degree of motion every two hours on the day’s clock: process.
  • Note: Midheaven moves one degree every four minutes on the day’s clock, ticking off the cluster one by one, process of individual day.

This information generally applies to both the DI diurnal and impeachment event charts for March 4th and May 26th because the events are fairly close in calendar time.

House formally sends Articles of Impeachment to Senate March 4th. The Senate, as a court, convened the next day.

  • DI Prgs have barely moved, three trines and three sextiles persist.
  • DI Prg Moon is 9:22 widely conjunct DI natal Sun 13:01 Cancer square DI Prg Sun 11 Libra 35.
  • DI diu Midheaven 4:18 (Note: as do all March 4th DI diurnals) conjunct DI natal SNode 6:35 Aquarius.
  • DI diu Ascendant 25 Taurus 59 (as do all March 4th DI diurnals) square DI natal Moon 22 Aquarius 37. (25 Taurus is the fixed star: Caput Algol, thought to be the most malefic celestial position).
  • DI diu Moon 16:07 conjunct DI natal Sun 13:01 Cancer (separating).
  • See event chart for more details on this day’s aspects.
  • Noonmark event overall stellium weakening, but bulk of planets still tight with Saturn as handle (bucket); six sextiles, four trines.
  • Noonmark event Midheaven 11 Pisces 17 opposed DI natal Ascendant 11 Virgo 46, exact that day.
  • Noonmark Ascendant 2:56 conjunct DI natal Venus 2:43 Cancer, exact that day.
  • Noonmark event Mercury 21:29R conjunct event Jupiter 18:57 Pisces separating opposed DI natal Neptune 22 Virgo 25.
  • Noonmark event Moon 17 Cancer 38 separating square to event Neptune 13 Aries 38, but applying to event Venus 21 Aries 55 with Moon separating from opposition to DI natal Saturn 14 Libra 48.

May 26, 1868 was the final day of the trial that included failure of two more indictments to pass with the realization that further voting would not change the outcome. Failure to convict left the President in office, wounded but intact in his position. He was impeached by the House but not removed by the Senate. Good example of success (not removed) intermixed with failure (impeached) – depending upon which outcome fits your personal preferences!

DI Prg shows very little motion between February 24th (initiation) and May 26th (conclusion). Corrected motion figures are not repeated; only the Moon’s motion was substantial.

  • DI Prg Sun 11 Libra 48 conjunct DI natal Saturn 14:48.
  • DI Prg Moon 12 Can 16 conjunct DI natal Sun 13:01, exact that day.
  • Important note: DI Prg cardinal T-square was active throughout this whole procedure and continued as part of the destructive war’s aftermath and reconstruction efforts. DI diu and event outer planets did not change much; faster moving bodies changed marginally.
  • DI diu Midheaven 00 Taurus 33, diu Mars 3 Taurus 56 square diu Moon 4 Leo 03 conjunct DI natal NNode 6:35. This diu Midheaven was also out of sign square but within orb separating from the DI natal Mercury/Pluto opposition.
  • DI diu Ascendant 11 Leo 13 widely square diu Pluto 16 Taurus 02.
  • DI diu Sun 5 Gemini 34 separating from opposition to diu Saturn 2 Sagittarius 10R, diu Sun applying conjunct DI natal Midheaven and Uranus 8 Gemini 52-54. 
  • DI diu and event Uranus at 10 Cancer 50 was slowly applying to DI natal Sun 13 Cancer 01, and the aftermath of the Civil War continued both in and out of Congress – a terrible period in American history.
  • DI diu and event Neptune was finally separating from DI natal Saturn.
    The worst of the nightmare was done, but this period haunts the nation to this day.

Event failure to impeach has an interesting event pattern.

  • Fail to impeach Midheaven 6 Gemini 25 and event Sun 5 Gemini 40 separating from opposition to event Saturn 2 Sagittarius 9R will need to finish up the contacts to DI natal Midheaven and Uranus 8 Gemini 52-54. Separating aspects indicate activities that have finished. Applying aspects indicate upcoming activities. Johnson remained in office to complete his term as tragic reconstruction ran rampant over the country.

New Explorations

Wondering whether the DI chart is still dominant or if the chart for the beginning of our constitutional government took over, I did those aspects as well. The U.S. Constitution began March 4, 1789, noonmark, New York City, NY. Many points of this chart are activated similarly to the DI chart, which was the progenitor of the new government. The positions and their aspects are regenerated, such as:

  • Const Midheaven 11:25 conjunct Sun 14:36 and Saturn 13:39 Pisces square Moon 11 Gemini 28,
    (triggers DI natal Ascendant, Midheaven and Uranus as previously given).
  • Const Ascendant 4 Cancer 20  (conjuncts DI natal Venus/Jupiter previously given).
  • Const Mercury 22 Pisces 27R (opposes DI natal Neptune 22 Virgo 25 previously given, exact’).
  • Const Venus 22 Aquarius 08 conjuncts Pluto 18:03 (conjuncts DI natal Moon 22:37 previously given).
  • Const Neptune 22 Libra 53R square Jupiter 19 Cancer 57R
    (triggers DI natal Mercury/Pluto opposition previously given).

Similarly, I wondered if George Washington’s timed Oath of office on April 30, 1789, had affected succeeding presidents and their inaugurations and experiences. Again, connections between charts were prevalent. The oath Ascendant and Midheaven are almost identical to the DI natal. The cardinal positions are dominant with oath Mars, Mercury, the Moon, Sun and Neptune matching the DI chart, with oath Saturn opposing DI Neptune and oath Pluto conjunct DI Moon. The theme plays out clearly between the charts. See Johnson impeachment spreadsheet following.

Wondering also about the outliers from the first group of events, it was easy to see them on the spreadsheet for the DI Progressions and Diurnals as they applied to the inaugurations and impeachment of President A. Johnson, same groupings mid-fixed (nine), early mutable (five), late fixed (three). Some other position is being triggered. Hmmm, more to research.

For those interested in the personal effect on President Andrew Johnson, according to my files he was born December 29, 1808, 12:52 AM LMT, Raleigh, NC. His natal, progressed and diurnal figures are on the spreadsheet as well. Personal chart application was not a part of this study as I was studying the effect on the country and not any individual.

FYI:   The first joint inauguration of President Lincoln and Vice President A. Johnson was March 4, 1861. The second joint inauguration for the two was March 4, 1865. As mentioned, President Lincoln was shot on the evening of April 14, 1865, and died following morning at 7:22 AM LMT. The stand-alone inauguration for President A. Johnson was given in the narrative.

See spreadsheets for Johnson impeachment plus Johnson’s personal charts and aspects.

