Charts Continue After Death – Anne Heche Tragedy Part II

by Marilyn Muir, LPMAFA

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In August, 2022, we were saddened by the death of actress Anne Heche in a horrific car crash. It’s a very strange tale, uplifted by her stated desire to be an organ donor upon her death. As more information developed, I added more details to the article I had originally written. I thought that would be the end of my research and reporting. But… recently my friend, editor and website formatter, Deb, sent me a very interesting update where I found more to illustrate and teach. Ms. Heche’s chart just keeps on giving. Let me back up a moment.

Many years ago, I saw an article (I can’t find the original to give proper credit to the author) stating that a corporation chart stays strongly connected to its founder’s natal chart even after the death of the founder. The original article was about a Japanese corporation and founder. I dutifully replicated the astrological workup and narrative and found that the reasoning was sound. You could see ongoing corporate activations in the chart of the deceased founder over many years. My initial article is on my website: “Corporate Charting – Is a Personal Natal Wheel Valid After the Death of the Founder? – Part I

Needless to say, I was quite impressed with this new (to me) concept and wondered if I could select another well-documented corporation and founder to get verification of the technique from a different example. I chose Walt Disney and his Disney World conglomeration. Amazingly, the concept worked so well that I also wrote about that. It is also on my website as well: “Corporate Charting – Is a Personal Natal Wheel Valid After the Death of the Founder – Part II


Just what does that have to do with the Heche death, which I thought II had already sufficiently covered? Deb sent me the weblink to the final autopsy report which clarified some confusing information and the timeline. I had gotten a lot of mileage out of the initial information, but I like “dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s” with precision, if possible. Researchers do a lot of that!

In the meantime, I had run into ongoing articles on the disposition of the Heche estate and had dutifully put notes in her file. Deb’s note jogged my brain and I thought about the founder/ corporation articles that had proven the activations of the corporate chart, with its linked effect on the founder’s natal. Hmmm. Wonder if we can see Heche’s natal still being activated by ongoing autopsy and estate issues. Does the natal chart die with the owner, or does it live on? Can I prove that? The connections were amazing, and here I am writing about it!

I previously set the natal, progressed, solar arc directions and diurnals for Heche’s death.

For the original article and sequel, go to “Cascading Towards Death – the Anne Heche Tragedy”

( That article gave the details for the use of those diurnals.* I am not going to repeat all of that here. Be sure to look at the spreadsheet attached to the articles to help with aspecting. On the spreadsheet I can aspect once and not have to repeat, and I use color to simplify. Since it has only been four months since the death, the progressions and the directions have changed very little, with the exception of the progressing Moon at 1˚ per month (around 4˚). We are not going to get much help there. That leaves transits, or my personal preference: diurnals, that enact enough motion to warrant the research.

A diurnal is a personal transit chart that provides a working Ascendant and Midheaven which are not usually available with transits. Think of the daily transits and their motion, and their activations! Diurnals use birth information, changing only the date! We will watch angular connections, both natal and diurnal on each chart individually. We will focus on the three diurnals (transits) to natal. If you can print the four wheels, lay them out side by side to see the overall resonance of the diurnals to the natal. In some instances, they even lay out or look alike even though they are four distinct events.

First, we must isolate the parts of the natal chart for specific activations. Those are the natal positions that should be stimulated for the chosen diurnal examples. We may find other points stimulated as we examine the activations.

Checking the angles on all charts investigated should be automatic. They provide a personal activating principle for any chart including diurnals.  Ascendant (Asc) initiates and Midheaven (MC) culminates (outcome).

  • Heche Natal Asc 19:07 Libra square MC 22:31 Cancer, defines her personal natal angles from initiation to culmination. The diurnal Asc and MC define a specific day in the life of the natal chart owner.
  • Death, estates, other people handling the natal’s valuables is an 8th house matter.
    Heche natal 8th cusp is 16:28 Taurus. The ruler is Venus 21:10 Aries and the 8th house occupants are Sun 4:27 Gemini and Mercury 9:46 Rx Gemini.
  • Venus is also the natal chart ruler on the Descendant (Dec) (7th / husband / partner), always opposing natal Asc.
  • (Note: houses are an axis. If you activate one end of a pencil, the other end is also activated.) So, also watch 2nd house oppositions: Mars 11:54 Sagittarius Rx (co-ruler of the natal 2nd), Neptune 27:09 Scorpio Rx. Include the co-ruler of the 2nd, Pluto 22:25 Virgo Rx.
  • Legal ramifications are 9th a house issue: the cusp is 18:02 Gemini, ruled by Mercury (given).
  • Family is 4th house: 22:31 Capricorn with ruler Saturn at 3:09 Taurus in the 7th (partners, and even exes).
  • Just in case, watch for activations to the very powerful natal four-planet Virgo stellium in the 11th / 12th. The South Node is also present in that stellium.

Ms. Heche did not leave a personal will (legal document / 9th). Estate 1 diurnal (E1diu) is set for September 15, 2022 when ex-husband (7th house) Father of youngest son (5th house) petitioned the court (9th house) for executorship (9th) of the estate (8th), or to appoint an independent executor, rather than the older 20-something-year-old son (5th) who also wanted to be executor (9th) of the estate (8th). An old email was proffered, along with implications of bias, hostility, immaturity, and lack of ability.

