Formation of the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS), Part 2

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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In a previous article, I wrote about the founding of the Supreme Court of the U.S. (SCOTUS). In this article I want to write about the current SCOTUS. We have just been through a boatload of drama in the last few years relative to our judicial system. SCOTUS has a long history of intra-party politics. I told the story of the Adams / Jefferson feud in part one of this article.

The SCOTUS has fluctuated throughout the years from liberal to conservative and to parts in between – back and forth, with accompanying controversies and charges.  A lot of what is said about our current Supreme Court has been said before of earlier courts.  Prior to the most recent phase of this institution, the Court could have been said to have a more liberal bent, with conservatives unhappy about that situation.  Now, it’s the turn of the liberals to be discontented with how things have been going with SCOTUS.

Recently, the appointment of lower court judges has been subject to partisan political manipulation. The President makes the appointments for justices. The Senate has complete control over the appointing of the judiciary by virtue of the Senate leader who decides what issues and bills will be presented to the Senate for vote. The House of Representatives has no say in judicial issues as part of the separation of powers embodied in the Constitution. Along with that appointed power comes the responsibility to handle it wisely and without prejudice, the flip side of the responsibility coin. The best, most qualified people should be appointed to this lifetime and important Constitutional office.

Whatever party is in control of the Senate, through the Senate Majority Leader, has all power to move or refuse to vet or vote any appointments, from lower courts all the way up to the Supreme Court. During recent years there has been considerable controversy over these appointments, with charges of a concerted effort to appoint only conservative judges, seen as “packing the court”, and multiple reports of all ranks of judges being appointed who were not deemed capable by their own legal associations, lack of experience, etc. The appointments were political, not judicial. It is hard to label such appointments as that of our highest and best, even though we have had several justices of superior character as well.

Charges of political partisanship became quite loud when the Senate leader refused to allow President Obama the right to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court in 2016, forcing a waiting period of several months until after the upcoming election would allow the newly-elected president the appointment. This was justified by the reasoning that the voters should have the right to choose through the election process. That incoming president was Trump and a conservative judge was immediately appointed. As we approached the 2020 election season, another vacancy occurred and the Senate leader appointed a new justice with less than two weeks to the new election, again a conservative judge, who was seated. My ears are still ringing with all the arguments pro and con. What can we see in the charts to help us understand 1) what is going on and 2) what we, as citizens, can do about it, if anything?

The basis for SCOTUS was laid out in part one. If you have not read it as yet, I would suggest you do so. It will help you better understand this article. Because there are so many charts to aspect, one to the other, I used my color-coded spreadsheet format for part one and appended new information for part two.

Repeating for this article, step-by-step: the U.S. Declaration of Independence Virgo rising is my chosen natal because I have done extensive research for multiple studies. Many other major succeeding U.S. charts tie back to that chart. I used thirteen main points: the ten bodies, Midheaven, Ascendant and North lunar Node.  I also used tight, hard (action) aspects. Five Declaration of Independence (D of I) natal positions were closely triggered at the time.

  • Mercury/Pluto opposition 24:20R Cancer to 27:33R Capricorn,
  • Venus/Jupiter conjunction 2:43 to 5:52 Cancer,
  •  Moon 22:37 Aquarius,
  • Ascendant 11:46 Virgo, square Midheaven 8:52 and Uranus 8:54 Gemini,
  • North Node 6:35 Leo.

The Judicial Act of 1789 (JA) was the birth of SCOTUS (noonmark, so Midheaven, Ascendant and Moon are speculative). The tight connections that tie our judicial system to the Declaration of Independence aspects are:

  • JA Mercury 21:12 and Neptune 22:15 Libra square Mars 24:33 Cancer aspect the D of I Mercury/Pluto opposition.
  • JA Sun 2:01 Libra squares D of I Venus 2:43 and Jupiter 5:52 Cancer.
  • JA Jupiter 22:01 Leo opposes D of I Moon 22:37 Aquarius.
  • JA Ascendant 14:20 and Moon 14:43 Sagittarius (both speculative) square  D of I Ascendant.
  • JA Venus 2 Scorpio 54 square JA Uranus 8:26 Leo and D of I North Node 6:35 Leo.

Of the current SCOTUS justices, we have three timed charts: Samuel Alito, Stephen Breyer and Clarence Thomas. All other current justices have noonmark charts (no time of birth found).

Personal connections to the D of I and the JA charts are:

  • Samuel Alito has twelve of thirteen possible connections, Stephen Breyer eleven of thirteen and Clarence Thomas ten of thirteen. 

(Note:  For noonmark charts, disregard Midheaven, Ascendant and Moon; there are ten positions to compare.)  Personal connections to the D of I and the JA charts for justices with noonmark charts are:

  • John Roberts ten of ten, Elena Kagan nine of ten, Sonya Sotomayor ten of ten, Brett Kavanaugh nine of ten, Neil Gorsuch ten of ten and Amy Barrett nine of ten.

