British Monarchy 2022 – 2023

“The Queen is Dead, Long Live the King”

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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File Notes: Princess Elizabeth ascended the throne upon the death of her Father, King George, who died in his sleep and was not known to be dead until 7:30 in the morning. The passing of power from the existing King to the heir apparent occurs exactly at the moment of death. Princess Elizabeth was traveling in Kenya at the time her father died. She immediately returned to England to both mourn the passing of her Father and to accept and celebrate her elevation to the English throne.

Her personal progressions for that day give 19:33 Sagittarius Midheaven and 3:43 Pisces rising. Jupiter, the chart ruler, is 25:43 Aquarius in the progressed 12th house opposed co-ruler Neptune at 22:02 Leo. There is a grand fixed square by both progressed Sun at 25:13 Taurus and progressed Saturn at 22:36R Scorpio. To add to the mix, the Ascendant is bracketed by co-ruler Jupiter as given and Mars at 9:28 Pisces. AND… both Uranus 28:30 Pisces and Venus 11:04 Aries are contained within that first house. Progressions reflect the growing, changing person who was initiated at the moment of the natal chart. This queen had to play many roles for many reasons (note her natal 57˚ wide first house). She got lots of time to play those multiple roles in her seventy plus years of sitting on the throne of England. Her elevation diurnal is also provided for your information.

Queen Elizabeth II was the longest serving monarch: more than seventy years from ascending the throne to death. Natally:

  • Midheaven 25:33 Scorpio conjunct Saturn 24:27R Scorpio, both T-square Mars 20:52 conjunct Jupiter 22:31 Aquarius, opposite Neptune 22:04R Leo. That is a powerful major natal aspect that influenced her whole life. The Moon at 12:07 Leo is too wide to include, but it is applying to that existing T-square.
  • Ascendant 21:23 is conjunct the S Node 20:07R Capricorn. Saturn is the natal chart ruler, critical in health issues. Her Ascendant ruler directly conjunct the Midheaven could explain her rise to ruler of her country. Also, Saturn / Capricorn rule old age and she was 96 at her death. 00:12 Taurus natal Sun is tenacious, to say the least. The 12th house of confinement is also Capricorn / Saturn ruled, and her declining health necessitated a less public lifestyle.
  • Her 8th natal death house has Virgo on the cusp with Libra intercepted. Check Mercury first, then Venus. Mercury 4:40 Aries, then Venus 13:57 Pisces. Mercury is widely square natal Pluto. Venus is trine natal Pluto and quincunx natal Moon.

Progressions to death:

  • By progression to her death, the Midheaven is 25:57 Aquarius conjunct progressed Jupiter 24:45Rx Aquarius, opposed progressed Mercury 21:07Rx and Neptune 23:41 Leo, and T-squaring progressed Saturn 19 Scorpio 25. The progressing fixed T-square tightly triggers the natal fixed T-square. Remember that the angles are a pairing, whether natal or moving. The 4th house of end of life or grave is automatically included with the Midheaven placements. The progressed Jupiter on the Midheaven was weakened by its retrograde status, so not as protective as usual in application. Jupiter on the progressing Midheaven would have contributed to the world-wide response to this well-loved Queen of England. Add the applying progressing Moon to that Jupiter and enlarge the audience even more. The progressing chart death house is Capricorn with the progressing nodal axis on the 2nd/8th cusps, along with transiting Pluto. Both the natal Mercury and Venus 8th house rulership possibilities are active with Mercury in the progressing fixed T-square and Venus mutually applying to conjunct the progressed Ascendant.
  • The Queen’s death diurnal Midheaven is exactly conjunct critical 13 Aries (12˚59’) and tightly square natal Pluto in the natal 6th house of disease and illness, and progressed Pluto in the progressed 1st house (of the physical body and the progressed N. Node). Her diurnal Saturn 20:10Rx Aquarius is conjunct the diurnal death house cusp. Her natal 8th house death ruler Mercury is at 8:43 Libra diurnally, and is opposed diurnal Jupiter (not offering much help).

My earlier published article on the British Monarchy can be found on my website:

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Mia culpa: I made brief mentions towards the beginning of the narrative indicating I did not see a strong possibility that neither Charles nor William would become King. Obviously, I was wrong where Charles was concerned. William’s potential elevation is not known at this time. Why would I have been mistaken in reading a continuing pattern of coronations? Since Charles has been elevated and his coronation is tomorrow as I write this, could it be something different about the extensive kingdom itself? The British Commonwealth consists of not only the four distinct countries in the British Isles (England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales), but is worldwide in scope. An easy-to-read country list can be found at:

Over the last century, there has been much controversy and voting by member countries as to whether or not to stay with the crown or to become independent. To me, this has been a continually challenging or changing pattern. I am wondering if the difference in the makeup of what was considered the kingdom going back over the last century is different enough to change the astrological relationship with the current king’s chart. The makeup of the kingdom itself has changed over the years. Perhaps the astrological signature between the king and what that king rules has changed as well. This is my best guess at the moment.

King Charles

File Notes: Elevation of Prince to King Charles upon the death of his Mother, the Queen.

As mentioned earlier, the elevation of a British monarch occurs at the moment of death of the exiting monarch. Coronation is a separate matter. At the moment of Queen Elizabeth’s death, her son, Prince Charles, became King Charles. That transition took place “at 3:10 PM local time on September 8, 2022 at her summer home in Balmoral, Scotland”. That was the moment when Prince Charles was elevated to the throne.

