The 2021 U.S. Inauguration, Part 1

by Marilyn J. Muir, LPMAFA

A word of caution – this is an in-depth technical analysis of our upcoming 2021 inauguration. An advanced technical knowledge is not only necessary but required for this work to be understood. Countless hours went into the research to generate this material, and I am very happy to share so the knowledge might be furthered.

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This year, I waited until Democrat presidential candidate Joseph Biden announced his choice for his vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, before I started researching who will actually be inaugurated. I had done research earlier as the burgeoning field of presidential hopefuls announced their candidacy only to later drop out, so many that I chose not to do all that work on all those hopeful charts. Instead I waited until it calmed down and I could apply my own astrological technique to the chosen nominees.

I had already done several correct presidential predictions over many years, some actually televised. One was Bush v Gore that ended in the Florida voting debacle and the first-time-ever decision of the U.S. Supreme Court to determine the outcome of an election.

In 2016-17 I ran into the conundrum that was Trump v Clinton. I knew it wasn’t possible, but I astrologically saw both of them winning. Consequently, I sat that one out and did not predict a winner. Actually, what I had seen was the truth, but I just didn’t realize it at the time. Clinton won the popular vote by about three million votes and Trump won the electoral college vote and therefore the presidency… and that controversy still rages, including whether that vote was corrupted by Russian interference.

To answer an unasked question, I do the same procedure for both the presidential and vice-presidential candidates. I have not been able to find rhe birth time for President Trump’s Vice President, Michael Pence, so I did not do that workup for 2017 or 2021 (see more in part 2). While noonmark charts are valuable for some applications, they are valid for everyone born within that 24-hour period anywhere in the world and that is too broad for this specific application.

Harris was chosen as Biden’s vice presidential candidate. Time to get out both natals (Biden’s and Harris’) and do the work. Time to trot out my personal technique. I had the advantage of two prior vice presidential inaugurations for Biden and knew what inauguration looked like for him. Surprise, surprise, it did not work for Harris. What??? I did her whole workup all over again in case I had made or recorded an error in calculation. I proofed it carefully. Same answer. She did not closely fit my technique. Why? It is a math technique. It works or it doesn’t work. When I turned to the Biden chart, I got a clear answer for him. Conundrum.

I reasoned that I was thinking in a box. I had a concept and it broke down for one chart. That meant I had to get my head out of that boxed-in concept. I went back to the drawing board and asked the charts to talk to me and tell me what I could not see with my head in a box. I try to stay open during my research and let the charts lead me to the right conclusions, not necessarily confirming pre-formed conclusions. In a flash I saw what I was missing and it gave me goosebumps. From that point this inaugural charting journey has been a series of goosebumps.

Let me tell you my technique and then tell you what that chart revealed when I allowed it to teach me. You know elections are maelstroms of activity. Whoever is on the ballot, their charts look like they are all running a competitive race. ALL the candidates’ charts are alive with activity. I don’t even try to pick between the hotbeds of activity in those multiple charts. I skip that part. I go straight to the inauguration. All the contenders have been eliminated and there are only two people who are going to be sworn in to the two highest political positions in our country and what has heretofore also been the highest position in the world along with their potential successor.

At the moment the Vice President (usually sworn first) and the President (following) are sworn in, the next four years of the political process is set in stone. I cast the event chart for the moment that the power passes for the presidency and that is noonmark. An event chart is essentially a transit chart, which is then re-branded as the natal for that event. Transits… each moment in time is unique and provides a map of whatever is born in that moment of time. Since our presidency is a four-year term, that is the natal chart for the four years of that presidency regardless of who is sitting in the President’s chair – or their party, gender, religion, ethnicity, etc. The chart is for the presidency not the person.

Now… not all presidents elected actually end up serving four years. For example, one died in office one month into his presidency: William Henry Harrison 1841. Three more died of natural causes and four were assassinated. The Vice President would then be elevated into the Presidency with a new oath of office. It would take a ton of historical and astrological research of succeeding events to determine if the first swearing in or the second swearing in prevailed or if both would work in tandem. That would take enormous research for each individual case and is not a part of this material. Personally, I would expect that the first swearing in would show the necessity for the second swearing in, but have not actually done enough specific research into the eight prior examples, so I am not entitled to an opinion.

