Revisiting History – the Amish School Massacre – October 2, 2006; A teaching article, Part 2 of 3, Delineation

West Nickel Mines Amish School

Paradise, Bart Township, Lancaster County, PA, USA

by Marilyn J. Muir, LPMAFA

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In part one of this three-part series, the historical base was set for the event and preliminary work on the astrological aspects in play. Also provided were charts and a spreadsheet to show the ties between the event and the gunman. There are three specific event charts and two each (noon and sunrise) for the gunman’s birth, progression and diurnal (event). An explanation for the selection and use of these charts is provided in part 1.

Any unknown birth time chart can still provide a great deal of useful information because most of it does not change enough to undo the aspects. The Midheaven and Ascendant are the most speculative. Just make a mental note that they are not written in stone. Do the same with the Moon. However, the speculative nature of Moon aspects is greatly reduced because in any 24-hour period it can only travel twelve to fifteen degrees. The range of speculation should be half that arc or 6 to 7.5˚ (or half on either side of the noonmark Moon).

The spreadsheet lists all the pertinent information and the use of color makes it easy to see the aspects. In this article we will delineate those aspects. One drawback to the color-coded spreadsheet is that out of sign aspects get lost, so we will also look at them in this article. The colors used on the spreadsheet are noted at the beginning of each delineation paragraph. Please notice that I did not do anything with houses due to the speculative nature of an unknown birth time.

Quoting from the first article: The important charts are the Roberts birth and progressed charts compared to the event charts. The positions for the Roberts diurnal charts will be similar to the three event charts because they are all cast for the same day. The diurnal is the day’s events as it pertains to the gunman specifically according to birth time. Again, there are diurnals for noonmark and sunrise charts so both have a speculative quality. All connections mentioned are hard aspects: conjunctions, squares and oppositions because of the nature of the attack.

  • The gunman’s Sun is at 15 Sagittarius 16-27 conjunct the sunrise Ascendant and conjunct the noon Midheaven. Yes, they do conjoin but they are natural aspects for those times of day, so do not make them more important than natural placements. The telling aspect would be the Roberts Diurnal Ascendant at 19:54. It would take very little adjustment (rectification) on either birth chart to achieve a closer connection. We are not looking for exact in this speculative charting, but we do want reasonably close aspects.

Blue block: The Sun (ego, self identity) is 15:16-27 Sagittarius and will always conjunct the Ascendant in a sunrise chart and the Midheaven in a noonmark chart, so these are natural and normal aspects, nothing more. Note that the Roberts noonmark diurnal Ascendant is conjunct the Sun. That is significant. The Ascendant (coping skill, response to environment, visible activity) is within 4.5 degrees of that Sun, an element that can be used for chart rectification. The Midheaven moves 1˚ of arc every four minutes on the clock. The (at times) slower moving Ascendant moves 48’ of arc for that same four minutes. The Sun moves one minute of arc every 24 minutes on the clock.

  • The day’s events show Jupiter at 18 Scorpio 48-9, Saturn at 21:32 Leo and Neptune at 17 Aquarius 14, a T-square, and does connect to the entry Midheaven 20 Leo 21 and the teacher call Ascendant 20 Scorpio 43. These T-squares connect closest to the Roberts progressed Jupiter. 

Red type: Event Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are in a T-square with Saturn opposition Neptune, a very malefic pattern. There would be trouble somewhere in the world under that aspect and the whole orb is only 4.5˚, quite tight. Jupiter/Neptune can pertain to faith or a twisting of it, which Saturn judges or enforces. What more personal fast moving point triggers that potential? The school entry Midheaven (mission, goal) is conjunct that Saturn and the teacher’s call Ascendant (coping skill, response to environment) is conjunct that Jupiter. That is angular involvement and times it accurately. For the gunman involvement, look at Roberts progressed Jupiter conjunct Neptune. That can be great faith or delusion, in this instance fatal delusion.

  • Entry Ascendant and the incident and diurnal Moons aspect close to the Roberts natal Moon and Jupiter as well as the Roberts noon progressed Moon, Venus and Mars and potentially Jupiter (very wide but drawn in by the existing fixed Grand Cross).
  • Roberts sunrise progressed Midheaven aspects all Moons.

Blue type: A fixed T-square shows up involving all the moons and the arc ranges from 00 to 12˚ Aquarius, Leo and Taurus. Twelve degrees is not as wide as it sounds due to the number of positions. The event and diurnal Moons will always be close together (same day) but look at what else is involved. The entry Scorpio Ascendant completes a fixed grand cross between the charts, providing helpful reassurance as to timing. Roberts natal Jupiter (involved in a malefic pattern) is conjunct the event’s Aquarius Moon. Roberts sunrise Midheaven (goal, ambition, accomplishment) completes the Grand Cross (MC as timer). His progressed Midheaven (goals and intentions), Moon (reactive emotions), Venus (value systems) and Mars (assertion, aggression) are themselves in a wide but applying grand cross (0 to 10˚). The grand cross does not occur with Roberts’ noonmark charts, which could be an element to a rectification test.

