Grand Sextile

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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This is an after-the-fact information article I’ve chosen to append to the Little Prince George article already up on the website, part of my British Monarchy information on the Kings and Queens of England. The Prince George article addressed the pending Grand Sextile in the sky at the time of his birth, with thousands of births worldwide also having the actual Grand Sextile embodied in their charts.  The Grand Sextile is an infrequent astrological pattern. Any aspect that occurs frequently falls into the ordinary, spurring events such as a phone call or letter received. Any major aspect that occurs infrequently deserves closer examination. I do not want to repeat too much of what has already been provided in the Prince George article, but in going through my research files I found this material. It has two important facets:

  1. I have done healing work for many years, beginning in 1970. I found Astrology in 1973. The instructions I provided to my local healing group were to use astrological timing knowledge to do as much healing work as possible for the various key moments within the overall aspect pattern. Know that this pattern was already underway when I was able to get the instructions into the hands of the local healers. We had a time problem. So, embedded within their explanation was a method I have used for time traveling for the purpose of healing. I used the moment to show that the healers were not bound by elapsed time and aspects passed. I call that time traveling and have used it for many years. Those instructions are within this article because this was their instruction sheet.
  2. That there had been a previous Grand Sextile that occurred in 1945, an item I had not remembered when I posted the British Monarchy information. I knew it was rare and, therefore, should be important to observe. So I am using this sequel article to correct not reporting it at that time. The second paragraph of this article briefly describes the 1945 Grand Sextile.  

Grand Sextile in the Sky

There has been a flurry of web postings regarding the astrological Grand Sextile that is due to occur in the sky around us on July 29th. As I researched it, I confirmed that that pattern indeed will transpire on that day (2013). The only example I have ever had was that this Grand Sextile pattern was emblazoned on the battle shield of King David of the Jews forewarning his attackers that he had the support of the heavens. There is no way to prove or disprove the possibility as it occurred thousands of years ago, but it is interesting. Other than that, I had not encountered the pattern.

With the flurry of astrological web listings, they made mention that there was a wide Grand Sextile in effect on February 7, 1945. This would be the last year of World War II. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was inaugurated for his fourth term on January 20th and died a few weeks later. Harry Truman assumed the office of the presidency thereafter. There is a very old photo showing the Allied powers meeting regarding the culmination of the war. Roosevelt looks very old and frail at that point and I believe he was close to death. This period represented the final war effort against the Nazi Axis powers that eventually terminated the war on the western front. Just after President Truman’s inauguration, he ordered the two atomic bombings in Japan that led to the end of war on the oriental front. By fall, the Great War passed into history and healing could begin.

What exactly is a Grand Sextile and why is it important? Some astrological patterns are short term and repetitive. While I will not say they are unimportant, they may represent something as simple as a knock on a door or a phone call. Other patterns are infrequent, or perhaps so long lasting that they have major effects on people’s lives. This Grand Sextile falls into the infrequent category. Whenever something happens frequently, it falls into normal life activity. When it is infrequent, it is a wise idea to pay attention as it should be an attention grabber. This is one of those moments.

I must digress for a moment…

  1. Most metaphysicians are aware that we are witnessing the changing of the ages from Pisces to Aquarius. There is much controversy as to the exact date, but because the transition period is 144 years or so, the activity is not pinned to a single day. We are in the beginning, the middle or the end of that 144-year period, but it sure has been active. The death of the Age of Pisces is coupled with the birth of the Age of Aquarius. Neither birth nor death is exactly easy. Simultaneously, it has kept us hopping.  Because this happens once every 2160 years (infrequently), it is something we need to pay attention to.
  1. A full cycle of the ages takes just under 26,000 years, and during that whole period we experience the Earth’s North Pole pointing at one of four pole stars (yes, four), of which Polaris is our current North Star. Each of the polestars are engaged for about 6500 years of the overall age. At one point in that 6500-year cycle, Earth’s North Pole points most directly at the current Polestar. Can you believe that we are in the middle of that process at the moment? It is not an overnight thing. It takes about ninety years and it entered orb of influence for us in the late 1940’s.

    What does it do? Our North Pole points directly at that distant star and its influence is thought to intensify. Think of our North Pole as a soda straw, a receiver, a collector – and a distributor of whatever influence that distant star has to contribute to the cause. Once we are past the optimum encounter, we are still under the influence, but in a more peripheral way as we move towards the rendezvous with our next Pole Star in about 6500 years.

