Metaphysics 101 – The Path – Your Personal Spiritual Journey

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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The study of metaphysics (beyond the physical), spirituality, evolution of the consciousness, is the ongoing theme in my Metaphysics 101 series. Slowly but surely, in this series of articles we will wend our way from the inherent human potential to the awakening of that potential, then through the process of raising our consciousness to the point of realization and eventual union with that which is universal. We have looked at the awakening process using metaphors to illustrate our baby steps.

  • We exist in a primordial sea of consciousness that contains all possible potential, the un-manifest. As un-manifest, that potential is not physically visible and it is unconscious. Religion calls that Sea of Consciousness “God” by whatever label.
  • We are each droplets of consciousness made from that sea and residing within that sea of potential. For a visual, think of an ice cube floating in a glass of water.
  • I do believe there is subliminal activity on a very deep, unconscious level, but it needs to be awakened into external consciousness, visible manifestation.
  • The universal serves its own purposes, and either with intent or through its individual process, stirs that un-manifested potential from time to time. Consciousness begins to manifest into form.
  • That manifested form is deep asleep in matter. This is what we call the manifest or visible universe. That singularity or individuality is not alone. It manifests along with many other manifesting potentials, and I call the multiple emerging manifestations humanity.
  • Humanity is deep asleep in matter, unaware of possibility or the potential that lies within each sleeping human. The base of our humanity mountain is built of myriad human beings.
  • The universe ripples (and God spoke) and the un-manifest becomes manifest. Bits and pieces of that manifesting potential differentiate into individuality and each droplet of consciousness starts to awaken from its deep sleep in matter.
  • It may take several tickles from the universe to nudge that potential into functional, conscious awareness. Use the metaphor of a human awakening from sleep to recognize that full awakening is a process.
  • The universe has all the time it needs and all the tickles it needs to prod each bit of sleeping potential into this awakening process. This is truly a process and not just, “Poke, you are awake!” The vastness and potential of experience supports my theory that the universe can afford as many tickles as each needs over however much time is necessary because it has eternity at its command. Multiple pokes will awaken each droplet of consciousness over whatever time is necessary for individual awakening.
  • As each manifested consciousness begins to stay awake and not drop back into the unconscious state, then the real process or developing begins.
  • Congratulations. You are awake enough to realize you are not asleep. You are not all the way awake at this point; you are in the process of awakening. You are mired in matter but now can realize the trap. You are now consciously residing on the humanity mountain and becoming aware that you must climb your own spiritual mountain. Your real journey begins here.
  • While sleeping, you were working unconsciously to produce the rudimentary beginnings of what I call a spiritual ladder. Your first few attempts at waking up and staying awake have produced the tool for your eventual success. You produced a ladder for climbing that personal spiritual mountain.
  • That ladder was formed while you were deep asleep, so it is a bit rickety and needs to be shored up through your initial awakening experiences. You would not want to climb a really tall ladder unless its grounding were secure, would you?
  • Every rung you climb must be earned, sometimes by more than one experience or realization. Each rung must be secure because your future advancement will depend on the stability you will build rung by rung. Sometimes it will seem like two steps forward and one step back as you fail at times and succeed at others. But you must keep on keepin’ on!
  • As you live more of life, grow more consciousness and more awareness, more questions arrive as you search for answers to life. My experience is that for every question you get answered you discover 100 new questions. Life and experience get bigger, wider and taller.
  • You will grow into understanding through all this experience. At times you will get an “Aha” or flash of insight. At times, it is the process itself that brings about awareness. Step by step, awareness by awareness, you will grow and evolve.
  • You are not alone. Look around… you see other entities on their own personal ladders. Wave to them. Get to know them. Encourage them and allow them to encourage you. You may be together for a time and eventually you will move on in your experience and they will move on in theirs. Journeys and the paths taken are individual.
  • You may reach out to others to assist, to comfort, to teach. At times, others will reach out to you to assist, to comfort, and to teach. This is a reciprocal process. At times you are the student, at other times you are the teacher.

You are now on the journey, which is a process, and you will proceed along a personal path. Your path can look suspiciously like “the” path or “the only” path. That is an ego ensnarement, false hope. All paths lead back to the single Source of all. Why? Because the single Source is all that there is. There is no place, no path outside the Source. The label for identification you put on that source has little meaning – it is just a label.

Paths are uniquely individual. If you misstep, you will go to school to learn where you do and do not belong. Both lessons are valuable. There is no real error; there is only perceived error. At times you get to share your path with someone or perhaps many who happen to have coinciding paths. Do not jump to the conclusion that you are collectively “right”. Each path is individual. You are together in this moment. They or you might need to change directions at any time. Enjoy the company for as long as is possible and then wish them well at the parting of such company. They, and you, have shared and now must continue the journey separately. We will all end up at the same destination because all paths lead back to the one Source.

What happens if you fall off your path? Will you die? Will you lose your immortal Soul? Both those last two sentences are oxymorons. How can you die or lose something of yourself that is considered immortal? Do you think the Universal can lose a part of itself? The Source is omni-present, which means present everywhere. That one Source is either Universal or it is not. You cannot have it both ways. If you mis-step and fall “off” your path, you will fall into another part of the Source. Why? Because there is no place where the Source is not. It is everywhere present. If you fall off your path within one part of the Universal, you will simply fall into another part of the Universal and continue your journey.

For me the Source is universal and I am right where I am meant to be in my personal journey and on my right path because the Source cannot “lose” me. If the Source doesn’t consider me lost, why should I consider myself lost? You might be comfortable using the word “God” or some other title for deity rather than Source or Universal. Please feel free to re-read what I have written using the title that is most comfortable to you. Blessings on your personal path.

Published on EZine online April, 2010, republished with slight editing.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.