  • Teacher call Midheaven connects closely to the Roberts noon Ascendant and to Roberts birth and progressed Neptune.

Orange type: The teacher call Midheaven (goals, accomplishments, intent) does oppose the Roberts noon Ascendant  (coping skills, immediate response to environment). The teacher’s brave run to find a phone and finally call the police must have evaporated any time the gunman would have had to molest those little girls. He had spent that 45 minutes boarding and blocking the doors and tying the children together. Those two positions also square the Roberts Neptune, another T-square in effect. Roberts was having a difficult time with dreams and pedophile urges. Sounds like a negative Neptune influence to me.

  • Event Sun is widely conjunct event Venus, Roberts natal sunrise Midheaven and noon diurnal Midheaven and Roberts birth and progressed Pluto.
  • Event Venus connects to Roberts birth Saturn and Pluto and the sunrise Midheaven.

Green type: This conjunction is between the Sun (ego, self-identity) and Venus (value systems, little girls), between Libra and Cancer, involving Saturn and Pluto; this can be very cruel and outrageously controlling, plotting and planning his ruthlessness and putting it into motion. The connection to Roberts’ sunrise Midheaven turns the square into his goal, mission, achievement issues.

  • Roberts noon progressed Ascendant and Uranus connect with his birth Venus, Mars, Uranus T-square.
  • Roberts sunrise diurnal Midheaven and Ascendant aspects Roberts natal Venus, Mars, Uranus

Yellow block: The progressing angles are rectification tools as they provide timing to events. However, please note these energy patterns are totally within the Roberts charts and do not connect to the event charts. These were the patterns that drove him as an individual. They are in cardinal signs and taking all the positions – we again have a grand cross, an energy pattern for crisis itself. The man was in crisis and some event, somewhere, would be the fallout of his personal crisis.  His goals, achievements (Midheaven), his coping skills and response to the environment (Ascendant), his social and personal values (Venus), his assertion and aggressive behavior (Mars) and his revolutionary, off the wall, unexpected actions (Uranus) do tell this very sad story.

  • Event Pluto and N Node connect to Roberts birth and progressed North Node.

Lavender block: Power and control issues and karmic relational issues are all over this combination.

  • Roberts noon progressed Midheaven, Sun and Mercury connects to event Mars.
  • Roberts sunrise progressed Ascendant, Sun, Mercury aspect all event and diurnal Mars.

Pink block: Again, the angles help with the timing of a progressed personal crisis and these are again in cardinal square, but this time between Capricorn and Libra. Considering that this is a militant, aggressive action by a gunman, it should not surprise us that Mars is involved. Justice (Libra) was what the gunman was seeking and Capricorn in stress can be cold, calculating and decisive.

Out of Sign (change of sign cusp) Aspects

These are easy to find. Simply look at the positions that are at the very end or the very beginning of a sign and add them to the already described aspects – conjunctions, oppositions and squares only. Why? Hard aspects are those usually found in stressful situations.

  • The event day and diurnal Venus (early Libra, cardinal) will hard aspect the positions in late mutable (look at the lavender blocks in the spreadsheet). This will add the ruthlessness and control of the Saturn/Pluto delineation to the social value Venus who was seeking justice for long-term injustices. However scrambled these issues were, the gunman saw it that way and acted on it. 
  • The Roberts progressed Moon in 00 Leo (fixed) can also be connected to the event/diurnal Mercury (black type in the spreadsheet), which can also therefore be connected into the early degrees of those fixed moons and the other early fixed aspects (blue type in the spreadsheet). As if that were not enough, early fixed placement also affects late cardinal (shown in yellow block in the spreadsheet). Again, the late cardinal aspects are the gunman’s personal issues.
  • Early mutable aspects late fixed but we seemed to be blessed with only a hard aspect to Roberts birth Mercury conjunct the shooting Ascendant. That would bring his logic, reasoning and decision making (Mercury) into the coping skill and immediate response to the environment (Ascendant) of the shooting itself. This in particular could be a rectification pointer for the speculative actual shooting chart.

Part three for this tragic event will be a study of the Symbolic Degrees associated with the massacre.

Note 1: All charts and spreadsheet provided in Part 1

Note2: Upon re-editing October, 2020, this is the current October, 2020 Wikipedia report:

Note 3: Charles Roberts not in Rodden database as of October, 2020.

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