The 2021 U.S. Inauguration, Part 2

Democratic and Republican official nominations

by Marilyn J. Muir, LPMAFA

A word of caution – this is an in-depth technical analysis of our upcoming 2021 inauguration. An advanced technical knowledge is not only necessary but required for this work to be understood. Countless hours went into the research to generate this material, and I am very happy to share so the knowledge might be furthered.

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I had barely recovered from the revelations I experienced in part 1 of this study of the upcoming 2021 U.S. presidential inauguration and was still trying to get my head around what I had just learned.

The Democratic Presidential Convention was broadcast for the four evenings of August 17-20, 2020. Very different from previous conventions, the pandemic made it all virtual for the first time. Unusual, learning new perspectives and methods, interesting, mostly well done, occasional trip up. Loved the broad scope of the convention and the platform focused on people. I listened every evening to be educated. On August 19th I got another dose of goosebumps that showed me how the astrology charts described the pattern and purpose being revealed.

On August 19 towards the end of the evening, Kamala Harris accepted the Democratic nomination for Vice President of the U.S. As an astrologer, I dutifully noted the time so I could erect the chart. When it came time to do so I went out on several news sources to confirm the time and found several differing reports, all within a very few minutes of one another. I do believe I was listening to a live broadcast so I have decided that I trust my own time of 10:49 PM EDT in Wilmington, DE, near Joe Biden’s home. The chart gave me goosebumps for a different reason this time.

Harris’ acceptance of Democratic nomination for Vice President

We have to go back before we can go forward. In part 1 of this report, I showed my chart of choice to be the Declaration of Independence (DI) July 4, 1776, 9:36 AM LMT, Philadelphia, 11:46 Virgo rising. I mentioned subsequent events in the forming of the government that became what we know as the USA such as the institution of the Constitutional government of the U.S. and the oaths of office taken by those who were able to attend. That date was March 4, 1789 in New York City at noon LMT. Transportation and communication were very difficult in the 1700s, so the newly elected President was not present and his actual Oath of Office occurred six weeks later on April 30, 1789 at 1:48:30 PM LMT, also New York City. 

What does Harris’ acceptance chart tell us?

  • Look at that – Uranus 10:41R Taurus rising on the Ascendant 11:02 Taurus.  If the chart were set for one minute earlier on the clock, the conjunction would be exact. Hmmm. As a country formed from revolution and dedicated to the principles of personal, individual freedom for all, this conjunction should not be a surprise. 
  • Harris’ acceptance Midheaven 23:44 Capricorn, opposed DI Mercury 24:20R Cancer setting off our DI Mercury opposition Pluto reinforced by the current Capricorn stellium at the Midheaven and the pending Pluto return: Jupiter 18:18R, Pluto 22:57R and Saturn 26:35R, with Saturn the ruler of Harris’ acceptance Midheaven receiving application from the faster-moving Midheaven.

Before I go any further, remember this chart is based on a single moment of a four-day convention presentation for the Democratic Party. Each day’s charts will be similar but slowly progressive with only the Moon traveling about half a sign a day for those four days.

What else does Harris’ acceptance show?

  • Harris’ Acc Moon at 11:16 Virgo conjunct DI Ascendant 11:46 Virgo. The DI Ascendant represents the face of our nation, how we present ourselves to the world.
  • Harris’ Acc Mars at 25:11 Aries squares acceptance Capricorn stellium and powerful DI natal Mercury 24:20R Cancer opposition Pluto 27:33R Capricorn. While the Harris Acc Mars is dignified by sign (strong) it is intercepted and in the twelfth house, for a double dose of weakness.
  • Harris’ Acc Venus 12:00 Cancer is conjunct DI Sun 13:01 Cancer. Convention Venus on the DI Sun is probably the reason for the warm almost folksy feeling of the four-days of the Democratic convention, with people and relationships emphasized. In this acceptance chart, Venus is very distant from the out of sign conjunction to Sun/Mercury, indicating that keeping it warm and folksy could take a lot of effort.
  • Harris’ Acc Neptune 20:09R Pisces is opposite DI Neptune 22:25 Virgo (See my Quadrature of Neptune article in the AFA Today’s Astrologer September 2020) which is in the first house of the DI chart. Neptune in this context could denote “the soul of the nation,” which I did refer to in my 2009 book. Sound like anything you have heard lately?

