Hurricane Sandy, the Frankenstorm – Chapter 7

LaGuardia Airport

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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On October 29, 2012, mega storm Hurricane Sandy slammed into the northeast seaboard inflicting billions of dollars of destruction, loss of power, service, access and lives, devastating an entire area hosting millions of people, families and lives. This was my fifth astrological research project on the effects of the storm while we were still reeling from the impact. Aside from the generalities and effects on our nation, our states and municipalities, major transportation working features of the New Jersey / New York area were swamped. A vast area of New Jersey was inaccessible to emergency vehicles, buses, and automobiles. The New York City subway and New York City’s LaGuardia Airport were both flooded and completely shut down for days. I completed the subway topic earlier, and now I will tackle the airport issues. This is a more involved subject and will take a moment to explain, but it is necessary for the astrological workup.

What is known today as LaGuardia Airport has a long and eventful history. Originally the property was owned by the Steinway family and developed as the Gala Amusement Park. It experienced a colorful existence for several years, fell into disrepute, was abandoned, and eventually razed to the ground. The land was next owned by New York Air Terminals. In 1925, flying actually began, but accurate historical information does not seem to be available.

In 1927, the land was purchased by pilot and aviation pioneer Glenn H. Curtiss as a distribution point for his Curtiss Robin light aircraft. In 1929, it was sold to Curtiss-Wright Corporation and became a state-of-the-art air facility servicing both land-based planes and seaplanes. It was quickly accessible from New York City by road, boat and subway. At that time, it was called the Glenn H. Curtiss Airport at North Beach. The official date appears to be June 15, 1929. In 1935, the airfield became North Beach Airport held by a subsidiary of Curtiss-Wright. At that time, it was both a light aircraft field and an exportation site.

New York’s feisty Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia passionately promoted the development of a commercial airport for his city, and in 1937 this site was chosen. A drive was initiated to raise over eight million dollars to develop the airport. A court injunction brought by nearby Holmes Airport sought to halt the process, but was denied. During that interval, the field appears to have been all or partly closed for redevelopment. Ground was broken for the new airport on September 9, 1937, and building was performed jointly by New York City and the U.S. government’s Federal Works Progress Administration.

The New York Municipal Airport was officially dedicated on October 15, 1939. Eventually the name was changed to honor the mayor who had fought long and hard for its development. It was re-dedicated 48 days later as LaGuardia Airport on December 2, 1939, at 8:00 AM, East Elmhurst, New York. That appears to be the traceable history. Many thanks to my granddaughter, Sarah Bowen, who researched this history for me and found the sources provided at the bottom of this chapter. Sarah is a pilot and holds a Master’s degree in Aviation Security and Safety. She knew where and how to look.

Astrologically, the most reliable dates are:

  • Glenn H. Curtiss Airport opening on June 15, 1929, no time given, so noonmark used;
  • dedication as New York Municipal Airport October 15, 1939, no time given, noonmark; and
  • renaming as LaGuardia on December 2, 1939, at 8:00 AM.

The town name seemed to change frequently through the research, but the official location appears to be East Elmhurst, NY. The choices were all within a tight geographical area, so changes in longitude and latitude would be miniscule.

My choice has always been the earliest date that seems feasible to the ongoing process, with the other dates becoming part of that process. For my research into corporations and their myriad changes of identity, earliest seemed to be best. My initial research, therefore, primarily centered on the June 15, 1929 date, with East Elmhurst as the location. But, to do accurate research, you must be willing to suspend bias or pre-judgment and allow the charts to provide the answers and conclusions. Just wait until you see what the workups for all three possibilities revealed. All three workups have value. As usual, we will look at each airport’s natal, progressed and diurnal for the Hurricane Sandy event. For each section, only hard aspects will be read with tight orbs. Please be aware there should be a marked difference for the orbs between natals and those between activation charts; natal aspects are usually allowed wider orbs than fleeting activations.

