Domestic Terrorism: The Oklahoma City, OK Bombing

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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Domestic terrorism is not new, even to the United States. You can easily obtain a list of DT events on Wikipedia to provide a beginning point, accompanied by links to individual articles. For more info you can Google “domestic terrorism, USA”.  Be careful you are dealing with U.S. information, because on an encyclopedic source, you need to define your parameters. DT can occur in any locale or formalized country attacked by their own citizens or within specific borders as the concept.

The size and carnage of the bombing in Oklahoma City sets it apart from most but not all other U.S. DT examples. At the time, this event was bigger than those that had preceded it with the exception of the Tulsa Race Riot. 2001’s 9 / 11 Twin Towers attack later assumed first place in destruction, lives lost, and terror. I am going to examine this Oklahoma City bombing from several different vantage points, so this will require more than one section to this narrative. I am going to start with the bombing itself to set the stage for the balance of my presentation.

OK City bombing event (B)

Midheaven 17:45 Aquarius

Ascendant 8:24 Gemini

Sun 29:03 Aries

Moon 25:15 Sagittarius

Mercury 4:47 Taurus

Venus 26:53 Pisces

Mars 16:46 Leo

Jupiter 14:53R Sagittarius

Saturn 20:13 Pisces

Uranus 00:22 Aquarius

Neptune 25:32 Capricorn

Pluto 00:02R Sagittarius

True N Node 5:36 Scorpio

Looking at the bomb explosion as an event, who did it, why they did it, who got hurt or killed, etc. is superfluous to the explosive event itself. The explosion is our current purpose. We should look at hard aspects only for this viewpoint. Why? The nature of the event suggests hard aspects. Terrorism, bombs, rampant death and injury are stress-related. Hard aspects make things happen. Soft aspects grease the wheels. We will not get to examine soft aspects in this study, but do know there were heroes that day. There was immediate response, aid, bravery, courage, and spiritual responses as well as the pathos of the explosion and the damage it caused.

It is not difficult to see squares and oppositions in the explosion and aftermath. Conjunctions can be counted as both hard and soft aspects. Mars is on the I.C. (4th house) angle of the explosion itself, a conjunction with Martian qualities on the point of home, hearth and family. But that conjunction was also present in the first responders and the heroic actions of the citizens. The conjunction was both trigger and pointer. Do not lose sight of the good that was inherent in the aftermath as we examine the horror of the explosion itself.

Remember too that we tend to look at separation when examining an event such as this… the explosion alone. But something led up to the moment of the explosion. Plus, the explosion itself was causative to the aftermath of the explosion. This is not a series of unrelated events; it is a process with a past (planning or sequence), a present (event) and a future (aftermath or results). If a close aspect is slightly separating, it could have been part of an earlier sequence stage. As the aspect perfects itself, it is strongest and most likely to produce the actual event. As the aspect moves past perfect into separation, it represents aftermath, residual or results of the primary event. If you are so inclined, rectification is in that slight movement. Astrologically that is “tweaking the chart.”

In any event chart, I look to angular first because the angles are the fastest moving segment of the chart and can activate more quickly than any planet including the Moon. Planets near the angles seem to be the strongest or most significant and, in my experience, most indicative of timing. Note: I prefer tight aspects but will allow as much as 5˚ when multiple placements are present in a combined aspect.

  • As  mentioned, Mars is conjunct the event IC opposing the Midheaven (10th cusp) of goal or mission. Note that the IC cusp has already traveled over the planet by one degree, signifying the past. The start of this event is slightly before the event as stated – four minutes of clock time as Midheaven / IC angular movement equals one degree for every four minutes. When researching the event, I noted that the bomber lit the first fuse while he was approaching the intended target, five minutes before the actual bombing. He lit a second fuse two minutes later, drove the truck into position, parked and locked it, and walked away from the truck to a waiting get-away vehicle before the bomb exploded. Before I leave this point, a reminder that Mars is on the point of home, hearth, and family as described above, the IC. The bomber was a U.S. citizen, part of our country’s “family”. Oklahoma is in the center of our country and that center is often described as the “homeland”.
  • The other angle axis, the Ascendant / Descendant, is a more involved and convoluted trigger. Note Pluto on the sixth house side of the angle and Jupiter on the seventh house side of that same angle, quite wide in separation. I usually require tighter orbs, but I try not to rule anything out until I have examined it. If you deduct the lower figure from the higher figure (14:53 minus 00:02), that is a spread of 14 degrees 51 minutes. Locate the midpoint (divide the total in half) and add to the lower figure: 00:02 +  7:25 = 7:27 midpoint, which is conjunct the Descendant. Midpoints do work. The Ascendant does not travel at the same speed as the Midheaven (which represents longitude and time), depending on the latitude at that specific Midheaven. At the travel rate of approximately 1˚ every 4 minutes on the clock, this midpoint was conjunct the Descendant about 4 to 5 minutes earlier, mirroring the time the first fuse was lit.
  • In addition, this Ascendant is 8:24 Gemini, with the ruler, Mercury, in the twelfth house of ambush or hidden enemies and is intercepted. I do want to mention here that the U.S. Declaration of Independence Virgo rising chart that I prefer has its Midheaven at 8:52 Gemini conjunct Uranus at 8:54. Any major event, political or otherwise (such as a bad storm), can also activate the U.S., state, and city charts individually. We will examine that later in this study. This Ascendant gives a tight, direct hit to the U.S. Midheaven and Uranus, and is widely square the U.S natal Ascendant 11:46 Virgo. This aspect alone describes the event. U.S. impact later.
  • Chart ruler Mercury is conjunct the South Node and both are intercepted. The Sun is not intercepted. It took many hours of rescue efforts in a panic mode to figure out what had happened. The manhunt was secondary to the carnage, but they also did try to find the bomber (ruler). Mercury and the Nodes are also square the chart Uranus (bombing Midheaven co-ruler) and are also square the U.S natal nodes in Leo/Aquarius. Along with that chart T-square, make a mental note that while Mercury and South Node are square Uranus, the adjacent Sun 29:03 Aries is also square Neptune 25:32 Capricorn. Also note that natal U.S. Pluto is 27:33R Capricorn opposite U.S. natal Mercury at 24:20R Cancer. U.S. impact later.

So far, the angles are all involved, plus the Nodes, Mercury, Sun, Uranus, Neptune, midpoint Pluto / Jupiter. What has been left out in this single chart? Venus, Saturn and the Moon, perhaps Jupiter and Pluto directly, aside from their midpoint on the Descendant?

