Domestic Terrorism at its Worst ­–

the El Paso, TX Walmart Shooting

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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On Aug 3, 2019 at 10:39 AM MDT, a 21-year-old lone gunman opened fire with a WASR-10 semi-automatic rifle at the Cielo Vista Walmart in El Paso, TX, killing 23 people and injuring 22 others. It was a hate crime specifically targeting the local Mexican immigrant population. The white American gunman traveled over 600 miles to perform this domestic (homegrown) terrorist act. He purchased the gun and 1000 rounds of hollow-point ammunition in June of 2019, publicly declared his intention by manifesto (stated reason: protection of his country), got on the road, and did this horrendous deed.  He then surrendered to authorities, confessed his action to federal authorities, and pled guilty to an incredible number of crimes. This week, the presiding judge issued sentences for the federal-only phase of this horrendous transgression.

The counts:      According to the Office of Public Affairs ( ), on February 8, 2023, the shooter “pled guilty to a 90-count indictment with 45 counts of violating the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act plus 45 counts of using a firearm during and relation to crimes of violence. The defendant was sentenced to one life sentence for each count in the indictment (45) and was also sentenced to 22 counts of hate crimes that caused bodily injury and involved attempts to kill the 22 people injured in the shooting.” All without the possibility of parole. There was more… additionally, the shooter “was sentenced for 45 firearms violations, including 23 counts of using a firearm in a federal crime of violence resulting in death, and 22 counts of using a firearm in a federal crime of violence.”

The 21-year-old shooter was identified as Patrick Wood Crusius last known to have lived in the family home in Allen, TX near the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex (about 650 miles east of El Paso). My research indicates Crusius “has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder”. I have searched for accurate birth data, but have only the date of birth as July 27, 1998, supposedly in Dallas. I did set a noonmark birth chart and full workup; but was unsatisfied with what I generated. I am providing the shooter’s noonmark natal and diurnals with this article, but I choose to go in a different direction for the article itself. Why? You can get some information with a time unknown chart, but what is generated is not quite trustworthy. I do have an accurately timed event chart with date of sentencing, so those will be the more reliable charts. So much of this event is “over the top” that I wondered what it would reveal. Be aware that I will be using hard aspects only because I see them as causative more than the soft aspects.

The event chart has 4:30 Libra rising (for a mass shooting?), with ruler Venus at 8:09 Leo conjunct Sun 11:04 and widely conjunct Mars 20:47 (a stellium is a powerful conjunction). Mars is considered the ruler of guns and aggression. That Venus also rules the event 8th house of catastrophe and death. Event 8th house occupant Uranus is 6:35 Taurus, square the chart ruler.  The 650-mile drive would have originated the day prior when Venus was closer to the exact square of Uranus (rebellion?). The declaration before the drive, the drive itself (650 miles) and the shooting was one long ongoing event. What else does the event chart highlight?

Event Moon 17:06 Virgo (in the 12th of self-undoing) is opposed Neptune 18:15 Rx Pisces across the event 6th/12th psychological axis, both closely square Jupiter 14:36 Rx Sagittarius. Again, the event Moon being fastest (usually traveling approximately one degree very two hours on any day’s clock) is separating from the Jupiter square but applying to the Neptune opposition. The whole of the T-square is continually in play. Reminder: the 650-mile drive prior to the shooting was also activated by that perfecting aspect. The whole of that T-square was active prior to and just after (capture and imprisonment) the exact moment of the event itself. That Moon is the ruler of the event 10th house, the achievement principle (Midheaven) of that moment in time at that specific location.

Another major aspect pattern in play is the Mercury 24:17/N Node 17:29 conjunction in Cancer opposition Saturn 15:28 Rx/S Node/Pluto 21:25 Rx Capricorn conjunction in the 4th of the foundation or grave for that moment, at that specific location; also, Saturn rules that house. That is every position showing in this chart. This was a particularly horrifying event. Is there more?

I don’t choose to repeat positions, but I need to point out another major pattern. Look to the Leo stellium quincunx Neptune, which is also quincunx the Saturn/S Node/Pluto conjunction in the 4th. The quincunx is called the “Finger of God” aspect, more “fated” in nature. This is two quincunxes commonly connected, literally a pointed finger as the aspect describes. This deceptively simple-looking chart carried a huge punch (over the top).

What about the sentencing chart? Because we have the timed event chart, we can erect a diurnal chart for the sentencing date. Simply enter the natal data for the actual event and change only the date for sentencing. That provides an event transit chart complete with personal Ascendant and Midheaven for the actual day of the sentencing for the crime reflected in the event chart.

Diurnal Sun 15:19 widely conjunct diurnal Mercury 22:59 Cancer conjunct the event Mercury/N Node; opposing event Saturn/S Node/Pluto. Don’t discount the wide opposition to the diurnal Pluto. I prefer close to exact aspects, but that wider aspect still exists.

Diurnal Moon 14:07 Pisces is triggering the event Moon opposition Neptune square Jupiter T-square. Note that the four mutable diurnal angles are less than four degrees from the event Jupiter (think “over the top” nature of event).

Diurnal Uranus 21:59 Taurus triggers the event Mars/Venus/Sun stellium. Close by is diurnal Jupiter triggering the event Sun/Venus conjunction (Venus is event chart ruler).

I have never erected a diurnal sentencing chart aspected to the event chart. Doing so made me curious. I had the date that the shooter pled guilty to all charges – so, I also set the shooter pleading diurnal chart to explore possible connections to the event chart as well. Briefly:

Place the El Paso diu pleading chart here

Most obvious connection, pleading diurnal Venus 15:38/Neptune 23:50 Pisces opposes Moon 21:49 Virgo T-square Mars 12:10 Gemini triggering the event mutable T-square. Reminder: Venus is natal event and 8th house ruler.

Pleading diurnal N Node 7:09 Rx Taurus is conjunct event Uranus in event 8th house of death and destiny.

Pleading diurnal Ascendant 17:25 Aries is square event Nodes (Karmic implication?).

Know that this is for the federal charges only. The State of Texas charges have not been adjudicated at this time.

In editing this, I noticed a missing possibility. This was a legal proceeding based on a crime with very Mars / 8th house issues (event chart). Legal issue research should include the natural rulers of legalities. There are two possibilities: Venus with her scales of justice symbolism, and Jupiter as higher learning and law giver. That also includes their signs: Taurus and Libra for Venus and Sagittarius and Pisces for Jupiter, and also includes their natural houses the 2nd and 7th for Venus and the 9th and 12th for Jupiter. All planets, signs and houses are fully involved in the diurnals for both the pleading and the sentencing legalities.

Shooter:       I promised the charts for the shooter: Patrick Wood Crusius. Remember that they are not as reliable as they are noonmark only and good for every person born on this globe within that 24-hour period (generic). I prefer noonmark rather than a sunrise chart to halve the potential mathematical error within any 24-hour day.  Since sunrise or noonmark is not as reliable as an accurate natal, I choose to give you the information but not fully illustrate it. Here is Crusius’s noonmark natal, along with his personal event, pleading, and sentencing noonmark diurnals.

Do not trust the angles, house positions or Moon. All other positions are reasonably accurate. I would look for potential violence, plus Saturn for accepting responsibility for his own actions, between his charts, as well as the legalities described above.  Watch Jupiter for “over the top” crime and sentencing. Karmically, I would look at the nodal and 8th house activity.

Original source:

Much more complete report

Federal sentencing document     Office of Public Affairs

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.