Curtiss Airport

June 15, 1929, 12:00 PM EDT

East Elmhurst, NJ

Glenn H Curtiss Airport Thumbnail (GHC)

  • GHC has a Gemini stellium with Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter widely conjunct the noonmark Midheaven, and with both Sun and Mercury in the 10th of vocation and career and Jupiter in the 9th of transportation. Sun is opposition Saturn in the 4th, which can indicate the push / pull, checkered history of the airport. The drive to succeed in business can have obstacles and challenges to overcome, run into problems with authority figures, be delayed but not necessarily denied, requiring development over a longer period.
  • Note that stelliums show up prominently in charts that have impact such as an international airport.
  • There are a large number of sextiles and trines in this natal chart, which to me would be supportive of ongoing support and success, even with the interruptions indicated by the history. The Sun as mentioned has an opposition to Saturn but also has a sextile to both Mars and Neptune in the 12th. Mercury and the noonmark Midheaven is sextile Uranus of airplanes, sextile Mars of mechanical / machinery, square the noonmark 14 Virgo Ascendant face and coping skills, and trine the Moon of the public in Libra, cooperative, conciliatory and social involvement.
  • For the Neptune influence, remember the airport served seaplanes as well as land planes early in its history.
  • The Virgo influence can indicate the service function of the airport for commercial goods and services, plus the detail orientation necessary to run an airport.
  • Jupiter in the 9th can indicate the international gateway this airport serves. To me, this can be one of the pointers to what became famous LaGuardia International Airport.
  • One last point to consider is the chart pattern. Nine of the ten planets are contained within a Moon / Uranus opposition with Saturn as the outlet point. This is a Mark Edmund Jones bucket chart pattern. I prefer the analogy of a kitchen funnel. The wide end collects all the available energy, combines and vents through a single point.  Saturn is not directly centered in the open space as would be ideal, so it strikes me as one of those special purpose funnels in which the outlet point is canted to one side such as for servicing car repairs. This is a focused, dedicated business machine, Saturn, serving the world.

NY Municipal Airport

October 15, 1939, 12:00 PM EST

East Elmhurst, NJ

New York Municipal thumbnail (NYM)

  • The pattern shows two distinct sides to the energy distribution, or what is known as a seesaw. The spreads show six planets within a 117˚ span from Leo to Scorpio and four planets within a 102˚ span from Aquarius to Taurus. This is the energy that can be torn in two directions,  or,  has  to  divide  its  assets  and  production  into two projections.  Because the divide is fairly equal between the two opposing areas, the division is also quite equalized. The key to working successfully within the seesaw is to know that the division is normal and plan for it accordingly. These early airports started mostly as private fields, expanding into commercial and international usage as the need arose. They were also used as staging areas for the delivery of completed planes, so they did fill multiple roles.
  • At the time this airport was erected on the body of the older operating GHC airport, there must have been continuing discussions as to the renaming which occurred only 38 days later. So perhaps we are looking at a chart that came from something that previously existed but was in the process of becoming something else. As we can see from the previous history, this property was under constant change until finally becoming known as LaGuardia.
  • Note the Scorpio stellium: Moon, Venus, and Mercury. Again, stelliums show up prominently in charts of high impact such as an international airport.
  • The Sun is widely conjunct the noonmark Midheaven on the 9th house side of international and long distance travel, and even more widely conjunct the N Node in Libra in the 10th. To me, the nodes are indicators of fate or destiny as well as broadly relational as required by an international airport. This is the only aspect in which this Sun is involved, which does not bode well for development of personal identity issues. That would require multiple aspects that would aid and abet such development.
  • This combination was opposite Saturn in Aries in the 4th. A negative aspect to Saturn is not easy to overcome. This is the chart ruler and it is retrograde – to me, a weak, frustrated and possibly unproductive chart ruler.
  • Venus 2 Scorpio 00 and Mercury 06 Scorpio 52, both part of the stellium, are in the 10th very public house as befits an international business and involved in a T-square to the wide Mars 9 Aquarius 39 and Pluto 2 Leo 50. Venus is the earliest degree, so this is an applying T-square regardless of the wide opposition. Venus to Pluto is within a degree, so this is the critical day for this aspect to come to become exact. *Look again at the notes for Translation of Light and Collection of Light aspects in Chapter 2.

    Pluto in the 7th house can show powerful interests manipulating the airport’s partnering issues, with Mars so close to the second cusp.

Note: Remember that the planetary motion is clockwise, driven by the counter-clockwise motion of the cusps. Mars had just spent approximately two hours in the 2nd of money, resources, and value systems. Eight minutes later on the clock, it relocated to the first house. Mars would still retain some of that 2nd house influence as it developed its 1st house residency.

  • The Ascendant is 2 Capricorn 19, a chart with a commercial or business purpose with stability and longevity as the face it showed to the world.
  • The Moon was 29 Scorpio 06, at the end of its sign or function and opposition the star grouping Pleiades, considered a collective malefic fixed star, “something to weep about”.

