Revisiting History: Noxon, John F., Jr.

Part 3

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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When I tried to use a noonmark (speculative) chart for this study, I could not see the killer of a six-month-old child… his own. Frustrated, I set it aside to restart with a clear head. My original source was old records, and time was not given. I wondered about the Rodden database. Aha! Found the chart, timed, A rating… begin again.

John F. Noxon, Jr. born Oct 8, 1896, 7:00 AM EST, Pittsfield, MA.

  • A double Libra chart: Sun and Ascendant.
  • Sun tightly conjunct retrograde Mercury in the twelfth house.
  • Sun/Mercury applying (present to future) conjunction, trine Pluto/Neptune/Mars conjunction, a Gemini stellium with 12˚ arc in eighth house.
  • Chart ruler Venus conjunct Moon/Saturn/Uranus in powerful applying Scorpio stellium in the first house.
  • Nine of ten bodies listed, only Jupiter is not involved. Jupiter’s only aspects are:
    1) an extremely wide and separating (weakening) sextile to the Moon, and
    2) a wide, out of sign but applying (strengthening) sextile to Mars.
  • Uranus, latest member of Scorpio stellium closely square lunar nodes, applying.
  • North Node trines Gemini stellium.
  • All bodies are contained within 159˚, a wide bundle pattern (focus) moving towards a bowl. 

Double Libra plus Mercury in Libra is not usually considered lethal. Note that there are only conjunctions, trines and sextiles in this natal. The bundled pattern is intense but not necessarily deadly. Where do you look for murder in any chart? I would start with eighth, twelfth, and then first. Bingo! Why?

  • The eighth is death, catastrophe, fated, destiny-oriented; that can be victim or perpetrator. For example, John F. Kennedy has four planets in the eighth; victim. My serial killer study had many examples of strong eighth house activity (perpetrator) as well as being active at the time of execution of a couple of dozen perpetrators. Noxon’s Gemini stellium resides here.
  • The twelfth house is commonly referenced as self-undoing, blind spots, behind the scenes activities, incarceration, limiting circumstance, hidden. Think of the twelfth house as the back of your head compared to the forward-facing Ascendant and first house. It is personally difficult to see into that twelfth house; clarity may require outside assistance.  Being fair to the house, this is where you go for your second breath, when you reach back inside yourself to find that internal reserve or backup to fill an emerging need. Noxon’s Sun/Mercury conjunction resides here.
  • The first house is your face to the world, what you project and what others see of you, your method of coping or responding to life or circumstance. This the most intensely personal house: ME. Sometimes this house is empty; that story is told by the chart ruler. Noxon’s Scorpio stellium resides here.

There are three intense aspects, a conjunction and two stelliums, plus all are in the 1/8/12 grouping. The Scorpio stellium contains chart ruler Venus; we begin there. 

  • Moon first conjuncts Venus – intense emotions, psychological in nature, deep, probing, fixed rigid, all or nothing in relationships, value systems, harmony and balance.
  • Moon next conjuncts Saturn – dignity, responsibility, structure, emotional response must be earned or measured, not spontaneous.
  • Oops, Moon next conjuncts Uranus of eruption and spontaneity. Initially you act as Saturn, erupting into Uranus at other moments. The emotional and relational war between order and chaos. When the emotions (Moon) encounter Uranus, all bets are off; expect the unexpected. At that moment the Moon/Uranus energy closely squares the lunar nodes and karmic implications enter the picture. Angular, in the first house, visible, front and center in experience.
  • Because the first house Scorpio stellium runs 8 to 22, it quincunxes the eighth house Gemini stellium Pluto/Neptune/Mars 13 to 25. This first/eighth house connection is the key to our question. Pluto is in and naturally rules the eighth, has two partners in that stellium, is aspecting the angular Scorpio stellium, with both co-rulers (Mars/Pluto) of the second house of value systems, and including the chart ruler. This is intense, eruptive, and potentially violent.

Much of this can be seen in a man who served in World War I, was gassed and wounded in combat, who later contracted debilitating polio requiring crutches to navigate, and who also became a successful, wealthy corporate attorney with strong political ties. This man I just described electrocuted his six-month old baby. Was it murder? Or was it a well-intentioned mercy killing in 1943?


  • Karmic Ascendant 26: 25 Libra, tightly conjunct natal Ascendant (17’). WOW! Key lifetime.
  • Dark Moon Lilith 28:40 Capricorn conjunct electrocution event Ascendant 26:22 (17’), conjunct conviction S Node 27:40 (1˚).

Progression to date of electrocution of his six-month old child: September 22, 1943. Know that the victim was a Downs Syndrome child, not developing in a healthy way, doomed in 1943 to a difficult and short life (six months). It must have been very difficult to watch your child struggle with no way to fix what was wrong, knowing his life would be limited and short, an agony for the parents. 