Source of southern states succession:

President Richard Nixon

As mentioned earlier, we have only three examples in our nation’s history that involve impeachment or its possibility. Presidents A. Johnson and Clinton were impeached by the House of Representatives, but were not found guilty by their Senates. Therefore, they were not removed from office. President Nixon walked up to the edge of impeachment but chose to resign before the impeachment process took place.

Richard M. Nixon was first inaugurated as President January 20, 1969 along with his Vice President, Spiro Agnew. Their second inauguration was January 20, 1973. Because of the committee to re-elect the President’s invasion of Democratic party headquarters in the Watergate complex during the 1972 election, the legendary Watergate scandal was born and darkly colored the Nixon presidency and the Republican Party as a whole. What was Watergate?

In May, 1972, several burglars broke into the offices of the Democratic National Committee and Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern where they stole documents and attempted to wiretap phones. The wiretaps did not work properly, so in the early morning hours of June 17, 1972, five of the burglars broke back into those offices and were caught red-handed. The burglars, former FBI and CIA agents, were linked to President Nixon’s re-election campaign and had the White House phone number in their belongings. President Nixon denied any involvement, the public believed him and re-elected him that November in a landslide victory.

Hush money     A few days after the break-in, President Nixon arranged to provide hundreds of thousands of dollars to the burglars. He and his aides then arranged to have the CIA impede the FBI investigation. Seven conspirators were indicted, of which five pled guilty. Two were later convicted in January, 1973 (seven of seven).

It was later learned that audio tapes of Oval Office conversations were President Nixon’s common practice. The prosecution petitioned the courts for access, but the President denied them. In July, the Supreme Court ordered the tapes to be turned over. The President stalled but tapes were finally released August 5th and his involvement in the conspiracy and cover-up confirmed.

During that period, VP Agnew was also embroiled in his own long-term criminal controversy and was forced to resign his office while the Watergate fiasco was unfolding. Legal maneuvering occurred to prevent VP Agnew from becoming president if and when President Nixon was removed from office because of Nixon’s foreknowledge and participation in the Watergate activities. Once Agnew was out, President Nixon was free to name Gerald Ford as his Vice President. Ford was then able to assume the office of president upon Nixon’s resignation. Political theater seemed to be involved, but apparently was done to protect the integrity of our constitutional government as far as was humanly possible. Choice.

This whole time period was fraught with illegal activities and controversy. If you are interested in the Agnew saga, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow recently presented a seven-part audio / transcript series called “Bagman”, available for free online from MSNBC. It is fascinating, far deeper, longer, and more amazing than I ever realized. My time was well spent to understand one dramatic piece of our nation’s history. She interviewed some of the investigatory agents during her live news broadcast after the podcasts were released. Those agents learned things from the podcast they did not know when actively investigating. The agents, Rachel and the public really went to school.

Nixon’s first inauguration was not as openly controversial as the second, but as I mentioned, there was much brewing beneath the surface. As expected, both inaugurations show close connections to the DI natal chart. There is a tight Prg Sun/Pluto/SNode conjunction opposed quite wide Prg Jupiter triggering the DI natal Mercury/Pluto opposition. That pattern was still in effect for the second inauguration. The impeachment / resignation issues came to a head about  a year and a half after the second inauguration. VP Agnew had continued his ongoing criminal activities while in the White House for both terms, but it only became publicly visible in the second term. Republican / conservative loyalty to VP Agnew was tremendous. Hopefully, citizens would not have elected him for a second term had his perfidy been visible. And then again, sometimes it is difficult to accept that our heroes are really bad guys in disguise. Denial runs strong in the human race, despite legitimate proof to the contrary. It would be interesting to study both inaugurations for all those activities, but is not within the scope of this specific research. 

After the Supreme Court ordered the release of the audio tapes but prior to their actual release, on July 27, 28 and 29, the full House approved three of the Articles of Impeachment for Nixon, but did not approve several other possible articles. As the Watergate investigation unfolded and the audio tapes were finally released, it became clear that President Nixon was aware and supportive of the illegalities… personally involved. On August 7th when Republican AZ Senator Barry Goldwater and House Minority Leader (Democrat) John Rhodes informed the president that the evidence was so strong that he (the president) would be impeached, Nixon elected to immediately resign his office. His televised announcement of his intent to resign was at 9:00 PM August 8, 1974 with the resignation itself taking effect on noon of the following day, August 9, 1974.

So far in this research, I have not been reading the progressed and diurnal inauguration charts because I was concerned it would add confusion to an already huge array of charts for the study. I had restricted myself to impeachment issues. Progressions year-to-year can show modest motion, especially the Moon, but between one day and the next, progressions do not show any appreciable motion.

Briefly for Nixon Inauguration #1 DI progressions:

  • Ing1 DI Prg Midheaven 17 Sagittarius 58 widely square DI natal Neptune 22 Virgo 25, pending four years (bingo).
  • Ing1 DI Prg Ascendant 8:00 and Moon 8:59 Pisces, square DI natal Midheaven/Uranus 8:52-54 and Prg Uranus 7:22R Gemini. DI Prg Ascendant is also conjunct the DI natal Descendant, (pending about four years).
  • Ing1 DI Prg Sun 23:25 opposed Prg Jupiter 19:47R Cancer, separating. Prg Sun/SNode/Pluto in 23:25 to 27:54 Capricorn out of sign conjunct Mercury 01 Aquarius 19 and DI natal Pluto 27:33R Capricorn, opposed DI natal Mercury 24 Cancer 20R.
  • Ing1 Prg Mars 11 Libra 29 applying conjunct DI natal Saturn 14 Libra 48 square DI natal Sun 13 Cancer 01; Mars travels about one-half degree a day for a year progression, about three years to the Sun, and about seven years to Saturn, bingo .
  • Ing1 Prg Mercury 1 Aquarius 19 applying square Ing1 Prg Saturn 2 Scorpio 43 both widely triggering DI natal NNode 6 Leo 35. Note that the nation’s progressing Mercury has been direct for most of the nation’s history. Prg Saturn travels much slower than Prg Mercury.

Nixon Inauguration #2 DI progressions:

  • Ing2 Prg SNode/Sun/Pluto 27:14 to 28 :02 Capricorn, still conjunct DI natal Pluto 27:33R.
  • Ing2 DI Prg Midheaven 21 Sagittarius 37 square DI natal and prg Neptune 22/27 Virgo.
  • Ing2 DI Prg Ascendant 14 Pisces 29 separating from opposition DI natal Ascendant 11 Virgo 46.
  • Ing2 DI Prg Mars 12 Libra 48 closer to conjunct DI natal Saturn 14:48 and closely square DI natal Sun 13 Cancer 01, exact within four years.
  • Ing2 DI Prg Moon 5 Taurus 58 separating opposed Prg Saturn 2 Scorpio 54, square DI Prg Mercury 8 Aquarius 07 opposed DI natal N Node 6 Leo 35 (Fixed Grand Cross).The progressing Moon travels about 1˚ per month.
  • Ing2 DI Prg Venus 5 Pisces 39 applying square to DI natal Uranus/Midheaven Uranus 8: 52/54 and Prg Uranus 7:16 Gemini. Prg Venus travels about 1 ¼˚ per year, taking about a year and a half to Prg Ven to Prg Uran exact.