I watch both conjunctions and oppositions to fixed stars, the axis; you cannot wiggle one end without the other end wiggling. If the birth time is off to any extent (two hours or more), this could become a Sagittarius Moon, which would be apropos an international airport.

  • The NYM and LGA Saturns were both conjunct the S Node and retrograde: been there, done that, a pattern that had been well learned previously or had been set in motion previously, both at the bottom of their charts.

I do not see this as a strong enough chart for a long-standing, international airport, but we will follow the Sandy progressions and diurnal to see if that comparison shows it to be a more viable as a gateway to the world.

LaGuardia Airport

December 2, 1939, 8:00 PM EST

East Elmhurst, NJ

LaGuardia Airport thumbnail (LGA)

  • LGA has a much looser chart than the GHC bucket chart. A bucket chart has much more focus with a definitive outlet. The LGA chart reduces to a splash pattern because it does not truly fit the specifics for any other pattern. Splash, to me, is the catchall category because the other six patterns are so specific. Having said that, there are three distinct groupings in this chart, so it could be considered a splay chart except that that the bodies in each of the three legs of the splay are too widespread (my conclusion), not providing the usual stability and durability of the splay.

1) Sun, Mercury and Venus have a 31˚span.

2) Pluto, Moon and Neptune have a 53 ˚ span.

3) Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus have a 71˚ span.

With three tight legs, the splay would provide stability and durability – a positive pattern for an international airport. But in this instance, the potential splay is looser and therefore more questionable at best. The splash pattern chosen is eclectic in outlook but not as well-focused.

  • The Libra Midheaven and the Sagittarius Ascendant would provide the broader social, international citizenry of an international airport with Mars, Jupiter and Neptune in the transportation axis.
  • The Sun is in the 12th with Mercury within 1˚ of the 12th house cusp and the chart ruler is at the bottom of the chart in the 3rd of transportation.
  • The GHC, NYM and LGA Saturns were all in the 4th house, all retrograde, but in different signs. That might be something to look for in other airport charts.
  • Note that there is no stellium in the LGA natal chart, but check out the progression to Sandy.

Next Question      Does the GHC Airport chart remain the main wheel to consider or does the NYM or LGA chart assume primary status? Remember the natal of the later NYM or LGA charts also reflect transits to the earlier GHC chart. Look for the activations as indicative of the questioned influence rather than read the newer natal charts individually for the purpose of identifying the primary chart among the three. I have presented the thumbnails, and that is enough to identify the broad strokes of each entity for purposes of identification. Once we have selected the primary chart, that single natal reading could be deepened. Why am I making this distinction? When you are looking for any answer in all this detail, choose specific astrological markers and stay with them. Otherwise, the sheer number of possibilities can confuse and overwhelm you. Isolate your search to the relevant, use reasonably tight orbs, and for this specific dynamic event, look for action via hard aspects.

Comparison NYM Natal to GHC Natal     As a mental note, remember the NYM noonmark natal reflects transits to the earlier GHC noonmark chart.

  • NYM Moon 29 Scorpio 6 out of sign square GHC Jupiter 00 Gemini 43.
  • NYM Venus 2 Scorpio 00, Mercury 6 Scorpio 52, Pluto 2 Leo 50, Mars 9 Aquarius 39 and very wide and out of sign Saturn 28 Aries 19R are all in hard aspect to GHC Venus 9 Taurus 10.
  • NYM Uranus 21 Taurus 4R conjunct GHC N Node 20 Taurus 54, and square GHC Mars 18 Leo 56.
  • NYM Neptune 24 Virgo 06 square GHC Sun 24 Gemini 2 and Saturn 27 Sagittarius 28R.

Two important NYM positions do not connect to the GHC chart but should be noted.

  • The powerful NYM midheaven 26 Libra 22 and N Node 29 Libra 17, opposite Saturn 28 Aries 19R.
  •  NYM Ascendant 2 Capricorn 19 square Jupiter 1 Aries 28R.

Comparison LGA Natal to GHC Natal     As a mental note, remember the LGA natal reflects transits to the earlier GHC noonmark chart. Interestingly, the LGA MC 12 Libra 37 is closely conjunct the GHC Moon 11 Libra 28. Remember the GHC chart is noonmark and the Moon moves 1˚ every two hours on the clock. Since birth time is known for the LGA chart, the GHC noonmark chart is the more questionable of the two and might need to be nudged slightly forward for this pairing, but we seem to be in a good ballpark. Activations by progressions, directions or transits are the actual tools for rectification of the birthtimes, but that is beyond the scope of this chapter.