The high degree of connectivity shows that the justices connect solidly both with the D of I and the JA, and are in office, regardless of party or political bent or shenanigans. (Note:  Because it is on the spreadsheet, Justice Ruth Ginsburg had nine of ten.)

The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the fall of 2020 was a great loss to our country, evidenced by hundreds of thousands of citizens demonstrating and grieving. She was a beacon of light in our judicial system and her loss was sorely felt. Justice Ginsburg’s death opened the door for the 2020 SCOTUS appointment of Justice Amy Barrett.

I was able to get an accurate time for the Senate vote (SV) for Justice Barrett*. I read multiple news sources to verify the time, but I have slightly questionable times for both swearing in ceremonies (charts marked spec). All charts were within Washington, DC. Hard (action) aspects only:

  • SV Ascendant 7:07 Gemini conjunct D of I Midheaven 8:52 and Uranus 8:54 Gemini,
    all square D of I Ascendant 11:46 Virgo.
    SV Sun 4:01 Scorpio opposed SV Uranus 8:53R Taurus square D of I North Node 6:35 Leo.
    SV Sun conjunct JA Venus 2:54 Scorpio, and square SV Uranus 8:53 Leo.
  • SV Moon 13:31 Pisces conjunct SV Neptune 18:28R,
    Moon square D of I Midheaven/Uranus given above, conjunct D of I Descendant 11:46 Pisces,
    Moon square JA Ascendant 14:20 and Moon 14:43 Sagittarius. SV Neptune only additionally is opposed D of I Neptune 22:25 Virgo.
  • SV Mars 17:23R Aries square D of I Sun 13:01 Cancer.
  • SV North Node 21:09R Gemini conjunct D of I Mars 21:10 Gemini,
    both square D of I Neptune 22:25 Virgo,
    SV North Node square JA Saturn 18:54R Pisces.
  • SV Capricorn stellium: Jupiter 20:22, Pluto 22:37, Saturn 25:58
    also square out of sign SV Mercury 1:16R Scorpio,
    conjunct D of I Pluto 27:33R opposite D of I Mercury 24:20R Cancer,
    hard aspect JA Mercury 21:12 and JA Neptune 22:15 Libra, and JA Mars 24:33 Cancer.
  • SV Mercury 1:16R conjunct Sun 4:01 Scorpio, conjunction opposed SV Uranus 8:53R Taurus (wide),
    all square D of I North Node 6:35 Leo,
    JA Venus 2:54 Scorpio (square) and Uranus 8:26 Leo (conjunct).

Know that incoming Supreme Court justices have two swearing-in ceremonies. Justice Barrett’s first ceremony was approximately one hour after the Senate vote at the White House and was administered by Justice Clarence Thomas; definitely pre-planned, very little change in major chart positions. The Moon travels one degree every two hours on the clock. Only Ascendant and Midheaven will be appended to the SV delineation.

  • Swear #1 Midheaven 4:28 Pisces,
    square D of I Midheaven/Uranus 8:52-54 Gemini,
    square SV Ascendant 7:07 Gemini.
  • Swear #1 Ascendant 27:02 Gemini square Venus 28:46 Virgo,
    Ascendant out of sign conjunct D of I natal Venus 2:43 Cancer,
    square JA Sun 2:01 Libra.

The second swearing-in ceremony is to the Supreme Court itself and was administered by Chief Justice John Roberts the following morning. This Ascendant, Midheaven and Moon are appended to the SV delineation.

  • Swear #2 Midheaven 19:29 Virgo opposed Swear #2 Neptune 18:26R Pisces, square Swear #2 North Node 20:56 Gemini.
    Midheaven 19:29 Virgo conjunct D of I Neptune 22:25,
    Opposed JA Saturn 18:54R Pisces.
  • Swear #2 Ascendant 4:17 Sagittarius,
    opposed D of I Midheaven/Uranus 8:52-54 Gemini.
  • Swear #2 Moon 2:37 Aries opposed Swear #2 Venus 00:37 Libra,
    square D of I Venus 2:43 and Jupiter 5:52 Cancer,
    opposed JA Midheaven 4:17 and Sun 2:01 Libra.

This is the current SCOTUS astrological pattern of energy and deserves to be delineated piece by piece. My mission was to show the active connections between the charts from 1776, 1789 and 2020… amazing to see diverse dates interconnect clearly. There is a pattern at work, purposefulness, regardless of personal bias or political machinations. We get a good justice, a good Supreme Court, or an incredible lesson here on Schoolhouse Earth.

Source: • SCOTUS Senate vote

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.