My USA Chart of Choice

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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How do you determine the correct chart for the birth of the USA? There are so many possibilities for charts with so many expert rectifications, you can get dizzy trying to wend your way through them. Intelligent, articulate, skilled astrologers over the centuries have put forth their best efforts. It would have been far simpler for those knowledgeable Founding Fathers (several of whom were Freemasons and knew of the value of astrology and timing) to have made an accurate record. But, no, they were targets of the Crown because they were thought to be traitors to that Crown. Minimal records were kept to protect the members and the territories they represented. Scarce personal notes are a bit confusing. Excellent minds have researched that thoroughly. We thread our way through the labyrinth of possible charts, do our own research, and still we don’t agree with one another. Well…I joined that particular club last fall.

Over the 35 years I have been a student of astrology, I used the very popular Gemini Rising chart. It worked for me for the simple applications I attempted. I wasn’t a political astrologer, so I slid through on the popular chart and did little true research. I did, however, in 1973 have a strange awaking on this subject when I literally awakened in the middle of the night, kneeling in front of my tiny bookcase in the hallway outside my bedroom, in the dark, reaching for a book that had a pertinent U.S. chart in its pages. The book? Jess Stern’s A Time for Astrology. The chart? It was the inauguration of George Washington. Why was I doing such a thing in the middle of the night? I have no clue. I wasn’t studying political astrology. I was not scratching an astrological itch. But I did pay attention and have kept and used that chart throughout all the rest of my miniscule studies into political astrology. Over the intervening years, I did what many of us do – I tried to predict various elections, and I did have success using my own personal technique. Enter the 2008 election.

I didn’t really work on the primaries. The charts were scarce and not reliable. That’s too much work offering unreliable results. In October, the true birth times of the candidates seemed to stabilize and support the work involved. McCain’s birth certificate became available and totally changed his previously accepted chart. He too was born outside the continental U.S. Obama’s birth certificate became available and now the effort was worth it. I obtained Biden’s and Palin’s birth certificates. I have no reason to question Biden’s, but Palin’s remains speculative. Who would win according to my method? Obama and Biden. What? And they did. Now my Gemini rising curiosity was on overload! Research (my Scorpio Sun) was mandatory.

I read every old rectification and dissertation on which I could put my hands. Sibley, Merriman, Munkasey, and many more…dizzying. How do you sort through all this? There was no point reinventing the wheel, better minds than mine had done the work thoroughly. Each was convincing in his/her own way. So I tried something different – the technique I used to determine the elections. In addition, I set charts for every major date leading up to the inauguration of George Washington, starting with the First Continental Congress, the declaration of war and surrender of Britain, the ratifications, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the installation of Congress; you name it, I charted and researched it.

Then I looked for commonalities between those charts. First I whittled the plethora of charts and dates available down to four charts for the 4th of July, 1776. I eliminated John Adams and Ray Merriman’s choice of July 2nd because it just didn’t work for me. I selected the Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio and Sagittarius rising charts for July 4th as the strongest possibilities. I took the first ten presidents and compared them to those four USA possibilities, plus charted the USA progressions to those four natals. What worked best? The Virgo rising chart of Mike Munkasey and other astrologers.

What about the Gemini rising chart that I had used for so many years with reasonable success? It worked, but not quite as well as the Virgo rising chart. The Sagittarius rising chart was least in connections. The Scorpio rising chart gave me a run for my money for a time because there were several connections across middle degree, fixed signs. But the Virgo chart eventually became the winner and that was the basis for my research on all 43 presidents.

What was my deciding factor between the commonalities of all those past events that contributed to and were a part of both the founding of the USA and the presidential inauguration research? The answer was the inauguration of the first president, George Washington; that long ago awakening in 1975 found its purpose in 2008. What did I find? During a 24-hour period, the planets do not move an appreciable amount with the exception of the Moon, and that can move 12-15˚. Only the ascendant and midheaven complete the entire zodiac to rank the connections.

The USA Virgo rising chart has 8 Gemini 52 for a midheaven and Uranus conjunct that midheaven at 8 Gem 54. The Washington inauguration chart has a midheaven of 8 Gemini 00. Tight.

The USA Virgo rising chart has 11 Virgo 46 for an ascendant. The Washington inauguration chart has an ascendant of 11 Virgo 10. Tighter.

All the charts for July 4th have the Moon at 18 to 27 Aquarius. The inauguration chart has Pluto at 19 Aquarius 07, closest in orb to both the Gemini rising and Virgo rising USA charts’ Moons.

All the charts for July 4th, 1776 have the Sun within ½˚ at 13 Cancer. The inauguration chart has the Moon at 16 Can 45.

The prominent USA Mercury/Pluto opposition from all the July 4th, 1776 charts has the inauguration Jupiter at one end of the opposition and Uranus at the other end of the opposition, both within close orb. 

The USA has Neptune at 22 Virgo 24 for all four rising charts. Washington’s inauguration Saturn is at 20 Pisces 03 in opposition.

The USA Saturn at 14 ¾ Libra is opposed by the inauguration Mars at 13 Aries 34.

That’s enough proof for me, particularly when the chart’s preceding and the chart’s progression also match up and reinforce my election prediction technique. Virgo rising became the basis for my research. The inauguration of George Washington occurred April 30, 1789 at 1:48:30 PM LMT in New York City, NY, USA. The Virgo rising USA chart data is July 4, 1776, 9:36 AM LMT, Philadelphia, Pa.

Published on EZine online October, 2009 republished with slight editing.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.