Paris’s Little Shops of Horror – Terrorism

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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I sat with the rest of the world and looked with horror at the unfolding of the terrorist attacks in Paris. To be sure, the other attacks that occurred last weekend around the world were just as horrific with much destruction, and with many killed or wounded. It made me wonder what the astrological energy looked like for such tragedy. During the reporting, someone mentioned that it was ten months since the Charlie Hebdo attack within a mile of the new multiple attack sites in Paris. Ten months…pay attention astrologer, that timing is an outer planet triggering period.

Each of the planets has a specific orbital period. The further out from the Sun, the longer the orbital period. For example, Saturn with its 29-year orbit will cover multiple degrees during its station/retrograde periods. From the first passage when transiting Saturn activates a chart position to its final passage over that degree will be a period of nine months. To be sure, Saturn can make a single pass, but that should be less traumatic because it is much shorter in duration, perhaps a couple of weeks. When Saturn starts its three-pass activation, I know it will take nine months without even needing to check an ephemeris.

Definitely farther out in orbit are the three outer planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Most of the time their three-pass activations will take ten months. Occasionally, because the orbits are so much larger, it is possible for Neptune and Pluto to make a five-pass activation that will last about eighteen to nineteen months. Whoopie! Just what we need, activations with more duration and more peak moments! The three-pass stationing multiple activation for the outer three planets is ten months. That is why that number caught my attention. So we should look to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to find an association between the Hebdo attack and the recent attack in Paris.

The Charlie Hebdo office attack occurred January 7, 2015 at 11:30 AM CET in Paris, France. Many credible readings have been done on this chart, so I do not intend to repeat that effort. Instead I will focus on the positions of the four outer planets and the possibility of the ten-month activation with the Paris attack. Nine or ten months of activation is close enough for comparison. The Hebdo to Hebdo attack positions were:

  • Pluto 13 Capricorn 23 conjunct Sun 16 Capricorn 47 square Uranus 12 Aries 41 and South Node 14 Aries 09 in the first house.
  • Neptune 5 Pisces 33 square Saturn 1 Sagittarius 30.
  • Mars 26 Aquarius 05 wide but applying conjunction to Neptune.
    This is included due to a connection to be made later in this article.

The first of the eight Paris attacks was at the stadium at 9:20 PM CET, November 13, 2015. Note: all eight attacks were completed by 9:53 PM, a 33-minute span.

  • Uranus 17 Aries 17 square Pluto 13 Capricorn 35
  • Neptune 7 Pisces 02R square Saturn 5 Sagittarius 33

This was the general energy for that day and that week and why it was such a tragic period. The connections between the Hebdo and Paris attacks is quite specific. Let us start with the big one!

Saturn/Neptune stress activations (conjunction, square, opposition) in anyone’s chart fall into “the dark night of the soul” category.  Does it matter if it is transiting Saturn square natal Neptune or transiting Neptune square natal Saturn? Yes, both by severity and duration.

  • If transiting Saturn triggers natal Neptune it will take nine months.
  • If transiting Neptune triggers natal Saturn it will take ten (three-pass) or eighteen-nineteen months (five-pass).

Which would you rather have in your life as the dark night of your soul? Would you prefer reality triggering disillusion of your dreams (transiting Saturn), or disillusion and delusion challenging your reality (transiting Neptune)?

  • The Plutos are 12 minutes apart so both are square (trigger) the Hebdo Uranus/S Node conjunction. We must also include the Hebdo Sun. That is a malefic cardinal T-square between the Plutos and Uranuses from both charts and the Hebdo Sun and nodal axis.
  • Stadium attack transiting Saturn is 5 Sagittarius 33 exact to the minute square the Hebdo Neptune 5 Pisces 33! And they say this stuff doesn’t work! Saturn is traveling about six minutes a day as it approaches the square of transiting Neptune at 7 Pisces 02, which is also retrograde, a mutually applying dark night of the soul aspect in real time. NOW!

Have you noticed that the trauma-drama continues as the world attempts to apprehend the perpetrators to prevent further or future hell? As I write this on November 22nd, exactitude of that Neptune/Saturn aspect is November 26th, Thanksgiving Day in America. This aspect is not finished, it is reaching its peak. Prayers are welcome! That is the final day for this dark night of the soul and that energy will fall apart quickly and become a part of our history and not our future. Other aspects will form but this one is over.

(Note: Many astrologers will pay attention to an eclipse triggering that point as an unwelcomed kicker to the supposedly finished energy.)

What about that Hebdo Mars conjunct Neptune I mentioned earlier? I included it because whatever is aspecting Neptune is of valid concern. Mars certainly figures in the aggression, militancy and fighting with guns in that event.

  • In the Hebdo chart that Mars is separating from the opposition to Jupiter at 21 Leo 14R.
  • In the Paris attack chart, the Sun 21 Scorpio 08 conjunct Mercury 18 Scorpio 54 is square the Hebdo Jupiter triggering or feeding off of the Hebdo Jupiter/Mars opposition.

The Hebdo and Paris attacks are connected. Mutual activation points, mutual perpetrators or organizers, two episodes of a single cause.

What about France as a country – how do these attacks connect to the country? First we need to choose which chart should be used for France. There are many historical events that were valid at that moment in time; but Rodden and Liz Greene have selected the chart of the French 5th Republic, October 6, 1958, 6:30 PM CET in Paris.  I will not read the country chart, as I am more interested in its connections for the terrorist attacks.

  • With Aries rising, the chart ruler is Mars 2 Gemini 26 opposite the Hebdo Saturn 1 Sagittarius 30 and stadium attack Saturn 5 Sagittarius 33. Add France Pluto 3 Virgo 20 and we have a T-square.  Add Hebdo and stadium Neptunes 5 Pisces 33 to 7 Pisces 02 and we have a Grand Mutable Cross.
  • Republic Sun 12 Libra 57 conjunct Mercury 13 Libra 52 , opposition Hebdo Uranus 12 Aries 41 and S Node 14 Aries 09, and widely stadium Uranus 17 Aries 17, T-square Hebdo and stadium Plutos 13 Capricorn 23-35, and we have a Grand Cardinal Cross using the Hebdo nodal axis.  Two Grand Crosses for these horrific events!
  • Republic Neptune 3 Scorpio 43 conjunct Jupiter 5 Scorpio 47 square Hebdo Mercury 3 Aquarius 37 conjunct Venus 4 Aquarius 47.
  • Republic Uranus 15 Leo 24 conjunct Hebdo Moon 11 Leo 51 and Jupiter 21 Leo 14, square stadium Mercury 18 Scorpio 54 and Sun 21 Scorpio 08.

Let’s see, I was looking for Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and possibly Saturn for my ten-month window of opportunity. The charts proved all of that, and you can throw in Jupiter and Mars for good measure.

Published in AFA Today’s Astrologer Dec 2015, vol 77#12, republished with slight editing.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.