  • Venus, Saturn and Moon are in square within this event chart and are in hard aspect to the U.S. natal Neptune 22:25 Virgo and U.S. natal Mars 21:10 Gemini. U.S. impact later.
  • In addition, Jupiter is in wide square to Saturn. Do we read this complex and ignore orb? If one body is activated, is its aspect partner activated? Also the Venus / Saturn square Moon is in hard aspect to U.S. natal Neptune 22:25 Virgo. Jupiter is square the U.S. Ascendant 11:46 Virgo. U.S. impact later. In my experience, if you activate a point in a complex pattern, the whole of that pattern is activated or triggered.
  • Pluto seems to be the least involved planet in this complex except for its midpoint participation. But… Jupiter / Pluto paint the story of the humongous explosion, destruction, physical harm and loss of life. This was both over the top and decimating.

The Oklahoma City, OK bombing as an event to the U.S. chart

In 2009, I researched all available speculative charts for the U.S. Declaration of Independence, rectifying by major events surrounding that 1776 time period. What gave me the best overall results was my preferred U.S. chart for the Declaration of Independence July 6, 1776, 9:36 AM LMT, Philadelphia, PA. As backup, this also was the chart of choice for another current astrologer I respect for his accuracy – my friend, Michael Munkasey.

In part one, I supplied multiple connections, but the easiest way to follow these U.S. aspects is to list the thirteen points (only) I researched for this event: Midheaven, Ascendant, ten bodies, and Node(s).

U.S. Declaration of Independence

Midheaven 8:52 Gemini

Ascendant 11:46 Virgo

Sun 13:01 Cancer

Moon 22:37 Aquarius

Mercury 24:20R Cancer

Venus 2:43 Cancer

Mars 21 Gemini 10

Jupiter 5:52 Cancer

Saturn 14:48 Libra

Uranus 8:54 Gemini

Neptune 22:25 Virgo

Pluto 27:33R Capricorn

True North Node 6:35 Leo

Now we can see the tight bombing connections to some parts of the US chart. When you have a group event, there will be certain degrees that are activated between the charts. It does not matter if it is person to person or an event to a nation. Common impacts need common points triggered. For example, within a family, one member may be injured, and others within the family may have to care for them; perhaps commonality by degree, but differentiation by aspect.  A direct loss such as a death should be evidenced in all charts affected, usually as a stress, perhaps the separative opposition. That is what you can clearly see in these charts. Obviously, the nation is far vaster than a single event no matter how devastating, so the whole of both charts may not be involved. There is more than one issue afoot any day in any country, far beyond what happens in one town or state. This was a high impact event so I would expect strong and multiple connections.

  • Repeating for this U.S. application, U.S. Midheaven / Uranus conjunction 8:52-54 Gemini very tight to bombing Ascendant 8:24 Gemini and midpoint of bombing Jupiter / Pluto..
  • U.S. Ascendant 11:46 Virgo also squared by bombing Jupiter 14:53R Sagittarius and Ascendant  and Jupiter/Pluto midpoint as given.
  • U.S. natal Mercury 24:20R Cancer opposed U.S. Pluto 27:33R Capricorn impacted by bombing Neptune 25:32 Capricorn, with bombing Sun 29:03 Aries 2.5˚ past the square. There were months of preparation, very intense the last few days before the actual bombing and while transporting the truck bomb. Pay attention to separating aspects as they can illustrate an earlier part of an overall process. In this instance, perhaps the precursors described later in this narrative – three years for the Ruby Ridge siege and two years for the Waco siege.
  • U.S. Mars 21:10 Gemini is squared by the bombing Saturn / Venus conjunction 20:13 – 26:53 Pisces and opposed by separating bombing Moon 25:15 Sagittarius. There is more.
  • U.S. Neptune 22:25 Virgo (which squares the U.S. Mars as given, is opposed by the bombing Saturn / Venus plus squared by the bombing Moon, all as given.
  • U.S. IC 8:52 Sagittarius is conjunct bombing Descendant 8:24 and the bombing Jupiter / Pluto 7:27 midpoint.
  • U.S. North Nodal axis 6:35 Leo / Aquarius is squared by bombing Nodal axis 5:36 Taurus / Scorpio and bombing Mercury 4:47 Taurus.
  • Not specifically activated by hard aspect: U.S. natal Sun, Moon, Venus, and Jupiter. Remember: there were many other things going on in the country at the time of the terrorist attack.

I hope you can see how the activations correlate between the bombing and U.S. natal charts.

Oklahoma Statehood

Oklahoma City is a specific place within the state of Oklahoma, within the country we call the U.S. We will look next at the connections for the state and then at the city itself. Again, there should be connections, but not necessarily every combination because there are a variety of activities going on in such large groupings at any given moment.

Oklahoma achieved statehood on November 16, 1907, capital Oklahoma City, no time given, noonmark chart used. Since we cannot affirm exact time, Midheaven and Ascendant are speculative, as is the Moon, which travels about 1˚ every two hours on the clock. Note that a noonmark chart should always have the Sun close to the Midheaven much as a sunrise chart provides a Sun close to the Ascendant. Either connection depends on the time standard in effect. Mercury and Venus will be close to the Sun because both planets physically travel close to the Sun. I do not trust reading house placements in either sunrise or noonmark charts. The balance of planetary positions should be quite accurate. Aspecting bombing chart (accurate) to the state chart (Midheaven, Ascendant, Moon speculative):
Oklahoma statehood

Midheaven 19:35 Scorpio    (?)

Ascendant 29:46 Capricorn (?)

Sun 23:14 Scorpio

Moon 14:19 Aries (?)

Mercury 18:05R Scorpio

Venus 9:19 Sagittarius

Mars 21:34 Aquarius

Jupiter 13:17 Leo

Saturn 20:45R Pisces

Uranus 10:08 Capricorn

Neptune 14:40R Cancer

Pluto 24:21R Gemini

True North Node 15:43R Cancer

  • Bombing Midheaven 17:45 Aquarius conjunct state Mars 21:34, square state Midheaven (questionable), There is more.
  • Sun and Mercury (more reliable) 18:05 – 23:14 Scorpio, square state Jupiter 13:17 Leo; bombing Mars 16:46 Leo.
  • Bombing Ascendant 8:24 Gemini opposed state Venus 9:19 Sagittarius. There is more.
  • Bombing Descendant 8:24 Sagittarius and Jupiter / Pluto midpoint 7:27 conjunct state Venus as given.
  • Bombing Sun 29:03 Aries square state Ascendant 29:46 Capricorn (questionable).
  • Bombing Moon 25:15 Sagittarius opposed state Pluto 24:21R Gemini.
  • Bombing Saturn 20:13 Pisces and Venus 26:53 conjunct state Saturn 20:45R (state Saturn return).

