Revisiting History: Time Twins. . .What an Interesting Concept!

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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Part I

I love Astrological Research! A number of years ago Astrologer Michael Munkasey, who is both a personal friend and astrological mentor, hooked me up with two ladies who were also Astrologers and who happened to be born within 24 hours of my own birth, essentially time twins (TT). Can you imagine… three women born within one day who were practicing Astrologers. We corresponded for a time. I thought casually about writing an article but somehow never got around to actually doing it. As it was, I had a fourth time twin within my own family, a cousin who was born six hours before me. To my knowledge, she was never an Astrologer.

Fast forward probably thirty years, and I ran into another group of time twins, born within 24 hours of one another, various locations, non-astrologers. I assembled that data for the grouping and again put it all back in the file and did nothing with it. I am forever researching and writing, so I never get finished.

Here I am now trying to decide what to write for my Revisiting History column for the AFA Today’s Astrologer.  I remembered, found the old file, and here we are.

  • The first is Astrologer LuAnn born Oct 31, 1938, 10:18 AM CST, Galveston. TX.
  • Next in sequence is my cousin Jane born six hours earlier than me, speculating1:30 PM EST, Glens Falls, NY.
  • Next in sequence is mine: Marilyn Muir born 7:34 PM EST, Cambridge, NY.
  • Last in sequence is Astrologer Judy born 1:45 AM November 1, 1938, Fort Jay, NY.

All four time twins were born within fifteen hours of clock time: three in NY/EST, one in TX/CST.

I looked up famous birthdays (with bios) to find more charts:

  • Colombian model and Miss Universe 1958: Luz Zuluaga, Pereira, Colombia, Oct 31, no time.
  • PGA professional golfer: Rives McBee, Denton, TX, Oct 31 no time.

If I back up 24 hours prior to my birth, the very famous War of the World broadcast by Orson Wells that panicked the NYC metropolitan region occurred from 8 to 9 PM EST, Oct 30, 1938*. Occasionally it is listed as Oct 31, but that was aftermath; the broadcast was the 30th. I wonder if my belief that sometimes my life was the War of the Worlds was caused by that proximity.

Astrologically, what is common in the first four charts are the fixed T-squares, not quite a six planet grand cross. Wide but working Sun opposition Uranus which is also opposition Mercury with the lunar nodes, square a Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius. The Sun square Pluto works as well, but it is a pretty far stretch to aspect Pluto to Mercury and Jupiter. Commonly: strong Aquarius/Uranus.

  • LuAnn’s Ascendant was conjunct the 1938 Galactic Center.
  • My Ascendant was wider opposition that Galactic Center.
  • Jane’s speculative Ascendant is mid-Aquarius with the Moon/Jupiter conjunction across the Ascendant. I am surprised that she was NOT an Astrologer with that signature.
  • Judy’s Ascendant was Virgo, with Mercury tightly involved in all that fixity, and Moon tightened in aspect.

Obviously, there were a lot of people born in that 24-hour period with a variety of experience – and they did not become Astrologers. I have limited personal data on Luz and Rives, no time, so no speculation. Just as obviously, the differences between the four TT charts are minimal on the position of the planets, but maximum for the angles and house cusps. Humans are individualized, and we had four different applications within the framework of individual lives, different paths and destinies.

To complete your data, LuAnn passed away Aug 4, 2010. My cousin, Jane, passed away Oct 10, 2014. Luz passed away December 2, 2015. Rives, Judy and I are still kicking at 81.

Because of space constraints, it was decided to divide this article into Part 1 and II. Stay tuned for the next Today’s Astrologer for Part II which will focus on August 28, 1958 Time Twins.

Part II

Getting timed charts is difficult most of the time.  Getting Time Twins is rare. I happened to have two sets to examine. In the last issue of Today’s Astrologer, we examined several births that took place within a 24-hour time period (October 31, 1938); three were timed and one has a reasonable window. We looked at the commonalities between the charts through planetary position and aspect and recognized the differences between the charts due to houses and cusps. We will now examine our second Time Twins set. This time I only have three timed charts, and one is somewhat speculative. I did find other births but not times.

Time twins: August 28, 1958

This time twin section is a bit trickier to navigate. Somewhere along the way, I realized my own daughter was born within a day of Michael Jackson… yes, THAT Michael Jackson. Made me stop and think about whether there was similarity in the way they approach life. Also made me wonder who else I might find. We can dispense with male/female and black/white because they serve no purpose here. My daughter was born in Hawaii and I also wondered about the time/chart workups with such divergent longitudes.

