Marilyn’s work has been published in a variety of places over her many years of practice.  These articles represent the body of that work as best we could reproduce it.  We have made note (at the end of the material) of where and when the original articles were published when we had that information.  Some of these articles were published by the “All Things Healing” website, but do not appear to be available any longer. Some articles were written for the general public and the rest of the articles run the gamut from beginning to advanced astrology.  We have resisted the urge to identify the learning level of each item to encourage readers to experience it all up to the level of their ability and to further encourage them to delve deeper into areas they have not yet experienced….

Predictive Astrology – Book Excerpts !!!
  1. Introduction
  2. Chapter 1 – Ground Rules and Weighing the Effects of All Activations ; includes The Ground Rules, Natal Sensitivities, Reduction and Conversion, Weighing the Effects of All Activations, General Reading Instructions, Aspects, General Aspect Keywords, Houses, Astrological and Personal Calendars, Stations and Eclipses
  3. Chapter 2 – Transits; includes Use of the Ephemeris, Ground Rules for Transits, Planetary Stations, Houses, Signs, Ingress Charts, New Year’s Charting
  4. Chapter 3 – How the Outer Planets Influence Man’s Life and Events ; includes The Cultural Planets – Jupiter and Saturn,  The Generational Planets
  5. Chapter 4 – New and Full Moons, Eclipses and Triggers ; includes Eclipse Aspects, Saros Eclipse Cycle, Metonic Eclipse Returns, Pre-Natal Eclipses, Sabian and Other Symbolic Degrees
  6. Chapter 5 – Secondary Progressions ; includes Adjusted Calculation Date (ACD) Calculations, A Rudimentary Primer on Secondary Progressions
  7. Chapter 6 – Primary and Converse Directions ; includes Primary Direction Math Examples, Oblique Ascendant, Directing the Arabian Parts, Minor Arc, Converse Directions, Cosmobiology Wheel Use, Reading Primary Directions, Planets and Points
  8. Chapter 7 – Solar Returns; includes Order of Importance in Reading Solar Return, Mini-Readings and Tidbits for Basic Concepts, Natal Placements in the Solar Return, Progressing the Solar Return, Other Planetary Returns, Solar Return Hand Method Math
  9. Chapter 8 – Diurnal Charting; includes Notes for Example Chart, Fate vs. Free Will, Diurnals with Progressions, Example Other than Birth and Death
  10. Chapter 9 – Declinations and Latitudes; includes Declination Math with Examples, Reading and Aspects, Latitudes, General Reading
  11. Chapter 10 – Astrology Columns; includes Magazines, Radio, Television
Metaphysics – 101
  1. Metaphysics 101 – Aha Principle – Insight and Awareness, The
  2. Metaphysics 101 – Asleep, Awakening, Awake
  3. Metaphysics 101 – Black and White Thinking – Shades of Grey
  4. Metaphysics 101 – Company on Your Spiritual Journey
  5. Metaphysics 101 – Everyone and Everything is Part of the Creator
  6. Metaphysics 101 – Information Overload, Superficiality and Depth
  7. Metaphysics 101 – Just What is the Study of Spirituality and Personal Evolution?
  8. Metaphysics 101 – Karma – The Law of Cause and Effect
  9. Metaphysics 101 – Mountain of Spiritual Growth, The
  10. Metaphysics 101 – Path, The – Your Personal Spiritual Journey
  11. Metaphysics 101 – Personal Growth – 3 Fingers of Judgement
  12. Metaphysics 101 – Personal Responsibility and Commitment to Your Spiritual Development
  13. Metaphysics 101 – Purpose Or Chaos – Is There a Pattern to Personal Experience?
  14. Metaphysics 101 – Sea of Consciousness
  15. Metaphysics 101 – Stair Steps to Personal Development – A Two-Part Process
  16. Metaphysics 101 – Lessons Life is Only Too Willing to Teach Us, The
  17. Metaphysics 101 – Tickling You Awake – A Ripple Through Your Unconscious
  18. Metaphysics 101 – Trust Your Own Process
  19. Metaphysics 101 – What Should You Study for Spiritual Development?
  20. Metaphysics 101 – Your Personal Growth
  21. Metaphysics 101 – Your Personal Spiritual Ladder
  22. Dare to Dreamscape
  23. Sensitivity Training
  24. Illusions of Self Part I – Basic Education
  25. Illusions of Self Part II – Freedom of Action
  26. Illusions of Self Part III – Sense Distortion
  27. Illusions of Self Part IV – Altruism and Selfishness
  28. The Bible and the Occult

Revisiting History
  1. Revisiting History: Aberfan Mine Landslide, Wales
  2. Revisiting History: American Air #723 Crash
  3. Revisiting History: Armageddon? at Beirut, Lebanon
  4. Revisiting History: Boston Molasses Flood
  5. Revisiting History: British Monarchy, A Teaching Article
  6. Revisiting History: The Cape May – Lewes Ferry
  7. Revisiting History: Capsize of SS Eastland
  8. Revisiting History: Chernobyl
  9. Revisiting History: Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1
  10. Revisiting History: Drive-In Movie Show
  11. Revisiting History: Egypt
  12. Revisiting History: Boston Marathon
  13. Revisiting History: Japan Sarin Gas Attack
  14. Revisiting History: King Kong
  15. Revisiting History: Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash
  16. Revisiting History: Launch of Space Station
  17. Revisiting History: Mars InSight Launch and Landing
  18. Revisiting History: Maryland Gazette Shooting
  19. Revisiting History: New Moon of Jun 3, 1989
  20. Revisiting History: Nicaragua/Contra, Gary Webb, Journalist
  21. Revisiting History: Noxon Mercy Killing? Part I
  22. Revisiting History: Noxon Karmic Workup Part 2
  23. Revisiting History: Noxon, John F., Jr. Part 3
  24. Revisiting History: Noxon Relationship Between Killer Parent and Child Victim Part 4
  25. Revisiting History: Ranking of U.S. Presidents
  26. Revisiting History: Russia Flight 6W 703 Crash
  27. Revisiting History: Sinking of South Korean Ferry Sewol
  28. Revisiting History: Skylab: Launch and Re-entry
  29. Revisiting History: SS Edmund Fitzgerald Tragedy
  30. Revisiting History: Statue of Liberty, The
  31. Revisiting History: Suicide of Benjamin Keough
  32. Revisiting History: Tenerife, Worst Aircraft Disaster Ever
  33. Revisiting History: The Quadrature of Neptune
  34. Revisiting History: Time Twins. . .What an Interesting Concept!
  35. Revisiting History: Triple Anniversary of the Atomic Bomb
  36. Revisiting History: 1776 Cancer Ingress
  37. Revisiting History: 1965 NYC Blackout
  38. Revisiting History: Vanguard 1 Launch
  39. Revisiting History: Voyagers’ Mission: Infinity & Beyond
  40. Revisiting History: War of the Worlds
  41. Revisiting History: Decl. of Independence, What Could Founding Fathers See?
  42. Revisiting History – the Amish School Massacre – Part 1
  43. Revisiting History – the Amish School Massacre – Part 2
  44. Revisiting History – the Amish School Massacre – Part 3