There are also connections not listed above between the U.S. and Oklahoma state charts. As a teaching tool, lay the two charts out side by side to note the connections to add to the group degree effect. Know also that towns evolve into cities and the incorporation may be changed. Current cities may have started as military camps or crossroads points from exploration. I chose the earliest definitive incorporation dates when I did previous research on statehood and city incorporations. Other legal dates might apply.

Oklahoma City incorporation

The Oklahoma City incorporation is July 15, 1890, at Oklahoma City, time unknown, noonmark used. Yes, the city is older than the state. This is more common than realized with statehood charts.

Oklahoma City incorporation

Midheaven 14:45 Cancer (?)

Ascendant 13:19 Libra (?)

Sun 23:08 Cancer

Moon 09:05 Cancer (?)

Mercury 14:44 Cancer

Venus 29:44 Leo

Mars 28:49 Scorpio

Jupiter 9:07R Aquarius

Saturn 1:45 Virgo

Uranus 22:42 Libra

Neptune 6:00 Gemini

Pluto 7:25 Gemini

True North Node 23:45R Gemini

Bombing chart (accurate) to city incorporation chart (speculative Midheaven, Ascendant, Moon):

  • Bombing Ascendant 8:24 Gemini conjunct city Neptune / Pluto conjunction 6:00 – 7:25.
  • Bombing Neptune 25:32 Capricorn conjunct out of sign bombing Uranus 00:22 Aquarius, square bombing Sun 29:03 Aries are opposed / square city Sun 23:08 Cancer
  • Bombing Moon 25:15 Sagittarius conjunct city South Node 23:45R.
  • Bombing Mercury 4:47 Taurus conjunct bombing South Node 5:36 wide square city Jupiter 9:07R Aquarius. How long do you think it took the city itself to recover? Time to recover may be indicated by this wide applying orb.
  • Bombing Venus 26:53 conjunct bombing Saturn 20:13 Pisces square city North Node 23:45R Gemini (another midpoint example – note degrees and minutes).
  • Bombing Pluto 00:02R Sagittarius square city Saturn 1:45 Virgo.
  • Bombing Pluto is also out of sign conjunct city Mars 28:49 Scorpio. Bomber did visit the city and building prior to the explosion itself when he was determining his target.
  • Bombing Midheaven, Mars, Jupiter do not seem to be involved in the explosion itself.

There are also connections not listed above between the U.S., Oklahoma state, and Oklahoma City charts. As a teaching tool, lay the chart pairs out side by side to note the connections that add to the group degree effect.

This concludes the comparisons of the event to nation, state and city natal charts, but there is work not yet done. At the bottom of this presentation are more charts for the nation, state and city charts: their progressions and their diurnals. Each of those combinations (natal, progressed and diurnal) present a different facet to this event and to the entities they represent. This study is so technical that I was concerned about overwhelming the reader, so I chose not to delineate here, but I do want you to have the charts. Since this does not contribute to understanding this particular event (my purpose), they can be studied later. Extend this study one entity at a time by comparing the natal, progressed and diurnal individually. The charts include:

  • The U.S. Declaration of Independence natal, progressions, and diurnal to the event (bombing) date.
  • The Oklahoma statehood natal, progressions, and diurnal to the event (bombing) date.
  • The Oklahoma City incorporation natal, progressions, and diurnal to the event (bombing) date.

Progressions   Most astrologers are familiar with progressions, so an extended explanation should not be necessary. Progressions give the broad strokes of the period of time in question. Due to the fact that progressed placements are “a year for a day”, most of the generated placements will take time to develop over an elongated period, perhaps a year or even longer. The more distant the object being measured, the slower the travel, so whatever is represented by a progression develops over time. The closer the progressed aspects form, the more specific the application. For example: someone has an ongoing illness that increases in severity until it peaks and causes a traumatic impact. If it doesn’t kill them outright at that point, they might have to work through the residual of such impact: applying, exact, separating.

How do we get to a specific day? We switch methods; we use transits or personal diurnals. Know that in reality all charts are transit charts. We take a snapshot of a moving sky and re-label it as natal, event, etc. Celestial movement never truly stopped. We freeze-framed a moment of time so we could study it. Reality is continual motion. Continuing motion can be in the form of transits freeze-framed for the purpose of study.

Diurnals are not as widely known, so a brief explanation is in order. A diurnal is a transit chart for a single day in the life of whatever or whomever you are charting. Using the U.S. chart as an example, simply cast the natal chart as usual, then change the date only to the day of the event (in this instance the Oklahoma City explosion); recast, and you have the U.S. diurnal chart transits for that day. This chart shows how the transits are directly affecting the natal entity. Diurnals have a personal Midheaven and Ascendant along with accurate house placements, not usually available in transits from an ephemeris.

The diurnal placements will be closely similar to the event chart (same day) with the exception of the Midheaven, Ascendant (with house layout) and to a lesser degree, the diurnal Moon. When reading the event and any diurnal, which will be very similar, I would rely on the event as primary and the diurnal as personal to the chosen natal. The three different and new diurnal points will usually be Midheaven, Ascendant and Moon. I do not repeat reading the balance of the placements as already established in the event chart. Each diurnal is specific to the grouping being charted (natal and progressed), not necessarily to the other charts that may be involved in the study.

Where do we go from here in this bombing research?

  • Who dun’nit?
  • What caused it?
  • What are the details of the event?
  • Were there repercussions?

WHO were the bomber(s) and/or accomplices?

The primary Oklahoma City bombing culprit was Timothy McVeigh, born an American citizen (domestic) on April 23, 1968, 8:19 AM EST, Lockport, NY. McVeigh was the solitary bomber (terrorist) at the explosion itself. Bombing to personal chart reading in a moment.