Resignation DI progressions, 1 year 7.5 months after Ing2:

  • DI Prg Midheaven 23 Sagittarius 01 square DI natal and (wide) Prg Neptune 22 Virgo 25 and 26:59R.
  • DI Prg Ascendant 17 Pisces 03 (note Ing1 Midheaven 17 Sagittarius 58).
  • Prg Sun 29:04 still conjunct Prg SNode 27:14 and DI natal and Prg Pluto 27:33R and 28:05 all Capricorn separating.
  • DI Prg Mars 13:17 closer conjunct DI natal Saturn 14:48 Libra and separating square DI natal Sun 13 Cancer 01.
  • Di Prg Venus 7 Pisces 31 now separating square DI Prg Uranus 7 Gemini 14R,
    activating the DI natal Midheaven/Uranus conjunction 8 Gemini 52-54.
  • DI Prg Mercury 10 Aquarius 45 wide separating square DI natal NNode 6 Leo 35.
  • DI Prog Moon 27 Taurus 36 wide separating square DI natal Moon 22 Aquarius 37, six months prior activation.
  • DI Prg Saturn 2 Scorpio 58 still very wide square DI natal N Node 6 Leo 35.

It did not serve my specific purpose for this impeachment study to delineate diurnals for inaugurations one and two, or the announcement diurnal (which did not have legal impact) on the day prior, so only the DI resignation diurnal is outlined below:

  • DI diu Midheaven 10 Cancer 46 conjunct Saturn 13:22 wide square diu Ascendant 9 Libra 21, Midheaven/Saturn conjunct DI natal Sun 13 Cancer 01, square natal Saturn 14 Libra 48.
  • DI diu Moon 28 Aries 38 separating opposite Uranus 24 Libra 18 square diu Venus 23 Cancer 27, triggering DI natal Mercury/Pluto opposition (prior flurry of activity as fast-moving Moon triggered this pattern in sequence, same day).
  • DI diu Mercury 8:10 conjunct DI natal NNode 6:35 Leo, separating, decision previous day.
  • Diu Mars 8 Virgo 11 square Neptune 6 Sagittarius 52R opposed DI natal Midheaven/ Uranus 8 Gemini 52-54 (exact), also triggering DI natal Ascendant 11 Virgo 46.
  • DI diu Jupiter 16 Pisces 10R square diu NNode 17 Sag 24R.
  • DI diu Saturn 13:22 closely separating conjunct DI natal Sun 13:01 Cancer square DI natal Saturn 14 Libra 48, prelude to announcement.
  • DI diu Pluto 4 Libra 54 square DI natal Venus/Jupiter conjunction 2 Cancer 43 to 5:52.
  • Twelve out of thirteen event connections.

We will now look at the events themselves because, while they are so close in time (fifteen hours on the day’s clock), each is still a stand-alone event chart. At 9:00 PM EDT, August 8,,1974 President Nixon televised his intent to resign from the White House:

  • Event Midheaven 16:18 conjunct NNode 17:26R Sagittarius, square Jupiter 16 Pisces 13R.
  • Event Ascendant 5 Pisces 35 was opposed by Mars at 7 Virgo 49, both square Neptune 6 Sagittarius 52R, all in close Grand Mutable Square to DI natal Midheaven/Uranus 8 Gemini 52-54
  • Event Moon 21 Aries 29 opposite Uranus 24 Libra 17, both T-square Venus 22 Cancer 46, triggering the DI natal Mercury/Pluto opposition.
  • Event Mercury 7 Leo 2 conjunct DI natal NNode 6:35 separating, prelude to resignation.
  • Saturn 13:18 conjunct DI natal Sun 13:01 Cancer square natal Saturn 14 Lib 48; Saturn, the teacher, makes responsible for own actions.
  • Pluto 4 Libra 53 square DI natal Venus/Jupiter conjunction 2 Cancer 43 to 5:52
  • Twelve out of thirteen event connections.

Nixon’s official resignation was August 9, 1974, effective at noon:

  • Event Moon 29 Aries 22 square Midheaven 28 Cancer 37 wide and separating conjunct Venus 23:31;  Moon opposed Ascendant 24:44 and Uranus 24:18 Libra, prelude to broadcast triggering DI natal Mercury/Pluto Capricorn opposition.
  • Event Mars 8 Virgo 13 separating square Neptune 6 Sagittarius 52R, T-square DI natal Midheaven/Uranus 8 Gemini 52-54, same day. Event Mars/Neptune square also widely t-squaring DI natal Ascendant/Descendant.
  • Event Jupiter 16 Pisces 10R widely conjunct DI natal Descendant, separating.
  • Event Pluto 4 Libra 54 square DI natal Venus/Jupiter Cancer conjunction.
  • Event N Node 17 Sagittarius 24R wide opposed DI natal Mars 21 Gemini 10, and more widely square DI natal Neptune, applying so future oriented.
  • Ten out of thirteen event connections.

The spreadsheet lists the positions of all charts cast to understand this impeachment process. Not all workups are given in this material because of the tight time frame. Richard M. Nixon’s personal charts are also listed should you wish to study his impeachment from his personal perspective.

President Nixon walked up to the edge of impeachment, but was not impeached by the House nor tried by the Senate. He resigned, halting any impeachment process. Nixon’s successor, President Gerald M. Ford, extended a full and unconditional presidential pardon for ex-President Nixon and his Watergate involvement and crimes on September 8, 1974.

See U.S. Constitutional Nixon workup spreadsheet.


President William B. Clinton

Clinton… the political story that keeps on giving…Hard to know where to begin, what to include, what to leave out… and this presidency occurred within my full awareness. I was not politically active during my younger years. As a single mother of four, raising kids, working, etc. kept me pretty busy. Bill Clinton was a previous State Attorney General and then Governor of Arkansas before he was elected to the U.S. presidency. An attorney married to an attorney suggested an intelligent couple to lead our nation. There was always controversy surrounding the Clintons. Whether it was earned or contrived is in the eye of the beholder. Lots of innuendo and accusations, a multitude of investigations, but nothing to speak of that was admissible and provable in a court of law or within Congress. It left one political side howling and the other political side claiming “witch hunt!” Sound familiar? Only the partisan political positions have switched.