    Earth exists within an electro-magnetic field scientifically called the Van Allen Radiation Belt. Look it up on – great articles and graphics. We are continually affected by all sorts of cosmic radiation and influences of which we are mostly ignorant. These electro-magnetic fluctuations are evidenced by major shifts in our polar auroras. Spectacular evidence that we are affected by cosmic energies on a continual basis is also available on the internet. Look up Aurora Borealis. Those energy shifts affect everything on Earth, including humans, as we are, by comparison, miniature electro-magnetic fields.
  1. That describes two rare, major energy patterns currently affecting us. Now let us add the energy of the somewhat rare Grand Sextile. This period of time is mounting in importance and the chaotic energies we have been experiencing illustrate the point.

What is a Grand Sextile? I promise not to be too technical. A Sextile is a fairly common aspect between two bodies that are located about sixty degrees apart, the equivalent of two signs astrologically. A Trine is another fairly common aspect between any two bodies that are located about 120 degrees apart, double the sextile, the equivalent of four signs astrologically. A Grand Sextile positions six of the available bodies in our solar system at positions sixty degrees apart around the entire wheel. That is what is rare. Not that a Sextile can occur, but that six of them can occur at one time, completing a full ring of Sextiles on July 29th. Because the fast-moving Moon is one of those planets, it will complete the grand Sextile for less than 24 hours starting on the morning of July 29th, and passing out of influence in the early morning hours of July 30th.  This is an important short-term influence of a fairly rare astrological pattern.

Sextiles represent opportunity and are part of the more positive energy aspects. Because of the layout of the planetary positions, we not only have six Sextiles operating, mostly positive energy aspects, but included are two Trines, the aspect that signifies luck or ease of utilization. Let’s see, that would be eight Sextiles and Trines combined. I cannot imagine how much more positive an aspect pattern could be. I can see why King David would have placed it on his battle shield if that’s a true story! What can we do with it?

Our world, our country and our lives are experiencing very chaotic, difficult times. To be sure, there are some people who are not experiencing difficulty. No matter what the energy or the day, some people have it easier than others. Some people can actually turn chaos into success. I am not one of them, are you? 1945 must have been similar with very chaotic world conditions, and the whole globe in a protracted war.  But that war did end and we were able to start on the healing process. The pivotal time for ending the chaos and starting the healing seems to have been that late winter to early spring when the Grand Sextile was in play. Could we turn this new Grand Sextile into a healing process for our world, our country and our lives? How?

I have constructed not only the chart of the Grand Sextile but also the trigger moments within the beginning, middle and end of the pattern. It is important to realize that this is a process and not just an event. If we can understand the energies involved one at a time, and we understand the timing of each energy manifestation, we should be able to do our healing work as specifically targeted meditations or projections of that energy. We are dealing with universal concepts and we have personal, finite minds. But we are all metaphysicians and we can reach into the highest and best within ourselves and give it our best shot.

First, I will give you the timing for each connection. I constructed the timing for Eastern Daylight Time which is four hours behind Greenwich or Universal Time, should you need to make a correction for your location. If you have a problem doing so, ask me.

The range of degrees is from 4:42 to 13:00, a nine-degree range, fairly tight for seven bodies commonly aspecting one another. This first timing is just prior to the actual activation. Why? Because an energy that is coming into manifestation is strongest while it is perfecting itself. I have chosen one degree as that early influence.

  • July 29, 2013, 7:48 AM EDT, transiting Moon 3 Taurus 42 enters into the single degree orb of its Sextile to Neptune.
  • The Moon perfects that Sextile to Neptune at 9:44 AM EDT at 4 Pisces 42.
  • At 10:40 AM EDT, the Moon perfects its Opposition to Saturn at 5 Scorpio 11.
  • At 3:12 PM EDT, the Moon perfects its Sextile to Jupiter 7 Cancer 31.
  • At 5:47 PM EDT, the Moon perfects its Trine to Venus at 8 Virgo 51.
  • At 7:17 PM EDT, the Moon perfects its Trine to Pluto at 9 Capricorn 37R.
  • At 10:08 PM EDT, the Moon perfects its Sextile to Mars at 11 Cancer 05.
  • At 1:48 AM EDT on July 30th, the Moon is Conjunct the lunar South Node at 12 Taurus 57.
  • At 1:54 AM EDT on July 30th, the Moon perfects its Sextile to Comet Chiron at 13 Pisces 00R.