McVeigh’s primary accomplice in the planning, construction and operational phase was Terry Lynn Nichols born April 1, 1955 in Lapeer, MI (domestic), time unknown, noonmark used. McNichols was involved in the planning and assembly stage but was not at the bombing itself. He was convicted and is a domestic terrorist. Noonmark chart reading to follow. History:

  • McVeigh and Nichols met during basic military training, 1988, Fort Benning, GA.
  • Both were radicalized early by white supremacy groups and both were anti-government.
  • Both were outraged by the events at the 1992 Ruby Ridge and the 1993Waco incidents.

James Nichols, brother to Terry, was involved but was later released after 32 days due to a lack of evidence. No other details found.

McVeigh’s sister Jennifer had been accused of “illegally mailing bullets” to him but was granted immunity for testifying against him. No other details found.

Michael and Lori Fortier: Michael was McVeigh’s military roommate. McVeigh, Nichols and Fortier were survivalists. Michael and wife Lori were involved in earlier stages but Michael refused McVeigh’s invitation to help with the finalization of the project. Lori helped to provide identification papers. No birth info was available for either. Michael was convicted and sentenced to twelve years for failure to warn authorities, serving 7.5 years plus time already served. Lori was part of Michael’s plea bargain, and served no time. Each was placed in the witness protection program; no other details available.

Timothy McVeigh

Born April 23, 1968, 8:19 AM EST, Lockport, NY

This was a shocking chart for me because the overall natal chart pattern is a specialized Mystical Rectangle called Lucifer’s Rectangle. This jolt sidetracked me for time while I studied it! However, for consistency in this article, I prefer to start at the beginning with the same overall view and application as I did with the event, U.S., statehood and city charts. This is the bomber himself; here is the list of his personal placements:

Timothy McVeigh natal

Midheaven 00:39 Pisces

Ascendant 26:57 Gemini

Sun 3:26 Taurus

Moon 18:06 Pisces

Mercury 01:51 Taurus

Venus 18:02 Aries

Mars 19:19 Taurus

Jupiter 25:50 Leo

Saturn 17:40 Aries

Uranus 25:44R Virgo

Neptune 25:45R Scorpio

Pluto 20:32R Virgo

True North Node 18:43 Aries

Revelations  In my research, I have found that many charts of people or events that have great impact contain stelliums or clusters. In the absence of actual stelliums or clusters, there may be multiple tight conjunctions. My reasoning on this is that the intensification of energy found in each grouping contributes to overall impact.

  • McVeigh (McV) has one reliable stellium in Taurus, a questionable stellium in Aries and multiple conjunctions.
  • Why questionable stellium? Traditional stellium count is by planet only. The potential Aries stellium is only two planets and the North Node.
  • The cluster is quite specific. McV has six planets clustered within 61 degrees in his upper left quadrant, centered in the 11th house of groups and associations and results of career or life mission.
  • As for tight conjunctions, McV has Venus / Saturn / N Node (3 pairings), Mercury / Sun, and Uranus / Pluto (generational as well as personal). That is five major conjunctions in one chart, intensification galore!

Chart patterns were first offered by Marc Edmund Jones and were seven in number. Over the years, other astrologers have developed other possibilities and applications. I studied chart patterns extensively in my serial killer research project. A less well known but important pattern is called the Mystical Rectangle, which consists of planets located in an overall rectangular pattern consisting of sextiles, trines and oppositions. There are two types with fire / air or earth / water placements. I will walk you through McV’s pattern in a moment. Of the two types, the earth / water is further differentiated as Lucifer’s Rectangle, and I have previously found it present in tragic or difficult events and people.

For teaching purposes, I chose a wheel that allows the aspect lines to be drawn in the center as a visual aid. At first glance, you can see a rectangular pattern involving all ten bodies. I am instead going to point your attention to the tighter rectangle that is visible when you remove Jupiter from consideration. On the upper left quadrant, six planets are contained between the Moon in water sign Pisces and Mars in earth sign Taurus. The lower right quadrant contains four planets, three of which are in Virgo and Scorpio, earth and water. Jupiter is outside this tighter rectangle in fire Leo. The oppositions from Moon to Uranus / Pluto in earth and from Mars to Neptune are all earth and water. Pictured together, they are rectangular in shape. This tighter rectangle is visible in the drawn lines in the center of the wheel if you eliminate Jupiter and focus on this tighter set of oppositions. This tight, rectangular pattern is very visible. I will look at Jupiter in particular later in this section.

I have found no formal research material on these two rectangles. There is additional material available on the internet simply by Googling Mystical or Lucifer’s Rectangle. I have encountered very few of these rectangles in my half century of study. The few I did encounter were charts of people of high impact, tragic circumstance, with an abrupt death to the native, such as electrocution by natural circumstance and / or legal / punishment means.  McV’s death for his personal actions in the Oklahoma City bombing was quite sudden, but by lethal injection.

Bombing chart as activation to McVeigh’s natal

Back to our bombing aspects. Comparing the bombing event chart to McV’s natal provides another layer of overall information and connections.

  • Bombing Midheaven 17:45 Aquarius as well as bombing Mars 16:46 Leo are both square McV’s natal Mars 19:19 Taurus, forming a volatile and potentially dangerous T-square between the charts. The answer is yes, these combination aspects do work as defined.
  • Bombing Venus / Saturn conjunction 20:13 to 26:53 Pisces square McV’s natal Ascendant 26:57 Gemini, which is natally square his Uranus/Pluto conjunction 20:32R – 25:44R Virgo, collectively forming another volatile and potentially dangerous T-square. There is more…
  • Bombing Moon 25:15 Sagittarius is conjunct McV’s natal Descendant, square McV’s natal Pluto / Uranus conjunction as given, plus McV’s natal Moon at18:06 Pisces is drawn in as well. That dangerous T-square just became an even more dangerous grand cross. Bombing Jupiter 14:53R Sagittarius is also pulled into this grand cross through its connection to McV’s natal Moon as given. That is five of McV’s planets in this T-square.
  • Bombing Sun 29:03 Aries wide out of sign conjunct bombing Mercury 4:47 and S Node 5:36 Taurus are conjunct McV’s natal Mercury / Sun conjunction 01:51 – 3:26 Taurus (part of stellium) and square bombing natal Uranus 00:22 Aquarius, which is out of sign conjunct Neptune 25:32 Capricorn.
  • Bombing Pluto 00:02R Sagittarius is square McV’s natal Midheaven 00:39 Pisces.
  • Bombing Ascendant 8:24 Gemini and axis Descendant do not seem to be specifically connected.