Now as then, I left the final decision to the court of law (in this case the U.S. Senate), and that choice to follow the law includes all the results from the Clinton Administration, Hillary as Secretary of State, through the later nominations… more political theater than any of us Americans were raised to acknowledge or understand even though our DI natal chart has the famous Mars square Neptune of political theater or “the circus is in town”. What did our courts uphold as legal? It was impeachment, not conviction. As for the balance of charges still out there, lots of political grandstanding but still not provable in court… and provable is the law of our country! Gossip may produce public indictment but is not legally binding!

I trust the astrological charts to help me understand. They have led me through two confusing previous impeachment processes (A. Johnson and Nixon) and they will lead me through Clinton as well. The Reagan presidency and the GHW Bush presidency had survived multiple political bumps in the road. I remember them well. The power of the presidency offers many temptations and examples; but those are articles for another day, and are not involved in this impeachment study. This section is about the Clinton impeachment. The Declaration of Independence, the beginning of the Constitution and Washington’s inaugural oath charts led my way to illustrate amazing connectivity between 1776, 1789 and 1998-9 in our nation’s history.

Astrological triggers?    The Andrew Johnson impeachment and the Richard Nixon resignation in the face of impending impeachment show a very strong connection to:

  • the U.S. Declaration of Independence natal Mercury/Pluto opposition,
  • the U.S. Constitution natal Jupiter/Neptune/Uranus square,
  • and the natal G. Washington Oath of Office Mercury/Jupiter/Neptune/Uranus T-square in those respective charts. Ring one bell and the other two resonate.

Communication/power/control/ manipulation rings loud and clear through the natal, progressions, and diurnals (transits).There is no difference in the Clinton impeachment process. Politics at work… Communication/power/control/manipulation. While main, that is only ONE process at work.

This one is a bit different. Johnson and Clinton were impeached (no doubt) and Nixon changed his imminent impeachment dance to a resignation. This one, the Clinton impeachment, shows a TON more political theater with the activation of the DI Mars/Neptune square with the Constitution diurnal on the day of the Clinton impeachment having five of thirteen possible activations triggering that DI Mars/Neptune square! That is truly amazing. Power and control? Yes! Political theater? Yes!

As mentioned, the attacks on the Clintons were non-stop from Arkansas through to Washington, D.C., one after another with little to no clear space in between. That’s a heck of a way to run a country. During the ensuing investigation, multiple political and Clinton-affiliated people were convicted of political and fraud crimes, but there was no legal proof that the Clintons themselves committed or participated in those crimes. It was thought by some that the Clintons might have been victims of associates’ malfeasance rather than co-conspiracy. That explanation has never gone over well with those attempting to convict the Clintons. That by now pointless battle rages on even today. Once a lie has been cast, it is difficult to undo the damage, regardless of which side is casting and which side is assaulted.

Attempts to use the Whitewater scandal, et al, to dethrone the President did not provide a clear path, so the Special Prosecutor turned to the potential of a sexual scandal. This was not within the realm of the original directive, but something to pin his hopes on. And we all know the end of that story. Clinton, an attorney in his own right, did the unthinkable of any attorney – he told a lie about his sexual adventuring and that’s a no-no under oath. How could any attorney sworn to uphold the law lie, withhold truth, or fudge on their testimony (sarcasm intended)? Why would a married lawyer lie when he knows the potential political / legal ramifications? You don’t suppose we could be looking at a man who did not want to tell his wife in public about his affair? There is a axiom (paraphrased) that says the simplest answer is usually the right one.

There is so much of this nonsense going on in today’s news that it makes you dizzy trying to figure it all out! The most powerful man in our world (leader of the free world) thought he was bullet proof when exercising his sexuality. NOT! President Clinton was acquitted of the standing charges by the Senate hearing. There was a later monetary settlement in one of the legal cases, but with no admission of wrongdoing. Besides, several of the politicians in charge of the investigations and charges were having affairs of their own while prosecuting Clinton. That came out later. Political theater and hypocrisy in full battle array!

What was the financial cost of the investigation? According a recent article by Newsweek, it cost $70 million dollars for the Clinton investigations. The end result was that no legal charges were provable, and tons of pointless later investigations went down political rabbit holes. Think of how much good we could have done with the $70 million plus dollars! But, politics being what it is, President Clinton served his full term just as President A. Johnson did. Nixon resigned. Again, impeachment occurs in the House of Representatives. Conviction and removal (or lack of it) occurs in the Senate. That is an important political point.

Astrology…    President Clinton was inaugurated January 20, 1993 and 1997. His impeachment was December 19, 1998. The actual timing for count one was 1:22 PM EST Capitol Building, Washington D.C. There was one impeachment article passed, and two more did not pass. I will stay with count one because that was the moment he was impeached, regardless of what came later.  Conjunctions, oppositions, squares only, and tighter is better. To switch techniques to illustrate the happenings from a different perspective, let’s start with the power/control issues:

DI Mercury/Pluto opposition was 24 Cancer 20R to 27 Capricorn 33R.

  • DI prg Ascendant 27 Aries 20 square natal and prg DI Pluto 28:51 (222 years after the DI), with prg NNode 26 Cancer 58R. Power/Control.
  • DI diurnal Ascendant conjunct but wide and out of sign at 2 Aquarius 20 with Neptune 00:38 square diu Saturn 26 Aries 52R. Power/control.

US Constitution

  • Constitution prg Mercury 29:24, Neptune 22:28 Libra square Mars 27 Cancer 53. Power/Control.
  • Constitution diu has five connections to the DI Mars/Neptune (Political theater) square,
    plus Saturn 26 Aries 53R and out of sign Neptune 00 Aquarius 36. Power/control plus political theater.

G Washington’s inauguration oath

  • G. Washington’s oath Mercury 24 Aries 53 opposed Neptune 21 Libra 25R T-square Jupiter 22 Cancer 56 with Uranus wide out of sign 1 Leo 00. Power/control.
  • G. Washington’s oath Saturn 20 Pisces 04 was conjuncted by impeachment Jupiter 20:20 and all triggered the DI Mars/Neptune square. Political theater.

Actual timed impeachment first count:

  • Ascendant 27:08 conjunct Saturn 26:52R Aries square DI Pluto 27 Capricorn 33R, same day.
  • Midheaven 15 Capricorn 19 opposed DI Sun 13 Cancer 01 square DI Saturn 14 Libra 48, same day.
  • Mars 12 Libra 09 applying square DI Sun Cancer, conjunct DI Saturn Libra, process 2.
  • Sun 27 Sagittarius 38 (Sun: identity as President) actually protected by faster moving and applying Ascendant trine (exception), impeached but never convicted.
  • SNode 23:30R recently separating conjunct DI Moon 22:37 Aquarius (citizenry, process).
  • Mercury 6:07 conjunct Pluto 8:40 Sagittarius opposed DI Uranus/MC conjunction 8 Gemini 52-54, communication, decision.
  • Moon 6:57 applying conjunct Venus 10:02 Capricorn wide square DI Venus/Jupiter conjunction 2:43 to 5:52 Cancer. Venus also opposed DI Sun and T-squares DI Saturn. Transiting Moon moves about 1˚ every two hours on the day’s clock.
  • Jupiter 20 Pisces 20 applying opposed DI Neptune 22 Virgo 25 square DI Mars 21 Gemini 10, political circus.
  • Uranus 10:21 wide separating conjunction to DI SNode 6:35 Aquarius, previous process.
  • Neptune 00 Aquarius 38, wide, out of sign, separating from DI Pluto 27 Capricorn 33R, prelude to current charges.

