The Blessing of a Really Good Day

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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It seems to me that those events I choose to research and write about recently are catastrophic, dire, explosive, or tributes to the deceased. I wondered when I decided to take that route. Earlier this week, I had the complete opposite experience arrive in my personal life without warning. While I was thrilled, I was also a bit puzzled. Time to look at the charts. Astrologers know there is a reason and a pattern. Here is what a wonderful moment in my life looked like…

I have several kids, who have several kids, who have… All lead busy lives and we touch in and out of each other’s lives on a regular basis, but never enough to completely satisfy a dedicated family matriarch.

  • I received a call at 2:01 PM on Jan 13, 2015 from my grand-daughter. She was getting off work and wondered if I were home. 
  • She arrived about 3:10 PM with bags of clothing, ready to stay overnight. Surprise #1. Delightful. We decided to go to dinner.
  • While at the restaurant, my son’s lady called at 5:03 PM looking for me. They were at my home, so they came to join us at the restaurant.
  • While ordering, I received a call from my older son at 5:30 pm. He thought I would like to talk so he just called. Yes!
  • While we were eating, I got a call at 7:09 pm from another grand-daughter who is away at college. She just wanted to visit.

Now I should mention these two grand-daughters belonged to the son at the restaurant. We had a delightful dinner. Additionally, I had two phone conversations later, and grand-daughter  #1 stayed overnight. Talk about a grinnin’ grandma! What a blockbuster of a great day! I should have more of them! You should too!

So what happened astrologically? I’m going to stay with the times of the calls (cell phone’s recent call list, accurate times). I will fill in my personal chart notes where appropriate. Amazing to find out that astrology works for good days and not just for bad events! I have included the initiating chart here to help you see the connections.

Chart 1 January 13, 2015, 2:01 PM EST, Palm Bay, FL

Transiting 15 Aquarius on the MC is my natal Moon in my natal 9th, with Mercury and Venus close by at 12 Aquarius, nice conjunction. The Moon was trine my natal ascendant within one degree. The Uranus/S Node conjunction was on my natal Saturn 13 Aries, and believe it or not was part of that transiting square to Pluto. No nasty natal promise between Uranus and Pluto to my Saturn; it was actually quite a pleasant activation. The Mars/Neptune pair was conjunct my natal MC. The transiting square from Saturn was in operation, but with no nasty natal promise, it was quite nicely located on the descendant of the call chart. Saturn is getting very close to my natal Venus but is still 3 degrees out, from which I have a wide natal trine. Transiting Jupiter was sitting in my 3rd house, moving towards the opposition of my natal Jupiter. Aside from wonderful things happening way over the top, it was quite nice. That is one great phone call.

Chart 2, just after 3 PM, my grand-daughter arrived. At 3:10 the 2 Pisces 57 MC had moved slightly past my natal MC with the transiting Mars/Neptune straddling the angle and with that Venus/Mercury solidly in my grandchildren house (and the house of my 3rd child, which he is). The Moon is half a degree from trining my natal ascendant. It is getting better and better!

Skip to 5:03 PM and the call from my son and his lady with the IC at 3 Libra 31 conjunct my natal Mars on the cusp of my 5th house of children. Did I mention this is an Aries son? That lovely Mercury/Venus conjunction is in my 8th. Boy did we pick a pricey restaurant!

Skip to 5:30 PM and the call from my older son right out of the blue with Uranus on the MC, and the transiting Sun on the 7th (my second child house, and he is my second child), and the Moon slightly past the trine to my ascendant.

Skip to 7:09 PM call from my second grand-daughter, and that lovely transiting chart hosted 7 Scorpio on the IC, closely conjunct my natal Sun in my natal 5th. The Venus/Mercury conjunction is solidly on the chart descendant which is my natal 9th, home to my grandchildren. We had left the restaurant and I went home with my grand-daughter. We shared and visited and I grinned a lot! It was a winding down for an amazing few hours, but the warm, fuzzy feeling went on and on as that beautiful little girl stayed three unexpected days with me. I am still grinning.

You know, I’ve been doing positive programming all week and boy did it work for me!

Published in AFA Today’s Astrologer Feb 2015, vol77#2, republished with slight editing.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.