Pandemonium in Las Vegas…Not for Sissies

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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As close as I can tell, my country is going crazy politically. Watching the nonsense on the right was more than enough for me. Now the left is doing it. What is this stuff about electing a TV reality show celebrity to be the leader of the free world? Putin will have him for lunch. The world thinks we are losing our collective mind and we seem to be doing just that. Add to that the recent nonsense coming from the left, with a total lack of reality from that side as well, it is like a run-away TV show or series! This is not a half-hour sit-com that solves itself. This is reality. Does either side realize this is not a “who has the power and takes all the marbles”? This is the running of a country that is the de facto leader of the free world. It’s nuts! Take this last weekend…

Nevada ran its state Democratic Convention. Each state has its own system because the U.S. Constitution defers to the states to choose individual systems. Notice I did not say parties in that last sentence. The state legislature chooses the state’s system. Now turn your attention from states’ rights to political parties. Within those state choices each major party has its own system. Occasionally there are changes within the party systems, but essentially the rules are usually well known up front when a candidate agrees and signs on. True, that never stops complaints and arguments. This is similar to buying a house near an airport and then complaining about the noise. Or buying property in the country and complaining about the smell of farm animals. If you know going in, and agree to it, once in it is too late to complain!

Even with all the usual nonsense that any group of disagreeing and disagreeable adults can cause, there should be reasonable limits – after all, this is “disagreement” only, not war! Throwing furniture or disrupting the entire convention is not adult behavior, it is childish, boorish behavior and bullying. Shame on the adults who did it; and shame on those who condone it through making excuses. If your children did this, you would or should put a stop to it, punish those responsible and prevent it from happening again. Politics should be about being a responsible adult. God help us if we elect any one of them to office or allow ourselves to be bullied into foolish choices!

Due to the nonsense shown on the TV news shows, I wondered about the convention astrologically. WOW, can you see what happened?  The convention was scheduled to be open at 9 AM on Saturday May 14,2016 in Las Vegas, NV. There was so much noise and turmoil that the start was delayed. The actual fall of the gavel occurred at 9:38 AM. I ran both charts to see what I could see. Not only can you see the disruption that was ongoing, you can see the timeline quite clearly both before and after the gavel. What I am about to share is not for sissies. Put on your Astrologer cap and let’s go to school.

At 9 AM Pluto at 17 Capricorn 19R was solidly in the 7th, close to the Descendant 14 Capricorn 16. Since the Descendant is the fastest moving of the two, it shows the motion and the event. Pluto is so slow, and in this instance retrograde, that 38 minutes of clock time would mean next to nothing. It took the Descendant 3 degrees to catch up to Pluto pushing it into the 6th house, thereby diminishing its potency in this examination. Pluto was in a separating square to Uranus in the 10th (Uranus direct at 22 Aries 22). When Pluto slid out of the angle, that left Uranus angular therefore more able (of the two bodies) to act out in public and act out it did.

Uranus square Pluto was in full force and display for hours and hours, and the disruption lasted for hours and hours to the point that hotel security had to close down the convention and continue removing the participants well into the evening. Can you imagine a Las Vegas hotel security staff not being able to control the Democrats to the point where they had to be removed from the property in order to keep the hotel’s other guests safe? Democrats??? They tend to be liberal, but are not usually boisterous! This was rock-‘em, sock-‘em politics on the left end of the spectrum. What more can the charts tell us?

Let’s go back to that Uranus / Pluto square.

Uranus in the 10th of the 9 AM chart is intercepted, delayed but not denied. It was able to work through its square with Pluto but came into its own power and ability at 9:10 AM when the Midheaven passed out of Pisces into Aries and eliminated the interception. Uranus was free to rock and roll for 22 degrees and 22 minutes times 4 minutes per degree: 22 x 4 + 2’ = 90 minutes, an hour and a half past the 9:10 AM calculation already provided. Proofing that: 2˚31’ of Pisces MC plus 22˚22’ of Aries to reach that Uranus, 24˚53’ of arc at 4’ on the clock per degree, that’s 100 minutes from 9:00 AM opening to 10:40 AM.  And that’s not all…

The trouble started much earlier than the scheduled opening. In order to report, I have to provide a name. A lawsuit filed by the Sanders campaign prior to the 14th to protest the rules of the convention was judged to be not the right of the court to interfere. However, the lawsuit itself remained intact for later court review. The court decision was no injunction for the convention and its rules. That caused those delegates to try to find another way to protest and try to get those rules changed: petitions, group efforts, very large signs, chanting, yelling as loud as possible… all forms of interference to make their point. I saw videos of delegates with fistfuls of petitions. I also heard that additional clarification was provided by the court the day of the convention. ??? I thought courts were closed on Saturday…a puzzle.

As the planets occupy the houses for about two hours every day, depending on latitude of the chart, the counter-clockwise, faster-moving house cusps rotate the planets clockwise through the houses. Pluto was coming to the end of its stay in the angular 7th house. It was in the angular house from close to 7 AM, getting stronger and stronger as it rotated towards the angle itself and lost its angularity at 9:10 AM as stated above. That is just one pair of planets, but angular tends to show up first and strongest. What else can we see?