If I am not mistaken… that’s thirteen out of thirteen possibilities connected to the DI alone!

It may be helpful to remember that this impeachment vote had been delayed by the bombing of Iraq; there were lots of national happenings at that time.

Senate hearing and acquittal       I think it is important to follow the impeachment process with the acquittal of the Senate hearing. Our subject is impeachment, but it is important to not leave loose threads. I chose one date to represent the process, the date of acquittal itself.         

The Senate hearing (trial) began January 7, 1999, with SCOTUS Chief Justice William Rehnquist presiding. Prosecution presented from January 14-16, defense from January 19-21. Proceedings were opened up to outside witnesses and testimony stretched out until February 9th when the Senate closed deliberations began. On February 12th, the full Senate ruled on the charges and President Clinton was acquitted.  Later, the judge for the Paula Jones lawsuit cited that, because of lying under oath, President Clinton had agreed to a five-year suspension of his Arkansas law license once he left the office of president.

What does the event chart for acquittal show us? There are two for that single day, 12:21 PM EST for count #1 and 12:39 PM for count #2, eighteen minutes apart. We will study count #1 for our basis and note any changes for count #2 if appropriate. Because we are five weeks out from our impeachment reading, outer planets will not have changed much, so it will be the faster moving bodies and the angles telling the rest of this story.

  • Acquittal #1 Midheaven 23:12 conjunct Sun 23:32 and SNode 22:9, (separating) and DI natal Moon 22:37, all Aquarius, same day.
  • Acquittal Ascendant 16 Gemini 28 widely opposed Pluto 10 Sagittarius 15 (separating) square Venus 18 Pisces 42 (applying). Venus is in closest aspect to DI natal Mars 21 Gemini 10 T-square DI Neptune 22 Virgo 25. Political Theater.
  • Acquittal Moon 10 Capricorn 28 opposed DI natal Sun 13 Cancer 01 T-square DI natal Saturn 14 Libra 48.
  • Acquittal Mars 6 Scorpio 17 square DI natal NNode 6 Leo 35, exact same day.
  • Acquittal Saturn 28 Aries 34 separating T-square DI natal Mercury/Pluto opposition… process. Power/Control!
  • Acquittal Neptune 2:39 Aquarius wide but appying conjunct DI SNode 6:35.
  • Not directly involved by my criteria: Mercury 00:09 and Jupiter 29:56 Pisces, Uranus 13:23 Aquarius. To me, that is representative of the winding down of the whole process.

  • Acquittal #2 – only the angles have changed in eighteen minutes. The Midheaven has moved to 27 Aquarius 52, closer to Mercury, no real change.
  • Acquittal #2 Ascendant 21 Gemini 00 has moved to within ten minutes of the conjunction of DI Mars square DI Neptune. Political theater!

I find it interesting that the chart ruler (Mercury) of both acquittal charts was not within aspect until the Midheaven entered into a wide orb of conjunction on the second count. Important?

For those interested in the presidential impeachment affect on President Clinton as a person, his birth data is August 19, 1946, 8:51 AM CST, Hope, Arkansas. All the event dates and charts given here may have personal application for progressions, diurnals and the timed impeachment. Personal is not a part of this study, but his charts are listed on the spreadsheet.

Donald J. Trump

Know that what I have written thus far was initially researched several years ago, covering the impeachment process for three former U.S. presidents: Andrew Johnson and William Clinton (who were actually impeached), plus the resignation of Richard Nixon during the impeachment deliberations. Now it is time to look at more current history involving the first (2019) and second (2021) impeachment processes against newly former President Donald J. Trump. The first is history and the second recently made new history. Similar to the previous two impeachments of a sitting president, the first Trump impeachment did not translate to conviction in the U.S. Senate. The second Trump House impeachment has been presented to the current Senate and is to be acted upon February 9, 2021 as I write this section. This process has already had a historical precedent: one single President being impeached twice. And there is another historical precedent – this second process is against a President who will no longer be in office. If you look at the larger picture, partisan politics is running rampant in our country and in the world. This study is specific to American politics, but is an example of other political struggles elsewhere.

Astrology is not a political football. Yes, this particular impeachment process has been in our faces for the last few years. Yes, any person, including an astrologer, may have opinions and biases. Yes, having an innate personal bias during research tends to reinforce what is expected by that bias and lose sight of anything that reinforces the opposing bias. But a research astrologer looking for facts should be able to set aside personal bias in the interest of developing and recognizing facts and the truth. That is the point of any research. I am attempting to do just that. A research astrologer should be capable of trusting the charts and the information generated to provide a more accurate, and preferably unbiased, report. Repeating the research and spreadsheet techniques used with Presidents Johnson, Nixon and Clinton will keep the process as uniform and unbiased as possible, relying on astrological activations to provide us a better understanding for the overall process in these tumultuous times. Hopefully I can do that.

Impeachment process #1 

An article by John Wagner from the “Washington Post”*, which I will paraphrase, gave an excellent timeline for the 2019 impeachment (#1) in the House. The House of Representatives Judiciary Committee headed by Chairman Jerrold Nadler (Dem NY) had been deliberating over multiple articles of impeachment and reached final vote on two articles, coming to order at 10:03 AM on December 13, 2019 at the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

  • The first impeachment article charged President Trump with “abuse of power” from using the power of his office to solicit “the interference of a foreign government, Ukraine, in the 2016 United States Presidential election”. This charge was approved at 10:07 AM. The President was, at that moment, forever an impeached president.
  • The second impeachment article charged him with “obstruction of Congress” relative to his response to the House’s impeachment inquiries. President Trump was accused of using the powers of his office to direct “the unprecedented, categorical, and indiscriminate defiance of subpoenas issued by the House of Representatives pursuant to its ‘sole Power of Impeachment’”. The second charge was approved at 10:09 AM.
  • The whole process from bringing the Judiciary Committee to order at 10:03, to 10:07, to 10:09 A.M. took six minutes on the nation’s clock for two separate Articles of Impeachment to be appended to the history of the Trump presidency. Since there are only two minutes between the actual votes, we will look at the first vote (10:07) as an event and know that only the Midheaven and Ascendant were capable of significant movement of approximately 1/2 degree forward motion for the second vote. The Midheaven moves one degree in four minutes on the clock. The Ascendant moves from ¾ to 2˚ in that same four minutes, depending upon the latitude (Ascendant) at that longitude (Midheaven). None of the physical bodies, including the Moon, can move that quickly.

