Metaphysics 101 – Company on Your Spiritual Journey

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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I have mentioned the words “asleep at the wheel” and “awakening” in earlier articles in this series. Know that “asleep at the wheel” is the experience of the bulk of humanity, 99+%. Mankind is not aware that anything exists other than the physical reality we experience. The metaphor I used is that of a tall mountain with a very broad base. That base is a sea of humanity, below the bottom rung of the evolutionary ladder. Your spiritual mountain, as you move from base to top, diminishes in breadth as it increases height. The moment you realize in the smallest possible way that there is or can be more, you move off that base and step up one tiny fraction on that incredibly tall personal mountain.

As you climb that spiritual mountain, you will notice around you that the awakening population involves much smaller numbers of people than those who are asleep in matter. The very sleepy humans are your fellow climbers and they are just as sleepy as you are. They (and you) are not fully awake as yet, but you are no longer deeply asleep. Not everyone who climbs out of that deep sleep will stay awake. Some may need additional awakening tickles from the universe until they can maintain their awakening state. The timing is unique to each.

Each motion you achieve up that spiritual mountain requires tremendous effort and tenacity on your part. The same can be said of the other climbers. Their personal effort to climb that spiritual mountain requires each to expend tremendous effort and tenacity individually. This joint but separate effort will go on for every moment of this journey. Some will succeed right away and some will not. Can you tell this is going to take some time? The timing for success will be different for each person. Eventually everyone can potentially succeed because there is no time limit to the effort. The universe has all the time in the world to allow you to evolve as you need to succeed in that spiritual climb.

I mentioned that some aspirants will succeed each time, some will not, and that may include you. For every inch on that incredibly tall mountain, fewer and fewer people will inhabit each new level of emerging awareness. Slowly but surely, the aspirant will become more conscious than unconscious. As this consciousness develops, the aspirant can then become curious as to what is happening to them and accelerate the process. The climb up that mountain of consciousness requires both attention and focus on intent.

Just don’t ever forget that your spiritual journey is a very individualized personal journey. No two paths are exactly the same. Some of this progress may be done with companions. For a time, you and others may be traveling on the same path. There can and will come a time when your paths diverge. As you move up that spiritual mountain, the population density diminishes. This is a really tough climb and few are able to make it in the identical timing that we are personally experiencing. The companions you do retain or meet become increasingly valuable to you. Time with them will be beyond value. Whether you have few companions or many at any stage of the journey, the companions are a scarce commodity and therefore valuable to you.

I spoke today to one of the most spiritual people I have ever met. We talked about the part of the journey where there is little to no company, or where companions are not in evidence. We talked about even being with a group of spiritually-minded people, but not having the sense that you belong there. That is difficult. Sometimes we get to share a path, for a time, until our own personal spiritual needs demand other choices from us and we must move on. Some parts of your journey will not involve others and you will be on your own, a necessity for that inward seeking that we must do.

We are never truly alone in this journey, but we can feel alone at moments. Universal Consciousness provides us with continual company; but we are human in this experience. It is rewarding to have physical companions as well on this journey. My friend and I live over 1000 miles apart, but we know we are never alone, we are together in consciousness though our earthly paths have taken us in different directions.

Published on EZine online April, 2010, republished with slight editing.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.