  • My daughter, Lyndy, was born in Honolulu, HI Aug 28, 1958, 8:10 PM AHST.  Hawaii was still a U.S. territory, achieving statehood the following year.
  • Michael was born in Gary, Indiana on Aug 29, 1958. A multitude of birth times are given, but the one that seems to stand out is 7:33 PM CDT. At best, it is speculative. 
  • Their Moons are about nine degrees apart, well within the 24-hour period to be a time twin.

Who else could I find? Would you believe super star ice skater Scott Hamilton was born August 28, 9:00 AM EST, Toledo, OH, same day as Lyndy, but almost half a world apart. Their Moons are 8 degrees apart, well within the 24 hour period. Here’s the tricky part.

With the day of birth one day off, I again checked the Moon. Between Scott and Michael’s charts there are more than 15 degrees between the Moons, right on the widest possible daily range of motion for the Moon: 12 to 15 degrees. This one is really marginal as to same day.

Any other possibilities? Yes, but no charts. I can find where, but I can’t locate when.

  • Randy Edsall was born Aug 27, 1958 in Glen Rock, PA. He is a successful and well-known university football coach.
  • Lenworth Henry is a well-known, talented British stand-up comedian, actor, etc. born Aug 29 in Dudley, Worcestershire, England.
  • I did find one more man born Aug 28 in Pennsylvania, but I don’t know anything about him other than his birth info. No story.

So we will be using Michael, Scott and Lyndy to see what TT commonalities we can find.

Scott was born first. We know he is a world-class skater, famous athlete, dancer on skates, ethereal, well-loved by crowds, successful. What is not well known are his severe health problems – that was private. He also is an avid charity promoter.

What can we say about Michael? Child sensation, sang, danced, ethereal (think Moon-walk), entertained, crowd pleaser, well-loved (and hated), famous, a lot of legal problems and health issues, sensational, loved kids and animals, always seeking privacy. Think “We are the World” promotion.*

Lyndy was not an athlete, skater or dancer; she had a beautiful voice, even wanting to be on stage in her early 20s. She went the legal route, becoming an attorney who championed domestic issues, children, family rights, an animal rights advocate, very private, and she also had health issues.

It is not difficult to see the ties between Scott and Michael, with success and fame in entertainment circles. The artistry and talent flowed beautifully. And we can add Lenworth Henry to that score.

Scott’s Moon was in Aquarius while Lyndy’s and Michael’s were in Pisces. Pisces Moons come across more personally than Aquarius Moons (I own one).  Lyndy and Michael had a love of children and animals in common. Her dream once she retired was to have/run an animal rescue for all kinds of animals. Michael’s love of children and animals is well-known… and controversial and rages on long after his death. But so does “We are the World, We are the Children”.**

Scott suffered testicular cancer plus brain tumor surgery with a recent resurgence. As of 2017, that resurgence seems to have shrunk. Scott is still with us, promoting charity.

Michael was not so lucky. His health issues, use of health-related drugs or possibly worse, resulted in a tragic end to his young life because he was given Propofol and not monitored carefully enough. Michael died Jun 25, 2009. Controversial… Michael’s story just does not seem to go away, with one issue or another constantly coming to the surface.

My daughter was not so lucky either. Cancer struck her in her early 40’s and she beat it… for 14 years… and then it came back with a vengeance. We lost her three years ago as I write this: May 25,2017. All of them fighters, but there is a strange connection I need to mention. During the final battle, my daughter was given Propofol as an anesthetic and it nearly killed her. It didn’t, but it was a very scary experience. I have taken Propofol as an anesthetic and had no problem with it. It is a very popular anesthetic of medical choice.  I thought it was unusual that she and TT Michael had a very bad reaction to the drug.

Know as you look at all the charts that the commonalities are amazing, as are the differences. The planets have barely changed between the three charts with the exception of the Moon. That’s the commonality. The houses and therefore individual application changed dramatically. We were given a gift of their talent and they live in our memories.

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Part 1 published in AFA Today‘s Astrologer July, 2020 vol 82#7 andPart 2 published in AFA Today’s Astrologer August, 2020 vol 82#; republished with slight editing.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.