  • LGA Midheaven 12 Libra 37 closely conjunct the GHC Moon 11 Libra 28.
  • LGA Mercury 00 Sagittarius 45R opposite GHC Jupiter 00 Gemini 43. Wow, 2 minutes of separation. LGA definitely expanded the identification of the GHC.
  • LGA Sun 9 Sagittarius 27 conjunct IC / 4th cusp GHC 11 Sagittarius 09, and square GHC Ascendant 13 Virgo 49.
  • LGA Moon 22 Leo 06 sits on the midpoint between the GHC Mars 18 Leo 56 and Neptune 28 Leo 57. Note: do not underestimate the value of an aspect to a midpoint; see Cosmobiology for proof.
  • LGA Jupiter 28 Pisces 58 square GHC Sun / Saturn opposite GHC Saturn 27 Sagittarius 28R.
  • LGA Saturn 25 Aries 00, S Node 28 Aries 30R trine GHC Neptune 28 Leo 57. Note: I have not used trines in this study – but in this one instance, did reality fill in the original dream through this aspect?
  • LGA Uranus 19 Taurus 10R square the GHC Mars 18 Leo 56.

Comparison LGA to NYM     As a mental note, remember the LGA natal also reflects transits to the earlier NYM noonmark chart as they are only 48 days apart.

  • LGA Ascendant 20 Sagittarius 49 widely square NYM Neptune 24 Virgo 06.
  • LGA Moon 22 Leo 06 opposite NYM Uranus 21 Aquarius 4R.
  • LGA Venus 01 Capricorn 40, out of sign but close to squaring Jupiter 28 Pisces 58, hard aspect NYM Ascendant 2 Capricorn 19, square Jupiter 1 Aries 28R.
  • LGA Saturn 25 Aries 00R widely conjunct (48 day spread between dates) NYM Saturn 28 Aries 19R and S Node 29 Aries 17.
  • LGA Uranus 19 Taurus 10R conjunct NYM Uranus 21 Taurus 4R.
  • LA Mercury 00 Sagittarius 45R conjunct out of sign NYM Moon 29 Scorpio 06.
  • LGA Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Node close to NYM positions (48 days between charts).

The connections between the three dates, three charts, for a single airport are quite clear. But which chart is primary? Using a diurnal, which is a personal event chart, usually places direct action on the angles. We will now turn our attention back to our event, Hurricane Sandy. Our event chart for Hurricane Sandy gave us four markers to follow, so we will focus on those four activations for each of the three airport charts. Between the four charts we will need to follow the landfall event on October 29-30, 2013, and the three personal airport diurnals for that date. We will limit any confusion by focusing only on early and mid-mutable, early cardinal and early fixed. The speculation between whether landfall was 8 pm, which I witnessed on television, or the official “just before midnight” significantly changes only the event Midheaven and Ascendant and about up to 2˚ for the Moon. The five Moons involved (GHC, NYM, LGA, Sandy and Full Moon) will cluster very close to the Full Moon point of 6 Taurus 48 for all the charts. I am not discounting an accurate diurnal Moon, but the difference is so slight between the five Moon positions that it cannot produce or eliminate an aspect, so we will not worry about the discrepancy at this moment.

Which chart set looks like a catastrophe or perhaps “the” catastrophe as all the charts are wild with aspects? The GHC noonmark natal diurnal hosts four planets close to three of the angles, but I do believe a slight rectification in the birth time is necessary. Noonmark appears to be close, but not exact.

Curtiss Airport Progressed

October 29, 2012, 8:00 AM EDT

East Elmhurst, NJ

Curtiss Airport Diurnal

October 29, 2012, 8:00 AM EDT

East Elmhurst, NJ

GHC Noonmark Event Diurnal to Natal and Progressed     Some progressions tighten natal aspects as well as form new aspects. Progressions can be activated by the diurnals. Again, focus on the four Sandy markers, early cardinal, early fixed, early mutable, mid-mutable.