Despite all this unfolding good stuff, I need to give you additional old information in order to lead you to the next goosebump moment. I mentioned that the starting of the Constitution itself and the swearing in of the delegates was Mar 4, 1789 in NYC. George Washington was in Virginia, with a long horse ride ahead of him, and was delayed by multiple celebrations as he passed through towns. He arrived in NYC April 30th and was promptly sworn in.  Note connections between DI and Constitution charts:

  • In part one I noted that the Constitution chart had 11:25 Pisces on the Mid-heaven with Moon 11:28 Gemini squaring/opposing the DI Ascendant at 11:46 Virgo. That Constitution chart Mid-heaven was conjoined by Saturn 13:39, Sun 14:36 and Mercury 22:27R for a powerful Pisces stellium.
  • Also, the Constitution Ascendant 4:20 Cancer is conjunct DI Jupiter 5:52 and Venus 2:43 Cancer.
  • Constitution Mercury 22:27R Pisces tightly opposed DI Neptune 22:25 Virgo, 2 minutes of arc!
  • Constitution Venus 22:08 Aquarius (in stellium: Pluto 18:03 and Mars 29:07) conjunct DI Moon 22:37.

Showing multiple ties between the DI and the Constitution charts is important for our comprehension of such connectedness, but I must leave delineation for separate articles. Note that many connections are hard aspects, not because they cause problems, but because hard aspects (conjunctions, squares, oppositions) make things happen. Soft aspects (sextiles, trines) tend to “grease the wheels.” The same would be true of the connections of the candidates, their acceptance and potential inauguration.

The Constitution is awesomely connected to the DI on multiple levels. Wait until you see the connections with George Washington’s Oath of Office:

  • Oath Midheaven 8:01 Gemini directly conjunct DI MC 8:52 and Uranus 8:54 Gemini.
  • Oath Ascendant 11:11 Virgo conjunct DI Ascendant 11:46 Virgo.
  • Oath Moon 16:45 Cancer conjunct DI Sun 13:01 Cancer, both square Oath Mars 13:34 Aries.
  • Oath Saturn 20:04 Pisces opposes DI Neptune 22:25 Virgo.
  • Oath Jupiter 22:56 Cancer conjuncts DI Mercury 24:20R Cancer.
  • Ready? Oath Sun 10:46 Taurus is conjuncted by Harris’ acceptance Uranus 10:41R and Ascendant 11:02 Taurus. Goosebumps!

Again, my purpose is to show the connectedness, delineation will have to be left for another time. There is always more to be seen, but by now I should have illustrated enough! I love this stuff!

Harris is a vice presidential candidate, half of a ticket headed by presidential candidate Joseph Biden, former Vice President of the USA during President Barack Obama’s presidency. What does the Biden natal chart reveal? Biden was born Nov 20, 1942, 8:30 AM EWT, Scranton, PA. His natal was one of the examples for Presidents of Hope and Change where I was able to give more detail.


  • Biden’s Mercury/Sun/Venus Scorpio stellium 21:32 to 28:33 in the twelfth house bestows great self reliance, providing his own value and judgment for his successes and failures (we all have both of those). Scorpio is known for depth, rarely superficial, can be relentless when motivated.  The group is trine Jupiter 25:08R Cancer. Several stellium pairings are separating, indicating an inborn character dynamic. Mars 12:35 Scorpio is also in the stellium but distant from the main group.
  • Biden’s Sun/Venus conjunction is out of sign opposition Uranus 2:46R Gemini. This could stir up the steady fixed energy (six planets) with forward-thinking ideas, activities and breakthroughs. 
  • Biden’s Ascendant 3:11 Sagittarius adds global perspective and a philosophical, broader outlook. Sagittarius also causes the blurting out of thoughts at times, not always well-thought through.
  • Biden’s wide Saturn/Uranus 2:46R and 9:57R Gemini conjunction on the Descendent illustrate difficult situations in partnerships such as early loss of his wife and child and the responsibilities that engendered.

What about the Biden connection to the DI chart? 

