Marilyn was born and raised in upstate New York and she has lived in Florida for over 50 years. With 50 years in the business world in a variety of roles, first as a secretary working her way through the ranks to business manager for an international sports magazine. As an ordained minister, she founded a metaphysical church and school and taught in South Florida for many years. Marilyn started studying metaphysics in 1970 and astrology in 1973 and began teaching in 1975. She holds professional status with the American Federation of Astrologers, Inc. and is a lifetime member of the group (PMAFA). Her AFA monthly column is titled: Revisiting History. Over the years she has taught locally and nationally, had a live astrological television show and was a radio and magazine columnist. After semi-retiring, she hosted workshops and private classes for national and international students. Marilyn retired to research and write. Ten books are completed, with several others in varying stages of completion, plus multiple research projects underway with the intent of publishing. One is a second, larger book on all the presidents, another a serial killer study, and third a soup cookbook (she makes great soup). Can you tell she is eclectic in her interests?

Marilyn describes herself: Who am I? I am a seeker, innately curious. I don’t like superficial. I want deep and accurate. I want to know who mankind is, how we got to here, and what makes up our mental, spiritual, philosophical and evolutionary being-ness. I recognize each individual’s connection to the universe and consciously pursue my growth in that connection. I believe we are in the throes of birthing a new age, one of knowledge and understanding and not just blind belief. I volunteered to be here at this time to help the process. I am a child of the universe, interested in the universal and want to grow into a worthy contribution to this universe. My greatest interest is the evolution of humanity so I study philosophy and my fellow man. I honor the past, live the present, and face the future. Life does not run backward, it runs forward, so forward we each must go. I have been a child, sister, wife, parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, friend, student, teacher, business person, all the ordinary things of life. I have four grown children, multiple grandchildren and a dozen great-grandchildren, and on the way my first great-great grandchild. My brother and his wife are two of my best friends. I have been blessed with many genuine friendships.

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