Back to transits. Most astrologers do transits on a regular basis. What is the continually changing celestial environment contributing to each individual at any given moment? Because of our natal charts, each of us triggers individually. Astrologers use the ten bodies: Sun, Earth’s Moon, and the eight main bodies in our solar system other than the Earth because we are all standing on this Earth and that is ground zero for us collectively. And there are far more than those ten bodies that can contribute or influence, but I stuck with the original ten for this application. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could individualize those influences to one specific chart or application? Well we can… and therein lies my technique.

A personal transit chart is called a “diurnal” or chart of the day for any individual or event. It is simple to construct by computer or by hand. In your computer chart program input your natal information: date, time with time standard, and location. Then go back to the date and change it, in this instance for January 20, 2021 (the upcoming date of inauguration). Do not change anything else about the natal time or place. Do be sure to label the identity of the chart as diurnal and the subject, for example in this instance diu ing (diurnal inaugural) 2021.  Compute and you now have in your hands the personal transits for that day including personal Midheaven and Ascendant. I may have raised a thousand questions, but cannot go down that rabbit hole at this moment. Trust me on this; it is as simple as it sounds.

Look at the angles in the diurnal. Are there planets on or close to the angles? Alternatively, are there natal planets or angles on the angles of the diurnal chart? In actuality the diurnal is the moving or activating part and the natal is the static part being acted upon. Transits activate natals. Activation by diurnal angles is your key. For example, someone might call me and say, “I’m pregnant, when will I deliver?” When the diurnal angles connect to planets close to the time of delivery, that is the best choice of date. Some people deliver early or late, etc., but that is another rabbit hole to investigate later. The diurnal chart literally lights up when happenings are imminent, some more than others, and diurnal angles are your pointer. 

For the first time in several elections that I have studied and predicted, that’s what did not happen when I ran Harris’ diurnal for inauguration. The closest diurnal activations to diurnal angles were quite wide and I only expect tight orbs to trigger. The closest natal planet to angle was Uranus, about three degrees from the diurnal Ascendant. The next closest angular involvement between the natal and diurnal angles was five degrees, wide for me. As I said, I do expect tighter triggers. I backed my head out of that box and asked for help. And then I saw it. 

Back in 2009 right after the inauguration of President Obama and VP Biden, I wrote a book called Presidents of Hope and Change, which was largely based on the chart of the U.S. Declaration of Independence (DI) and several presidents who stood out for their connections to that chart. After researching multiple “birth” charts that were thought to be “the one,” I had settled on 9:36 AM of July 4, 1776 at Philadelphia, PA. For rectification I used multiple dates that were important to the emerging nation plus the natal charts of the first ten presidents. The DI chart was tested against the enactment of the Constitution, first elections, initial meeting as Congress and oaths, George Washington’s oath of office, the Bill of Rights, the Supreme Court of the U.S., ratification initially by nine colonies (required to pass) and eventually all thirteen colonies. My chart of choice was Virgo rising – it has worked for all my research and is the basis for this work.

Goosebumps! Harris’ diurnal unexpectedly revealed the DI outer wheel amazingly closely! I was stunned. This was not a coincidence. I did it over again to be sure there was no mistake. It was accurate. Proof? How to back myself up with other charts?

I cast both the composite chart and the relationship chart for Biden and Harris. Briefly, the composite chart is a midpoint chart cast from the two natal charts in question. Each of the ten bodies are calculated exactly halfway between the two charts, and the Midheavens and Ascendants are calculated along with the house cusps. You can do it by hand as I learned and practiced before computers, but using a computer is far easier and accurate. Composites are a construct, not an actual chart that celestially occurred anywhere near the time in question. It was popular because it was more easily cast. However, it is a chart that implies that the two people involved will meet each other halfway on all questions and points. In our society, that is not remotely probable or possible. A composite is a chart of potential. (Important note: Be sure to keep the Sun, Mercury and Venus in close proximity to one another when you cast the composite chart because that is how it actually occurs in space.)