What was the astrology of the double charges (two) of the first impeachment process as an event? As in the other examples, I will continue to aspect event positions to the US Declaration of Independence (DI) Virgo raising chart, hard aspects, tightest orb possible, up to 5˚ for unfolding events.

  • Imp#1 Midheaven 24:06 Scorpio separating square DI Moon 22:37 Aquarius; exact would have been approximately the time the House session was gaveled into legal status.
  • Imp#1 Ascendant 02:49 Aquarius applying wide conjunct DI SNode 6:35 Aquarius, karmic connotation, future.
  • Imp#1 Uranus 2:59R Taurus square DI Nodes 6:35 N Leo / S Aquarius, karmic implication from the D.I. natal Midheaven/Uranus conjunction. This looks like separating, but as time progresses transiting Uranus will complete this square, so I rate this applying.
  • Imp#1 Sun 21:18 Sagittarius applying T-square DI Neptune 22:25 Virgo opposed DI Mars 21:10 Gemini (slightly separating) – it does not get better than that, both positions work! Remember my comment about DI Mars square Neptune representing U.S. political theater. The House knew the Senate would not uphold their impeachment, but proceeded to impeach for the record to attempt to prevent President Trump a second term. 
  • Imp#1 Neptune 16:00 Pisces very wide opposition both to DI Neptune 22:25 Virgo and DI Ascendant 11:46 (separating, Imp#1 Neptune is on the midpoint between the two natal positions, which is another valid (combined) trigger point.
  • Imp#1 Moon 8:53 Cancer separating conjunct DI Jupiter 5:52, exact six hours earlier that day.
  • Imp#1 Mercury 6:12 Sagittarius applying to opposition DI Midheaven/Uranus conjunction 8:52-54 Gemini, communication relative to DI overall mission is primary.
  • Imp#1 Venus 21:48 Capricorn applying opposed DI Mercury 24:20R Cancer, very wide conjunct DI Pluto 27:33R Capricorn triggering DI Mercury/Pluto opposition of power and control, exact in two days, process.
  • Imp#1 Saturn 19:18 Capricorn wide opposed DI Mercury 24:20R Cancer. This would play out (applying) after the fact of the impeachment itself, another stage, possibly the acquittal decision?
  • Imp#1 Pluto 21:48 Capricorn opposes DI Mercury 24:20R Cancer, very wide applying conjunction to DI Pluto 27:33. The DI chart is approaching its Pluto return.
  • Imp#1 Mars 16:05 Scorpio, no hard aspect within 5˚. Mars was ineffectual or unnecessary as determined by the later Senate acquittal, but Scorpio never forgets.
  • Imp#1 Jupiter 2:27 Capricorn opposed DI Venus 2:43 Cancer. These were conjunct in DI natal, helping us with our success and abundance. There has been a ton of partisan fund-raising that capitalized on this aspect.
  • Imp#1 NNode 8:23 Cancer applying conjunction to DI Jupiter 5:52, karmic implication. Note: the Nodes natural direction is retrograde so this aspect will perfect itself in the future despite jigging and jogging back and forth retrograde and direct every couple of days. Again, karmic in nature. Modern karma: what goes around comes around.
  • Stop here and note that there were twelve out of thirteen event connections to DI natal (not Mars).

While there was a tremendous amount of testimony and documents offered in the House deliberations, the Senate refused to allow any testimony and documents at the hearings. Extreme political disparity was visible in that decision. As a sitting court, all elements and facts that help understand the charges and the proceeding should be heard. The Senate voted to not convict and unseat the President Trump. This was true of the Andrew Johnson and William Clinton Senate decisions as well; and, of course, Richard Nixon chose to resign rather than face the trial after he was alerted to the fact that imminent impeachment and anticipated conviction were probable. At this writing, the pending Senate trial (#2) again appears to have been decided prior to the trial. Observation: It puzzles me that the trial has not started, but the outcome is known on the Senate side. I thought trial by jury was supposed to be the other way around. Facts first, decisions follow. It is also unusual for this jury (Senate) to be openly allied to the defendant (President) in our usual courts of law. Judge and jury are usually a blank slate working to find the truth. Moving on, what else can we see?

Because my existing notes on the timing for the 2020 Senate trial were sketchy, I Googled to find more details. One of the first things I encountered was a Wikipedia article on the overall process. I do like Wikipedia as a source. I find them informative, plus I like the sourcing at the end of each article. If I have questions about any part of what I am reading, I can easily refer to a source. While reading the very early part of that article, I saw enlightening information in the paragraphs entitled “Early Planning”, “Republican Plans”, and the first part of “December 2019”.  It helped explain the pending order of business between the two processes that I questioned a moment ago.

  • The speculation chart I used for my original research was January 21, 2020, 1:00 PM EST, Capitol Building, Washington, D.C. In actuality, according to the Wikipedia article, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signed the Articles of Impeachment on January 15, 2020 and had them delivered to the Senate. The House presenters were told to return the following day at noon and repeat the ceremony. No explanation was given.
  • The Senate next had to swear in the Senators who would make up the jury for the trial. They then adjourned and recessed for the MLK legal holiday, and that allowed the Senate Chambers to be modified as a courtroom.
  • At 1:00 PM EST January 22, the House Impeachment Managers began the opening presentation and completed it January 24th.
  • The Trump defense team began their arguments January 25th and ended January 28th.
  • January 29 and 30th were the question-and-answer period, along with debate about subpoenas for additional testimony and evidence. The Senate voted no January 31st.
  • Closing arguments for both sides were February 3rd.
  • The President was acquitted February 5, 2020 4:09 PM EST (Source: website).

The January 21st chart I started with turned out to be speculative at best, but it still showed lots of connections to the D of I chart. (Process of researching, spec chart separately listed on spreadsheet.)

What is the astrology of the actual Senate acquittal#1 (Acq#1) chart?

