Metaphysics 101 – Trust Your Own Process

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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Exploring our awakening consciousness is both exhilarating and confusing. All life forms including proto-humanity exist in a vast sea of universal potential, unmanifested consciousness until it is birthed (individualized) into matter. Since the universe has all the time it needs to manifest whatever it wants in whatever form it chooses, it occasionally stirs this primordial stewpot into producing bits of manifestation. An individualized bit of humanity is manifested into form, but initially its consciousness is deeply asleep in dense matter. More universal stirrings occur and that which was potential and then physically manifest starts to awaken into very sleepy and somewhat confused consciousness. That individuality has an enormous learning curve regarding physical survival and sense of place within this material world. That does take time; perhaps even many lifetimes, if you believe in reincarnation.

Once that building of physical/material awareness has been accomplished, that individuality finally has the opportunity to look around at what else is possible in its world. Awareness increases along with curiosity and experience and the sleeper starts to awaken to more than simple physical experience. The sleeper is awakening more fully moment to moment as participation in experience develops inherent skills and talents, previously untapped reservoirs. As described in a previous article, every step up the ladder of growth and personal evolution creates a broader vista of potential experience. We actually see more with each step upward on the ladder of development. Each answer found seeds a hundred new questions. At times we presumably fail, sometimes we succeed, but we are always learning.

It is important for your personal growth and emerging awareness to recognize that you are a unique bit of creation itself, meant to be unique. You are valuable in your own self. We live in a world that tends to demand conformity and obedience to a collective set of human rules and regulations whether they are social, religious, ethnic, sexual, economic, or any other category we can choose. The universe creates in uniqueness and mankind tries to stuff that individuality into rigid models. Can you tell humanity is going to run into perpetual problems with this? This does not dismiss the fact that some rules and structures are important to a cohesive and positive physical existence. Responsibility, honor, loyalty and a host of other wonderful human qualities are desirous and productive. However, rigid, beehive or anthill mentality works against the creative principle of a universe that does seem to delight in diversity and individuality.

All that is in existence has always been. Suppose the universe started from a Big Bang of emergence, perhaps from a gigantic black hole or perhaps at the whim of an always-existent deity. That moment of emergence must have been created out of something that pre-existed it. Energy and matter are interchangeable. If you destroy matter, you create energy. If you use energy, you obtain matter. Everything that is or can be has always been, is now, and evermore shall be. That includes you. You are a part of this Creation and were created out of the potential of the Creator itself. You are a bit of that creative principle we ascribe to deity or the creative principle behind life. You have been, are, and evermore shall be. You are a unique and individualized bit of the creative principle that is this universe.

The universe has all the time and experience it will ever need at its disposal. You are on a life path of undetermined length and experience. We do have a problem with a definitive memory of our inclusion in the all-ness that was creation before manifestation, so we just do not recall where we came from. You began in primordial universal soup, were manifested individually and have and will have experience. This is what I call your process.

Since the universe seems to be created in primarily circular patterns, where are you going? There is an actual direction and that is forward. If you draw a straight line long enough it will eventually start curving back towards itself until it produces a circle. Therefore, the end of your journey is the eventual meeting with its beginning point. The beginning was within all that pre-existed creation. The ending will be conscious reunion with the Creator. Each beginning and ending seems to represent split seconds in time.

The rest of existence is a process or a journey and your individual path has the opportunity to use all the time and all the possible experience you need to complete that journey. Metaphysically we call that our path. There are lots of concerns about people on the right path, falling off the path, losing one’s way, losing one’s soul, etc. That is pure nonsense to me. Do not let yourself get caught in that never-ending argument. Everything that exists is a part of the Creator made from the fabric and potential that is the Creator. The Creator is not going to let any part of itself die or be lost or any other similar scenario. I discussed that in other articles in this Metaphysics 101 series so I will not repeat it here.

What is important for you to understand is that you have been, you are, and you evermore shall be. You are going to school and the universe has infinity to allow you to learn your lessons. You came from a universal oneness. You exist within that universal oneness. You are on a journey that will end in reunion with that universal oneness. Why? Because there is no place where that universal oneness is not. You cannot be lost. You will have all the time you need. Walk your path and experience, your journey, knowing that even with your warts and all or mistakes and all, you will get to your journey’s end… and that will be reunion with the universal all-ness.

Will you make mistakes? Yes.  Will there be other opportunities to learn from your mistakes? Yes. Will the Creator throw you away if you are really bad? No. Why? Because it would have to throw away a part of itself, and that makes no sense for a superior, reasoning intelligence. If you make mistakes, if you fall off your path, you will simply fall into another part of the Creator’s creation and pick up your new path. Can you tell that this journey could take a very long time to complete? It does not matter. The universe is not in a hurry.

Should we do anything and everything we want regardless of the cost to ourselves and to others just because we can do it over later? That does not sound wise to me. To err when you can see clearly your potential error would be foolish because you will always get to pay for it later. We call that Karma. Every action (or lack of action) has a result. The universe can repeat your lessons as many times as you need to learn them. That sounds uncomfortable to me. I would rather work on my successes consciously to facilitate my growth and further my steps on my path. But that is my personal choice. It may not be yours. Eventually you should end up doing it right because we have the opportunity of so many kinds of experience over such a long time. Until we get it right, the journey continues. At some point we will all come together in the universality that is both cause and destiny.

This is a process. We come from potential into manifestation. Then we go through a process of experience that leads to personal evolution and the raising of our consciousness. Enough of those particular lessons will lead to full realization. At that moment, you have the opportunity of conscious reunion with what manifested you. You have always been contained within the body of what you seek. It is not possible to be outside the universal. The creative principle never lost you. You just forgot who you were and what you were supposed to do. Your path or paths exist within that all-ness. Trust your own process to lead you step by step along that seemingly straight path that leads to the end joining the beginning: realization, reunion, and at-one-ment with universal consciousness.

Published on EZine online April, 2010, republished with slight editing.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.