The most important question about relating is, “Is what you see, what you get?” Composites are the “what you see” part. In order to know the “what you get” part you also have to cast the relationship chart. Mathematically, it was very hard to do by hand and fraught with error, so few astrologers could or would do it. The relationship chart is also a midpoint chart but it is a very real chart that did actually occur sometime between the two dates of birth, times of birth and time standards, and location on the globe. For this example, Biden was born in 1942, Harris in 1964. Their midpoint date would be 1953 for a chart based in reality. Trust me, use your computer to do the math for a relationship chart. My choice is Ascendant-based if your program asks that question.

Now you have two charts, one of potential (composite) and one of reality or actuality (relationship). Sometimes they are nothing alike and so “what you see” is not “what you get.” Sometimes they are a matched pair and “what you see” is “what you get.”  Most are a mix of win some/lose some, close but not perfect. Now you get to make the choice of whether you are willing to play. Both charts work! Trust the relationship chart for your conclusion because it is based in reality and will actualize.

Both the Biden/Harris composite and relationship charts match quite well. What you can see in their relating is real and the promise has a chance of being fulfilled. There is always free will.  Here come more goosebumps parts… both of the Biden/Harris charts dovetail with the U.S. Declaration of Independence Virgo rising chart. I just sat and stared… and called my astrological friend and partner in several research projects, Debra Sheahan, and asked her to prove me right or wrong. And then I did all the work over again just to be sure. And here we are, the reason for this study.

A few rules will apply as we cast and compare these charts…

  1. I used tight orbs for this work, noted if an aspect was wide but possible, but tighter is better.
  2. I used major aspects because there is so much to compare and I chose to keep it tight.
  3. I make no judgment of good or bad about activations, instead seeking solid connections. You can take this research base deeper simply by delineating those connections. I had to minimize that because there was so much to read and understand.
  4. I tried to stay non-partisan. Of course I have opinions, but I tried to let the charts inform and lead me. This study was not about politics but about the astrology of the events. Tight orbs, basic astrology, minimum of judgment.

Kamala Devi Harris was born October 20, 1964 at 9:28 PM PDT at Kaiser Hospital in Oakland, CA to immigrant parents.  She is a U.S. citizen since she was born in U.S. ..

Briefly, but key, she has a…

  • 27:48 Libra Sun with a tight (9 minutes of arc) applying Full Moon in Aries 27:39.
  • Harris Ascendant is 24:25 Gemini with the North lunar Node at 24:31R, tight, mutually applying conjunction. Node on her Ascendant provides a karmic overtone.
  • Harris chart ruler Mercury 1:28 Scorpio tight, out of sign, separating conjunction to Sun. However, that Full Moon is applying to both Sun and Mercury so the whole complex becomes a strong applying aspect.
  • Additionally, Harris Ascendant is applying first to the trine of her Sun, then sextile to her Moon, will change signs, then trine Mercury, her chart ruler.  All personal parts of her birth makeup are working in cooperation with their influence in her future. (Note: Separating aspects talk about what you came in with intact in your makeup; applying aspects are about what you will develop as you learn and grow.)
  • Harris Midheaven 2:24 Pisces, with retrograde Saturn out of sign conjunct (4 degrees) from 28:28 Aquarius. Both Midheaven and Saturn are separating, so she came in with it embedded in her being.
  • Harris Midheaven co-rulers are Jupiter 24:00R Taurus and Neptune 16:50 Scorpio in wide opposition, but with Jupiter retrograde turning it into an applying aspect. Refranation (the failure of an aspect to complete) is possible because both are such slow moving planets. More study is required. Saturn and Jupiter are 4.5 degrees square with Jupiter separating and Saturn applying. A complex achievement pattern.

Harris to the Declaration of Independence chart

The DI chart I prefer has 11:46 Virgo rising and with 8:52 Gemini on the Midheaven conjunct Uranus at 8:54. Know that if astrology were in any way used by the Founding and Framing Fathers (several were Freemasons), Uranus was not visible to them in 1776, nor were Neptune or Pluto. These were non-visible undercurrents to celestial mechanics. Uranus was discovered March 13, 1781 in between the American and French revolutions. Amazing placement for the world’s emerging need for individual freedom! I went over this extensively in my 2009 book but can only highlight for this application.