I said earlier I would address McV’s natal Jupiter, which lies outside Lucifer’s Rectangle. Jupiter is tightly square (5’) his Neptune with two important malefic fixed star degrees. I have stayed on target with basic “event” rules for this bombing research, but I see this complex as important enough to read.

McVeigh natal Mars / Jupiter / Neptune T-square

Look at the aspect lines in the center of the McV natal wheel. Jupiter 25:50 Leo has several trines in his natal chart to Saturn, Venus, North Node, Mercury and the Sun. With all that positive energy, how could McV have done what he did, caused so much destruction and loss of life and injury? The prior serial killer research I mentioned showed many trines and sextiles in the nativities, making me wonder why. Finally, the conclusion I reached was that the serial killers had a sense of entitlement to do what they did. The positive aspects seemed to shield or mask their activities from society “hiding in plain sight” as ordinary people / citizens.

Look closer at the trine grouping mentioned. There is also a square showing between Mars 19:19 Taurus and Jupiter 25:50 Leo. Mars is also opposed Neptune 25:45R Scorpio, forming the T-square and applying (strengthening).

  • In my experience, separating aspects refer to the past of any moment as the aspect has already perfected itself and what is left is residual.
  • Applying aspects show current to future as they have not perfected themselves, but will do so as the future unfolds.

This is a major, not very nice T-square that will develop as McV lives his life.  I would attribute this to his over the top (expansive Jupiter) involvement in conspiracy and associated deluded (Neptune) and aggressive (Mars) behavior. Mars is in his 12th house of self-undoing – those actions we take that shoot ourselves in the foot. As if this controlling major aspect is not enough, Jupiter is an outlier to the major pattern of the chart, a virtual outsider within his life; and McV was an outsider or outlier to society in more than one way.

All three points of this T-square are on difficult fixed star degrees by conjunction or opposition. The axis does work; think about a soda straw for an illustration of the energy flow in an opposition.

  • Mars is opposite fixed star Serpentis, “the accursed degree of the accursed sign”.
  • Jupiter is conjunct Regulus, a royal star associated with fame and grief.
  • Neptune is opposed Caput Algol, considered the most malefic fixed star in the heavens, “death by decapitation, ,or in modern parlance “losing one’s head”, such as following conspiracy theories or false doctrines beyond anything considered “normal”.

I am not judging the man. I am reading the potential of destructive self thought and action in his chart that might have contributed to the horror of the bombing.

In following the Jupiter conjunct Regulus concept, I did look at McV’s Jupiter progressions for the bombing and his later execution. The slowly moving contacts remained very tight. 

Because this was a study of the bombing itself and its wide impact, I chose not to do individual personal workups but have provided you with the McV  progressed and diurnal charts at the end of this article for your future study. I have also provided the progressed and diurnal charts for McV’s execution, again for your future study.

Terry Lynn Nichols

April 1, 1955, time unknown, noonmark used, Lapeer, MI

Remember that Terry Nichols (TN) participated in the planning of the attack and assembly of the truck bomb, but was not present at the bombing itself. I wondered if his connections would perhaps not be as vivid as McVeigh’s were.

Nichols natal chart

Midheaven 1:03 Aries (?)

Ascendant 21:10 Cancer (?)

Sun 11:12 Aries

Moon 4:52 Leo (?)

Mercury 21:35 Pisces

Venus 2:38 Pisces

Mars 23:43 Taurus

Jupiter 20:17 Cancer

Saturn 20:22R Scorpio

Uranus 23:36 Cancer

Neptune 27:18R Libra

Pluto 24:35R Leo

True North Node 00:06R Capricorn

  • Bombing Midheaven 17:45 Aquarius opposed bombing Mars 16:46 Leo both squared TN Saturn 20:22R Scorpio which was in a natal T-square to TN Pluto 24:35R Leo and Mars 23:43 Taurus.
  • Bombing Sun 29:03 Aries opposed Nichols Neptune 27:18R Libra very wide square TN Uranus 23:36 Cancer. Combined T-square formed.
  • Bombing Moon 25:15 Sagittarius square TN Mercury 21:35 Pisces.
  • Bombing Mercury 4:47 Taurus square TN Moon 4:52 Leo (questionable).
  • Bombing Venus 26:43 Pisces wide conjunct TN Mercury 21:35 Pisces.
  • Bombing Saturn 20:13 Pisces conjunct TN Mercury 21:35.
  • Bombing Uranus 00:22 Aquarius widely opposed TN Moon 4:52 Leo (questionable).
  • Bombing Neptune 25:32 Capricorn opposed TN Ascendant 21:10 (questionable), Jupiter 20:17 and Uranus 23:36 all in Cancer and square TN Neptune 27:18R Libra.
  • Bombing Pluto 00:02R Sagittarius square TN Venus 2:38 Pisces.
  • Bombing North Node 5:36 Scorpio square Tn Moon 4:52 Leo.
  • Bombing Ascendant 8:24 Gemini and Jupiter 14:53R Sagittarius did not seem to be involved.

While the whole of TN’s personal chart is strongly tied to the bombing event chart by hard aspects, it is not as dramatic as the personal McV / bombing event chart connections. Also, I find it interesting that the birthdates of the bomber and his primary conspirator and the bombing itself were all in April of the years in question.

As mentioned previously, I chose not to delineate individual personal chart readings but instead focused on the bombing event itself. At the end of his narrative, I have provided the TN noonmark progressed and diurnal for the bombing event for your further study. TN was convicted on two separate occasions June 4, 1998 of conspiring to build a weapon of mass destruction plus eight counts of involuntary manslaughter. In 2000, the State of Oklahoma again sought the death penalty for TN on 161 counts of first-degree murder of federal agents, plus one fetus. May 26, 2004 seems to be a key court date. However, the jury deadlocked on the death penalty issue. That judge ordered 161 consecutive life terms without the possibility of parole for Nichols. In March, 2005, FBI investigators found more explosives hidden in Nichols former house.

WHY and HOW?

As previously mentioned, McV stated that precursors to the Oklahoma City bombing were the 1992 FBI standoff at Ruby Ridge and the 1993 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms siege at Waco. McV visited the Waco site both during and after that siege. These horrible incidents festered and eventually grew into the tragedy that was the Oklahoma City bombing.

