Revisiting History: Noxon Relationship Between Killer Parent and Child Victim

Part 4

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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No two people are alike… the universe creates in uniqueness. Only mankind demands conformity. Therefore, a relationship between two unique individuals must also be unique. Look at your own family… the individual relationship between the parents from each perspective… and each parent with each child… and each pairing of the siblings, all unique. There are three main astrological techniques to look at unique relationships: synastry, composite and one actually called relationship.

Synastry as a technique starts with individual natal charts. For some astrologers, charts are laid side-by-side and compared point by point. Other astrologers prefer a bi-wheel format, interchangeable, as inner and outer placements can be switched. That way the influence of one unique person upon the other can be examined individually. In this application Synastry can be limited by short duration and difficulty of life… a debilitated Downs Syndrome baby who lived only six months… and his father.  For this study I have chosen the victim (child) as the center or core chart with the father (killer) chart as the outside wheel. Look at the bi-wheel, what stands out? The bottom of the chart pops out.

  • Baby’s Midheaven 8:44 Taurus with ruler Venus 5:54 conjunct is closely opposed by father’s Scorpio stellium at the I.C. (Moon/Venus). Saturn/Uranus are too wide for this example even though there is an overall stellium effect on each planet or point.
  • This huge opposition is squared by the baby’s Pluto and father’s Midheaven.
  • The baby’s Moon opposition Uranus/Saturn is squared by father’s Jupiter.
  • Baby’s Mercury squares father’s Mars closely but wider to Jupiter.  

Composites use the natal information of both natal charts to locate the midpoints of the angles, ten bodies and lunar node. Constructed by hand for centuries, midpoints for each point or body are calculated separately, then the composite chart is assembled using those midpoints. As always there are variations in technique. For many years, composites were the usual chart of choice because they are easier to construct.

Relationship charts are also a midpoint technique, but instead of individually calculated positions, basic chart data is used: dates, times, zones, longitude, latitude of each individual. While relationship charts were always possible, hand calculations were difficult and time consuming, with accuracy always in question. Computers made life far easier. As a result, relationships charts are rising in popularity.

Why either or both? My favorite question/metaphor is “Is what you sees, what you gets?”

  • A composite chart is an artificial construct; it never occurred in real time between the two birth charts in question. It consists of two individuals meeting at the 50/50 division in life experience, literally meeting each other halfway on each and every issue. Not likely – both would have to work at it. The composite is “possibility.”
  • The relationship chart is a real-time chart and actually occurs between those two birth charts or “probability.” It is reality, separate and unique, and can be quite different from the composite.
  • Back to our metaphor: see the composite as “what you sees” (possibility) and the relationship as “what you gets” (reality)! The more similar they are, the more you are likely to “experience” the “promise”.

Composite (C) charts father John F. Jr and son Lawrence Noxon:

  • C Midheaven 20 Gemini 25 square C Ascendant 22 Virgo 34, close Mutable Grand Cross, the “cross to bear” in life???
  • C Sun/Mercury 6:38 to 10:29 Capricorn opposed Pluto 9:20 Cancer. Mercury is chart ruler.
  • C Venus 7:57 Aquarius opposed Jupiter/Neptune 8:44 to 10:24 Leo.
  • C Moon/N Node 21:52 to 23:42 Scorpio square Uranus/Saturn 27:00-27:38 Leo. By progression the Moon will perfect the square within six months. The baby died four days before its sixth month.
  • All C bodies and points are in stress aspect except C Mars 19:35 Aries in and ruling C eighth cusp of death. Stretching the point, Mars is quincunx the C North Node and the Ascendant to complete a Yod, “the Finger of God” aspect. Destiny oriented.

This is the promise inherent in the natal composite between father and son.

Relationship (R) charts, father John F., Jr. and son Lawrence Noxon:

  • R Midheaven and R Ascendant square, tightly identical to C Midheaven and Ascendant, opposition/square R Mercury 21:18 Sagittarius (chart ruler).
  • R Sun 10:27 Capricorn opposed Pluto 6:39 Cancer Rx, very wide square Mars 17:04 Libra ruling R eighth house (R and C Mars opposing signs, 2+ degrees).
  • R Moon 18:35 Taurus separating from square Neptune/Jupiter 10:56 to 16:54 Leo, widely applying to opposition of Venus/N Node 23:55 to 27:22 Scorpio. That Venus is in turn square R Uranus 29:01 Aquarius. Again, by progression, it takes Moon 5 to 9 months to perfect both aspects – the earlier one the death itself, the later one the aftermath, arrest, conviction, etc.
  • R Saturn 11:35R Virgo is widely sextile R Pluto, slow movers, timing later events.

This is actuality, a chart in real time, between father and son.

These two charts (C and R) are constructed by completely different techniques, with 47 years difference in age between the unique individuals, and yet they are amazingly similar in character. Both have an excess of stress evident in the difficulties in the father’s life plus the short life of the victim and his tragic death at the hands of his father.

Remember that the composite and relationship charts are both midpoint charts, one a construct between positions, one the actuality between date/time/longitude/latitude. I find it amazing that the Midheavens of both charts are the father’s natal Neptune 20:14 Gemini, part of his Gemini stellium in his eighth death house.

Karma Again questioning karmic implications in this story, the murder can easily be illustrated by the stress aspects in both the composite and relationships charts and between the individual natals. Lunar nodes are often involved in karmic or spiritual circumstances in a chart. (See charts in previous articles.)

  • Baby’s North Node is 24:10 Leo. Father’s North Node is 23:15 Aquarius,
    both composite and relationship North Nodes are 23:42 to 23:55 Scorpio,
    conjunct father’s Uranus at 22:29.
  • Baby’s diurnal Karmic Ascendant is 22:20 Aquarius.
  • Baby’s death diurnal (day of death) eighth house of death is 22:39 Leo.
  • Death as event Midheaven is 21:14 Scorpio.

Continuing our speculation for karmic implications:

  • C Karmic Ascendant is 16:10 Gemini square the R Karmic Midheaven.
  • Father’s natal Pluto 13:38 Gemini.
  • Death event Mars 14:32 Gemini square death event eighth death house cusp 13:33 Virgo.

Never tried this before… Father’s natal Dark Moon Lilith 28:40 Capricorn midpoint with baby’s DML 5:14 Gemini is 27 Pisces (composite) conjunct baby’s Mercury 26:49 Pisces, square Father’s Mars 25:28 Gemini. WOW! Remember DML travels 3˚2’ per day – this is tight.

Mentioned previously in the article about father as individual, his natal DML is in and conjunct his fourth house (Earth as family) plus his DML progressed to date of murder, is 25:25 Libra in the Karmic fifth house of children, conjunct father’s natal Karmic Ascendant.

And they say this stuff doesn’t work…  I LOVE Astrology!                       

Published in AFA Today’s Astrologer, republished with slight editing.

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.