King Charles was born November 14, 1948, 9:14 PM GMT, London, England, Rodden A (news report). His progression and diurnal are both cast for September 8, 2022 for his ascendancy to the throne upon the death of his mother. A new set of progression and diurnal charts can also be cast for his coronation on May 6, 2023. Both sets of charts should be valid and usable. They would each then be compared to his natal as normal.

Natal: Briefly,

  • King Charles has a strong cluster of planets in his fourth house (home, hearth, family) with Sun and Mercury in Scorpio (too wide for a normal conjunction), and with the Lunar south node conjunct Mercury.
  • Venus is closely conjunct Neptune in Libra in the 4th house.
  • Mars and Jupiter in Sagittarius are close to this 4th house cluster.
  • That’s six out of ten bodies clustered (concentrated) in 67˚ of zodiac space.  Clustered planets can include a Stellium, and both frequently show up in charts of high impact, personal or event-oriented.

Since I am not attempting to read King Charles’s personhood for this article, I prefer to look at how activation to that natal promise turned a prince into a King. According to news sources, Charles was physically present at the castle where and when his Mother died.

Progressions for elevation: What specifically activated?

  • Again, that lower right quadrant of the chart contains six planets, but this time tighter in only 33 degrees of zodiac space, a powerful concentration of 60% of his available energy. Three planets (Jupiter / Venus / Moon) are tight in Capricorn. Three planets (Sun / Mars / Mercury) are more loosely connected in Aquarius. Two stelliums exist within that cluster.
  • Since he became king, head of state, look to the progressed Midheaven 25:22 Gemini conjunct progressed Uranus within 1.5 degrees triggering his natal Uranus at 29:56 Rx and opposed that natal Mars / Jupiter conjunction, three minutes exactly!
  • His progressed Neptune is directly on the midpoint of the natal Venus / Neptune conjunction. (Activations to midpoints do work.)
  • Since Mars is his natal Midheaven ruler, I would expect it to be active on the career elevation, and it is part of that progressed Aquarius cluster mentioned.  Mars is also conjunct progressed Mercury, ruler of the progressed Midheaven.  

Transits for elevation: I prefer the use of Diurnals for accuracy and personal application. Angles are always first:

  • Diurnal Mars (natal Midheaven ruler) is 10:38 conjunct diurnal Ascendant 7:55 Gemini.
  • Diurnal I.C. (4th cusp) is 3:55 Leo conjunct natal Ascendant 5:23 Leo.
  • Remember that that King of that moment also lost his Mother at that same moment (4th house / family issues). Parental deaths are natal 8th house issue of 4th / 10th parents, which equals the 5th / 11th houses. Five of ten bodies are in the 5th / 11th diurnal axis, half of the available chart energy. Diurnal Neptune 24:15 Pisces Rx closely opposed his progressed Ascendant 26:27 Virgo. Because it is Neptune, I would see a somewhat confusing, lingering type of activation. Diurnal Neptune is more closely squaring his progressed Ascendant / Descendent axis.

That is the energy for his Queen’s (his mother’s) death and his elevation to King. Quite a mix. What about the coronation? Remember that progressions develop slowly. The fastest moving position is the progressing Moon. In the few months between September 2022 and May 2023, only the Moon will have moved any substantial distance.

Progressions for coronation:

  • First look at the continuing cluster of Capricorn / Aquarius planets, six of ten in the 4th and 5th houses.
  • Progressed Midheaven 28:58 Gemini conjunct progressed Uranus 27:03 Gemini Rx and squaring progressed Ascendant 29:12 Virgo, all triggering the natal Uranus opposed Jupiter.

Transits for coronation:

  • This activation is for King, but there are no planets showing directly on the angles. There are a couple of them a few degrees out, but I prefer tight aspect angles.
  • Diurnal Midheaven is 3:03 Libra. Its ruler Venus is 29:13 Gemini, right on that natal Uranus opposition Jupiter, with diurnal Neptune 26:54 Pisces completing a T-square.

Comparing the elevation and the coronation, both have activations – but to me the stronger activations are in the elevation chart.

I finished this article yesterday and then got up early this morning and watched the actual coronation. So much pageantry and oath-taking. What was the key moment? I chose the placing of the crown on King Charles’s head. My observed time was 7:02 AM EDT, plus four hours to BST, so I set the event chart for 11:02 AM BST in London May 6, 2023. Amazing!

  • Look at the angles and the activity in the 10th (crowning) house. The natal and event Ascendants are one degree apart. The Midheavens are two degrees apart.
  • Look at the N Lunar Nodes from both charts… same degree.
  • Look at crowning Venus conjunct natal Uranus, one degree in Gemini, both opposed natal Jupiter in Sagittarius, one degree.
  • Look at crowning Neptune squaring the Gemini / Sagittarius activations.
  • Look at the crowning I.C. (4th cusp) conjunct the Venus / Neptune natal conjunction.
  • Look at crowning Saturn opposed natal Saturn, same degree.

That is a lot of tight connections. Earlier I mentioned that I preferred tight connections and we got them! Looks like this is an event that was meant to be!

FYI, the crowning of Queen Consort Camilla was fourteen minutes later on my clock, or 11:16 AM BST. Rodden B: Camilla Shand was born July 17, 1947, 7:10 AM BDST, London England.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.