  • GHC noonmark diurnal Midheaven 26 Libra 26 conjunct progressed Moon 29 Libra 16, out of sign to early fixed.
  • The Full Moon earlier than landfall at 6 Taurus 48 caused a much higher tide and flooding. GHC diurnal Sun 6 Scorpio 38 conjunct Saturn 2 Scorpio 52 in the noonmark 10th, opposite diurnal Moon 4 Taurus 53 in the 4th, widely conjunct GHC natal Venus 09 Taurus 10, with a tighter progressed square to Venus 7 Leo 43, early fixed.
  • GHC diurnal Mercury 00 Sagittarius 21 square Neptune 00 Pisces 24R, square natal Jupiter 00 Gemini 43, progressed Midheaven is out of sign 29 Leo 39, and Neptune 01 Virgo 36, early mutable.
  • GHC diurnal Pluto 7 Cap 24, noonmark Ascendant 2 Cap 23, and Uranus 5 Aries 24R, early cardinal.
  • Stretch the orb a bit and look what happens. GHC natal Moon 11 Libra 28 opposite Uranus 10 Aries 59, and progressed Mercury 10 Libra 01 opposite Uranus 10 Aries 24R.
  • GHC diurnal Mars 16 Sagittarius 15 and Jupiter 15 Gemini 20R, T-square natal Mercury (chart ruler) 15 Gemini 01R, progressed Sun 13 Virgo 55, Jupiter 15 Gemini 06, mid-mutable.
  • All four HS markers are activated.
  • There are other activations occurring outside our four markers as noted by our stretched orb to 10 mutable. Do check out strictly progressed to natal without diurnal activation.
  • Diurnal Uranus 5 Aries 24R widely conjunct GHC natal Uranus 10 Aries 59, progressed Uranus 10 Aries 24R. This suggests that GHC airport was in the initial stage of experiencing a Uranus return within the next two years. In these older charts, simply take the year of birth and add 84 years (a Uranus return) to get a ballpark for the Uranus return if you have a natal with an event of long duration.

Note off subject: Just as Uranus returns every 84 years Neptune returns in 164.7 years – which, at the moment of this writing, equals events circa 1848. Do the same thing with the Pluto return 2013 minus 248 years equals circa 1765 events. What about the periodicity of the Neptune / Pluto conjunctions – 496 years? Even if we are not at the conjunction point (and we are not), the phase cycle at any point repeats itself.

Aspecting requires that we take two bodies at specific points that are part of a much larger ongoing cycle, take them out of context and read them in a chart as if the larger context has no relevance. That is simply not true. Any point within a full cycle innately possesses a core of the cycle itself. Everything related to that cycle core must permeate each individual aspect within that cycle. We read out of context, and at times struggle with meaning because we forget there is a core context that probably should be incorporated in the meaning of that aspect.

In the back of Neil Michelsen’s Tables of Planetary Phenomenon are mandalas in space that illustrate the full cycles of individual pairs of bodies. Each pairing is individual in pattern and timing, truly beautiful in diagram and in motion. I personally have a fourteen-minute video showing them in motion, covering the whole of the sky around us, which I wish I could share with you. We are attempting to read a brief moment of time in the whole of a cycle that exists in every moment. And we wonder why we sometimes struggle with meanings.

When I taught aspects in my beginner’s astrology classes, I played that video so my budding astrology students could establish the ongoing-ness of the cycle within every aspect it made during the duration of its lifetime. Check this concept out for yourself. It will add to your understanding of aspects.

NY Municipal Airport Progressed

October 29, 2012, 12:00 PM EST

East Elmhurst, NJ

NY Municipal Airport Diurnal

October 29, 2012, 12:00 PM EST

East Elmhurst, NJ

NYM Noonmark Event Diurnal to Natal, Progressed, with Focus on the Four Sandy Markers.

  • NYM diurnal Saturn 2 Scorpio 52 and Sun 6 Scorpio 41 opposed Moon 5 Taurus 23, conjunct natal Venus 2 Scorpio 00, Mercury 6 Scorpio 52, out of sign N Node 29 Libra 17, and wide noonmark Midheaven 26 Libra 22, opposite Saturn 28 Aries 19R, square natal Pluto 2 Leo 50, bingo, progressed Venus 3 Aquarius 02, Pluto 2 Leo 20R, early fixed, WOW!
  • NYM diurnal Venus 1 Libra 24 widely applying square Pluto 7 Capricorn 24, closer square Uranus 5 Aries 24R, opposite natal Jupiter 01 Aries 28R, square Ascendant 02 Capricorn 19 and progressed Sun 5 Capricorn 05, opposed Jupiter 0 Aries 41, early cardinal.
  • NYM diurnal Jupiter 15 Gemini 20R opposite Mars 16 Sagittarius 17 and conjunct progressed Mercury 16 Sagittarius 09, mid-mutable.
  • NYM diurnal Mercury 00 Sagittarius 23 square Neptune 00 Pisces 24R conjunct out of sign natal Moon 29 Scorpio 6, early mutable.
  • Four of four markers activated. Outside our four HS markers:
    NYM noonmark diurnal Midheaven 12 Scorpio 00 square natal Mars 9 Aquarius 39 and NYM noonmark diurnal Ascendant 17 Capricorn 23 square progressed Ascendant 18 Aries 44.