  • Biden’s Scorpio stellium is trine and sextile DI Mercury/Pluto opposition in Cancer/Capricorn, and square DI Moon 22:37 Aquarius. Biden’s Jupiter is conjunct DI Mercury.
  • Biden’s Midheaven 19:54 Virgo is conjunct DI Neptune 22:25 Virgo.
  • Biden’s Saturn 9:57R Gemini is conjunct DI Midheaven/Uranus 8:52-54.
  • Biden’s Pluto 7:14R Leo is conjunct DI North lunar node 6:35 (karmic overtone).
  • Biden’s Neptune 1:31 Libra is square DI Venus 2:43 Cancer plus wider to DI Jupiter 5:52 Cancer.

What about the Biden connection to the Constitution chart?

  • Biden’s Scorpio stellium is in a grand trine to Constitution Saturn/Sun/Mercury 13:39 to 22:27R Pisces and Jupiter 19:57R Cancer.
  • Biden’s Scorpio stellium is square Constitution Pluto/Venus/Mars Aquarius stellium 18:03 to 29:07.
  • Biden’s Saturn 9:57R Gemini is conjunct Constitution Moon 11:28.
  • Biden’s Neptune 1:31 Libra trine/sextile Constitution Lunar node axis 1:47 Gemini/Sagittarius, karmic implication.

What about the Biden connections to George Washington’s Oath?

  • Biden’s Scorpio stellium is in a grand trine with Oath Jupiter/Moon 16:45-22:56 Cancer and Saturn 20:04 Pisces.
  • Biden’s Mars 12:35 Scorpio is opposed Oath Sun 10:46 Taurus.
  • Biden IC 19:54 Pisces conjunct Oath Saturn 20:04.

Connections between U.S. charts and those who hold executive office are quite dramatic, some positive some negative, a healthy mix to keep our country vibrant and progressive.

Biden’s acceptance of Democratic nomination for President

Biden acceptance occurred August 20,2020 at 10:50 PM EDT, Wilmington, DE. Again, multiple news sources did not agree on the time. This was my personal time recorded at that moment. The layout for the Harris and Biden charts one day apart and time are so similar I see no point in going over it again. Not less important, just no need to repeat. Briefly, what is specific?

  • Biden’s Acc Midheaven 24:54 Capricorn is applying tighter to Midheaven ruler Saturn 26:31R (his role as President would be primary, so tighter makes sense).
  • Biden’s Acc Moon 26:02 Virgo is widely separating from opposition to Biden’s Acc Neptune 20:08R Pisces and three+ degrees past conjunction to DI natal Neptune 22:25 Virgo.
  • Biden’s Acc Moon also trines the Midheaven Capricorn stellium, tightly applying to Midheaven ruler Saturn, a trine, a positive influence.
  • Biden’s Acc Ascendant 12:47 Taurus is still conjunct Uranus 10:41R Taurus, but separating from the radical energy of Uranus, developing stability of Taurus energy, more moderate than radical.
  • Biden’s Acc Venus 13:00 Cancer is directly conjunct the DI Sun 13:01. Perfect/partile!
  • Biden’s Acc Mars 25:27 Aries is still in dignity but intercepted in the twelfth house, as shown in Harris’ Acceptance, and this restricts the Mars flow.

Any more would be repetitive of what we have already examined in the Harris acceptance. The potential for Biden’s 2021 inauguration was covered in Part 1.

Republican Convention one week later

The Republican Convention was scheduled for August 24-27, 2020 and officially based in Charlotte, NC. The Republican Candidates were Donald J. Trump for President and Michael R. Pence for Vice President. On the first day of the convention, the only official business conducted was the party nomination of President Trump and Vice President Pence to a second term by the 336 invited delegates (six from each state) who were present to vote. State selected delegates had about one minute of voice time to cast their state’s total votes. The nomination was official as of 1:50 PM EDT. It was announced that Pence would accept his party’s nomination for Vice President on Wednesday evening, August 26, and President Trump would accept his nomination Thursday evening, August 27, at the White House in Washington, DC. The official part of the convention was then adjourned until the evening speakers, some of which were live and some were recorded, most of which were based out of Washington, D.C. If you view the videos, you can see similar backgrounds for multiple speakers.

