Why Aquarius/Uranus Drives the USA

America’s Path to the Future

Part I of III

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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I have never considered myself a political astrologer; when I did political research over the years, it was because I was curious who would win a particular election. I had, like so many other astrologers looked at wars and other crises: the Challenger and Columbia disasters, hurricanes and other weather or environmental disasters, and other significant events for the country from time to time. In those mini-researches, I did as much as was needed to get the answer sought, but it ended there. I was on a par with many astrologers as I searched for the answer to the 2008 election, continuing to the inauguration in 2009; I didn’t have much more in mind than scratching an astrological itch. But as I assembled the necessary material to scratch that itch, insights came fast and furious. Without warning or intent, I suddenly had the astrological workups of 43 presidents plus several USA country chart choices, verifying (rectification) work was done as necessary to the presidents’ charts as I proceeded.

Amazingly, themes started to present themselves immediately and certain presidents stood out strongly as representative of those themes. My research was set up along lines that most astrologers would fashion, starting with the basics. Using my IO Mac astrology program, I cast each person in the standard western tradition, examining first the Midheaven, Ascendant, ten bodies and the North Node. That is when the insights and revelations began. As I handled the patterns, random connections started to appear with startling frequency, so much so that I would get dizzy with the onslaught of awareness. I questioned that if what I was realizing in these little mini-bursts was true, I was truly on to something important. I had to develop a more organized system for proving or disproving those flashes.

Starting with thirteen primary positions for each, I constructed a spreadsheet with the USA birth choices (four each) at the top and all 43 presidents beneath the USA notations in time order of service to the country. That gave me a systematic, easy-to-use grid of the possibilities. My flashes of insight would live or die by solid proof and numbers. At that point I hadn’t truly chosen which USA birth time I would use, but I had narrowed the choices down to one date, July 4, 1776, and the four most likely choices for that date: Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio or Sagittarius rising. Separately, I have explained my choice of Virgo rising so I won’t go into my reasoning again here (been there, done that) but that single choice became the basis for the balance of my research.

With another spreadsheet, I was able to easily see which president’s personal positions (same choice of thirteen positions) connected with (resonated) with the USA’s thirteen positions. I could now see what each president offered to the country or what the country expected from each president. Really… it was that easy and that visible. Several themes emerged, but three themes revealed themselves as primary. That does not suggest that the other themes were unimportant; but with individuals as well as countries, certain themes are central or core to the purpose of such an existence.

Reading the pattern for a country uses the same principles as natal astrology with a shift in the choice of words to reflect the more corporate structure of the country as contrasted with an individual and to emphasize that the energy is about a group of people, not a single person. A similar requirement for delineation is used in a popular form when reading composites or relationships. It is important to remember and read the composite or relationship and not skew the patterns toward one individual or the other. The application is about the relationship overall, not the individuals involved in that relationship.

The same is true of reading the pattern for a country. The reading is about the collective, not an individual who is part of that collective. The presidency is a focus point (leadership) chosen by that collective to represent the collective as a whole. I truly believe and teach that if you understand your astrological basics, the rest is application only. Jupiter does not change its nature or character whether it belongs in the life of a person, an animal or a country. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and acts like a duck, then it’s a duck! In this instance, the duck’s name is Jupiter.

Thirteen points: all are important and all are critical to the operation and success of a country – our country. Which of those thirteen points stood out as key or primary when I matched the thirteen personal points of the 43 presidents who have been inaugurated in the 233 years of our existence? How did I use the thirteen principles as representative of the country and how did I determine which themes were key? I simply counted the connections!

  • The Sun represents the identity of the country by sign, house and aspect. Who are we?
  • The Moon represents the people, the citizenry, and the sense of clan or family. How do we feel?
  • Mercury represents the communication, education, transportation, the youth of a country.
  • Venus represents all value systems, financial, relational, social and more of the country.
  • Mars represents the courage, assertion or aggression: the sheer force of action of the country.
  • Jupiter expands, enlarges, enriches, broadens and risks in growing a country.
  • Saturn codifies, establishes, organizes, structures a country, shows its responsibility.
  • Uranus breaks through barriers or obsolete structures, is independent, and reaches for the future.
  • Neptune provides the dream, the inspiration, and the spirit within a country.
  • Pluto is the inherent power, the process of regeneration or transformation of a country.
  • The Ascendant is the coping skill and the face that the country presents to the world.
  • The Midheaven is the mountain the country seeks to climb, stature, reputation, honor.
  • The North Node is cross-cultural, opens up new relationships and associations to develop our relating skills beyond the one-on-one of Venus.

