Age of Aquarius

by Marilyn J. Muir, LPMAFA

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With the advent of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 00 Aquarius 29 on December 21, 2020, there have been so many questions as to whether this event announced the actuality of the “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”. The song itself has been fastened in our brains since the Fifth Dimension released it in March of 1969. It was a true Aquarian piece of music – developed, written and presented in multiple layers and sections, in multiple applications by multiple groups and artists in multiple studios, and then pieced together electronically. Reading about it was a real adventure in the emerging pop music genre. There were so many pieces and times that I could not determine an exact beginning for a timed chart. It seemed to me that its earliest stage was for the musical “Hair”. Researching things like this is a cultural education in itself.

While the song both inspired and raised lots of questions, the astrological implications were not all that solid. Ask any Astrologer – “when the Moon is in the seventh house” happens for a couple of hours every single day of every single year, so it is significant only to those who happen to own that chart. “And Jupiter aligns with Mars” occurs every two years just like clockwork when Mars in its orbit chases and catches up to Jupiter, a conjunction. Again, significant to those who might own one of those charts but probably not the moment of the birth of a new world age. For myself, I believe the song was prophetic as well as a great piece of music! Prophetic?

Once upon a time prophecy was determined philosophically or through religious practice throughout the world in many cultures. Pronouncements, instructions, warnings, etc. pop up everywhere in world history. Those who could prophecize were held in great regard, and considered wise or spiritual. Over time, that expectation changed as the world itself changed. Emerging science demanded proof and not just blind belief. The gift of prophecy requires a mind that is open to the universe and its rhythms; one that is not stuck in the present moment and its tangible proofs, a mind that can see beyond the obvious into the possible. The instrument that could prophesy moved into the area of inventors and physicists, those who can imagine and explore without limits with the capacity to envision possibilities… and then set out to prove their hypothesis or bring it into manifestation.

I see another avenue for foretelling the future… thinkers who are not bound by the ordinary and whose imaginations take us beyond our current boundaries, particularly inventors and sci-fi writers. Leonardo Da Vinci saw a helicopter in his mind’s eye in the 15th Century A.D.  Hans Lippershey was the first to imagine the telescope in 1508, and now we have eyes on the cosmos. Jules Verne in his book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, originally published in June, 1870, saw amazing submarines. Edgar Rice Burroughs was born in 1875, but his imagination took us off this world and into the cosmos. What is seen as fiction eventually shows up as reality, and now we have all of those images. Their minds are not bound tightly into what is, allowing for what is to become to emerge. The concrete may take awhile, but it does take place. Or in the words of Napoleon Hill, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Life is a process, built rung-by-rung on a ladder into the future, by those willing to let their imaginations become seers into the future. Now we have a song to introduce a concept and a new age.

Astrology:     World Ages are just that… very long epochs. Our scientists’ best guess is that earth is about 4.5 billion years old. In our position within our local solar system that orbits the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, our Earth spinning through its long precessional cycle takes just under approximately 26,000 years. Astronomers and Astrologers have divided that cycle into twelve divisions called Epochs or Ages, with an average of 2155 years for a single age. Earth’s Precession is measured by the Spring Equinox (the moment of equal day and equal night, March 21st, 00 Aries), which travels westward through the heavens causing the measure itself to travel backwards through the signs of the zodiac. An age is entered at the 30th degree of a sign and precesses (goes backward) through the sign to 0 degrees of that sign. One single degree of motion takes about 72 years to travel.

Have you noticed there are no fence posts in outer space that mark the division between one zodiac sign and another? There is only vast, open space. That means there is a mingling of energies at each of the borders between the twelve signs, not a clear demarcation between them like falling off a cliff. The mingling would be at the change itself, 1-0˚ of the ending age sign to 30-29˚ degrees of the emerging age sign. Two degrees of 72 years each equals 144 years of mingled energy. The energy at that point is comprised of 72 years of the death or submergence of the outgoing sign and 72 years of the birth of the emerging sign… mingled together. Death and birth in human experience are each traumatic events… and in this case, doubled… perhaps a rebirth of sorts. Rebirth implies that something already in existence is changed, reformed, rebooted into a newer emerging form.

How do we know when the key year occurs? I don’t think we do know for sure, but we can guess. Since we were not provided with a zero year in which to start our measure, we cannot determine the beginning point. In 4.5 billion years of Earth’s existence, there have been many cycles and no one kept notes. Historical records say we are moving out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius (there is that song again). This is a manmade measure, so Age time is slippery. Can we get closer that that?  And so I Googled. On the Britannica encyclopedia website* is the most amazing diagram of where we are right now in that cycle. Open it now if you can and see the diagram while I describe what is happening.

During our precessional cycle, Earth’s North Pole points more directly at four “pole stars” during its 26,000-year cycle. Right now, Earth is pointing at Polaris, our North Star. It holds prime position for approximately ¼ of Earth’s precessional cycle, close to 6500 years. Earth’s North Pole has been moving steadily towards Polaris (applying) and is now as close as it can get (1/2 degree) and will complete this closest contact and continue to precess away (separate) from Polaris towards the next pole star. Exactly when is the closest alignment? About 2100 AD. We have been within that half degree of perfection since the 1940’s. It is like an open door that we can choose to enter. This is what we would call a station point if  Earth were a planet, and it is; but this measure involves Polaris, not another planet. Think: circle. We are so close, applying to the conjunction; we appear to be stationing. Polaris is continually pumping energy into a tight area of space, and the reception point is Earth’s North Pole. And our scientists wonder why our polar measurements are shifting stronger than usual.

Because of this observable celestial aspect, I do think we are close to, if not on the mark, that can signify the timing for the change of the age, especially allowing at least the 144-year transitional doorway (best guess). Know that because we are talking about a world age that exceeds human measurement, we are talking about a long developmental period (applying), possibly illustrated by an event (station), possibly not, and then a period of assimilation (separating) where we try to figure out what the heck just happened. This can be a long, dragged-out process and not just an event. Again, a process, possibly not an event! And you thought 2020 was an unusual year just because of the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction! We moved within 1˚ alignment in the middle of World War II and have been applying to that half degree perfection since. Sound like change has been in the air? There is that song again.

If that is the larger, stage-setting cycle for an Age, what might be incremental moments in that new cycle? How about a twenty-year repeating conjunction that completes its cycle through each sign and degree in 700 to 800 years overall (have seen both). If we have a 2155-year or so Age, that would be three times the 720-year overall Jupiter/Saturn cycle series to complete an age. WOW that is very tight.

To end this introduction to the Age of Aquarius, I am providing world speculation Age of Pisces influence and Age of Aquarius influence charts for you to contemplate until I write again. In the meantime, keep singing, practice your spiritual outlook, and search. This is a new age we are entering and we each chose to be here at this time. Remember who you are!


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.