Remember the general pattern we have been reading will continue because there is only one week between the two conventions, plus both parties’ acceptances came late in the evening. In general, the house cusps will have moved forward by about a degree a day and the faster moving bodies by their individual motion, perhaps a few degrees. Only the Moon travels faster in one day, twelve to fifteen degrees, or about half a sign. There will be much similarity for both sets of charts, with time of day itself controlling any differences. I will read these two in the same order as I did the Democratic, VP candidate first, Presidential candidate last because that’s how the nominations were actually accepted.

Vice President Michael R. Pence

As I mentioned in part 1, I found a birth date and place for Vice President Mike Pence, but no time of birth. I did have one astrologer’s guess in my file, but that was not reliable. Having said that, Pence did take his 2017 oath of office close to the same time President Trump took his. Noon is the passing of power from one President to the other and has been reliable in my ongoing research. If the Republican team does win this election, VP Pence will swear his oath just before President Trump, so a similar set of values will emerge. Because of the lack of birth time, I cannot personalize those events for VP Pence to obtain diurnal charts with Midheaven and Ascendant and an accurate Moon.

To complete your file, VP Michael Pence was born June 7, 1959 in Columbus, IN, time unknown. I cast this natal chart as noonmark because that gives the midway position of all the planets in any 24-hour day, halving potential error. The anomaly is the Moon, which travels twelve to fifteen degrees in any 24-hour period. Noonmark will halve that potential error to 6 to 7.5 degrees. For our purposes, the bodies will be reasonably close to accurate with the possible exception of the Moon. Again, there is no reliable Midheaven or Ascendant (or any house cusps), reducing our reading options. I will ignore Midheaven, Ascendant and Moon for the Pence noonmark chart. A quick thumbnail sketch of VP Pence follows.

  • The Pence noonmark natal reflects a Gemini stellium Sun/Mercury/Moon 16:12 to 29:38. Immediate warning, Moon is completely dependent on birth time for sign: Gemini or Cancer. Moon will change signs into Cancer in less than an hour of clock time on the day of birth.
    Pence’s family seems to be primary in his life, so I would estimate that the Moon did move into Cancer. If so, the Gemini stellium would cease to exist, losing the power of the stellium for both Sun and Mercury. Remember that Gemini offers multiplicity to its placements and not just duality. As a Gemini rising myself, I can be multiple people and all of them are real.
  • If Pence’s Moon changes into Cancer, it will more strongly pick up the existing opposition to Saturn 5:05R Capricorn, which would be quite inhibiting for the usual spontaneity of Gemini.
  • Pence’s Gemini stellium is sextile by sign to Pence’s Leo stellium of Venus/Mars/Uranus 00:48 to 13:14. If his birth time had been just after midnight on the day of birth he would still have Venus in early Leo. The closest actual sextile aspect is between the Sun and Uranus, adding a forward-seeking message to his Gemini Sun.
  • Pence’s Venus/Mars conjunction 00:48-3:57 Leo is a powerful indicator that he acts quickly and in unison on what he desires. That duo is square his Neptune 04:34R Scorpio, so there is a good possibility that this is not always clear to others.

Our main interest is in his connectedness to the USA charts: DI, Constitution, Washington Oath.

Pence noonmark natal to DI.

  • Pence’s Mercury 21:46 in Gemini stellium with Sun 16:12 and Moon 29:38 conjuncts DI Mars 21:10 Gemini and square DI Neptune 22:25 Virgo (the active DI three-ring circus previously mentioned).
  • Pence’s Venus 00:48 is conjunct Mars 3:57 Leo and conjuncts DI North lunar Node 6:35 Leo, though Venus is quite wide; all square Pence’s Neptune 4:34R Scorpio, karmic overtones.
  • Pence’s North Node 10:47 Libra is square DI Sun 13:01 Cancer, karmic overtones.
  • Pence’s Jupiter 24:42R Scorpio is square DI Moon 22:37 Aquarius.
  • Pence’s Saturn 5:05R Capricorn is opposed DI Jupiter 5:52 Cancer and wider Venus 2:43 Cancer.

