Revisiting History: Noxon Karmic Workup

Part 2

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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Because of this beyond tragic story of a six-month-old Down’s Syndrome baby boy being murdered by his own father, I wondered about the spiritual aspects. What can we see karmically? Refreshing the natal: Lawrence Noxon born March 26, 1943, 2:05 PM EST, Pittsfield, MA, source: birth record. Death: electrocution by father September 22,1943, 4:05 PM EWT, Pittsfield, MA. See part 1 for full charts.

For karmic work, I use Astrologer Delphine Jay’s method, which was based in an older Indian astrological technique. I took occasional live courses on interesting subjects from Delphine. Being self-taught I felt fortunate to have a master teacher who occasionally taught astrology workshops close enough for me to access. I salute Delphine’s contribution to my education.

Her method was straight forward and very simple. Find the pair of midpoints between the Sun and Moon (consciousness and sub-consciousness). In a male’s chart, use the midpoint forward in the zodiac from the Sun. In a female’s chart use the midpoint forward from the Moon. Place the designated degree and sign of that midpoint on the Ascendant, then equal-house the balance of the signs counter-clockwise on the cusps, using the same degree and minutes. Drop the ten natal planetary bodies into their appropriate houses. This is the natal karmic chart. These can be progressed as well. The karmic chart reveals the spiritual lesson for the current lifetime.

I add one additional position: Dark Moon Lilith (Lilith). In my early studies, I came across this planet not realizing she was not a major body, and I used DMLilith in all the work I did for several years with amazing results. As luck would have it, Delphine taught a workshop on DMLilith and I was in the front row. Because of the nature of DMLilith I included her in all my karmic charts for decades.

What does the karmic chart, including Lilith, reveal about the tragic death of this baby?

  • With the Sun at 5:15 Aries and the Moon 5:35 Sagittarius, the math is easy, The midpoint pairing will be 5:25 Leo/Aquarius. Male child, forward from the Sun: Leo. Drop the natal planets into place.
  • Natal Pluto is 5:02 Leo, a tight conjunction to the Karmic Ascendant (KA) and all square natal Venus and Midheaven.

Lilith travels 3˚2’ per day, always direct. An ephemeris by Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson is found in her Lilith book. Delphine wrote a Lilith book as well. Because the old ephemeris terminated in 1999, Astrologer Mike Munkasey created a computer-generated ephemeris beginning in 1750 and ending in 2149 for the original and reprint of Delphine’s books (available from AFA).  There are small differences in position between the two calculation methods. In an abundance of caution construct both positions and place them in all chart uses, since both are accessible. I see IGJ method as mean motion, and MM as hard data, similar to the difference between mean and true lunar nodes.

  • Baby’s natal IG-J Llilith is 5:14 Gemini between natal Uranus 1:30 Gemini and natal Saturn 7:41 Gemini, and opposition natal Moon 5:35 Sagittarius.
  • The Munkasey computer-generated ephemeris gives 27:47 Taurus, close to IG-J but not exact, sextile the baby’s natal Mercury in the eighth house and conjunct Uranus.

Lilith represents a spiritual crisis point, the intersection between how you should respond and how you do respond. A friend’s metaphor: “It is difficult to remember your mission is to drain the swamp when you are up to your ass in alligators!” That’s Lilith, emphasizing the physical at the expense of the spiritual. Aside… my personal Lilith is 4:16 Sag… interesting connection, and perhaps why I got ensnared in this example.

Karmic Progressions Because the child’s death was only six months after his birth, progressed positions have not moved far from natal.

  • The child’s progressed Karmic Ascendant is 18:09 Leo, tightly conjunct the natal Ascendant.
  • Progressed Lilith is 6:45 Gemini, conjunct natal and progressed Saturn, slightly past the opposition to the natal Moon. Event Uranus is 8:48R Gemini, 2˚ conjunction.

Karmic Diurnal (personal transits)

  • Karmic Ascendant is 22:11 Aquarius directly conjunct the diurnal second house cusp. Think of the house cusps as a pencil with a writing end and an erasing end. Try to use that pencil and wiggle only one end of it… can’t be done. The connection activates the 2/8 death house axis by opposition.
  • Diurnal Lilith is 3:50 Sagittarius, again on the natal Moon (2˚) opposing the natal Uranus/Lilith/Saturn conjunction.

Midpoint Note the severe bundling (focus) of energies for the date of death. All ten bodies are within 114 degrees of space. If we take that spread and find its powerful midpoint (apex of energies), we get 5”48 Leo, the natal Karmic Ascendant and Pluto, both square natal Venus and Midheaven.