Here came the shock with Harris’ diurnal for the 2021 inauguration, 10:04 Virgo rising with 7:18 Gemini on the Mid-heaven. I had to sit down hard and regroup. I was not expecting the Declaration of Independence to show up at that moment.

What about the combo, the pairing for President/Vise President?

Biden/Harris composite:
13:48 Virgo rising and 11:09 Gemini Mid-heaven. Sit down hard again.

Biden/Harris relationship chart:
15:50 Virgo and 13:19 Gemini.
Take a deep breath, call my astrology partner, Debra Sheahan.

Know there is a lot more to this besides the two angles, but for this writing they are paramount as they are what produced the goosebumps.

Most U.S. DI charts have similar placements of planets but the houses are very different. There are important DI aspects that affect our country and whomever we elect to lead us. From my previous research, all the presidents (45) are in some way connected to the DI chart, our Constitution chart and the Washington Oath of Office.

  • With what has been going on recently, our DI natal Mars/Neptune square is screamingly in full battle array. If it seems like a three-ring circus, that’s because it is.
  • Additionally, the continual power struggles in our country can be attributed to the DI opposition between Mercury of communication and Pluto of power and power struggles, exacerbated by the current transiting conjunction between the Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto stellium across that axis setting off the 244-year-old natal aspect. Transiting Pluto as part of that stellium is approaching its return to birth position, a once in 247-year aspect.  Harris’ natal Sun/Moon/Mercury are strongly connected to these DI placements.

What about the Biden/Harris composite and relationship charts?  Lots of stuff. Have tried to stay with the math and mechanics of what is going on, but I need to wax metaphysical and interpretive here.

  • Both Biden/Harris composite and relationship Uranus at 23:01 and 23:05R respectively (breakthroughs, futuristic) conjunct DI Mercury 24:20R (communication, language and decision making), all Cancer.
    Look again at the DI natal Mercury/Pluto opposition in Cancer /Capricorn as it is activated by the pending Pluto return. The Biden/Harris team brings Uranus to awaken, enlighten, shake up, change up – to bring us into a new paradigm.
  • Biden/Harris composite North lunar Node 27:20 Cancer conjuncts DI Mercury; their relationship North lunar Node 27:12R Capricorn conjuncts the DI Pluto. Their North/South Node placement is opposite between their composite and their relationship charts. Hmmm, more study needed.
    The South Node is what we have developed, learned and done enough of in the past creating habits and knee-jerk reactions. The North Node is what we came here to learn, develop and embody. The past (South Node) joins up with the future (North Node), which is a cosmic physical impossibility. But metaphorically, we have the opportunity to view the problem and work towards a solution. The past (SN) has something to teach us about how to develop our future (NN) overall relating issues. This is karma unfolding; again, a new paradigm. Are we surprised that the Biden/Harris composite node is conjunct their Uranus of the future and breakthroughs? This definitely needs more work. Anyone up for researching this conundrum?
  • Biden/Harris relationship chart has a Venus/Neptune/Moon conjunction in 22:00 to 27:08 Libra (stellium), joined by Saturn just into Scorpio 1:39, all within 9.5 degrees, squaring that DI Mercury/Pluto dilemma that we have lived under for 244 years. Time for a lesson to be learned.
    And the paradigm shift beat goes on… the manipulative power and communication affliction can be brought into clearer view by that four-planet relationship conjunction and examined through the Libra perspective: fair, balanced, strategic (the chess player), and with Saturn making it sustainable.
  • Their composite has a Venus/Neptune 23:13 to 24:10 in that same Libra position on the DI Mercury/Pluto opposition, challenging it (square).
    Venus/Neptune, the planets of love and spiritual love, uplifting, showing us spiral love instead of personal love, love that moves out from itself but continues to unfold spirally because it does not have to return to the sender, love for one another and for humanity, by healing and repairing our communication conundrum.