Pence noonmark natal to Constitution

  • Pence’s Gemini stellium is conjunct Constitution Moon 11:28 but too wide to Constitution South lunar Node 1:47 and squares Constitution Pisces stellium. Pence’s Gemini stellium also trines Constitution Neptune 22:53R Libra.
  • Pence’s Leo stellium is conjunct Constitution Uranus 1:15R Leo.
  • Pence’s Uranus 13:14 Leo is widely opposed Constitution Pluto 18:03 Aquarius, which is part of the Constitution Aquarius stellium 18:03 to 29:07.
  • Pence’s Pluto 1:49 Virgo squares Constitution lunar Nodes 1:47 Sagittarius/Gemini, karmic overtone.

Pence noonmark natal to George Washington’s Oath of Office

  • Pence’s Mercury 21:46 Gemini is square Oath Saturn 20:04 Pisces, but grand trine Oath Pluto 19:07 Aquarius and Oath Neptune 21:25R Libra; Pence’s Mercury is sextile Oath Mercury 24:53 Aries.
  • Pence’s Venus/Mars conjunction 00:48 to 03:57 Leo is conjunct Oath Uranus 01:00 Leo.
  • Pence’s Pluto 01:49 Virgo is trine Oath Venus 2:37 Taurus.
  • Pence’s Neptune 4:34R Scorpio is opposed Oath Venus 02:37 Taurus.
  • Pence’s Jupiter 24:42R Scorpio is widely conjunct Oath North Node 28:34 Scorpio.
  • Pence’s North lunar Node 10:47 Libra is opposed Oath Mars 13:34 Aries, karmic overtones.

To repeat, without Pence’s birth time I cannot erect diurnals for personal events. I can use several planetary positions from event charts. No Ascendant or Midheaven, can’t trust the Moon, but the other nine bodies and Lunar Node are reasonably accurate. Applying and separating will be tricky. I must reverse delineate this section: inaugural position to Pence noonmark natal.

I have listened to all the presentations from both parties in an attempt to be as informed and as non-partisan as possible, preferring the charts and inherent energy to inform me. I timed Pence’s acceptance of the Republican VP nomination myself as 10:38 PM EDT, Fort McHenry in Baltimore, MD. It will be similar to the energies given in the Biden and Harris acceptances with only one week between them, and even more similar on the Ascendant degrees with the Republican acceptances done about ten minutes earlier in the evening.

  • The major DI Mercury/Pluto activation from the transiting Capricorn stellium is in every chart, denoting power and manipulation of communication. Transiting Venus 19:09 Cancer and Mars 26:48 Aries turn the major activation into a 5-planet T-square.
  • Pence’s Acc Midheaven 26:39 Capricorn shows a mutually separating conjunction to Midheaven ruler Saturn 26:12R.
  • The current Neptune activation to the DI Mars/Neptune square is in every acceptance chart, again emphasizing the DI three ring circus. Of special interest to me is the complex of Pence’s acceptance Mercury 13:21 Virgo conjunct DI Ascendant 11:46, opposing Acc Neptune 19:58R Pisces, square DI Mars 21:10 Gemini, and opposed DI Neptune 22:25 Virgo. Acc Neptune also squares Pence Sun 16:12 and Mercury 21:46 Gemini.
  • Pence’s Acc Ascendant is at 15:01 Taurus, wide and separating from Uranus 10:38R, and with the upheaval dynamic of Uranus giving way to the more stable Taurus energy as in the Harris and Biden acceptances and will be shown in the Trump acceptance as well. These placements square Pence’s natal Uranus 13:14 Leo.
  • Pence’s acceptance Moon 21:37 Sagittarius squares Acc Neptune and adds its flavor to the circus described in these acceptance charts. Mercury 13:21 Virgo is in very wide opposite Acc Neptune, but the grouping displays a T-square. The South lunar Node 26:48 Sagittarius adds a karmic overtone.

On January 20, 2021 the transiting Capricorn stellium will have broken up (thank God). Pluto is still in Capricorn, but Saturn and Jupiter have moved into Aquarius. The 2021 U.S. Presidential Inauguration event chart is used to look at Pence’s possible involvement.  Again, I will have to delineate event to Pence and not use Pence’s noonmark Ascendant, Midheaven or Moon.

