Metaphysics 101 – Your Personal Growth

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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Metaphysics is a philosophy, not a religion as I mentioned in my previous Metaphysics 101 article: “What is Metaphysics?” The core of the study of metaphysics is that there is a First Cause rather than a construct called a deity, that which precedes the construct itself and of which the construct becomes the “face”. Those of us who walk this particular spiritual path seek personal union with that underlying First Cause, our return to the spiritual center of all, The Creator Itself.

Metaphysicians seek the creative spiritual essence rather than the codified constructs of religion. I personally seek the intelligence behind the universe, the idea before the form, the Creator, which expresses itself through Its Creation… of which I am a part. This is a personal journey, one that makes sense to me, and is difficult to explain to others. This is a journey to which I am willing to commit my time, my effort, my very being. I personally do not have to do all of this alone on the summit of a mountain. My own path keeps me engaged with humanity. I may have to do some of this alone, because the search is personal and I need time and personal space to keep me focused.

When I started 40+ years ago, the journey of awakening was considered to be

  • a long, slow, uphill struggle to make progress,
  • tons of personal application were required, an “earn your way” theme.
  • As the years progressed, somehow developing your spirituality fell into the Saturday night sit-com routine.
  • We took a single class, read a book, meditated once or twice and wanted instant gratification.
  • We felt justified that somehow we were special and did not have to do the work.
  • We flitted from subject to subject, learning just enough to be dangerous,
  • thought we were ready to be experts or teach,
  • developed a plethora of untested, unproven material or practices,
  • got excited about those super personalities who make great speeches but may not know anything worthwhile.

You get the idea.

Before I create a false impression that there is a lack of quality out there, be assured that there are plenty of good teachers and authors, good material, and good techniques to get from point A to point B on your journey. As a student who is becoming increasingly aware, you must use your discernment to determine who and what are right for you on your journey. Sometimes we fall right into where we belong, that which furthers our growth and our journey, finding teachers, groups, books, or techniques that truly inspire us and help us evolve. Sometimes we need to withdraw, regroup, review, sort through, study, absorb or revise who, what and where we are. That we must do alone.

At other times, we encounter a person, a group, a book, or an experience that turns out to be clearly not ours or where we need to be. That becomes a valuable lesson and was not a waste of time. Anytime you can determine where you do not belong, that was or will be time well spent and not wasted.  That experience was not an error. As we walk our paths in life, we continually come to crossroads and must make choices. Often we regret the road taken or the road not taken. Don’t do that to yourself. All of life is available to us for experience. Eternity is our time frame. Experience is our teacher. You are where you should be, learning the lessons you should learn. You are within the Creation that is the all. There is nowhere else to go, to do or to be. Stay awake and alert and trust your own process.

Published on EZine online March, 2010, republished with slight editing.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.