Electrocution as event. Because it was a male child, use the male Karmic Ascendant point ahead of the Sun zodiacally, 22:30 Aquarius.

  • This is 2˚ conjunct child’s natal South Node and 1˚ square to event Midheaven/IC.
  • Event and transiting Saturn at 26:22 Gemini is square natal Mercury in the natal death house and square event Sun in the event eighth house. The Sun is the natal chart ruler.

Chart Patterns Over the years I have studied chart patterns, mostly the seven put forth by Marc Edmund Jones. There are additional patterns. I examined many such patterns in my serial killer study. In the baby’s natal is a very large rectangle with Neptune/Moon sextile at the bottom (houses 2/4) and Sun sextile Saturn/Uranus/Lilith (houses 8/10) at the top. Each pairing is completed by existing trines and oppositions. This pattern is the Mystic Rectangle identified with fire/air signs. There is a division within the Mystic Rectangle for earth/water signs called Lucifer’s Rectangle. These rectangle configurations are a mix of four positive and two negative aspects, so either outcome or a combination is possible.

The baby’s pattern is fire/air, therefore Mystic. This was a Down’s Syndrome child, who at six months of age met a violent but instantaneous death.

  • The oppositions were angular (in your face) and involved the death axis.
  • Two planets in the eighth, ruler of the eighth, home, parent fourth and other-parent tenth all involved.
  • The foci were home/parent, value system (second), outcome (tenth), death (eighth).

This was such an unusual circumstance, I looked to other astrologers’ takes on rectangles. On one website, I got a literal shock. Thomas Merton’s chart was discussed (Trappist monk and author). The man had a questionable (wide) natal Mystic Triangle and was accidentally electrocuted as he stepped out of a shower. WOW! Is that on point or what? The chart is available on Astrodienst. Note: Google “Mystic Triangle” to bring up a plethora of websites. On my selected reference at the bottom of this article* is a chat dialogue that enlarges the original brief, and is well worth reading. There is a list of religious figures with this pattern in their natal. Good source, hmmmm, more work. The pattern suggests a spiritual or mystical valuation. IF this mentally-challenged child is an example of a mercy killing, this rectangle could be important.

Septile In the most recent issue of AFA’s Today’s Astrologer (vol 81 #10) is an article on a lesser-known aspect. The Septile is 1/7th of a circle or 51˚25’43”. Numerologically seven is a spiritual energy. Earlier personal Septile research was interesting, but we pick and choose what to use on a regular basis because there are an overwhelming number of techniques available. Does this spiritual aspect help us here? Think of the Septile (S) position as a sensitive point that can be activated through aspects and progressions, much like typical personal points. When you trigger one member of an aspect pattern, you automatically trigger all the members of that pattern. Note the aspect on each side of the major positions in the chart, forward and backward (26: duplication natural). Example: Midheaven 8:44 Taurus plus (adding the 51:25:43 to the midheaven): 00:14 Cancer and minus (subtracting 51:25:43 from the midheaven): 17:14 Pisces.

Lawrence had seventeen close hard-aspect Septiles (S) between the ten bodies, Midheaven, Ascendant and Nodes in his natal. Remember we are working on the 1943 chart of a mentally challenged child who tragically died very young. Tighter is stronger (use about a one degree orb).

            Forward position Septiles:               Reverse position Septiles:

            Midheaven S square Neptune       Ascendant S square Nodes 2˚

            Sun S square Nodes 2˚                   Sun S conjunct Mars

            Mercury S square Ascendant        Moon S square Jupiter

            Venus S square Mercury 4˚           Mercury S opposed Pluto

            Mars S conjunct Sun                      Venus S conjunct Mars

            Jupiter S square Saturn                  Jupiter S square Nodes

            Neptune S square Nodes 2˚          Saturn S square Jupiter

            Pluto S opposed Mercury               Neptune S square Midheaven

                                                                N Node S square Sun/Neptune                                      

            Add one progressed position         Pluto S square progressed Moon

Seventeen hits of 26 possible; the Septile works. AND… I never tackled the diurnal/event (transits).

There are other spiritual or karmic patterns to study, but this article must end here. Parts three and four of this series, the chart workup of the father/killer and the relationship between father and child/victim are planned. And they say this stuff doesn’t work. I love Astrology!


Published in AFA Today’s Astrologer, republished with slight editing.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.