The 2021 presidential inauguration chant reveals all planets in 110˚ of space with multiple squares and an Aquarius stellium, a very difficult chart for that moment and the next four years regardless of who sits in the presidential chair.

  • 2021 Aquarius stellium hosts Sun/Saturn/Jupiter 00:52 to 07:23, with Mercury too wide at 18:52, square Mars/Uranus in Taurus 6:40-44 Taurus, plus conjunct out of sign event Moon at the end of Aries. This squares Pence’s Venus/Mars in his Leo stellium 00:48 to 03:57, with Uranus at 13:14 Leo.
  • 2021 Mars/Uranus conjunction opposes Pence’s Neptune 4:34R Scorpio but trines his Saturn 05:05R Capricorn.
  • 2021 Venus 15:07 Capricorn widely squares Pence nodal axis 10:47 Libra/Aries, karmic.
  • 2021 Neptune 18:56 Pisces squares Pence’s Sun/Mercury, 16:12 to 21:46 Gemini.
  • 2021 Pluto 24:50 Capricorn sextiles Pence’s Jupiter 24:42R Scorpio.

In retrospect, we can use the U.S. 2017 Inauguration chart to see the triggers to Pence’s noonmark natal. This was a successful inauguration chart.

  • 2017 ing Sun 50:00 Aquarius opposes Pence Venus 00:48 and Mars 03:57 Leo, and squares Neptune 04:34R Scorpio.
  • 2017 ing Mercury 06:46 Capricorn sextiles Pence Neptune and conjuncts Pence Saturn 05:05R Capricorn. IF Pence’s Moon is actually in early Cancer, opposition to Saturn might be added.
  • 2017 ing Ven 17:44 Pisces squares Pence Mercury 21:46 and Sun 16:12 Gemini.
  • 2017 ing Mars 24:22 Pisces trines Pence Jupiter 24:42R Scorpio.
  • 2017 ing Jupiter 22:43 Libra trines Pence Mercury 21:46 Gemini.
  • 2017 ing Saturn 23:31 Sagittarius opposes Pence Mercury.
  • 2017 ing Uranus 20:46 Aries sextiles Pence Mercury 21:46 Gemini.
  • 2017 ing South Node 03:56 Pisces trines Pence Neptune 4:34R Scorpio.

Donald J. Trump natal

The common chart used for Trump’s birth is June 14, 1946, 10:54 AM EDT, Jamaica, NY. This natal chart is not the only choice we have, but is most common and does seem to fit his persona. Briefly:

  • The dominant aspect is Mars 26:47 Leo conjunct Ascendant 29:58 Leo, with the Ascendant itself conjunct fixed star Regulus, a position for royalty or sovereignty, a larger than life placement. This squares his Midheaven 24:22 Taurus and fourth house cusp 24:22 Scorpio, thereby affecting his career or stature in life and his physical base of operation, his home or homes, perhaps even large homes sometimes described as hotels.
  • His Midheaven 24:22 Taurus is conjunct fixed star Caput Algol, another ancient marker for fame or notoriety. The two fixed stars are square one another and are often prominent in charts of those in power or royalty. The square between the two can be a source of conflict in a chart.
  • The five-degree Sun/North lunar Node/Uranus conjunction 17:54 to 22:56 Gemini in his tenth house, opposed by the South lunar Node and Full Moon applying 20:48 to 21:12 Sagittarius, with Sun as chart ruler and 26:47 Leo Mars as chart co-ruler.
    That combination can be bombastic, larger than life, unpredictable, and does grab headlines and the Leo/Mars Ascendant combination would seem to fit his physical appearance.
  • Neptune 5:51R Libra and Jupiter 17:27R Libra in his second house can both illustrate large sums of money, confusion or delusion about money, with retrogrades implying repeating patterns or old patterns to be revisited. 

I mentioned that each of the 45 U.S. Presidents connect to the DI natal chart in multiple yet varying ways, several of which were more fully described in Presidents of Hope and Change.