The strongest theme was that of Aquarius/Uranus with Uranus right on (conjunct) the Midheaven in the USA birth plus our Moon in Aquarius. We were born in revolution so that connection is not unexpected, but on the Midheaven it is also an ongoing theme of achievement, and identifies our belief in independence, individuality and freedom as a “mission.” So many of the presidents had a direct connection with Uranus, the Moon, and the Midheaven of the USA, along with the sign and the theme of Aquarius, that it amazed me. Four presidents walked off the spreadsheet in starring roles. I had been concerned that I was doing wishful thinking with all the original flashes of insight I mentioned, but the numbers supported my insights. Of course, more presidents had some of these themes as well but the four stood out: Presidents Jefferson, Lincoln, Kennedy and Obama emerged as a lineage of freedom and individuality with a strong sense of the future. I found it fascinating that President Obama most admires President Lincoln and that President Kennedy most admired President Jefferson.

The next strongest theme was two-fold, tied by count, equally important, each strongly placed in presidential connections. One theme was Mercury/Pluto tied together by an opposition in the USA pattern. Equally as strong was the USA Neptune.

The communication and power function are tied together, but in a stress (opposition) pattern. This equates to powerful communications for good or for ill. For good, the power of persuasiveness is an important asset to a country. For ill, that same power of communication can be misused but we will pay a terrible price for its misuse. Honesty, integrity, transparency, and responsibility is implied in the right use and application of such a skill. We have seen too much recently of this particular aspect’s misuse. The effect of such misuse is personal, national and international when a country is involved. We will explore this facet in Part II of this mini-series.

The country’s spirituality is a primary theme, key to the understanding of the country. Not identity, not militant activity, not expansion into oblivion, not rigid, conservative structures, not…this could go on and on. What drives us from within as our spiritual core? It is the spirit of the people, called a country. We give even when it hurts. We believe we are a spiritual people. Again, I’m not talking about religion – that’s a construct. I am talking about our spirit, that which recognizes our connection with each other and with creation itself. It is central to the USA, a driving principle. We will explore this facet in Part III of this mini-series.

These four presidents also connected to and expressed multiples of other themes mentioned in my list of thirteen possibilities. Several of those presidents had some of these three primary themes as well as other themes of importance, combinations that were unique to them and their service.

What about the four presidents who walked off the spreadsheet page in the Uranus/Aquarius theme? They each also connected with both the Mercury/Pluto theme and the Neptune theme. The three strongest themes were present in these four men who became our presidents. These men were inter-related on some deep level in the service of our country. The desire for independence and freedom, while maintaining the union coupled with a strong sense of the future, the powerful communications that I identified as the power of persuasion, and the deep spirituality of these men is a common bond they shared in the service of their country.

In Part II of this mini-series, we will explore our country’s Mercury-Pluto opposition.

In Part III of this mini-series, we will explore our country’s spirituality: Neptune.

First published on the All Things Healing website Sep 2010 and on the Ezine website Nov 2009, republished with slight editing.

NOTE: This Summary was used as a lead-in to my E-Zine article. Curiosity can reportedly lead to trouble, but when an intellectual itch gets to work it can develop interesting insights. I have never been particularly politically motivated but I do get curious over the various events that happen to our country, particularly the election and the following inauguration process. Starting in the fall of 2008, one election and inauguration process later I had developed an involved study of the founding of our country, our national map, and the 43 men who have served as our presidents. Several strong astrological themes accurately describe the overall nature of our country; however, three themes are so very pronounced that to me they are the very core of our country. Of those three, the theme of independence, individuality and uniqueness, with our eye on the future is what drives us from within.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.