The Books. . .

As with the other material on this site, Marilyn is freely sharing these books which are the product of her many years of study and experience.  We would ask that you only download for your personal use and refer as many others to the site as you wish so they can do the same.

Similar to the shorter works, astrology is the main subject matter, but you’ll see that we’ll also feature other topics – please explore!

The Trilogy

These three books are for beginners or anyone who would like to strengthen their foundations in the subjects. As a bonus, a teaching guide is also included.

An in-depth study of coma, including the cascading events leading up to it and the eventual deaths.

  • Examples of mind-bending retrocausality (per Wikipedia: Retrocausality, or backwards causation, is a concept of cause and effect in which an effect precedes its cause in time and so a later event affects an earlier one)
  • Level: Advanced

  • A study of the planets – in signs, in houses, in aspect. Chock full of information, and sure to be a much-used reference.
  • Level: Beginner
  • Pre-Requisite:  Astrology:  The Symbolic Language (above)
  • A fresh look at how to locate the family in your chart using the Derivative House System, plus examination of pre-conditioning that may influence the success of your relationships
  • Level:  Intermediate
  • Pre-Requisite:  Astrology:  The Symbolic Language (above)

  • An examination of the unconscious choices made astrologically – particularly valuable for the beginning student. A student can make conscious choices earlier in their development, plus know of those choices that had been made for them by the thousands of astrologers who preceded them. If the student is more advanced in study, the information in this book can point out those unconscious choices previously made, giving each the opportunity to make whatever changes seem fit or at least make conscious adjustments for such pre-conditioning.  Subjects include:
    • The history and lore of astrology
    • Types of astrologers and charts
    • Choices of systems and techniques (includes sidereal vs. tropical, heliocentric vs. geocentric, house systems and much more)
    • Methods, techniques and applications to further the student’s personal reading skills
  • Level:  Somewhere between Beginner and Intermediate (a bridge)
  • Pre-Requisite:  Astrology:  The Symbolic Language (above)
  • This is a comprehensive, how-to guide that you’ll want to keep on your bookshelf within easy reach. Topics include:
    • General reading instructions
    • New and full moons, eclipses and triggers
    • Primary, secondary and converse directions
    • Returns
    • Diurnals
    • Declinations and Latitudes
    • and much more!
  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Pre-Requisites: Astrology: The Symbolic Language (above) and the Summer of Aspects workbook (below)
  • Astrologers everywhere would just love to have a technique or tool that would unlock the timing of any chart and give pinpoint accuracy as to events in the life of any individual. People are continually looking for answers to the future such as the birth of a child, the opening of a business, etc. Depending upon how much time and effort you are willing to invest, such a tool has been (and is currently) available.
  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Pre-Requisites: Astrology: The Symbolic Language (above) and the Summer of Aspects workbook (below)
  • Why should we study metaphysics, astrology, reincarnation, karma and (in particular) karmic astrology? It is man’s continual search for meaning in his life that drives him from his purely mundane physical existence into increasing levels of subtlety and spiritual evolution. We will explore our growth patterns from the individual and collective karmic standpoints. Towards the end of the series we will turn inward using other methods, such as meditation, and other theories to deepen our understanding of the process. Why are we here?
  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Pre-Requisite: Astrology:  The Symbolic Language (above) and a firm grasp of chart delineation

Presidents of Hope and Change

Based on ground-breaking research, this book describes the remarkable similarities of these four presidents in their Aquarian connections to the USA and their commonalities of character and motivation in a non-technical way. The book details the synchronization of important events that took place during the lifetimes of presidents Jefferson, Lincoln, and Kennedy—all of whom held office at profound moments in our nation’s history. Together with Obama, they are the Presidents of Hope and Change.

Original Publication Date: July 8th, 2009.
ISBN: 978-0-9819870-0-2

The second edition of this book is now available for download. There is significant new material included for astrologers including more charts, spreadsheets, information about Presidents Trump and Biden, and discussion of research methods.


  • What does a hurricane look like astrologically? Includes a sampling of locational astrology.
  • Level: Advanced
  • Pre-Requisites: a good grasp of all of the basic principles including aspects, progressions, diurnals, etc.
  • An in-depth study of aspects presented in a series of four workshops
  1. Session 1 – Introduction to Aspects, Show and Tell, Applying and Separating, Phase Wheel, Rulerships
  2. Session 2 – Major Aspects (Five Ptolemaic), Minor Aspects / Harmonic Theory, Dispositors / Mutual Receptions, Wheeling the Houses
  3. Session 3 – Retrogrades, Interceptions, Void of Course / Unaspected Planets, Major Configurations
  4. Session 4 – Dwads & Decanates / Disposition, Overloaded Houses, Nodes of the Moon, Seven Chart Patterns
  • Level:  Intermediate
  • Pre-Requisite:  Astrology:  The Symbolic Language (above)

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