  • Progressed Midheaven 19:49 Virgo squared natal and progressed Neptune (natal eighth, progressed seventh and angular).
  • Progressed Mercury/Ascendant/Sun 00:17 to 2:43 Sagittarius squared natal Jupiter 1:57 Virgo.
  • Progressed Saturn 23:02 Scorpio had already conjuncted natal Uranus (perhaps at the child’s birth), triggering that natal dilemma.
  • Progressed Uranus 25:17 Scorpio closely perfected its natal quincunx to natal Mars, triggering that natal dilemma.
  • Progressed Moon 18:21 Cancer had just squared natal Sun/Mercury pairing in the twelfth house, and trined natal Saturn.
  • Progressed Venus 7:40 Capricorn was applying to the trine of progressed Jupiter 8:44 Virgo.
  • Malefic aspects could indicate the stress of the ongoing situation and the conclusion (murder).
  • Benefic aspects could indicate murder was thought to be a blessing or mercy.
  • Progressed Karmic Ascendant 25:37 Virgo square natal and progressed Mars.
  • Progressed Dark Moon Lilith 28 Capricorn 40 conjunct event Ascendant 26:22, square natal Karmic Ascendant.

Diurnal on date of electrocution Start with the angles:

  • Diurnal Midheaven 15:53 Cancer square midpoint of natal Sun/Mercury conjunction.
  • Diurnal Ascendant 13:26 Libra applying 2˚ to natal Sun/Mercury conjunction.
  • Diurnal Sun 28:36 Virgo square diurnal Saturn 26 Gemini 21 and natal Mars 2 to 3 days prior to electrocution.
  • Diurnal Mars 14:24 Gemini had conjuncted natal Pluto just prior to the electrocution.
    (Something immediately earlier changed the dynamic and triggered this event.)

Electrocution as event, 4:05 PM EWT, Pittsfield, MA: Sun/Moon/Ascendant (balance in diurnal notes).

  • Midheaven 21:14 Scorpio conjunct natal Uranus.
  • Ascendant 26:22 Capricorn tightly square Father’s natal Ascendant.
  • Moon 15:58 Cancer tightly square natal Sun/Mercury conjunction.

Note that the above progression, diurnal and electrocution events also have to be taken in context with the fact that parent Noxon was arrested five days later on September 27, 1943 about 10:30 AM EWT for the murder of his son (above aspects active). He was eventually convicted and sentenced to death, then eventually pardoned and released, all within less than six years. Subsequent events, and brief aspects:

March, 1944 First trial ended in a mistrial when a juror collapsed due to the prosecution’s graphic presentation of the electrocution of the child.

June, 1944 Second trial ended in conviction July 6, 1944. Noxon was then sentenced to death in the electric chair (irony). The diurnal for conviction reveals:

  • Diurnal Midheaven 3:19 Taurus square natal Midheaven, widely opposition natal Moon.
  • Diurnal Ascendant 14:22 Leo widely square natal Venus/Saturn conjunction (stellium).
  • Diurnal major Cancer stellium 2:06 Cancer to 27:40 opposed Moon 18:28 Capricorn square natal Sun/Mercury conjunction.
  • Diurnal Uranus 11:01 Gemini conjunct (2˚) natal Pluto.

Incarceration Due to multiple appeals and political maneuvering too complex to list, execution went away and over time, prison also went away. John Noxon was released from prison January 7, 1949 between 9 and 10 AM EST, Norfolk, MA. (Diurnals keep the original birth time and place.)

  • Diurnal Midheaven 5:47 Scorpio opposed diurnal conviction Midheaven.
  • Diurnal Sun 16:53 Capricorn square natal Sun/Mercury conjunction.
  • Diurnal Moon 16:57 Aries square diurnal Sun and opposed natal Sun/Mercury conjunction, opposed diurnal Neptune.
  • Diurnal Ascendant 9:39 Capricorn conjunct diurnal Jupiter/Sun.
  • Diurnal Pluto 16:00R Leo square natal Saturn.
  • Diurnal Uranus 26:47R Gemini conjunct natal Mars (2˚).

Prison release as event 9 to 10 AM, mid-time 9:30 AM used.

  • Event Midheaven 14:19 Sagittarius opposed natal Pluto.
  • Event Ascendant 00:31 Pisces opposed event Saturn (wide) and natal Jupiter.
  • Event Moon 18:11 Aries opposed event Neptune (3˚).

Date of death John F. Noxon, Jr. July 15, 1972, Stonington, CT, cause not given.

  • Diurnal Midheaven 12:38 Taurus opposed natal Venus.
  • Diurnal Mercury 18:54 Leo square natal Saturn.
  • Diurnal Ascendant 21:22 Leo square natal Uranus
  • Diurnal Moon 21:16 Virgo square natal Neptune.
  • Diurnal Neptune 2:43R Sagittarius opposed natal Jupiter.

Peace at last.


Published in AFA Today’s Astrologer, republished with slight editing.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.