The Nashville, TN Explosion

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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The mysterious Nashville explosion was initially puzzling, but enough details have emerged to examine the action astrologically. On Christmas morning, December 25, 2020, at 6:30 AM CST, a vehicle (a parked RV) exploded in downtown Nashville doing extensive damage to multiple buildings. For over a half hour before the blast, a voice recording was coming from the RV warning everyone to evacuate the area. Because of those warnings, a speedy evacuation had been facilitated by police, to the effect that there was minimum personal injury. During the investigation at the blast site, human remains were found. Further searching provided an identity. It turned out this was a suicide bombing and the remains were that of the bomber: Anthony Quinn Warner.

Facebook group Astrology Explorers posted Warner’s date and place of birth: January 17, 1957, in Antioch, Tennessee. I found nine (9) Antioch, TN listings in my IO astrology program. I simply chose the first listing and made a mental note that the chart had a built-in fudge factor that will have to be corrected once the Antioch longitude/latitude and birth time are revealed. The explosion chart is accurate. Only Warner’s noon mark chart time and location are in question.

On that date, all ten transiting bodies were contained within an exact 150˚. The Moon was in lead position to begin opening that quincunx grouping. In general, that is a tight, focused, impactive group, sort of like having all of your eggs in one basket!

  • The explosion reveals 27:01 Sagittarius rising with five planets in the first house. Three planets are intercepted in Capricorn, followed by the current Jupiter/Saturn major conjunction at 1 Aquarius, which was perfected December 21st, the Winter Solstice. That Jupiter is the chart ruler, so this major conjunction is a primary indicator for the event. Once every twenty years or so, these planets conjoin and set a short-term world stage action. In my experience, any aspect that does not occur frequently grows in importance.
  • The explosion does also have transiting Uranus 6:53R Taurus with that Saturn/Jupiter conjunction squaring from 00:54 to 01:19 Aquarius, wide but applying. The retrograde Uranus had transited that degree (direct) much earlier, a possible indication that this act had been contemplated for a substantial time. (Note:  After the initial draft of this article was written, it was later confirmed by a news story that the bomber had been planning this for a long time.)
  • The explosion shows transiting Mars 24:40 Aries in the fourth house closely square (separating) transiting Pluto 23:59 Capricorn in the first house.
  • Another major indicator would be Neptune 18:22 Pisces T-squaring the Nodal axis, specifically the South Node 19:56 Sagittarius. That would emphasize the secrecy, confusion, bizarre activity and the impact on a population or society (Nodes). With Neptune direct and the Nodes naturally retrograde, all three are applying to that T-square.

Three major malefic aspect patterns show in the timed explosion chart. I placed the bomber’s noonmark chart next to the explosion chart to find commonality. When you are comparing a timed chart to a speculation chart, the timed chart takes precedence. We know the timed chart is accurate. Any noonmark chart is reasonably accurate for nine of the ten bodies. The Ascendant, Midheaven and Moon positions, as well as the noonmark house information cannot be trusted. How does the Warner noonmark chart fit the explosion itself? Looking first at the three malefic aspects for the explosion:

  • Warner’s Uranus 5:16R Leo squares explosion Uranus 6:53R Taurus. We cannot trust the Warner Ascendant (time and location) of 15:01 Taurus closely conjunct the accurate explosion Moon 12:36, but we can make note of it. Venus rules the explosion Midheaven (mission, goal).
  • Warner’s Sun 27:23 Capricorn is squared by his Mars 23:28 Aries. His personal Mars and the explosion Mars are conjunct one degree and both square explosion Pluto within one degree. Do not include the noonmark Midheaven because it is pure speculation.
  • Warner’s Venus 6:07 widely conjunct Mercury 12:29R Capricorn are conjunct explosion Sun 4:11 and Mercury 7:15 Capricorn intercepted in the explosion first house. Remembering: interceptions delay but do not deny an activation. There was over a half hour of a recorded voice warning before the explosion that evacuation was necessary.
  • I do not see an explosion Neptune/South Node connection between these two charts.
  • What else? Warner’s Saturn 11:00 Sagittarius conjoins the explosion Venus 12:18 in the explosion twelfth house of secrecy and hiding. Again, Venus is ruler of the explosion Midheaven.
  • If we could trust Warner’s noonmark Ascendant 15:01 Taurus, it is a reasonably close conjunction to the explosion Moon 12:36 Taurus – but I do not trust the position, so I ignored it.

I did examine Warner’s progressions but the unknown birth time didn’t help my understanding. Ignored. I did attempt to compare the Nashville and the Tennessee charts to the explosion, but incorporation dates are uncertain. Ignored.

What else can we see astrologically? Common relationship charting techniques can be employed to enlarge the picture, both composite and relationship charts; however, timed chart to noon mark complicates matters. By knowing there is an inherent problem, you can still speculate to see what you might stir into awareness. Ideally you would want both charts timed; that would provide the most accurate results and an apples-to-apples comparison. We do not have that option here. We could convert both charts to noonmark, which would produce a generic chart for every person born during that 24-hour birth date and every event experienced during the 24-hour explosion date. Way too speculative for me! To our knowledge, there was only one bomber and one bombing. (It took me several years to realize I could use the composites and the relationship charts for more than just people. It could be a person and his/her job, a person and an event, etc.)

I decided to do apples-to-oranges charting out of pure curiosity. I did both a composite and a relationship chart for the bomber and his bombing. For the composite I settled on the Ascendant-based composite.

  • Mars 24:04 Aries is on the money for both the bombing and Warner’s Mars.
  • Look at the 10 degree, 4-planet Capricorn stellium tightly conjunct the explosion Sun/Mercury.
  • Composite Venus 24:13 Sagittarius opposes composite Uranus 21:05 Gemini, triggered by the December 14th Solar Eclipse at 23:08 Sagittarius (midpoint).

The Composite chart is a midpoint chart, an artificial construction, so it serves a limited purpose. Since each planet or point pairing between charts is individually calculated, that chart never existed in real time between the two dates in question. My best explanation would be if you and I were to meet each other 50% of the way on all issues and subjects, that would be our composite. It is a chart of possibility, and not a chart of actuality. It served a wonderful purpose in my readings and study but does have a built-in limitation. Inherent possibility fosters reaching for its promise.

Actuality is reflected by the relationship chart. It is a real-time chart based on an actual midpoint between the two dates in question, using dates, times, time standards, and global locations of both births.

This is a chart of actuality and is best suited to tell you what will happen. The closer the two charts are to one another, the more actuality will resemble promise. Both charts have value, but I would place my bet for the outcome on the relationship picture. In this instance, one chart is timed and the other is noonmark, so we will stay with the nine bodies excluding the Moon because it can move twelve to fifteen degrees in 24 hours. The angles and house cusps are also not trustworthy. The other nine bodies have much slower motion and will be reasonably accurate. This is another WOW!

  • Look at the six-planet cluster including Venus/Moon in Sagittarius and the Capricorn stellium of Uranus/Saturn/Neptune/Sun conjunct the explosion Sun/Mercury and Warner’s Venus/Mercury.
  • The Sagittarius Eclipse of December 14th is right on the Venus/Moon relationship conjunction (I still do not trust the Moon).
  • Look at relationship Mars 22:51 Aries. All four charts’ Mars are within about 1 degree squaring his natal Sun. Bingo!


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.