I have given you the timing, but what does it mean? What is happening? What must you do?

The following list is provided in order for you to see the pattern of Sextiles and Trines. There are other aspects involved, but I will stay simple and in accord with our healing purpose. See the attached chart for a visual.

  • Neptune in Pisces is Sextile Pluto and the swiftly moving Moon .
  • Neptune is Trine Saturn and Jupiter.
  • Pluto in Capricorn is Sextile both Neptune and Saturn.
  • Pluto is Trine Mercury and the swiftly moving Moon.
  • Saturn is Sextile both Pluto and Mercury.
  • Saturn is Trine Jupiter and Neptune.
  • Mercury is Sextile Jupiter and Saturn.
  • Mercury is trine Pluto and the swiftly moving Moon.
  • Jupiter is Sextile the swiftly moving Moon.
  • Jupiter is Trine Saturn and Neptune.
  • The Moon is the energy that is tying all the Grand Sextile energies together.
  • The Moon is Sextile Neptune and Jupiter and Trine Pluto.

You may have noticed that I included two extra positions for the timing: the lunar nodes and Comet Chiron. Why? Because they are intimately involved in the Grand Sextile pattern itself. The Moon sits on its lunar south node and Saturn sits on the lunar north node.  Chiron is widely conjunct (next to) Neptune but provides the degree range given earlier. Chiron is considered to be the wounded healer, and this overall pattern concludes with activation to this healing energy.

Oppositions are usually considered to be negative energy, but all these planets are in Sextile and / or Trine to one another and the planets in Opposition are part of the overall positive Grand Sextile energy. I am hoping for the positive application of their energies. For general information, the Moon will Oppose Saturn, Mars and Jupiter have Opposed Pluto, and Mercury will Oppose Neptune. The planetary gods are arguing amongst themselves, but are holding hands (so to speak) to complete the grand pattern. They may not be in agreement but they are cooperating in the purpose.

What meditation or healing is specific to each activation? Here is the healing energy for you to work with at the times previously given for the activations.

Moon Sextiles Neptune is imagination, spirituality and emotions. I would really emphasize the spirituality aspects. It moves into orb at 7:48 am and perfects at 9:44 am.

Duty, responsibility, and structured energy represents the Moon Opposed Saturn aspect which forms at 10:40 am. This brings the energy into form. Stress positive application in your healing.

At 3:12 pm, Moon Sextile Jupiter in Cancer is bringing the energy in for the masses. It can be a religious format. Literally, the bestowing of hope.

At 5:47 pm, Moon Trine Mercury in Virgo is the communication energy being released.

At 7:17 pm, Moon Trine Pluto in Capricorn is the power. It is the transformation of the mass consciousness. Mass healing is possible here.

At 10:08 pm, Moon Trine Mars in Cancer is active assertion, bringing it into manifestation. Mars is the active energy that makes things happen.

At 1:48 am, July 30th, the Moon is conjunct South Node representing past experience. We all know how to do this as we are drawing from prior knowledge.

At 1:54 am, The Moon Sextiles Chiron which is the wounded healer. This is the ending of the pattern and it does end with healing energy.

By the time I am able to present this to our healing group, we will be well into the process. We will time travel your healings. Once I understood this whole pattern (and it took me awhile), I immediately set my healing in place to coincide with the energy itself at the peak time for each contact. I time traveled forward to be sure I would participate in the healing regardless of what my outside life was doing. In addition, I have spent the day being cognizant of each aspect and each time marker and did live healings.

The 7:17 pm aspect will happen just as we open our circle tonight, and I am going to have all of you participate based on trust for that first healing. There will not be enough time to explain it first. We will participate together, live on that energy, and then I will explain the whole concept to you. Once you understand, you will jointly time travel into the past for the earlier energy moments and participate in those healings. Then, you will time travel to the future for the last three energy moments and place your healing intent into those moments. Additionally, meditate at those moments and apply your healings live if you wish. Remember that time is a human construct, a tool for organizing our lives. The healer works with the universal healing energy and is not bound by a set of artificial laws. Your healing energy may be applied in any time period of your choice, Your potential for healing is unlimited.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.