  • Trump’s Gemini grouping listed above conjuncts DI Mars 21:10 Gemini and squares DI Neptune 22:25 Virgo and Trump’s Moon/South lunar Node joins them in opposition.
    I described the DI Mars square Neptune as a three-ring circus in part 1.
  • Trump’s Mercury 8:52 Cancer is conjunct DI Jupiter 5:52 Cancer and wider to DI Venus 2:43; all are squared by Trump’s Neptune 5:51R Libra exact for DI Jupiter. 
  • Trump’s Saturn/Venus conjunction 23:49 to 25:44 Cancer sits directly on DI Mercury 24:20R Cancer and opposed DI Pluto 27:33R Capricorn, which is tremendously active at this time due to the transiting Capricorn stellium.
  • Trump’s Jupiter 17:27R Libra is a very wide square to that dilemma or alternatively, his Jupiter more closely squares DI Sun 13:01 Cancer, applying because Jupiter is retrograde and the DI Sun is a static point.

Trump connections to Washington’s Oath of Office continues the DI Mercury/Pluto opposition illustrated above, adding the square of Oath Mercury 24:53 Aries.

  • Trump’s Libra Jupiter 17:27R is square Oath Moon 16:45 Cancer.
  • Trump’s Sun/Moon/Uranus complex listed above squares Oath Saturn 20:04 Pisces.
  • Trump’s Saturn 23:49 Cancer is conjunct Oath’s Jupiter 22:56 Cancer.

There is always more to see, but those seem to be the highlights that show Trump’s solid connection to the DI, the Constitution and George Washington’s Oath of Office as observed in other U.S. presidencies.

Trump Accepts Republican nomination for President

According to my log, President Trump accepted his party’s nomination August 27, 2020, 10:29 PM EDT, at the White House in Washington, DC.

  • As is true of the other three nominees, this chart features the Capricorn retrograde stellium that is triggering the DI Mercury/Pluto opposition.
  • Acceptance Venus 20:11 Cancer is opposing the acceptance Capricorn stellium as in all acceptance charts. Venus is conjunct the DI Mercury position with acceptance Mars 26:59 Aries squaring the stellium and DI Pluto.
  • Taurus is rising 12:25 with Uranus conjunct at 10:38R.
  • Neptune 19:57R Pisces is triggering the DI Mars/Neptune square and is opposed by acceptance Mercury 15:09 Virgo.
  • Acceptance Moon 4:55 Capricorn is opposed DI Jupiter 5:52 Cancer and just past the square to DI Venus 2:43.
  • Acceptance Sun is 5:15 Virgo squaring DI Midheaven/Uranus 8:52-54 Gemini.

Trump’s 2017 Inauguration

We have the advantage of knowing what a successful inauguration looks like for President Trump:

  • Trump 2017 inauguration illustrates the importance of diurnal angles. Even though there is a five degree (wide) conjunction between the 2017 Inauguration Mars and Ascendant (Mars 24:18 and Ascendant 29:47 Pisces), Trump’s natal Mars 26:47 conjunct Ascendant 29:58 Leo shows that this is a repeat pattern, causing a mirroring or resonance between his natal chart and this inauguration. His natal pattern set up resonance for this 2017 inauguration.
  • Trump 2017 Inauguration Pisces stellium (traditional: planets only) 10:16 to 24:18 stands out. The South lunar Node 3:56R and Ascendant 29:47 are also in Pisces. Even though wide, a stellium acts like a massive conjunction. The stellium and its power is in the inaugural twelfth house, so behind the scenes or secretive activities are prevalent. This stellium includes the chart co-ruler Neptune and is trine the inaugural Moon, popularity or acceptance by the public.
  • Inaugural Jupiter 22:42 Libra triggers the DI Mercury/Pluto opposition as does inaugural Uranus 20:46 Aries, intercepted in the first house, since inaugural Jupiter/Uranus are in opposition.
  • Look at the degrees of the first house: 29:47 Pisces changes to Aries in about one minute on that day’s clock. If the time is accurate and we are assuming that it is at this point, what is visible (on the cusp) is not going to hold valid in continuing experience. Pisces is visible at that moment but Aries is about to take over in one more minute on the day’s clock. Aries rising is far more dynamic than Pisces rising. Having said that, Mars is still part of the twelfth house grouping so the combination indicates more of a “now you see it, now you don’t” expression.
  • Losing that visible interception releases Uranus 20:46 Aries in all its revolutionary glory in just one minute on the day’s clock. There has been a lot of turmoil in the last four years. 
  • How about the inaugural Jupiter/Uranus opposition squared by Pluto 17:37 Capricorn present in this inaugural, also activating the DI Mercury/Pluto opposition on the Mercury end of the problem?
  • Inaugural Mercury 6:40 Capricorn opposes DI Jupiter 5:52 Cancer and wider DI Venus 2:43.
  • Inaugural Saturn 23:30 Sagittarius squares inaugural Mars 24:18 Pisces and opposes DI Mars 21:10 Gemini and squares DI Neptune 22:25 Virgo, think circus.