  • E1diu 8th / 2nd axis contains five planets (Venus, Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter) mirroring (resonance) the natal 8 / 2 axis, aspecting the natal Virgo stellium. E1diu Mars 13:58 Gemini creates a T-square (crisis, with multiple legs).
  • Venus, 13:15 Virgo, ruler of natal 8th is in the E1diu 8th and opposes natal Mars 11:54 Sagittarius Rx.
  • Complex E1diu Mars 13:58 Gemini is square E1diu Venus 13:15 Virgo and hard aspect natal Mars 11:54 Rx Sagittarius. Mars is in E1diu 5th (child) house.
  • Note that E1diu Sun 23:00 Virgo is opposed E1diu Neptune 24:03 Pisces Rx, also triggering the natal Virgo stellium.
  • E1diu Asc 23:44, conjunct Pluto 26:14R Capricorn, opposed E1diu Descendant (husband) and hard aspect to natal MC (achievement) and IC (4th family cusp).
  • E1diu N Node 14:39, is conjunct IC 18:18 and Uranus 18:43R Taurus, and opposed E1diu Scorpio MC, square Saturn 19:42 Rx Aquarius. 4th house: family. 5th house: children. Saturn is ruler of this E1diu chart. Contention within family.
  • E1diu Neptune 24:03 Rx Pisces is opposed E1diu Sun 23:00 Virgo, plus a hard aspect to the natal Virgo stellium; nebulous or confusing claims.

Watch what happens with E1diu Asc / Pluto in the two-month period to Estate 2 diurnal (E2diu).

E2diu decision on November 30, 2022 is the diurnal set for the court declaring the oldest son’s appointment as executor, despite allegations (decided but not proven) that he could not handle the legal ramifications, bias, hostility, etc.

  • E2diu MC 28:38 and Plu 26:47 Capricorn, widely conjunct Heche natal IC / 4th cusp (family) AND… more closely conjunct E1diu Asc / Pluto (resonance). The court decision was against the petitioner and awarded to the older son.
  • E2diu 8th /2nd axis contains Mars opposite Venus / Mercury replicating (resonance) – major natal opposition, plus it triggers natal Virgo stellium.
  • Natal 8th Sun / Mercury opposed natal Mars is square E2diu Moon (family / emotions).
  • E2diu diurnal Sun / Venus / Mercury opposed E2diu Mars, all square E2diu Moon / Jupiter / Neptune stellium, and hard aspect to natal Virgo stellium (resonance).
  • Natal and E2diu stelliums in opposing signs, in similar house vicinity (11th / 12th) of charts – again, resonance.
  • E2diu Uranus 16:03 Rx conjunct E2diu Asc 19: 31, plus E1diu NNode 14:39, IC1 8:18 and Uranus 18:43 Rx, all Taurus.
  • Still a legal matter (9th), ruled by Saturn 19:51 Aquarius square Uranus wide, but within 1˚ of E1diu Uranus.

E1diu MC 18:18 Scorpio / 4th / IC Taurus becomes the E2diu Dec (Scorpio) opposed Asc / Uranus conjunction in Taurus. Already mentioned ongoing Saturn / Uranus square. This is a tie between the petition applying for executorship and the court’s eventual decision regarding that executorship. Except for the presence of transiting Uranus in the three charts, these degrees do not tie specifically to Heche’s natal chart. Why? Perhaps because it’s non-personal, procedural only?

Have I messed with your head enough? Time to move on to the final autopsy diurnal.

The final autopsy report (Autdiu) issued December 6, 2022 clarified the possibility of drug involvement and timing.  The autopsy showed no current drugs in her system that precipitated the accident; residual or prior usage was indicated; any current, active drugs were administered in a life-saving way after the accident. Note: $2.M+ lawsuits were filed by the building owner and tenant against the estate for the house destroyed; should not be able to sue as a drug-induced accident.

There was also clarification that, for 45 minutes, Heche was trapped in a burning car inside a burning building (ugly). This was initially reported as 65 minutes between the accident itself and the actual physical rescue of Ms. Heche. This was 45 minutes to rescue plus transportation to the hospital with continuing efforts to save her – more like 65 minutes overall. This correction tightens the knowledge for my previous readings.

  • 8th house Autdiu Venus 25:52 and Mercury 29:55 Sagittarius occupants widely opposed Autdiu Mars 16:37 Gemini Rx, which is closely opposed Autdiu Sun 14:42 Sagittarius, square Autdiu Jupiter 29:05 (ruler of Autdiu 8th) and Neptune 22:39 Pisces in the Autdiu 11th, all in hard aspect to natal Virgo stellium, as well as the connections to natal and E1diu and E2diu already given. Whew! Breathe! Breathe!

Primary Directions    Something else surfaced as I was studying these charts: diurnals to directions. Those middle degrees of fixed in the three diurnals tied strongly into the Primary Directions for the accident / death itself. They did not tie specifically to the natal chart. I do not usually read transits to directions as transits are reality and directions are artificial (in my mind, apples to oranges), but there are several visible connections and they deserve to be noted (see spreadsheet). More to study!

*My new workbook on Diurnals is in the pipeline, being edited and formatted. Watch my website for the link once it is ready to post.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.