There was a great deal of research and many decisions made as to which government building to target and the method of attack. At one time, the choices included assassination of then U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno or other federal officers. Bombing of a federal building that housed at least two of three federal law enforcement agencies (FBI, ATF and DEA) became the choice. Any additional federal agencies included in the destruction would have been considered a bonus. Locations in several states were contemplated. The choice was the Murrah Building that housed several federal agencies, with two on the preferred list (DEA, ATF), with bonuses of Social Security offices plus Army and Marine Corps recruiting offices, a total of fourteen federal agencies.

Type of building, type and placement of explosives, damage to surrounding area to supposedly minimize civilian casualties, plus photo opportunities for propaganda purposes were considered in his decision according to McV. This was beyond sad since the Murrah building also housed a daycare center. He did a lot of homework deciding on his choice of building and had done some reconnoitering. McVeigh must have known consciously that the daycare for children was to be bombed. Lucifer’s Rectangle in action.

The nine-story Murrah Building had been the subject of a planned attack by a white supremacist group in October, 1983, plans of which included a vehicle demolition by rocket. Interestingly enough, one of the perpetrators of the 1983 attack was executed for a separate offense the day of the Oklahoma City bombing itself. I should mention that I do not believe in coincidence.

The date McV chose for the attack was the second anniversary of the Waco siege. I did not know until I read articles on the bombing that it was also the 220th anniversary of our American Revolution’s Battles of Lexington and Concord. McV’s original intention was for an 11:00 AM explosion. At dawn, he apparently changed his mind and moved the timing to 9:00 AM. While driving, he lit the two fuses two minutes apart while proceeding to the location. Once McVeigh had lit the fuses, he parked the truck of explosives directly under the building’s day care center, locked and exited the truck, walked to his getaway vehicle and departed. A few blocks en route out of town, McVeigh dropped the truck keys.

Over 4,800 pounds of explosives detonated at 9:02 AM. The destruction was astounding. The sound from the explosion was heard and felt 55 miles away. Local seismometers recorded the blast as a 3.0 magnitude on the Richter scale. From a Wiki entry (informative): the total collapse of the northern half of the building took seven seconds. 168 or 169 people died, including nineteen children, and 680 were injured. 324 buildings within a four-block radius were destroyed, as were 86 vehicles. There was also severe extended damage.

McV, the lone bomber, was stopped by Oklahoma police within ninety minutes in Perry, OK for driving without a license plate. He was further arrested and held for having a concealed weapon. On April 21st, McV was at his court hearing on the gun charges and was taken into custody by the FBI before he was released. Due to a “restless” crowd outside the courthouse, McV requested body armor, which was denied, but he was taken by helicopter back to Oklahoma City.

Precursors to the Oklahoma City bombing

I have old research files on both Ruby Ridge (RR) and Waco but with no specific timing of events, which is probably why I had not followed through on writing earlier. In an attempt to create charts for these precursor events, I ran into an information brick wall. So for this study, I again researched current information on both incidents. There was a plethora of coverage for the Ruby Ridge incident, but no indication of initiating time for day one of the eleven-day event, which I would consider the appropriate natal: August 21, 1992 at Ruby Ridge, Boundary County, Idaho. I did find the time of a federal marshal conversation at 11:15 AM but that occurred after the initial firefight. That means the fed’s reconnoitering effort began earlier that morning. An old report indicates the feds set up their effort using night vision goggles, which might indicate before dawn? Result: no accurate timed chart available. I had to erect a generic sunrise chart, which should be fairly close to actual (night goggles and approaching daylight). Using my computer to locate the Sun on the Ascendant, the closest is 5:53 AM PDT at the nearest town to RR, which is Naples, Idaho. The result? WOW!

I expected the Sun on the Ascendant for a sunrise chart. Pluto on and ruling the IC (4th cusp) was a jolt. A malefic (Pluto) on the IC (4th cusp) opposing the Midheaven is similar to the Oklahoma City bombing (malefic Mars on the IC opposing the Midheaven). Three minutes on the clock after our speculative sunrise moment, Pluto was exactly conjunct that angle, opposing the Midheaven. That is quite specific. Here are the RR thirteen positions. Remember Midheaven, Ascendant and Moon are questionable (?) as to accuracy (sunrise chart). The Midheaven advances one degree every four minutes on the clock, the Ascendant is more variable, but close. The Moon advances one degree every two hours on the clock.

Ruby Ridge (RR) sunrise natal

Midheaven 19:25 Taurus (?)

Ascendant 28:40 Leo (?)

Sun 28:42 Leo

Moon 00:09 Gemini (?)

Mercury 10:14 Leo

Venus 17:33 Virgo

Mars 16:55 Gemini

Jupiter 19:17 Virgo

Saturn 14:06R Aquarius

Uranus 14:28R Capricorn

Neptune 16:32R Capricorn

Pluto 20:17 Scorpio

True North Node 28:41 Sagittarius

Since we cannot trust the angles and attendant house layout, what stands out about RRs high impact chart?

  • There is no stellium or cluster. There are two close conjunctions: Venus / Jupiter and Uranus / Neptune.
  • Mars 16:55 Gemini is closely square the Venus / Jupiter conjunction 17:33 – 19:17 Virgo
  • Mercury 10:14 Leo is opposed Saturn 14:06R Aquarius.
  • Saturn 14:06R Aquarius is exceptionally strong by being in its dignity plus ruling the Uranus / Neptune 14:26R – 16:32R Capricorn conjunction. Saturn and Uranus are in mutual reception and can be read in either sign. Saturn is very widely square Pluto separating (weakening) that still unfinished natal aspect. Saturn is retrograde which does not equate to weaker. Retrograde planets can be going back to rework what was unfinished. Final direct motion can allow another opportunity to complete that currently unfinished square.
  • The Moon 00:09 Gemini (?) is cuspal and has just squared (?) the Sun. A fast moving, common (frequent) aspect is not usually causative, but can add one more straw to the existing load like the second hand on a clock.

I wish we could trust the angles, the house layout and the Moon, but this is the best I can do without confirmation of the key moment in time at this location. Research in limbo!

