USA 2008 Election, Part 2 – The Winning Presidential Team

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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In a previous article, “USA 2008 Election: The Country’s Call for a Leader”, I examined the needs and desires of the USA itself for the 2008 election. In this article I want to illustrate how President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and their leadership team contribute to the needs of the country at this time in history. I previously illustrated how the natal, progressed and diurnal chart reflected the current needs of the country, the call that was sent out for a person to fulfill those needs, the electorate doing their job through their voting process, and the seed planted the day of the election itself. Now we will turn our attention to the men who have moved to the top and backup presidential position, and the teamwork that will do the job the USA was seeking for its current lessons and evolution. This article is written in English for non-astrologers and for astrologers alike.

I must begin with a quick recap of the three charts of the USA, or the balance of the article will make no sense. For astrologers, I am using the USA Virgo rising natal chart (July 4, 1776, 9:36 am LMT, Philadelphia, PA), the progression for the 232nd year of our country’s existence, and the day chart (diurnal) for Election Day itself all using the natal coordinates. Because this article is also directed toward non-astrologers, I have removed the tech talk and limited the astrological aspects to be considered to tight conjunctions and oppositions only. There will always be “more” to read no matter how deeply you work; feel free to enlarge the reading.

The natal (birth) chart reflects the energy pattern of that first moment of existence, the basic blueprint for such existence. But we do not remain a blank slate for long. We grow, experience and become, and that is reflected in the progressing chart, using the year for a day method. Every day after birth constitutes a year in the life of whatever is being charted. Since the USA was 232 years old at the moment of the 2008 election, the progressing chart reflects the 232nd year energy pattern for the USA. The chart for the day (diurnal) reflects the energy of the day itself, what it contributed to or activated in both the USA natal and progressed charts. It also reveals the seed that was planted on that day.

What called these two men to the presidency, one who became president in fact and one who is a half-step behind and able to step into that position if it becomes necessary? Once both contended for that role, and now they have presented themselves as a team to support that role. Each man has a personal energy pattern to contribute, plus the team itself has an individual energy pattern to contribute. They have offered themselves in service to the country individually and as a team. If they are right for the job and for the need of the country at this time, it should reveal itself through connections between the three country charts described and the three “people” charts.

What was up for the country at that time? What kind of person or skill was the country seeking? Three primary energy patterns are at the core of the USA makeup, the Mercury/Pluto opposition, the position of Neptune and the strongest of all, our Uranus/Aquarius/Moon energy. They were all active for the 2008 Election. I need to spend a few sentences setting this stage. In English please…

The progressed midheaven (current goals, ambitions, accomplishments) at 24 Capricorn 15 was almost exactly opposite the USA natal Mercury, setting off stressful but powerful communications used for good or for ill and we witnessed that in full action. It continues to this day because it is still active. The progressing midheaven (current goals, ambitions, accomplishments) is moving toward our international or cultural relationships (Node), but in a way that requires us to admit any past misuses (South Node) and to work on building up new relationship skills. Progressed (current) Mercury (communication, youth, grass roots) was right on (conjunct) the USA Moon (the people, emotions, independent and future seeking), tight (strong) and getting stronger. The internal progressed (current) opposition (tug of war, conflict) between social/financial values and our need to take action, be aggressive and assertive, is further defined by animosity between the do-it-yourself-ers (Aries) and the we-are-in-this-together crowd (Libra). Does any of this sound familiar?

As if that were not enough to deal with, Election Day was the moment of truth (exact connection) for the Saturn/Uranus opposition that is currently giving us a fit. Saturn defines the past, Uranus defines the future, and opposition is a tug of war with the country playing monkey in the middle. The status quo and change itself are locked in a difficult battle, and it is occurring right on the point that represents our spiritual essence as a country (Neptune). This has not been nice and will not stop until the end of July, 2010. Also, the 2008 Election Day Capricorn Moon (responsible emotions, feeling emotionally trapped) was right on the natal Pluto/Mercury opposition, making it a hot button for the presidency. The Election Day’s energy is the seed that will sprout and develop throughout the term of any presidency. I also found it interesting that the day’s Jupiter opposed progressing Jupiter and had been doing so for some period of time (our immediate past). Can you say that we have had trouble with excess and entitlement that actually caught up to us and bit us right where it hurt? Okay, that’s the country in brief, what about the leaders called to service?