  • Acq#1 Midheaven 17:03 Aries, separating opposed DI Saturn 14:48 Libra, T-square DI Sun 13:01 Cancer. Exact to Sun four days prior to vote, to Saturn exact two days prior to vote.
  • Acq#1 Ascendant 00:36 Leo out of sign separating opposed DI Pluto 27:33R Capricorn. Exact two to three days prior to vote. (Power and control.)
  • Acq#1 Sun 16 Aquarius 31, no hard aspect within 5˚.
  • Acq#1 Moon 01:11 applying conjunct DI Venus 2:43 Cancer, exact two hours after vote.
  • Acq#1 Mercury 03:37 Pisces very wide applying square DI Midheaven/Uranus 8:52-54 Gemini, culminating a few days after vote, communication is key.
  • Acq#1 Venus 27:42 Pisces very wide separating opposition DI Neptune 22:25 Virgo, exact four to five days prior to vote, strange alliances.
  • Acq#1 Mars 22 Sagittarius 44 T-square DI Neptune 22:25 Virgo and opposed DI Mars 21:10 Gemini, separating overall, exact opposition to Mars about three days prior to vote; exact square to Neptune, half day prior to vote. Note midpoint activation.
  • Acq#1 Jupiter 14:43 Capricorn opposed DI Sun 13:01 Cancer, separating, exact seven to ten days prior to vote during “setting of stage” period.
  • Acq#1 Saturn 25:36 Capricorn applying conjunct DI Pluto 27:33R, opposed separating DI Mercury 24:20R Cancer; separating exact nine to ten days prior; applying exact one week later. (Power and control issues activated.)
  • Acq#1 Uranus 02 Taurus 56 wide applying square DI Node 6:35 Leo. Uranus will transit fixed degrees in 2021. (Impeachment  and Acquittal #2?)
  • Acq#1 Neptune 17:14 Pisces wide applying opposition DI Neptune 22:25 Virgo, applying square DI Mars. Neptune will transit these degrees in 2021 (Impeachment and Acquittal #2?); more political theater.
  • Acq#1 Pluto 23:34 Capricorn opposed DI Mercury 24:20R Cancer, wide conjunction DI Pluto 27:33R Capricorn. DI Pluto return underway, extremely active from 24:20 through 27:33. (Impeachment and Acquittal #2?)
  • Acq#1 NNode 07:53 conjunct DI Jupiter 5:52 and very wide to DI Venus 2:43 all, Cancer. Remember the Nodes travel primarily retrograde, zigging and zagging every couple of days. These are applying aspects but will take much time to complete. Dates of actual contact (multiples) can indicate dates of decision or importance as we proceed through 2020 and into 2021.
  • Twelve of thirteen possibilities are active, some multiple connections.

Both the impeachment chart and the acquittal chart for impeachment process #1 show heavy activations to the DI natal similar to the previous impeachment processes:

  • The DI natal Mercury/Pluto opposition for power, control and manipulation of the communication process.
  • The DI natal Mars square Neptune that I termed the political circus, hard to know what is truth or fiction, great drama and theatrics.

Aside from the political polarization inherent in all the impeachment and conviction charts, it is difficult to achieve both balance and truth in these processes. The Founding Fathers found it difficult to formulate a judicial way to control a potentially out of control executive branch without making it too easy for the legislative branches to politically punish an adversary, a very fine line on which to dance. It was important to incorporate a process into the Constitution just in case, but ambiguity in definitions has made it difficult to negotiate at the time it is needed.

The Constitution expects that each branch of the government does its job in protecting the whole mechanism and does not degenerate into partisan interests and control issues. I have studied those elder statesmen over the many years’ lifespan of the DI. While our legislators may not have agreed with one another on every issue, they were expected to do their best to be balanced when both inserting and resolving difficult definitions into our Constitution. Their decisions were to have been about protecting our democracy, not partisanship. Our Founding and Framing Fathers had to rely on succeeding generations to practice truth, good judgment and to uphold the ideals embedded in the Constitution. This was to protect not only our form of government, but to protect the citizens themselves. Sometimes that has worked, sometimes not so much – like now.

I did cast the U.S. DI Virgo rising progressions for both the House impeachment and the Senate trial for Impeachment #1, but will honestly say there are more continuing patterns than standouts. There is so little time between the two events, the progressions have barely moved. Both progressed charts are listed on the spreadsheet as US Vir ris prg Imp #1 to keep this chart study complete.

Impeachment Process #2   According to my original sources, the second impeachment process was activated January 13, 2021 at 4:42 PM EST, at the Capitol Building, Washington, DC when the House of Representatives impeached President Trump just prior to the end of his term of office (January 20). This impeachment process was so different because it was directed at a soon-to-be former and not currently-seated president. Since this impeachment process is used for judgeships as well, it has been previously applied to seated judges as well as those who had already left the bench. At stake is the ability of such judge or other designated official (including the president) to hold future office. That is the reason that conviction is sought aside from the obvious removal reason. There is purpose behind this conundrum!

As I backed up my research, I came across several official times: 4:33PM according to the official Clerk of the House of Representatives, 4:36 PM according to the .gov site as well as the official time given the day of the impeachment 4:42 PM. The diurnal time differential is nine minutes overall with tiny changes to most entries. The progressions have no real change in that time. The progressed Midheavens and Ascendants moved slightly. I have put all three charts on the spreadsheet to provide the figures, but will stay with the work I had already completed for my initial attempt at this second impeachment. Why that choice? Because the primary trigger actual aspect (diurnal) is closest to exact. I tend to believe the time originally given was perhaps the gaveling of the vote as having passed the House. You can see how difficult fine-tuning an exact moment can be, particularly in partisan politics with multiple reporting sources. 

What does the astrology of this impeachment reveal? It would be good idea to remind you that this impeachment took place in the week between the DC protest-turned-insurrection of January 6th and the inauguration of President Joseph Biden on January 20th, a very volatile period of time. While there was physical violence, the threat and horror of such violence and the potential for more to come colored that whole period. What does the stand-alone event chart show?