I do want to provide a better understanding of this eight-day standoff reporting. When researching initial information on a current event that may be ongoing, we must use news sources. They are not always trustworthy until such events and stories have sorted themselves out. Details and timing fluctuate particularly at the beginning. Some sources are more reliable than others. I usually rely on the time of the first police report if it is on record. Access by cell phone has speeded up reporting. If the report states a time I will allow for a minute or two delay in that reporting. At times, if the threat is more immediate than the call, it could be longer. Sometimes the participants are occupied or in hiding. Timelines were difficult to access in early research, but become more accessible as the sorting and accounting occur. News sources fluctuate as to reliability, so we have to be selective. Sometimes I lay out those various timelines as comparisons to determine accuracy. Usually the variances are a minute or two only, as close to correct as possible under certain circumstances. As astrologers know, accurate timing is critical.

In this instance, Ruby Ridge took place in distinctly separate parts over an eight-day period. What is charted is only the initiating confrontation. What started as the pickup of a person (Randy Weaver) who was thought to have failed to appear in court (mistake) on weapons charges, turned into a prolonged series of encounters and gunfights with multiple deaths on both sides. The conflicting stories, and the obvious errors and confusing reports from both sides make the sorting and finger pointing impossible. I just read and learn, and try to sift out the nonsense and confusion. Then, once it settles down, I take my best shot to explain astrologically. There is enough blame to go around with a series of errors for RR. It is difficult to sort the nonsense from the truth. Judge or jury is not my particular job.

Time to observe and sort does help. For that type of reasoning I turn to encyclopedic sources, which are convenient and reliable. My go-to encyclopedic source on the internet is Wikipedia. Initially, its accuracy was doubted because ordinary people (like me) contributed to the fund of information. I find the source notes at the bottom of each article to be reassuring. I can always look them up to verify and I have done so over many studies. Encyclopedic research is convenient and substantially reliable. I have provided the Wiki RR web link to aid your understanding. You will not like what you read.

Supposedly, this event (RR) provides an early trigger and justification for the Oklahoma City bombing? How do those charts connect? For consistency, aspecting same as prior examples: bombing to RR:

  • Bombing Midheaven 17:45 Aquarius square RR sunrise Midheaven 19:25 Taurus (?).
  • Bombing Mars 16:46 Leo square RR sunrise Midheaven as above, opposed RR Saturn 14:06R Aquarius, wide conjunction RR Mercury 10:14, wide square RR Pluto 20:17 Scorpio, T-square.
  • Bombing Moon 25:15 Sagittarius conjunct RR North Node 28:41, square bombing Venus / Saturn conjunction 20:13 – 26:53 Pisces, conjunct RR North Node 28:41 Sagittarius.
  • Bombing Jupiter 14:53R Sagittarius square RR Venus 17:33 and Jupiter 19:17 Virgo.
  • Bombing Venus / Saturn conjunction as given opposed RR Venus / Jupiter conjunction as given.
  • Bombing Pluto 00:02R Sagittarius opposed RR Moon 00:09 Gemini (?) out of sign square RR Sun 28:42 Leo. 
  • Bombing Ascendant / Sun / Mercury / Uranus / Neptune do not seem to be connected to RR.

What else can be used to understand the alleged Ruby Ridge tie to the Oklahoma City bombing? The Ruby Ridge event as precursor is background for the Oklahoma City bombing, but RR occurred prior to the OK event in a different city and state. The Oklahoma City perpetrators were not personally involved. I must ignore all my previous auxiliary charts except the U.S. D of I. I chose to look at that possibility because I did not want to leave a stone unturned. This comparison will be RR to U.S. Did what happened at RR impact the U.S. natal? RR also impacted Idaho statehood and the closest Idaho city, Naples. I have the Idaho statehood noonmark chart from previous research (FYI: July 3, 1890, noonmark used, PST, Boise, Idaho). My recipe is to use natal, progressed and diurnal charts to research and compare. The closest town of Naples is unincorporated, so no founding chart is available. Charts at end.

  • RR Midheaven 19:25 Taurus (?) opposed RR Pluto 20:17 Scorpio square U.S. Moon 22:37 Aquarius.
  • RR Venus 17:33 Virgo and RR Jupiter 19:17 Virgo wide conjunction U.S. Neptune 22:25.
  • RR Mars 16:55 Gemini very wide square U.S. Ascendant 11:46 Virgo.
  • RR Uranus 14:28R and RR Neptune 16:32R Capricorn opposed U.S. Sun 13:01 Cancer, square U.S. Saturn 14:48 Libra.
  • RR True North Node 28:41 Sagittarius out of sign opposition U.S. Venus 2:43 Cancer.
  • RR Ascendant (?) / Sun / Moon (?) / Mercury / Saturn do not seem to be connected.

Waco, TX, a 51-day tragedy

The second precursor to the Oklahoma bombing (according to McVeigh) was the 51-day federal siege of David Koresh and the Branch Davidians at Waco, TX on April 19, 1993. The Oklahoma bombing was in retaliation for the federal siege at Waco. Again, research of the history shows an amazing amount of he said / she said confusion between Branch Davidians and federal officials. There is enough blame to go around on this one as well, and I invite you to read the encyclopedia account (a snowflake in a winter storm of information); link provided. Being informed will aid you to understand this astrological reasoning.

To start with, David Koresh was not his original name. His was an offshoot of the Branch Davidians. This was a typical cult story involving sexual misconduct, polygamy, abuse of underage children, rampant guns, possible drugs, and reported illegal activities. I say cult because I have researched a bunch of other cults as well, and this was definitely a cult masquerading as a religious community. Mistakes and possible deliberate deeds by the Feds permeate the information. Loss of life occurred on both sides, but on the Davidian side it included women and children en massé. Whether it was assault or suicide is buried in the detail, but the story itself is grizzly.

A legal warrant dated February 25, 1993, Waco, TX stated service for daytime hours from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM on or before February 28, 1993 (Sunday). Date of service was set, then switched multiple times. The ATF arrived at 9:45 am in a convoy of civilian vehicles containing uniformed personnel in SWAT-style tactical gear. The attempted service of a warrant for failure to appear in court was the actual start of an ongoing violent standoff that became this tragedy, a fiery ending with an incredible loss of life on both sides of the disagreement. This tragic siege ended April 19, 1993 and served as a trigger for the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995.