We are knee-deep in the DI natal dilemma because it is time to work on it. We as a country are approaching our Pluto return, a once in 247 year event. Our Founding Fathers gave us the best they could with what they understood so many years ago. They had to leave the working though and fine-tuning to their country’s descendants, including those parts they could not see, the positions of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and the undercurrents they represented as they surfaced (discovery) and became visible (conscious).

As an interesting aside, the Biden/Harris relationship chart has Pluto 24:54 Leo tightly opposing the DI Moon 23:37 Aquarius, typical of 1953 natal charts. That to me represents the polarization of the populace (Moon) that is so uncomfortable to witness and participate in – yet another power struggle.  None of us caused it, but it does exist and it is our generation’s job to repair it!

Let’s wrap this part up. We’ve examined Harris and the DI, and the Biden/Harris composite and relationship charts and connections. What about the Biden diurnal for the day of inauguration? How did his two previous oaths of office look for him as an individual? Since the inauguration is on January 20th, there will be repetitive Midheavens, Ascendants and house layouts between the three charts with their four-year patterns. The inaugural diurnal for a person is always dependent on their natal birth data. For example, my eldest daughter had problems with minor car accidents in early December several years in a row. We tried everything we knew astrologically and could not figure it out until we cast the diurnals. The diurnals are the answer to that old question of a repeating personal pattern. Attached are Biden’s 2009 and 2013 Vice Presidential diurnals so you can see them as a grouping, but I will focus on the 2021 inaugural to come. Remember, in 2009 and 2013 Biden did take the oath of office.

I mentioned that the inauguration is first of all an event chart. The pattern for that particular event chart in 2021 is not nice. There is a tight bundling of the planets with all of them contained within about 110 degrees of space with multiple squares. The Midheaven of this chart at 26:16 Capricorn is within one degree of the DI natal Pluto 27:33R Capricorn as well as one degree of the current position of returning Pluto 24:50 Capricorn on the day of the inauguration, and with the inauguration Moon at 29:03 Aries square that position. This is like an infection reaching its pinnacle or peak and something may pop! With the aspects in place between now and inauguration, there is trouble afoot. It doesn’t matter what party, what players, the circumstance or the triggers – there is trouble afoot! This chart is not about a party or a person, it is about the four-year unfoldment process of this birth pattern, the inauguration and four-year term of a head of state and successor.

Biden’s previous inauguration diurnals are the best illustration of a diurnal as described in this material.  Look at the Ascendant. Remember I said that the diurnal will light up when it is time. With a similar (not same) diurnal twice before (2009 and 2013), he was inaugurated. I do not know how he could not be inaugurated with the 2021 chart. I do believe the Biden/Harris ticket will win.

Why doesn’t the Harris chart more closely fit my technique of diurnal planets on diurnal angles? She does have natal planets to diurnal angles, natal Uranus 13:15 Virgo to diurnal inauguration Ascendant 10:04 Virgo, but 3˚ is not as tight as I expected. Upon reflection, I think it is because she has a different job to do. From what I have presented and the plethora of other aspects and notes I can see but did not write about, Harris represents the Declaration of Independence upon which our country was founded. She also has strong ties to the effective moment of the U.S. Constitution itself, March 4, 1789 at noon LMT, New York City, NY, the home of the fledgling government at that time.

  • Constitution Midheaven 11:25 Pisces, with Saturn 13:39 and the Sun 14:36 close by.
  • Constitution Mercury 22:27R Pisces tightly opposed DI Neptune 22:25 Virgo, 2 minutes of arc.
  • Constitution Ascendant 4:20 Cancer conjunct DI Jupiter 5:52 and Venus 2:43 Cancer.
  • Constitution Venus 22:08 Aquarius conjunct DI Moon 22:37 Aquarius. 

Please know that there is far more than I can list here.

It is all interconnected. There are no mistakes. There is purpose and an unfoldment that is taking place in the right order and at the right time. It is hard to trust under these conditions, but that is what is required of us: a positive attitude, a willingness to exercise not only our right to vote but our responsibility to our country by voting, and the rest is trust in the universe and the natural unfolding of a process.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.