Because this was a contentious, boisterous happening, I will look to the hard aspects first: conjunctions, squares and oppositions, and we have a lulu in this chart. The Moon / Jupiter / N node in Virgo is opposed Neptune / S Node in Pisces, all square Mars / Saturn in Sagittarius, six and possibly seven positions in a mixed applying and separating Mutable T-square. Separating aspects tell us what already happened, applying aspects tell us what is still incoming. This is an excellent example of the process of such an event, from where it stems to where it is going. What we call an event is not a singular happening; it has a beginning, a middle and an end, also known as its “process”.

The Moon moves the fastest, so start there. Notice it has already passed the square to Mars, the Moon / Mars square was earlier by 49’ of Moon motion (difference between 4 Sag 23 and 5 Vir 12, earlier than the 9 AM chart. Moon square Mars was perfect around 8:11 AM and really strong coming up to its perfection.  The Moon travels 1˚every two hours on the clock so I am speculating that there were some busy little beavers doing everything possible to arrange the protest at the convention site from at least 7 AM if not earlier because1˚ is a very tight applying orb when mischief is afoot!

There are two ways to follow this T-square: 1) follow the Moon in its applying aspects and 2) follow Mars in its applying aspects. We already have something in motion, but this T-square has not finished its work. Once a T-square is triggered, ALL the planets and points are galvanized into a united aspect. Once the last point is released, the energy it triggered slips back into the Universe for another day, another time.

  • The Moon travels 1˚ for every two hours on the clock. The first aspect is the opposition to Neptune 6.5˚ or 13 hours later. Looks to me like evening hours, strongest while applying, getting stronger as it perfects the aspect. Oppositions like to separate things, like the Convention from the hotel, ya think?
  • Then the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, headlines, newspapers, reporting frenzies, confusion, denials, he said/she said with the Jupiter/Neptune opposition triggered by that fast-moving Moon. Will we ever know the total truth?
  • Next, the Moon squares Saturn about three hours later (applying is building in strength, exact is the pinnacle) – someone has to be responsible, more he said/she said because the whole of the T-square is still being activated. It is now very late at night and some of us went to bed.
  • And the Moon moves on to conjunct the N Node and oppose the S Node and set off the entire T-square again! You cannot wiggle one point of a configuration without the whole darn thing getting activated! The entire nation got in on the argument. Karmic overtones, national and international relating issues, detenté is non-existent. The whole world knows, and this is not good. Remember we are the model for the free world, or were at one time. Does this look and sound like a model for freedom and democracy to you?  What else?
  • We have strong Virgo and strong Taurus in this chart…three personal planets (Sun / Venus / Mercury) closely conjunct in Taurus (Mercury is retrograde) trine the Virgo placements, particularly Jupiter / N Node. Just remember that Moon will only take a few hours to join the fray.  Do we have the third leg? Yes, we do. Pluto in Capricorn offers us a Grand Earth Trine, and the Pluto position is the first of two culprits we described earlier. I thought Grand Trines were wonderful? And they can be – but ancient Astrologers called them “those terrible trines.” Why?
  • From my study of over 100 serial killers, we noticed there were lots of trines and sextiles in the charts. They did what they did because the energy was there for them to do it and they hide in plain sight. The Universe is not aiding and abetting the criminality, but the criminals know how to take advantage of the energy they possess. I do believe this grand trine aided and abetted the Uranus square Pluto and the Mutable T-square.

In addition, this chart is a Kite configuration. Look at Jupiter opposite Neptune, sextile Pluto and at least Mercury/Venus, talent orchestrated and planned.

There is one more wide fire trine between Mars/Saturn and Uranus. That is an applying aspect that goes quite far into the future. Mars is retrograde so it is moving away from the aspect temporarily, but as time proceeds, Mars will turn direct and will pick up the conjunction to Saturn (which is also retrograde temporarily) and then the trine to Uranus. This is the ongoing part of the story – there is more to this process. Also, Jupiter will shortly square Saturn (both applying at the moment). Proof? Another lawsuit was filed the following Monday. Vocal intimations have been made that upcoming state and national conventions will also be disrupted similarly. Oh goodie… more nonsense. Remember this is a process,

I mentioned that we could also look backwards following the process, so I want to leave you with one example…the Moon. I reset the intended opening back to the day prior, the day the court handed down its decision not to approve an injunction, speculatively set for 9 AM. The Moon is square that day’s Sun and again the following day’s Sun, take your pick. Most major events have a precursor, something that sets off the whole of the pattern and the process. That was true in my serial killer study and in life itself. This court decision is the precursor. Life is not a series of unconnected events, there is always some process.

I wonder what the national convention looks like astrologically? Be sure to figure in the prior events such as this one as precursors to the national convention chart. Told you this was “Not for Sissies” astrologically!

Published in AFA Today’s Astrologer Jul 2016 vol78#7, republished with slight editing.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.