Feb 28 Waco, Tx siege Branch Dividians

Midheaven 25:36 Capricorn

Ascendant 9:08 Taurus

Sun 10:04 Pisces

Moon 28:22 Taurus

Mercury 24:11R Pisces

Venus 17:50 Aries

Mars: 9:43 Cancer

Jupiter: 13:15R Libra

Saturn 23:12 Aquarius

Uranus 20:53 Capricorn

Neptune 20:24 Capricorn

Pluto 25:31R Scorpio

True North Node 17:20R Sagittarius

Before we look at the Oklahoma bombing placements to the Waco placements, I want to point out two major aspect configurations that dominate day 1 of the Waco chart: 1 fixed T-square and 1 cardinal T-square. Fixed would represent the 51-day siege that was generated… dogged, prolonged, duration. Cardinal would represent critical mass as the firefight erupted when federal officers attempted to serve the warrant and the warlike atmosphere of the whole siege. It would also represent the devastating fiery ending.

  • Waco Moon 28:22 Taurus, Waco Pluto 25:31R Scorpio, Waco Saturn 23:12 Aquarius: T-square
  • Waco Venus 17:50 Aries, Waco Jupiter: 13:15R Libra, Waco Mars: 9:43 Cancer: T-square

Septile     I also want to point out the 51-day duration as a lesser-known astrological aspect. Most astrologers are (or should be) aware of the common aspects we use:

  • Conjunction (1), opposition (2), trine (3) square (4), and sextile (6).
  • Just as important as first level aspects are the Parallel of Declination, and Latitude, but are not studied or used by many astrologers.
  • Beyond that, there is a second level of aspects: semi- and sesqui-square (family of square / 8), quincunx and semi-sextile (which are an oddly matched pair called inconjuncts).
  • Occasionally, you will find astrologers who have knowledge of and use the quintile family (6) (72˚ and derivations).
  • Fewer astrologers are aware of the septile (7) family. A septile is 1/7th of a 360˚ circle or 51+ degrees and it has a family of derivations, 102+˚, 153+˚, etc. The septile grouping has a spiritual connotation and is considered to be a spiritual testing or experience. In a long-ago metaphysical book by Joseph Weed, I learned that the 51-day cycle just prior to a birthday can be a particularly difficult testing period. I made a mental note and put the book away. Later in studying astrology, I ran into the 51-day aspect. The old mental note woke up. Applied, the time of this siege should be tagged as the potential of spiritual testing by duration or effect. So noted!

And now for the Oklahoma bombing connections to the Waco siege:

  • Bombing Ascendant 8:24 Gemini square Waco Sun 10:04 Pisces.
  • Bombing Sun 29:03 Aries square Waco Midheaven 25:36 Capricorn.
  • Bombing Moon 25:15 Sagittarius square Waco Mercury 24:11R Pisces.
  • Bombing Saturn 20:13 and bombing Venus 26:53 both Pisces conjunct Waco Mercury 24:11R and square Waco True North Node 17:20R Sagittarius.
  • Bombing Mercury 4:47 and South Node 5:36 Taurus conjunct Waco Ascendant 9:08 Taurus.
  • Bombing Jupiter 14:53R Sagittarius conjunct Waco North Node 17:20R, square Waco Sun 10:04 Pisces.
  • Bombing Neptune 25:32 Capricorn wide conjunct Waco Uranus 20:53, Neptune 20:24.
  • Bombing Midheaven, Mars, Uranus apparently not connected.

The two events, Ruby Ridge and Waco, apparently festered and preyed on the conspirators’ minds to the extent that commemoration and retaliation were necessary.

Since this was a 51-day siege, I wondered what the ending chart looked like. I set a noonmark chart because time was unknown. Another WOW chart! Went back to research and I found an amazing piece of info in an updated Wiki narrative: “At around noon, three fires broke out almost simultaneously in different parts of the building and spread quickly; footage of the blaze was broadcast live by television crews. The government maintains the fires were deliberately started by the Branch Davidians.[31][74] Some Branch Davidian survivors maintain that the fires were accidentally or deliberately started by the assault.[75][76]” Note: numbers are source references.This noonmark works!

Waco, TX siege ends noon Apr 19, 1993

Midheaven 6:10 Aries

Ascendant 18:35 Cancer

Sun 29:38 Aries

Moon 4:21 Aries

Mercury 5:50 Aries

Venus 3:54R Aries

Mars 26:10 Cancer

Jupiter 7:19R Libra

Saturn 28:14 Aquarius

Uranus 22:10 Capricorn

Neptune 21:09 Capricorn

Pluto 24:49R Scorpio

North Node 13:00R Sagittarius

  • I am not going to do a full workup on the Oklahoma chart, but I do want you to see it. It is a lulu. Venus / Moon / Mercury / Midheaven conjunct in Aries (stellium). Sun also in Aries.  Jupiter on the IC opposed the stellium with angle applying. Moon is chart ruler.
  • Multiple conjunctions within the stellium.
  • Mars 26:10 Cancer in the 1st opposing Neptune / Uranus conjunction on the Descendant 21:09 to 22:10, very widely square the Sun 29:38 Aries. (Note that we did switch from standard to daylight time during that interval; therefore, the Sun is not directly on the Midheaven at noon on this clock.)
  • Eight planets and all four angles are in cardinal (crisis or critical) signs.
  • Saturn 28:14 Aquarius in the catastrophe 8th house square Pluto 24:49R Scorpio.

Repercussions   Ruby Ridge and Waco were the seeds that were planted in 1992 and 1993 that eventually led McVeigh and Nichols to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. Can you see the process involved and not just the isolated events?

Recommended reading on Fixed Stars:

The Power of Fixed Stars by Joseph Rigor

The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology by Vivian Robeson

Additional charts provided for continuing research:

U.S. D of I Virgo rising progressions to Oklahoma City bombing

U.S. D of I Virgo rising diurnal for Oklahoma City bombing

Oklahoma Statehood progressions to Oklahoma City bombing

Oklahoma Statehood diurnal for Oklahoma City bombing

Oklahoma City incorp progressions to Oklahoma City bombing

Oklahoma City incorp diurnal for Oklahoma City bombing

McVeigh, Tim progressions for Oklahoma City bombing

McVeigh, Tim diurnal for Oklahoma City bombing

McVeigh, Tim progressions for DOD execution

McVeigh, Tim diurnal for DOD execution

Nichols, Terry progressions for Oklahoma City bombing

Nichols, Terry diurnal for Oklahoma City bombing

Idaho statehood noonmark

Idaho state noon prg Ruby Ridge

Idaho state noon diu Ruby Ridge

Texas statehood noonmark

Texas state noon prg Waco begin

Texas state noon diu Waco begin

Texas state noon prg Waco end

Texas state noon diu Waco end

The city of Waco, TX incorporated in 1856, no month or day found.

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