Can you see how many ways the universe was telling us it was time to confront and resolve that DI Mercury/Pluto dilemma? The energy certainly made it visible! Also very active is our DI Mars/Neptune square. The universe has all the time in the world to create all the experience we need to confront and resolve our issues, personal or political. All our celestial patterns are circular. What goes around, comes around, and is also known as repetition. What we don’t learn we get to repeat and it does not matter who sits in the chair as president!

2021 potential Inauguration for Trump

We can compare the 2017 and the 2021 Trump charts. Notice the Midheaven, Ascendant and house cusps closely repeating as previously illustrated (controlled by time of birth); but also notice in 2021 the lack of planets, diurnal or natal, on the angles.

  • Chart co-ruler 2021 inaugural Neptune 18:56 Pisces does again rule the 2021 chart but eleven degrees from a conjunction to the Ascendant is too wide to be effective, hidden in the twelfth house and squared by the karmic lunar nodes. Karma may get uncomfortable in January 2021.
  • 2021 inaugural Neptune along with the lunar nodal axis 19:04 Gemini/Sagittarius triggers the DI Mars/Neptune square. Still going to school, so to speak.
  • The other co-ruler Jupiter 7:22 Aquarius is in the middle of the eleventh house, conjunct/opposed the DI lunar Nodes 6:35 Leo/Aquarius, another karmic indicator.
  • 2021 inaugural Moon is 28 degrees (almost one full sign) into the first house and intercepted. Keep an eye on that Moon for it is about to activate the Mars/Uranus close conjunction squaring the Sun/Saturn/Jupiter stellium (Mercury is too wide). I doubt if this period of time will be placid with Mars conjunct Uranus.
  • Inaugural Mars 6:37 tightly conjunct Uranus 6:44 Taurus, square Saturn 3:55 which is conjunct Jupiter 7:22 and Sun 00:46 all Aquarius (4 planet stellium also includes Mercury 18:46) triggers DI North lunar Node 6:35 Leo by square and opposition, more karmic overtones.
    My personal description for overtones of karma is “what goes around, comes around.”

I cannot cast Pence’s diurnal for inauguration day without his birthtime.  I do not believe President Trump can be inaugurated with this diurnal chart, but it is important to note that the diurnal chart would still be his personal transit chart for the day and the indications would still be valid.

In Conclusion…

After heavy day(s) of researching and aspecting, I was very tired but couldn’t fall asleep. Apparently, I had overlooked the obvious and I was given a wake-up call while I was trying to go to sleep. We have four presidential inaugurations, three of which apply directly to Biden, two vice presidential: (2009, 2013), one where he wasn’t a candidate so had not been cast (2017), and then this 2021 upcoming inauguration. I had illustrated three of them earlier but had ignored the 2017 as he was not a participant. What do the four of them illustrate as a diurnal grouping? Sometimes what you leave out teaches you more than what you insist on putting in. Three charts (2009, 2013 and 2021) were provided in part 1 and the 2017 diurnal is provided here. Lay them out side by side and see for yourselves! 

  • 2009 Biden inaugural lights up like Christmas tree. 
  • 2013 Biden inaugural lights up like Christmas tree.
  • 2017 Biden inaugural day quite placid, with only Sun on the Ascendant angle because his birth time will always put that degree of the zodiac rising for any year. Can’t make him president without help from the rest of the cosmic pattern. 
  • 2021 Biden inaugural lights up like Christmas tree.

In my estimation it is the Biden/Harris ticket that will be inaugurated on 2021, confirmed and reconfirmed. I do see trouble afoot. This will not go down quietly or comfortably.

Stay awake!

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