LaGuardia Airport Progressed

October 29, 2012, 8:00 AM EST

East Elmhurst, NJ

LaGuardia Airport Diurnal

October 29, 2012, 8:00 AM EST

East Elmhurst, NJ

LGA Natal Renaming Event Diurnal to Natal, Progressed, Focus on Four Sandy Markers.

First, the LGA progressions are amazing! An Aries stellium contains Venus, Jupiter, Moon, S Node, Saturn, and Mars all intercepted in the progressed 1st house. Even though I am not reading trines and sextiles, I must mention this large stellium is trine Pluto. The rulers of the progressed chart are Jupiter and Neptune with Jupiter in that stellium and Neptune retrograde in the 7th and not intercepted. Both rulers are weak in my estimation. The Sun is separating from the square to Uranus and Mercury is unaspected. Progressed Neptune is square progressed Midheaven. This moment may have succeeded in renaming the airport with all the focus in the first / Aries, but does not appear to me to express the launching of an international airport.

  • LGA diurnal Sun 6 Scorpio 31, Saturn 2 Scorpio 51, Moon 3 Taurus 23, square natal Pluto 2 Leo 45R, progressed Pluto 1 Leo 18R, early fixed.
  • LGA diurnal Mercury 00 Sagittarius 14, Neptune 0 Pisces 24R, natal Mercury 00 Sagittarius 45R, progressed Mercury 3 Pisces 24, early mutable.
  • LGA diurnal Midheaven 7 Virgo 43 square natal Sun 9 Sagittarius 27 and opposed Mars 8 Pisces 17, close but not quite early mutable.
  • LGA diurnal Venus 01 Libra 12, Uranus 5 Aries 25R, Pluto 7 Capricorn 23, natal Venus 1 Cap 40, progressed Venus 1 Aries 27, and out of sign Jupiter 28 Pisces 58, early cardinal.
  • LGA diurnal Mars 16 Sagittarius 10, Jupiter 15 Gemini 21R, T-square progressed Ascendant 18 Pisces 41, mid-mutable.

In addition to our four Sandy markers:

  • LGA diurnal Ascendant 24 Scorpio 35 and N Node 26 Scorpio 03R, square natal Moon 22 Leo 06.

If you look objectively at each of the three possible primary charts, each is alive with activity from Hurricane Sandy. I found it difficult to the point of impossible to eliminate two of them by choosing a favorite. Many years ago, I read an AFA bulletin article about a Japanese man and the company he founded. I wish I could tell you the author’s name, but I cannot locate it.   After  several  years  the   founder   died.   The   Japanese   corporation

remained. The article illustrated successfully that the founder’s chart lived on through the company he founded. As major events happened to the company, the progressions, directions and transits to the founder’s chart showed the corporate activity. I verified every claim for the technique.

I was fascinated by the possibility, so I chose another company and its famous founder, the Walt Disney phenomenon. The author of the original article was absolutely right. The prolific activities of the company through all its transformation clearly reflected those activities in Walt Disney’s chart right up through about the year 2000 when I did the workup.

When I compiled the research for my book Presidents of Hope and Change, I remembered the work I had done and checked it out against the Declaration of Independence and the (at that time) 43 men who had served the country as president. This time the founder was the country and the presidents were the activations. All I had to do was switch the roles and the concept worked just fine. If you are interested in pursuing this theory, I have a two-part series of articles that are available on my website:

  • Corporate Charting – Is a Personal Natal Wheel Valid After the Death of the Founder? – Part I

  • Corporate Charting – Is a Personal Natal Wheel Valid After the Death of the Founder – Part II

Why have I told you all this? Because I truly believe that these charts are intimately tied together, are activated at the same moment by those connections and still have value long after they moved into new experiences, something like a corporate morphing. As far as I am concerned, all three entities’ charts are still reflecting ongoing activity and are therefore viable. If you find yourself able to choose between them, be sure to let me know your choice and your reasons for that choice.

Please look at the Chapter 7 spreadsheet following to see all this information in a color-coded format.

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