Sensitivity Training

By Marilyn Muir

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Are you psychic? Do you know when the phone or the doorbell will ring? Have you thought of someone only to have that person contact you? Do you get feelings or impressions about the future? Do you know when someone is ill or upset? Do you see or feel something or someone around you or have you had your name called when there is nobody in sight? Do you know things without knowing why you know them? Are your hands sensitive to gems, plants, objects or people? Do you have vivid dreams? You may be psychic, or have that sixth sense people talk about. Have none of these things been your experience? There are more examples than were just presented. Do not give up on your intuitive gifts. Let’s explore those and other possibilities.

When we make the transition from the spirit world (non-physical) to the physical world, we call that birth. In reality, we must experience the letting go or death of our spiritual state to enter this physical world. When we arrive on this level, I believe we come in with the knowledge of why we are here and, to some degree, what life will hold. However, we are in a tiny body that we must learn to manipulate. We must develop motor skills and mentally and manually construct our world. By the time we have developed the skills necessary to transmit our purpose and mission, I think we have moved so far away from the spirit side of life that our recall suffers. Small children have “imaginary” playmates which our society has determined to be nonsense or heretical, and children are told to deny or hide such experience as not acceptable behavior. We condition our children out of their inherent skills.

We need to reclaim our natural inheritance and skills. Children commonly see auras. If they are conditioned not to see, they do not see. If you give the child permission, they see the aura within seconds. Adults take a little longer as they have had far deeper conditioning that must be uprooted. Science tells us that we use around 10 to 12% of the capacity of our brain. Einstein and Hawking used perhaps a couple of percentage points more. What would happen if we could get in touch with our whole brains, with all the potential that exists within us? What skills could we develop? I don’t know about you, but I want to know my own mind!

Look at life – it is basically circular in nature. There is a rhythm, a sequence, birth and death intertwined as one experience. You breathe in…you cannot hold that breath forever…you must breathe out…and if you want to stay alive, you again breathe in…and the cycle (circle) perpetuates itself. That is the pattern for life and death. You die on the spirit side to be born on the physical side…and at the trauma that we call physical death, we are reborn into the spirit side…and the cycle repeats itself as necessary to teach us and to allow us to experience.

The questions I posed barely scratch the surface of the possibilities of psychic sensitivity. By merely giving ourselves permission to sense, feel, know, see, smell and taste beyond our physical limits, we open the door to the development of such sensitivity. By the very nature of the word “sensitivity” itself, we explore and develop more of that undeveloped portion of our own brains. We did not invent our brain. We are allowed to use and develop it, unless we put blinders on it and refuse to acknowledge its messages. So how do we acknowledge and then develop those skills? Are we attempting to open a “sixth sense” or is it merely allowing our existing five senses wider possibilities? I believe we can expand what we are so as to include more subtle forms of information and experience.

My daughter, right out of high school, went to work for an alarm monitoring company. She was taught how to listen to devices installed in multiple homes. Her hearing turned bionic. She was able to not only know when a break-in was in progress, but where the burglar was in relationship to a building she had never even seen, and was able to guide the police to apprehend the suspect. Her sense of hearing became finely attuned. She heard more. Through experience she interpreted more. 40+ years later, she still has bionic hearing. She did not develop an “extra” sense, she merely extended her “normal” sense. The same is true of taste and smell as wine, coffee, cheese, etc. “tasters” develop their ordinary senses to extraordinary degrees. What causes this? Learning, experiencing, allowing, developing, not limiting, accepting, giving permission to yourself to experience more, analyzing and expanding natural skills, verifying, becoming more sensitive. What to do!

There are methods to explore your potential and develop more sensitivity and skills.

  • Learn to meditate. There are so many methods and so many levels to meditation. The skills you can develop are incredible. Get some good instruction, particularly on breathing techniques.
  • In my opinion, the best visual sensitivity training is aura study. With good instruction, the simple ability to see an aura can grow into the most awesome set of visual skills. 
  • Take quality workshops in dreams and interpretation, telepathy, psychic development, astral traveling, healing, crystals, tarot, numerology, astrology, and myriad other subjects.
  • Determine your own skills. Think about the type of experiences you have already had. Do they fall into the category of vision, hearing, taste / smell, touch, dreams, intuition, inspiration, etc? Are you a system person? Try astrology, numerology, tarot or another codified method. Are your skills directed at the past, the present, or the future? Most are good at one time period, occasionally more.
  • Recognize that your abilities are unique. You may have to borrow a piece from this and a piece from that. Successful psychics do that – they marry various techniques to develop their own unique skill sets.
  • Explore your personal belief systems. You will not be comfortable developing skills that are counter to those beliefs. Determine if those beliefs support your new paradigm. Beliefs are useful only when they support our current, constantly changing selves. Beliefs that no longer support our current selves and the direction we are taking need to be re-evaluated. If those beliefs are still valid to you, keep them and do not pursue the new direction. If they are no longer valid, change them to reflect your evolution.
  • Ignorance is never your friend. Do not judge something or someone based on a lack of knowledge on your part. There will be many experiences where you do belong. There will be many where you do not belong. That does not invalidate your experience. You do not need to judge it. You just need to know where you do and you do not belong. Any experience that helps you walk your personal path is a good experience. There are no coincidences. Life is purposeful. Follow your own path.

Brief Definitions

  • Akasha: the memory pattern of all that was, is, and shall be.
  • Astral: non-physical dimension adjacent to the physical level.
  • Aura: the energy field surrounding the physical body.
  • Clair (clear): 1) -voyance (seeing), 2) -audience (hearing), 3) -sentience (feeling).
  • Deja vu: the feeling of having had an experience or conversation previously.
  • E.S.P. (Extra Sensory Perception): hunch, intuition, or instinct.
  • Etheric Double: the web or matrix connecting the physical body and the aura.
  •  Karma: the law of cause and effect, the reason for reincarnation.
  • Levitation: lifting objects or the self without physical contact or manipulation.
  • Metaphysics: a philosophic exploration of “beyond the physical”, a term coined by Plato.
  • O.O.B.E. (Out of Body Experience) nor Astral Traveling: the spirit lifting out of the physical body and traveling.
  • Parapsychology: a more scientific study of human potential / psychic ability.
  • Pre (before): -cognition (to become aware), -monition (of negative experience), reading the future.
  • PSI Factor (psychic ability): sensitivity to surroundings and other people / spirits.
  • Reincarnation: multiple physical incarnations for the purpose of learning.
  • Retro (after): -cognition (to become aware), reading the past.
  • Silver Cord: the attachment between the spiritual and physical bodies. It is visible!
  • Spiritualism: a religion which believes in the continuity of life after death
    and the psychic ability to contact non-physical entities.
  • Tele (operating at a distance): -pathy (mind to mind), -kinesis (without physical manipulation).

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.