The Orlando Massacre, Part 2

by Marilyn Muir, LPMFA

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On June 12, 2016, the unthinkable occurred. An American massacred 49 other Americans at Pulse nightclub in downtown Orlando, Florida.  53 more victims are still in varying stages of recovery, with five still critical as I write this. Fifty deaths were reported with the fiftieth referring to the perpetrator, Omar Mateen. Recently I wrote an astrology article on the event itself and the shooter. I noted then that there was more to come and here is this article.

In 2009, I authored Presidents of Hope and Change, an astrological study of the Presidents of the U.S. in general, and ten in particular. It was written non-technically for the general public. For the second half of the book, I followed the prevailing astrological energies out to about 2025. I managed to get bitten by the political bug and have since researched our national history and political machinations as well as many of the states. I wondered how the worst terrorist shooting in American history looked in the national chart. I wondered as well how it looked in the Florida state chart, the City of Orlando chart, the nightclub, and how all those charts interacted with one another. This is a technical article and it will bend your brain a bit, but it is amazing to watch astrology working in unison through sixteen charts. Put your thinking cap on…

  • Due to my political research, I prefer the USA Virgo rising natal chart with 11 Virgo 46 on the ascendant: July 4, 1776 at 9:36 AM LMT, Philadelphia, PA.
  • The statehood of Florida occurred March 3, 1845, Tallahassee, FL (I prefer to use individual longitude and latitude of the physical location), noonmark used.
  • The City of Orlando’s official birth is July 31, 1875 as a township incorporation, noonmark used, Orlando, FL.
  • Pulse nightclub was incorporated at 8 AM on May 19, 2003 (time stamp on filing) at Tallahassee (corporation).
  • And, of course, we must include the chart of the event, the shooting: June 12, 2016, 1:58 AM EDT, Orlando, FL,
  • and the chart of the shooter: Omar Mateen, November 16, 1986, 7:00 PM (source: BC in hand), Queens, NY.

One major activator for the massacre itself and the shooter individually was the transiting mutable grand cross that has seriously impacted our world, ranging from 12:02 degrees to 23:09 degrees for the event.

  • The USA natal chart has four positions in mutable: the midheaven/Uranus conjunction at 8 Gemini 52-54, the ascendant at 11 Virgo 46 and Neptune at 22 Virgo 25.
  • The progressed USA Sun is 11 Pisces 21, progressed Uranus 7 Gemini 04 and Neptune at 26 Virgo 08R.
  • In the Florida chart the mutable grand cross triggered the natal Sun 13 Pisces 03 and Mars 26 Sagittarius 50. I have chosen to ignore the noonmark midheaven and ascendant because noonmark is assumed not necessarily accurate; however, both are triggered by the grand cross.
  • Florida progressions to the event are Venus and Mercury 25 Virgo 01-03.
  • The Orlando natal chart has Mars at 21 Sagittarius 37
  • and the progressions are numerous: Mars 9 Pisces 41, Moon 27 Virgo 00, Mercury 23 Sagittarius 30 and Sun 27 Sagittarius 20, again ignoring the noonmark midheaven and ascendant, though both were triggered.
  • Pulse is the nightclub in which the massacre took place. Natally, Uranus is 2 Pisces 41, not in the middle degrees, Saturn 28 Gemini 05 and Pluto 19 Sagittarius 09R (key position).
  • By progression Uranus has barely moved, the Sun is 10 Gemini 40, Moon 26 Gemini 02, Saturn 29 Gemini 41, Pluto 18 Sagittarius 49 retrograde.

These tie strongly into the natal of the shooter, Omar Mateen: Midheaven 10 Pisces 23, Jupiter 13 Pisces 06, Saturn 10 Sagittarius 08, and Uranus 20 Sagittarius 55.

Mateen’s progressions are Mercury 9:33, Saturn 13:37, Uranus 22:40 and Sun 24:18 all in Sagittarius, Mars 14 Pisces 04, Jupiter 15 Pisces 21, and the Moon 27 Gemini 19. 

The shooter’s diurnal ascendant at 16 Sagittarius 50 connects directly into that day’s mutable grand cross.

We have focused as usual on the birth moment of the massacre, but there is an ending time as well. This was a lengthy ordeal with the declaration that it was over and the shooter was dead before the ending at 5:53 AM. That ascendant was 12 Gemini 22; as Saturn opposed that position and quickly passed out of the 7th house, authority prevailed.

The other important massacre aspect that activated the energy was the Mercury/Mars opposition from 25 Scorpio 12 retrograde to Mercury 29 Taurus 02, each on the axis of malefic fixed stars.

  • 25 Taurus is the degree of Caput Algol (death by decapitation or losing one’s head)
  • and 29 Taurus is the Pleiades (the seven weeping sisters, grief).
  • The USA Virgo rising chart’s Moon is 22 Aquarius 37. In a mundane, country chart, the Moon represents the populace, the people themselves.
  • The Florida statehood chart has the South Node at 29 Taurus 02 retrograde, with three of its four planet Aquarius stellium at 24 to 27 Aquarius on the square to the node.
  • The Orlando incorporation chart has Saturn at 23 Aquarius 51R square Pluto 23 Taurus 33.
  • Pulse nightclub has its North Node at 29 Taurus 28.
  • Repeating: the massacre itself has Mercury at 29 Taurus 02 and Mars at 25 Scorpio 10 retrograde.
  • The shooter, Omar Mateen, has his Sun 24 Scorpio 20 opposite his Moon at 29 Taurus 47 both squared by Mars at 23 Aquarius 55.

Using the event timeline, I would add three more specifics that I think are pertinent.

  • The tide turned for the shootout at approximately 4:49 AM when the gun battle exited the club and moved outdoors. That chart ascendant was 25 Taurus 09 (Caput Algol) opposition Mars 25 Scorpio 10 retrograde.
  • The 5:03 AM report specified controlled explosions. I am willing to state that I believe it was the actual time of death of the perpetrator, with 29 Taurus 05 on the ascendant conjunct Mercury 29 Taurus 12, still opposed that Mars.
  • The 5:53 AM all clear signal from the police, that the shooter was down and dead, was after the whole scene had been secured and they were sure it was over. It was an announcement by authority, with Saturn on the descendant of the chart.

These are (sixteen main) charts from:

  • 1776 (USA birth) and 240 days later (year for a day progressions),
  • 1845 (Florida birth) and 181 days later (year for a day progressions),
  • 1875 (Orlando birth) and 141 days later (year for a day progressions),
  • 1986 (Mateen birth) and 30 days later (year for a day progressions),
  • 2003 (Pulse birth) and 13 days later (year for a day progressions), and
  • 2016 (date of massacre) (Note: diurnals were not used, repetitive)
  • 240 years of comparisons.

The degrees and the resonances between the charts are pinpoint accurate…and it is said this stuff doesn’t work!

Published in AFA Todays Astrologer Jan 2019 vol 81#1, republished with slight editing.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.