Planetary Aspects Continually Affect the Earth and its Inhabitants

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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The Universe is enormous, so huge that it is beyond human comprehension. Just when we think we’re getting a handle on the size, science changes its “knowns” and expands the scale of the universe to an again unimaginable proportion and we must begin again to re-stretch our minds. Our scientists also tell us there is more than one universe, that the cosmos might be chock full of universes. The only way my mind can handle the enormity of that concept is to call the “all” which we used to call the universe, the multi-verse. We need to bring such expanded thought down to a more manageable proportion.

Think of the universe as a huge ball of enormous dimension, with all sorts of things contained within it, clouds of matter and anti-matter, galaxies giving birth to new stars and solar systems, pulsars, quasars, and more, We, ourselves, exist within the Milky Way Galaxy. Surprisingly we are immigrants to this galaxy, not original inhabitants (think of that as we face our current immigration problems), spun into place during a previous collision with another galaxy, and slowly being drawn into a new dance of death with the oh-so-much-larger Andromeda Galaxy billion of years into the future. The Milky Way was the victor in the distant cosmic past but will become the cosmic victim in the distant cosmic future. Our galaxy is a circle, within a larger circle called the universe, which lives within a larger circle called the multi-verse.

On an outer arm of our somewhat spiral galaxy, far from the center, is a small to mid-size sun with its satellites, which we call our solar system. We live on one of those satellites and even have a satellite to call our own.  Our Moon circles our Earth and our Earth circles the Sun and the Sun circles the black hole in the center of our galaxy, which is contained within a local group of galaxies, which is contained within… you get the picture. There is a circle, within a circle, within a circle, the dimensions of which are still growing. The growth itself produces an oddity and the circle stretches as it circles around its center until it produces a spiral effect, circle and stretch, circle and stretch – the spiral. Each circle has a “sameness” but at the same time produces “differentness”.

Each of these circles and their cycles are a multitude of patterns of energies, and whatever is contained within a circle is affected not only by the energy within that circle, but also by the ever-increasing circles within which it is contained. There is so much energy going on at any one time that we can’t locate it, map it, or determine what it all means. We are discovering things at such a swift pace, and all of it must have some effect on us, but is largely unknown. We will be studying this forever. Awesome! Every time we climb a rung on the ladder of knowledge, we open up a vista that is so much larger than we ever realized. You answer one question by opening 100 more.  This circular motion produces repeatable patterns that we can study, but the spiraling nature continually moves into new and different experience. So we study the energies and do our best to interpret what they mean through observation of their patterns but always within an ever-changing field of experience.

What are those observable patterns? There is a beginning, a middle, and an end. The beginning and the end look suspiciously similar. Since our circles have no actual beginning point, we choose one arbitrarily, so meeting that point after coming full circle is called the end, but also implies a new beginning – the conjunction. At the point roughly opposite our chosen beginning, the true middle, the circle has extended itself as far as possible and starts contracting. This point between beginning and end becomes the opposition. The two median points between the conjunction and opposition (one on each side of the circle), as the beginning point on that circle expands away from itself and then starts contracting back towards itself are called squares (of the conjunction and the opposition points). That gives us the divisions of 1, 2, and 4. What happened to three? Divide the circle by three and mark off your circle into those three equal divisions. You can do that with any divisor you choose. I’ve just simply described aspects and how they are determined. Study the phase wheel to go deeper and to find meaning to all of this. I’m more interested in the energy and how it affects us. Before I leave this point, remember that the circular patterns are observable and repeatable, but that they occur within a somewhat stretched spiral, which implies new territory and application.

The bodies within and without our solar system follow this circular yet spiraling pattern. These aspects and their combined energy (two or more bodies per aspect) are occurring every moment of every day throughout the whole of the solar system. The energies are there, and our planet Earth moves through all these energies on a moment-to-moment basis. That Earth and all its inhabitants are continually bathed in these highly charged and multiple energies. Imagine the opposition, two bodies (unnamed) are on each side of the Earth (geocentric picture in your mind), with Earth playing the child’s game “monkey in the middle”. We are orbiting around the Sun (as are all the planets) but we are also rotating on our axis. So we are engaging those energies on a two-fold basis every moment of every day, in our revolution (orbit) and in our rotation. That’s a pretty thorough bath I have described. If that energy pattern exists all around us, we are bathing in the energies it produces. Space contains the energy and motion provides the bath.

Think: big energy producer in the sky and the Earth itself moving through it as it rotates and makes sure that every square inch participates in the energy bath. If the energy we are moving through and absorbing is the stress implied in the opposition, we are encountering and absorbing stress…all of us personally, in every country, on the whole world. How do we define who is being affected? Enter the natal chart with its distinct points of sensitivity to the individual. When this energy touches one of those sensitivities, we feel it personally and it does not matter if it is an individual, a corporation, or a country. How about an example or two?

Right now (2009) we are experiencing a devastating Saturn/Uranus opposition worldwide. Many countries are feeling the stress along with millions, or perhaps billions, of individuals as those specific natal points are activated. For the U.S. chart, that personal point is our natal Neptune and an activation to the point of our national spirit implies the core of the lesson. It is truly stressful as we move through a national crisis of consciousness and spirit.

Since the purpose of this article is to describe the effect of the energy, I will take a moment and describe this energy bath another way – no aspect, just changing energy itself. The Pluto motion through all the signs takes about 248 years with irregular amounts of time in a sign because Pluto’s orbit is eccentric. The spread is approximately twelve to thirty years per sign. Vast areas of the sky are divided into zodiac meanings, but there are no tangible dividing lines. We assign dividing lines to assist us in our understanding, but there are no real fences out there.  Each of those signs represents differing types of experiences. A planet represents a certain type of energy and effect and that energy and effect seems to change as it passes through these vast areas of space. My own analogy is that of a bright white light (planet energy) which passes through areas that color or shade its meaning (signs). The core remains the same, but the application changes. Right now (2009), Pluto has just moved into Capricorn for a sixteen-year stay. We, the Earth and all its inhabitants, physical and corporate, are being bathed continually for sixteen years in the intense energy of Pluto that is currently colored or shaded by Capricorn. This is happening for all of us.

(Author’s Note:  I have written another article about the Saturn/Uranus opposition and the effect of Pluto through the signs which you can access on this website: There is also extensive writing about these specific examples in my book: Presidents of Hope and Change.)

Published on EZine online October, 2009, republished with slight editing.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.