  • Imp#2 Midheaven 2 Aries 14* applying square DI Venus 2:43* and DI Jupiter 5:52 Cancer; (*exact within 1’ of clock time).
  • Imp#2 Ascendant 19:30 Cancer wide conjunct DI Mercury 24:20R, setting off DI natal Mercury/Pluto opposition. Power and control, and the DI natal fight continues.
  • Imp#2 Sun 23:56 Capricorn opposed DI Mercury/Pluto opposition as above.
  • Imp#2 Moon 2:51 Aquarius applying conjunct DI SNode 6:35 Aquarius; exact in about eight hours on the day’s clock, continuing partisanship? Citizen involvement in questionable old groups?
  • Imp#2 Mercury 08:46 Aquarius separating conjunct DI SNode 6:35 Aquarius, prior decisions based on older associations.
  • Imp#2 Venus 6:35 Capricorn opposed separating DI Jupiter 5:52 and DI Venus 2:43 Cancer; sounds like a money-raising abundance machine was in play prior to event.
  • Imp#2 Mars 3:17 Taurus squared applying DI SNode 6:35 Aquarius and partner N Node/Leo, exact within a week – physical demonstrations?
  • Imp#2 Jupiter 5:46 Aquarius conjunct applying DI SNode 6:35 Aquarius as above; exact about eight to nine days later. SNode Karmic, again grouping from past?
  • Imp#2 Saturn 3:08 Aquarius conjunct applying DI SNode 6:35 Aquarius as above; exact about two weeks in the future. Being held responsible for actions, grouping from past?
  • Imp#2 Uranus 6:43R Taurus square applying DI SNode 6:35 Aquarius as above. Transiting Uranus is in motion (causative). DI SNode is static (receiver of activation).  Same reasoning as Jupiter and Saturn above – revelations, sophisticated new techniques, grouping from past. I do believe this threesome explains what happened astrologically directly after the DC riots, the electronic revelations, the use of photos to determine the rioters, the call to the public to name names, the para-military protestors, protest-turned-insurrection. I personally am in stun mode seeing the heavens paint the picture so clearly. At this moment, it is July 7th and in the middle of an edit of all this work, I finally see the pattern revealing itself!
  • Imp#2 Neptune 18:45 Pisces applying opposed DI Neptune 22:25 Virgo. Current Neptune is opposing its natal position 245 years later, preparing for its second orbit opposition to natal. The only previous time this occurred to the U.S. DI chart was the lead-up to the Civil War. See my article on the website: RH: the Quadrature of Neptune
  • Imp#2 Pluto 24:37 Capricorn separating opposed DI Mercury 24:20R, applying conjunct DI Pluto 27:33R Capricorn. (Current Pluto returning to its natal position, resonance, as previously described.)
  • Imp#2 NNode 19:36R Gemini conjunct DI Mars 21:10 and square DI Neptune 22:25 Virgo, both separating. Mars/Jupiter is our natal political theater. This completed itself prior to the impeachment itself, and was part of what led up to this impeachment.
  • Again, thirteen of thirteen connections between the impeachment and the USA DI natal.

Note that the four-planet Aquarius stellium square Mars/Uranus in Taurus has six out of ten transiting bodies locked into a hostile, belligerent, powerful square, with the Moon triggering one right after the other within about ten hours on that day’s clock. Terrifically important period! I have noted in my years of research that stelliums, multiple conjunctions and tight clusters occur for important events and times. The Capricorn/Aquarius cluster is very tight, six bodies in fifteen degrees of space! Critical day!

Again, we see the activation of the DI Mercury/Pluto opposition by the Sun/Pluto conjunction (that the transiting Moon just departed) and the DI Mars/Neptune T-squared by transiting Neptune, all squaring the Karmic Nodes. You don’t suppose we were going to school, do you?

As I originally wrote this part, it was February 1, 2021 and we were awaiting the Senate trial on February 9th. The Republicans in the Senate as a group had just informed the press that they do not believe in the impeachment and appear to be headed towards acquittal even though the trial has not even begun. Sounds like I’ve heard this song before, decision before the case is presented. The old axiom seems to apply here: what we don’t learn from, we are doomed to repeat! I am resisting speculation on the potential chart for that day. So far, we have allowed the charts to lead us and I choose to keep it that way! I will come back to finish this once a decision is reached.

Well… that didn’t quite work out as planned. It is now July 3, 2021 before I’ve gotte back to finish what I started on Trump Impeachment #2. That Aquarius stellium square Mars/Uranus in Taurus has led us a merry chase this year. Like so many of us between the pandemic, its effect on society and the running amok politics going on, I just hadn’t gotten back to it. First, I went through and proofed what I had done already, several thousand words chock full of aspects and concepts, hoping to catch any changes or errors that may have surfaced. Aside from cleaning it up to this point, I stand by what I have already written. Time to move on!

How does Impeachment #2 reflect in the U.S. DI progressions and Diurnals? Remember the event chart that we outlined previously will be very similar to the U.S. DI diurnal because they are for the same day. Only the Midheaven, Ascendant and Moon will show noticeable change. The progressions are about a year apart for the two impeachments, so again there will be minimum change. The outcome is now known. Acquittal. But… we finish what we started because it would be a shame to be so close and not do a thorough job. Besides, sometimes the charts surprise me. Revelations would be helpful, such as the Aquarius stellium and six planet square of the impeachment itself. Investigations are still ongoing but over 500 participants of the DC protest / riot / insurrection (pick your poison) have been identified and charged. The underbelly of what has been going on in our country is ugly and still revealing itself.

The Senate had advertised its intention to acquit prior to trial testimony, so the hearing was an apparent exercise in futility for our country. However, the truth is always important to any investigation and over time, the truth will reveal itself. I am hoping that the old adage “and the truth shall set you free” is a truism. So here briefly are the astrological diurnal facts of the event of the Senate acquittal: February 13, 2021, 3:39 PM EST, Washington, DC. The repeating DI natal patterns are obvious: Mercury opposed Pluto power and control and Mars square Neptune political circus.

  • Midheaven 18 Aries 15 separating from square DI Sun, widely applying to square DI Mercury, and eventually to DI Pluto. The diurnal Midheaven travels 1˚ per day, so exact was five days prior for the DI Sun, six days after for DI Mercury, nine days after for DI Pluto; this whole period has damaged our identity (Sun)  through continually triggering the ongoing DI Mercury/Pluto opposition.
  • Pluto 25 Capricorn 37 separating from DI Mercury, applying to DI Pluto, power/control Mercury/Pluto opposition.
  • Ascendant 1 Leo 30 four degrees separating from opposition to Pluto listed above, similar effect. As the Ascendant transits Leo, it will trigger all seven fixed positions, one after another, like a row of dominos. At this latitude, this Ascendant advances 44’ per day. Take into account the daily motion of each position as well. Like having a calendar of activations in the midst of the ongoing partisan arguments.
  • Sun 25 Aquarius 22 three degrees (days) separating from conjunct DI Moon, the public’s need to know and overall stance of proceedings.
  • Mars 19 Taurus 35 wide applying square to DI Moon 22 Aquarius 37; Mars travels about a half degree per day, about six days to exact.
  • Moon 19 Pisces 57 square DI Mars, opposed DI Neptune, applying, public; the Moon travels 1˚ every two hours on the day’s clock, so exact this day; political theater activation.
  • NNode 17 Gemini 20R separating from conjunction DI Mars and square DI Neptune, prior history to this event.
  • Neptune 19 Pisces 42 see conjunct Moon above, public confused or gaslighted.
  • Saturn 6 Aquarius 47 separating conjunct DI SNode, more timed to what we read in the earlier impeachment process.
  • Uranus 7 Taurus 07 separating square DI S Node, similar to Saturn above.
  • No specific or close hard aspect to DI chart, mid-fixed again: why? Work to be done…    
    Mercury 14 Aquarius 13R         Venus 15 Aquarius 23         Jupiter 13 Aquarius 06

I did also cast the U.S. DI Virgo rising progressions for both the House impeachment and the Senate trial for Impeachment #2 as well, but will again honestly say there are more continuing patterns than standouts. There is so little time between the two events, progressions have barely moved. Both progressed charts are listed on the spreadsheet as US Vir ris prg to keep this Imp #2 chart study consistent and complete.

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