Revisiting History – Egypt

The Death of a Protectorate and Simultaneous Birth of a Nation

A Teaching Article

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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Egypt’s revolutionary activities of the last few weeks have captured the attention of the world. The citizens of Egypt have just managed (with no real outside assistance) the reasonably peaceful re-birth of their nation while ousting their 29-year dictator Hosni Moubarak. The news coverage has been phenomenal and the use of modern communication methods pivotal. The spark that ignited Egypt has also ignited several Middle East countries with their multiple outcomes unknown. Several countries are still actively demonstrating but with much harsher conditions and Libya is in the lead.

A few days into the conflict, the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA) sent out a chart for the revolution (courtesy of Astrologer David Campbell) using a particular date as a basis. That set my curiosity into motion. The chart was for the moment that Britain dissolved its protectorate with Egypt and declared it a sovereign nation. Sounds simple enough but an odd application was offered. Although the actual vote and action occurred in London, England, the chart was set as if the action occurred in Cairo, Egypt the next day. Hmmm! I had never seen that done before. Was it a valid concept?

I had to read Egypt’s modern history to establish a reasonable basis for thought. It is true, Egypt was a British protectorate for many years. As you are probably aware, the Middle East has continually been an unstable region, so the history is complex and constantly changing. At a certain point, Britain decided to end the protectorate status and in doing so declared Egypt a sovereign state. As a country, Egypt belonged to no one but the Egyptians themselves. The British Parliament took that action on March 14, 1922 at 10:43 PM GMT in London England. The chart that had been provided by AFA had been relocated to Cairo, Egypt, which is two time zones different and did change dates: March 15, 1922 at 12:43 AM in Cairo, Egypt.

I cast both charts and placed them side-by-side. They are quite different in appearance. As I observed them, I knew I was not going to write about the revolution itself, whether or not the Egyptian military will honor their commitment to the people of Egypt, or speculation on the eventual outcome. What was I looking for? I meditated and contemplated and realization finally broke through.

I was looking at one event that had two impacts and results and two charts, one from the perspective of the British government, one from the perspective of the sovereign nation. The moment Britain removed the protectorate and declared Egypt a unique country under its own rule was the birth of modern Egypt. We are witnessing the ending of the protectorate (the London chart) and the birth of a sovereign nation (Cairo chart) simultaneously. Because of the 2-hour time difference the charts are quite different. The planets remain the same by degree and minute but the house layouts shift dramatically. This is simultaneously a death and a birth (or rebirth), one event, two applications. I do not think I have ever seen an example of anything like this. To me it is a teaching event. Put your Astrologer brain on…

The ending of the British Protectorate  The Ascendant is Scorpio (the sign of death) and the rulers are Mars (old ruler) and Pluto (new ruler). Pluto, amazingly is mundanely dignified (in its own house) in the 8th. It is in Cancer which is a family/clan sign and the people of a country are a pretty large clan. Pluto is retrograde, been there, done that before, re-covering or revisiting old ground or old decisions. The 8th house rules catastrophe and while it was not catastrophic in a negative way, the removal of a nation from a Protectorate and the granting of sovereignty was a really big deal. To me that could explain Mars in the first within 2˚ of the 2nd cusp. Mars is also mundanely dignified by its presence in the 1st house however late the degree. The 2nd /8th association would indicate to me that value systems, both financial and otherwise, would be a main focus of the British decision to end the protectorate. Again, this is a traditionally unstable area of the world. 

The Sun, Venus and Uranus are in the 4th house with Mercury close by in the 3rd. This is the night half of the chart and the 4th house is called the house of endings and at times, the grave. The British focus was on endings. Mercury, which rules the midheaven is intercepted in the 3rd. The British did reserve several issues to be finished at a later time…those issues to be delayed but not denied (intreception), contractual and communications oriented (Mercury). Notice that Neptune is also intercepted in the 9th which would indicate the long distance (foreign) involved and the world stage on which this event played. There is a beautiful 11th house in this chart, which would contribute to an involved and potentially positive association between Britain and Egypt.

The birth of Egypt as a sovereign nation I would like to say that the birth was wonderful and the people won, but that is not quite what happened. Look at this chart realizing the planet and node positions are identical to the British chart, only the houses have moved in the 2-hour time zone difference. Now Sagittarius is rising and the ruler Jupiter is part of that beautiful energy I just mentioned. The Moon is closely applying (future) to a conjunction of Jupiter in Libra; a few degrees earlier are both Saturn and the north Lunar Node. That strong Libra energy in the 10th house is the ruler of the birth chart plus the midheaven is also Libra. Can you see the shift in emphasis from London to Cairo? Jupiter is retrograde, which to me is “been there, done that.” Both charts are ruled by retrograde planets, revisiting and revamping old territory. The 4th house of endings is empty and the ruler is in the 12th. This is not a chart of endings; this has a much brighter application of the existing energy. This new nation did not have an easy time moving forward from that moment, but the opportunity is there.

Astrologer Eugene Moore, whom I admired and from who I learned good astrology, taught that retrograde rulers can be somewhat unstable, not always acting in the way you think they should. Jupiter rising should be benevolent and philosophical. But its retrograde status indicates it would not be consistent; unexpected and dynamic actions can surface periodically. Jupiter as an energy can be over the top! The Middle East is still an unstable region and experienced many changes in fortune and action over the years, culminating in the overthrow of the current dictator.

One of the primary motivators for this revolution is the financial status of the citizens of Egypt and their dictator. Most Egyptians live in poverty while their billionaire dictator took for himself and his family’s coffers the lion’s share of the product and the financial assistance of the U.S. A robust economy and financial freedom were not remotely possible to ordinary citizens.  Look at the planet of illusion (Neptune) in Leo (drama and showmanship, he who would be king) in the 8th house of collective finance. That Neptune is the dispositor of both the Sun and Uranus in Pisces intercepted in the 3rd house. It might take awhile to break through, but the core of the nation (the citizens) did manage a reasonably peaceful and non-violent (Pisces) revolution (Uranus). That strong 3rd house is the near neighborhood of home not the 9th house of a foreign monarchy.

Many years ago, Michel Gauquelin did tremendous research on thousands of timed charts. His conclusion was that planets in the cadent house preceding the angular house were much stronger. That would make the 4th house in the British chart weaker than the 3rd house in the Cairo chart. Even though there is an interception in place, the overall strength of those planets in that cadent 3rd house should contribute to the Cairo chart as a chart of beginnings or birth of a nation.

I could spend days, picking apart all the detail but I am only going to point out one more pattern. Aside from understanding the difference between the charts…two charts for one event…I would spend most of my time on that which would go forward (Cairo) not that which signifies endings (London). Mars is trine Neptune, both sextile the Moon/Jupiter in Libra. Saturn and the Node can be included as that is a stellium (three or  more planets in one sign are considered to be a massive conjunction regardless of orb).

Where should you begin to pick this apart yourself? Start with the square between Pluto and the Libra positions.  Student…what do you see? Feedback is appreciated.

Egypt Research – Table of planetary placements
  • Legend:
    • Britain ends protectorate
      1922, Mar 14; 10:43 PM GMT; London England.
    • Egypt becomes free state
      1922, Mar 15; 12:43 AM EET; Cairo, Egypt.
    • Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Moubarak
      1928, May 4; time unknown; Katr-El Meselha Monufia, Egypt.
      Assumed presidency: 1981, Oct 14.
      Step down from presidency: 2011, Feb 11.

First published on All Things Healing website Jan 2011, republished with slight editing

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.