Why Political Astrology Charts Work

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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Anything born in a moment of time reflects the energies present in that moment of time. It does not matter if that “anything” is a person, an animal, an idea, a corporation, or a country.  Astrologers construct a map of that moment and its energy pattern. This is termed a natal (birth) chart. That chart is considered a map of the potential of whatever it represents and, with a little skill, the inherent character of the entity represented by that chart can be revealed. The non-human entity we call the USA has a birth chart just as a human being does and we can use that map to describe the embryonic country and its potential.

In addition, nothing in life is truly static and unchanging. Anything born in a moment of time is shaped and affected by its growth and experience. No one remains a newborn baby uttering its first cry forever – we must grow and change. Even if an entity ceased to exist shortly after birth, existence was present for that brief time as it changed into a final conclusion. Just as a person must grow and change, so must the entity we call our country. Such changing activity subtly alters the entity and creates new and naturally developing needs and urges. The newborn entity gets hungry and must be fed and is altered by that experience, no longer the blank slate of its arrival. The child cries and the environment responds, or at least that is the expectation.

For our example, the evolving entity we call our country resonates and attracts to itself what it needs from universal possibility.  In our political system we call that an election and inauguration process. The country has needs, natal and emerging. It must attract what it needs from the environment. The voting citizens cast their vote and an individual responds to that vote and is selected by majority rule, then becoming a leader which we call our president. At a usually pre-selected moment in time, we ask that leader to take an oath to serve the country and its citizens.

That person we selected and inaugurated as our president is an entity in their own right, with all the personal urges, needs and wants of any individual. He (or eventually she) fits into the national pattern in his own unique way. As far as I can tell from the extensive research I have completed, each is the right person for the job at the right time. What we viewers of the process seem to have is a personal problem with limited vision and understanding.

What happens when a president takes office? History tells us that there were both successes and failures with our presidents. There are times when we as a country forge ahead, other times when we fall back, and still other times when we appear to be standing still, stagnating or avoiding. At times we learn one heck of a lesson and get a black eye for our trouble. According to what I see in the patterns, cycles and charts, there is no real error. The correct call was sounded, the people voted, and a person who matched the country and electorate’s call responded (resonated). Perhaps we needed the lesson or a living example.

If you look at the horror that was World War II as well as many other wars, it is important to never lose sight of what we learned from that awful experience. But…we certainly do not want a repeat, do we? Somehow, perhaps beyond our capacity to fully comprehend, the interactions between the evolving energy pattern and the core pattern we call the natal chart attract the right people for the emerging role. At times that is a hard pill to swallow, particularly when we witness poor behavior, poor choices, and apparent wrong-doing.

Remember right or wrong is personal perspective. Within my own family we disagree on any number of subjects. Who is to say which of us are right on any issue? All of us take our conditioning and our opinions with us when we go to the voting booth. There seem to be no mistakes, regardless of my personal opinion. By my experience, the universe is purposeful, created by a grand designer who is so far beyond our comprehension that we will probably never figure it all out. But it is fun trying, and we were provided with sky maps.

The maps themselves are, simply put, a study of the cycle of our solar system from the perspective of Planet Earth. The true measure of these cycles is with the Sun in the center of the solar system (heliocentric). But we are not on the Sun; we are over here, approximately 93 million miles away. The energy flowing through our system must affect us differently just because of relocation.  The traditional astrological system used is therefore geocentric, with Planet Earth as the focus. When we finally set up a human outpost on the Moon, Mars, or any other location, we will need to develop the tools to create sky maps for that location, and a whole new application of astrology will be born.

We use natural cycles continually in all areas of life from the tides in the sea and land (also called “earth tides”), to natural health rhythms, human behavior, time keeping, animal husbandry, market cycles, and more – too many to list. The study of cycles is natural, widespread, and commonly accepted. Why would we not accept larger cycles, even cosmic cycles? The universe has given us maps to guide us. They have always been available. From antiquity, there were people who developed that skill and passed it on to succeeding generations. The dimensions are huge. We are still learning how to read those maps just as the “hard sciences” are continually learning and evolving their “hard” knowledge.  We grow and learn by doing, by experimenting, by allowing our errors to school us. Ignorance is not, nor will it ever be, our friend. To ignore the cosmos would be to our peril, and so we study and grow.

Published on EZine online October, 2009, republished with slight editing.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.