President Obama’s natal Saturn (duty, responsibility, obligation) is right on (conjunct) the USA natal Pluto (power of the country) setting off that USA Mercury/ Pluto natal opposition (powerful communications for good or for ill). Obama is attempting to bring truth, transparency, and responsibility to our powerful communications. That fits. His personal coping skills and public face (independent, forward seeing and intelligent) is located close to the USA Moon (the people, our futuristic, independent, unique qualities). The USA’s and President Obama’s social and financial values are just about in lock step (conjunct).

President Obama’s progressed midheaven (current goals, stature, ambitions) are opposite (conflict) our national identity. Wait a minute, is that good? Think of a pencil with a writing tip on one end and an eraser on the other end. You can’t wiggle one end of the pencil without the other end wiggling because it is an axis. Our national identity has been trashed for several years. The President must take an active role to resuscitate and heal that open wound and that can only occur under stress. His progressing Saturn/Jupiter (responsibility and expansion) is right on that USA natal Mercury/Pluto opposition (powerful communication conflict) and will be there throughout his presidency. And my favorite connection of all, his progressing Moon (his feelings, emotions, sense of clan or extended family) was so close to our country’s natal Moon (same keywords) in the sign of Aquarius (future, change, independence) that by Inauguration Day they would merge…and they did. And, there’s always more,

Vice President Biden is a competitor turned into a personal asset to the man who defeated his dream of the presidency. That’s a real test of character for VP Biden. He has joined that team (of rivals) for the good of his country, pledged his loyalty to his competitor, the president, and us, and is a fully participating extra pair of hands for our president and our country. Good stuff here! VP Biden has his midheaven (goals, ambitions, achievements) on the USA’s spiritual essence and his Saturn/Uranus conjunction (responsibility/inventive cooperative) energy right on the USA point of independence (Uranus) and achievement (Midheaven), our natal Midheaven/Uranus conjunction. This occurs on VP Biden’s point of partnership. That works! His Jupiter (expansion, society at large) is right on (conjunct) the USA Mercury (communication) again keying into that lesson we are learning at the moment, the use or misuse of powerful communications.

He has one other really valuable asset to our country that I must mention. His point of personal power (Pluto) is joined to (conjunct) the USA’s North Node (international/cross-cultural development); the man has probably more international knowledge and credentials than anyone else out there. Team Obama/Biden is an asset for our country. That nodal connection I just mentioned is strengthened by VP Biden’s progressed (current) chart, engaging his Mercury (communication), Sun (identity), Ascendant (coping skills and public face) and his Descendant (partnership and alliances). That is a really strong pattern. His progressed connection to our USA point of independence and achievement is even stronger. His progressing value and financial value systems (Venus) sits right on (conjunct) our lovely Aquarius Moon (the people, clan, family) with the Nodes thrown in for good measure (more to learn/do about cross-cultural relating) I think the man is definitely an asset!

Last but not least, the Obama/Biden Team. They are both individuals who must also function as a team. The team has its own individuality and contribution. There are a number of hits and if by now you’re cross-eyed, which are my favorites? I like that the team’s Mercury (communication) is right on (conjunct) our Sun (national identity). We need someone to be proud of us, represent us honestly and with great integrity and not speak with a forked tongue. I like that the team’s joint social and financial values (Venus) are right on (conjunct) our personal projection and coping skills (Ascendant). I like that the team’s urge to take action (Mars) is on the USA point of responsibility and organization. I like that the team’s Uranus (future orientation, independence, change) is right on our national identity (Sun). Forward, yes. Progressive, yes. Change, yes. Yes, they can! The team’s spirituality (Neptune) is right on the USA’s responsibility (Saturn). Can you imagine– spirituality and responsibility hand in hand?

Uncomfortable to us but probably necessary to right the wrongs, the team’s sense of power must confront the public’s emotions. We as a people are scared, angry and feeling betrayed. It does not matter who is standing in the leadership position, we will direct those negative feelings toward whoever that is. They must be strong enough to stand up to this onslaught because scared people are just not logical and orderly. This is particularly true of the cross-cultural, international activity in which we are embroiled. We don’t like what has happened or what is happening. We just have to remember that we as relatively uneducated international citizens are probably not qualified to make such judgment. We are reactive at the moment, not pro-active, and the team has to be able to handle that.

So have I proven my point? I said the natal, progressed and day chart for the country was intimately tied to the personal and progressing charts of President Obama, Vice President Biden and their leadership team. It is not all poetry and roses. Running a country the size and stature of the USA will have rough spots. The country called and the electorate responded on Election Day. Based on that vote, these men assumed leadership of the country. There was no error. These were the right men for this job at this time. They fit the needs expressed by an evolving country. Now it would be nice if we just let them do their job, wouldn’t it?

Published In EZine online November, 2011, republished with slight editing.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.